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On a day like this….

On a day when you are insanely bored/depressed/nothing better to do, what will you do?

How about – choosing some dramas to watch, a few movies here and there, and some books to light up your way? Even better, have some yummy food to accompany you on this journey!

I’ve always been recommending dramas, and dramas, and dramas, but if you have followed this livejournal for quite some time, you would have realised that I don’t just write about dramas alone! I write about books, movies, my own thoughts, reality tvs and more! It’s basically about anything that I will want to share with you guys out there, and so I was thinking, why don’t I recommend a mix of these things to you?
If you have an entire day to waste, and you are simply too lazy to go out, why don’t you –

1. Start with the appetizers. Do you have any favorite scenes from any dramas that you love? Well, rewatch them! I’m sure you can find them on Youtube, streaming sites, or even better, your own private collection of the dramas.

2. Watch Howl’s Moving Castle to warm up yourself. It’s an awesome watch filled with delightful characters, and I assure you that it’s not overrated.

3. Walk around, rest your eyes for a while, and then treat yourself to bloopers of your favorite shows. I simply adore them!!

4. Right into the main course, you can watch Spirited Away, Amelie ( with English Subs of course, if you don’t understand French) and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time at one go. Oh, don’t forget the cookies, chips and drinks!

5. Feeling rather full? How about some good books? If it’s raining, I recommend reading romance/mystery books. If it’s bright and sunny, how about some adventure instead? Agatha Christie’s not bad ( after you learn how to appreciate the simplicity in her plot ) and revisiting Roald Dahl or Nancy Drew can actually be quite nostalgic.

6. Watch a few episodes of Kindaichi ( anime or live action drama are both quite good!) and get immersed by just how awesome the plot is. I’m serious:O Alternatively, you can choose to watch Liar Game The Final Stage ( the movie).

7. Calm the hectic day by watching a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model — seemingly bimbotic, but it isn’t, at least to me(:

8. Of course, last but not least, you can always come back and check out my livejournal to see if I have posted any new entries. That’s always a nice ending, don’t you think?:D


I had great fun writing this entry! It isn’t so much about recommendations than just a guide, because I’ve realized that dramas are highly not suitable to watch on a day, since they usually require a few days. I love how I finish a day, then realise that I’ve fully utilised it, and my definition of ‘fully utilising’ refers to doing things that I love. 

If you are given a day to waste, and of course you would rather not waste it, what would you do?


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