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Love Buffet Episode 5 Recap

Wow! I never thought I would need to use an lj cut for recaps on Love Buffet haha!:P

Xiao Feng gorges on food and her friends tell her "You’ve been thinking about your own feelings, but have you thought about Da Ye’s feelings?" and that they have discovered something. Xiao Feng sits by her window and looks up, wondering why the light is not on in Da Ye’s room. Suddenly, someone says, "What are you spying on?" Shocked, Xiao Feng jerks backwards and Ah Yi catches her.


He pushes Xiao Feng up with much difficulty and tells her that her head’s very heavy even though she has such an empty head. Xiao Feng wants to insult him back but couldn’t find anything to say, and asks why he has a packed meal with him. "Doesn’t Da Ye cook?" Ah Yi tells her that Da Ye hasn’t cooked for quite some days and perhaps, it’s because both him and her are burdened and hurt by the rejection. Xiao Feng recalls that her friends told her that they’ve caught Da Ye looking at her quite often from the windows. The next day, Xiao Feng walks into her class, draws the curtains and shouts, "Da Yeeeee I have something to tell you!"

She pulls him to the rooftop and asks him if he feels a little disappointed when he thought that she likes Ah Ji, The answer is Yes. "Then do you feel down because you have rejected me?" "Yes…" Xiao Feng then tells him that they will go back to normal, just like friends. 


Later, Ah Yi walks into the classroom and upon hearing the sleeping Xiao Feng murmurs, "I want to eat rice with curry…." he smiles.

He leans down to tap her awake when she continues to murmur, "Da Ye…" Ah Yi draws back his hands and his eyes grow cold. He kicks her table and Xiao Feng jumps awake, thinking that there’s an earthquake. On the way home, Xiao Feng tells him that she will find a lot of things to do during her summer holidays so that she can forget about this rejection. Ah Yi says that her holidays sound like it’s very lonely. Xiao Feng replies that she can always find her friends, and besides, she has him — "Right?" Ah Yi hesitates for a while and says, " I will accompany you where ever you go…" He walks away while Xiao Feng becomes a little confused and stunned. Ah Yi invites her to a live band show in the evening, and she accepts. At night, Xiao Feng comes out of her house to meet Ah Yi, who greets her in this very shy and happy manner. He notices that she’s not wearing the hair clip he gave her and he becomes down. Xiao Feng notices, and makes excuses like how she thinks his hairpin is too expensive to wear outside. Ah Yi cheers up considerably until she mentions that she has invited someone else — Qiu Ying. Ah Yi’s reception towards Qiu Ying is cold but Xiao Feng still brings Qiu Ying into the show. Qiu Ying drags Xiao Feng away and asks if Ah Yi is her new love. Xiao Feng quickly denies and says that it’s precisely because she thinks it’s a little weird for only two of them to be out that she invited Qiu Ying as well. 

Qiu Ying tells Xiao Feng that sometimes one might mistake a green apple ( a fruit to symbolise good) for a cheap and normal fruit. She goes over to tell Ah Yi not to be angry at her since she’s just coming here to watch a performance and she calls Ah Yi "Bye, Green Apple(:" Ah Yi doesn’t know what she’s talking about and frowns a little. Xiao Feng returns to his side and winces. He notices and asks her what’s wrong. Turns out that she’s wearing heels and that has formed blisters. Ah Yi takes her outside and looks at her heels. He says in this concerned voice that it’s very bad and he rushes off to buy plasters for her. Xiao Feng smiles when she realises that Ah Yi’s so hurried that he even took her heel away. Then, Da Ye turns up to support Ah Ji at the live band, and Xiao Feng probably doesn’t want Da Ye to realise that she has only one heel ( because that equates to her having to explain where the other heel is, which require further explanation that she has come here with Ah Yi) so she stuffs her foot into her bag. She manages to convince Da Ye to go and watch the performance first, and two seconds later, Ah Yi returns with the plasters. He helps to put the plasters on, and Da Ye actually sees them. 

Xiao Feng’s blisters hurt so much that Ah Yi piggybacks her since she won’t be able to wear shoes if she still continues to walk that day. I was a little sceptical before because honestly, how much can blisters hurt? It’s like piggybacks are so cliche already and yet the scriptwriters still got Ah Yi to do that… it would make much more sense with a sprained ankle or something, but that will make it even more cliche… no matter what, it’s still very sweet and awww to see Ah Yi carrying her. 
Ah Yi reveals that he’s angry because if she doesn’t want to go out with him, then she doesn’t need to accept his invitation in the first place. Xiao Feng tries to explain that it’s not his problem, but hers that she finds it weird to go out with him alone. Ah Yi laughs and tells her "If you want me to forgive you, it’s okay but you need to do me a favour." Xiao Feng asks "Will you tell Da Ye what happened today?" Ah Yi looks away and tells her no. 
Ah Yi brings Xiao Feng to the shop and tells her that that’s the favour she has to do for him — to try out for the vacancy for a part time job there. The lady boss is very happy, until she remembers that there’s another one who called and is coming down for the interviews. Guess who that person is? 

This is how Da Ye, Xiao Feng and Ah Yi end up working in the same place, as the lady owner says that she will give Da Ye and Xiao Feng a one day trial and chooses which one to hire at the end of the day. Xiao Feng comes out from the shop to throw the rubbish and she apologises to Ah Yi when he comes out as well. She apologises that she couldn’t help at all and she even embarrassed him. In addition, she most probably cannot fulfil the favour because she sucks at the job (forgetting orders etc). Da Ye comes out and says that the both of them are slacking. Ah Yi retorts that "Which eye of you saw us slacking ah~" They go back to the shop squabbling and Xiao Feng smiles upon seeing them back on good terms. 

Three rich mothers with their kids come to the shop, and after taking the orders, Xiao Feng says that she will get the chef (a.k.a Ah Yi) to cook first before sending it to their table. Their mothers start to whine and say that it’s only fun if they cook it themselves. Xiao Feng explains that she’s worried the kids might injure themselves if they come in contact with the hot stove, but still turn the gas on upon the mothers’ insistence. Upon lighting the fire, she walks away but freaks out the moment she sees one of the kids/toddlers reaching out towards the hot surface. She grabs the kid off the chair and away, but that causes him to cry. All three mothers stand up and ask her what the hell she’s doing, and one even pushes her. Ah Yi and Da Ye rush up to stand by her side, and since they look so fierce and scary, the three mothers snort through their noses and leave the shop. While explaining to the lady owner, each of them takes the blame, and because the lady owner is so touched, she hires both Da Ye and Xiao Feng. 
Da Ye reveals that he saw the both of them together yesterday. Xiao Feng doesn’t want him to know that because she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression that she can like anyone else so quickly. Da Ye pats her shoulder and tells her that he won’t think it that way. In the bathroom, Xiao Feng tells herself that Da Ye of course wouldn’t care what she’s doing and who she’s with, and by subtly telling Ah Yi not to tell Da Ye, she has also hurt Ah Yi’s feelings. Suddenly, the water leaks from above, and Xiao Feng rushes up to see a still Da Ye in the bathroom. She’s very scared something has happened and so she runs towards him but slips and falls into the bathtub with Da Ye still in it. Da Ye wakes up and Xiao Feng tries to get up from the bathtub but falls in again. Luckily for the both of them, (I think) Xiao Feng hasn’t seen anything. As her clothes are wet, she wears Da Ye’s clothes while blow drying her own. 
Da Ye gives her a can of coke since she’s thirsty and upon opening it, she accidentally spills Coke on Da Ye. The both of them start laughing and she hastily tries to clean up when Ah Yi walks in on them appearing all chummy and intimate. Xiao Feng tries to explain what happens, but Ah Yi sees her wearing Da Ye’s clothes and assumes the worst. He scolds her for not being more aware and that even if someone does something to her (a.k.a something bad like rape), she cannot defend herself at all. Xiao Feng rushes home and Ah Yi goes back to his room. The next day, Xiao Feng opens the door to go to work and sees —
Okay I know they just quarrelled and everything… but seriously this scene is just so ooh fangirling-inducing. Can you imagine opening the door and see two guys ( and not bad looking ones at that) right outside your door?:O

Xiao Feng coincidentally meets Ah Yi at the dustbin and says that she might not have been very aware of herself as a female, but that’s because she thinks that Ah Yi and Da Ye wouldn’t do anything bad to her. Ah Yi hrumphs and says, "Who asks you to be wearing Da Ye’s shirt" and goes back into the shop. This causes Xiao Feng much confusion as she doesn’t understand why wearing Da Ye’s clothes will make Ah Yi angry. She doesn’t dare to return the dried shirt herself in case Ah Yi was the one who opened the door, so she rings the bell and leaves the shirt there. Ah Yi opens the door and sees the shirt. He scrunches it up and throws it for Da Ye to catch, before returning to his bedroom. 

Xiao Feng asks her sister about love, and even though she says that it’s her friend’s problem, she keeps making slips of the tongue and her sister knows that she’s talking about Da Ye and Ah Yi. She uses codewords and tells her sister that she cannot make sense of why Ah Yi is angry at her whenever Da Ye is with her. Her sister reveals that she knows who she’s talking about since she’s her sister and tells her that she can consider since Ah Yi has such good conditions. "Da Ye is happy go lucky, caring and meticulous… but Ah Yi is different.. if you don’t take time out to observe, you would think that he’s hard to get close to.. but it’s this kind who is very serious and once they fall in love, they will be hard to sway" ( EXACTLY:D HAHAH) Xiao Feng asks if love is really–> if you can’t get A, you go for B. If you can’t get B, you go for C. "Is love really this simple? ( Ah my point mentioned in the previous recap… is love really this simple?) Her sister tells her that that’s not the point… the point is if she likes Ah Yi. "Love isn’t a multiple choice. There isn’t answers.. no one can tell you right or wrong, and only your heart can tell you the answer." She then gives Xiao Feng back the stack of Da Ye’s photos. She saw them in the waste-basket and takes it back for Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng doesn’t want to throw them away again, and she keeps them in her drawers, unknowingly dropping a few into her bag. 

The next day, Ah Yi accidentally walks in on Da Ye taking something off Xiao Feng’s face. Ah Yi reminds Da Ye that he has to work. 

Xiao Feng goes in to change her clothes ( she’s at school practising her tennis) when she realises that some old uncle is spying on her changing. She screams and runs out of the cubicle, right into Ah Yi, who runs in upon hearing her screams. Ah Yi runs out of the toilet but sees no one. He rushes back and hugs Xiao Feng, telling her not to cry for that kind of rubbish. Xiao Feng thinks — "Thank goodness Ah Yi is here… even though I have been escaping from his protection." Ah Yi averts his eyes and tells Xiao Feng to go in and change. Xiao Feng nods and changes, when Ah Yi sees the photos of Da Ye in her bag. 
Ah Yi brings her to the roof of some place where they watch a movie, and apologises for being so fierce to her the other day. He calls her name and looks into her eyes. Xiao Feng recalls what Ah Yi has told her before like how she’s really a good girl with lots of charm, and she tells Ah Yi that she just want to remain friends with them. Ah Yi tells her that he can accept her, even when he knows that she still likes Da Ye, and that he can wait until that part dies away. Xiao Feng takes her hand away and  he tells her that he doesn’t need her to like him back immediately; he just wants her to notice him and not ignore him. 

Ah Yi sends Xiao Feng home and her mother sees the both of them outside. Xiao Feng’s parents split up into 2 camps with the father supporting Ah Yi ( hahaha pardon me as I spot a remarkable increase in like for her father lol) and her mother supporting Da Ye, with Xiao Feng caught right in the middle.

Xiao Feng cannot sleep at all at night because she keeps thinking about Ah Yi’s confession. Da Ye asks if they’d watched a movie the previous night and Xiao Feng says yeah, but she only remembers the waves and that there’re people around in the movie. Da Ye observes that she has very bad eye circles and Xiao Feng turns around with a scrunched up face, thinking "It’s all because of you and Ah Yi:<"  

Qiu Ying invites Xiao Feng out to the resorts that her relative has just opened since "We are girls with such different conditions but end up in the same boat", so they should go for a trip to heal their hearts. Da Ye turns up and wants to go too, until he realises that this trip is to mend their hearts. It’s really quite ironic when Qiu Ying dares Da Ye "Do you dare to go out with two girls who have been rejected harshly by you?" Da Ye accepts the challenge and Qiu Ying whispers in his ears the condition that he has to fulfil so that he can go. It ends up in a super huge crowd because Ah Ji hears and tells Xiao Feng’s friends as well, so it ends up as — Da Ye, Ah Ji, Da Xiao Shen Lin, Xiao Feng, Qiu Ying… and

Ah Yi! Xiao Feng asks Da Ye why Ah Yi will be there, and Da Ye replies that Qiu Ying was the one who suggested that Ah Yi might be able to heal her heart. Da Ye shrugs his shoulders and walks away. Qiu Ying sticks out her tongue at Xiao Feng, and Ah Yi comes over to knock her head and say "You better give up.. I wouldn’t give you and Da Ye any chance to be alone." 

Qiu Ying wants Xiao Feng to take some food to Ah Yi, and Xiao Feng strongly rejects. Suspecting something, Qiu Ying questions her, and Xiao Feng reveals that Ah Yi has confessed to her. Qiu Ying shouts "What?" and everyone looks at her, including Ah Yi.

Ah Yi sorta suspects that they’re talking about him and he keeps turning his head to look at them. Qiu Ying tells Xiao Feng that she thinks it might really work out between the both of them. While playing a game, Xiao Feng purposely switches groups so that she wouldn’t be in the same group as Ah Yi. They start to roll a barrel of stuff down the hill when Xiao Feng falls because the speed is too fast. Everyone rushes over in shock. 

-the end-

Seriously… look at the last screenshot and tell me, who can tell me that you are not in love with that?! Quiet, brooding with a slight tinge ( or maybe a heavy dose) of attitude… ❤ hahahaha! As you might have noticed, there’re smaller screenshots this time round because I find that the resolution is so much better(: 

I really like some of the scenes that pair up Xiao Feng and Ah Yi together, and I’m just thinking.. it can’t only be me who are paying extra attention to those scenes right? Let’s just make the assumption that yes I’m not the only one, and that yes there’re loads of people out there with the same sentiments as I have, then just how on earth are the scriptwriters going to turn the audience in favour of a xiaofeng+daye pairing that will make everyone go awwww? Honestly, I just can’t imagine the both of them kissing each other at this point in time…

Maybe I’m biased(: but I really hope the drama’s ending will make a lot of sense, and be really kind to Ah Yi. Damn my I-always-fall-in-love-with-second-leads-instincts. 

Whadya think?



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