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My Princess

 The story so far…..

Lee Seul finds out that she’s a princess and because of that, Hae Young doesn’t want to let her become the princess as that will be equivalent to snatching his inheritance away. -gasp- 

First few glances at the leads — okay not bad, funny, Kim Tae Hee’s a convincing university student(:

The plot after a few episodes starts to bore me a little, especially since Hae Young’s character doesn’t seem to be that attractive yet. I mean come on, a guy who helps you become a princess and overcomes all obstacles with you? Yeah grab him any time, but a guy who doesn’t want you to become a princess, and takes every opportunity to send you off to Egypt? Hmm I’m not so sure ( By the way, I’m at Episode 5. Slow I know:P) Yet, that being said, it doesn’t mean that I’m not amused by the cuteness of what the leads do/ the plot!

"Omo, why is his eyelashes so long?"

-touches her own in envy. LOL.

He looks like a super promising character!:D

Pretty pretty:D

I really like the part where the priest reads out the letter that Seul wrote to her mother. It was hilarious!:D 

However…. I’m sorta thinking of dropping this drama… not coming to a complete halt per se, but rather, I’m thinking of exploring other dramas first, unless those who have watched more than 5 episodes of this drama can persuade me not to ( even my fellow ajummha friend has dropped this drama ). Hmm. For me, I guess it’s because Princess Hours was one of the first Korean Drama that I fell in love with, and anything to do with modern princesses just seem to be asking for a comparison… 

Comments, anyone?



  1. Anonymous says

    Hanging there guy.

    I think you should still watch it for the cuteness factor. Yeah there will be some comparisons but this has older actors and there are other substantial differences. If you find any other interesting dramas, please post.


    • Re: Hanging there guy.

      I tried continuing, but then something just stops me from watching this drama… it’s cute! Yet, I think it’s because they haven’t managed to rope me in with their romance…


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