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Love Buffet Episode 6 Recap

Haha recaps are getting longer and longer with sharp increase in number of screenshots!:O 

Xiao Feng sprains her ankle, and Ah Yi runs over. She’s obviously in much pain, but the first thing that Ah Yi says is — "Idiot." Xiao Feng says that she’s already in much pain, yet he still scolds her that. In his own way of caring, Ah Yi piggybacks her in front of everyone and brings her back to the hostel, with everyone staring with a combination of shock, surprise, (jealousy?:P) and speculation. 


Xiao Feng asks if she’s very heavy, and Ah Yi replies that he thought he has piggybacked a pig. Xiao Feng pouts but she thinks that Ah Yi is very caring and nice to her, even though on the surface he always says bad things. 

Back at the hostel, Da Xiao Sheng Lin start to tease Xiao Feng and say that it’s so good that she sprained her ankle, and that even better, "You should break your whole leg." Qiu Ying and the two friends speculate and say that it will be nice for her to try out with Ah Yi because he’s seriously quite nice, and Xiao Feng escapes to the nearby convenience store. Da Ye coincidentally meets her there, and offers to help her around, when some cup noodle flies past and hits Da Ye on his head. It was quite funny to see the both of them turn around and see Ah Yi standing there ( he’s obviously jealous lol). He walks away and Da Ye asks Xiao Feng, "Don’t you think that Ah Yi is a little weird whenever I get a little closer to you?" He tries to get the answer from Xiao Feng and Xiao Feng can’t possibly tell him that Ah Yi likes her, so she plucks an answer from the air and tell him, "Maybe the heat burned his brain:DD" Ah Yi comes back behind them and says, "It’s your brain which is fried." 

Xiao Feng laughs sheepishly, and Ah Yi observes that her leg is getting worse. She walks forward to demonstrate that she’s fine, but winces. Ah Yi tells her in a concerned voice that she should just get her friends to get her whatever she needs, and walks forward to piggyback her.


Xiao Feng looks at Da Ye, whom at first has this strange look on his face, but after that he smiles and tells Xiao Feng that he’s fine and she should go back first. On the way home, Xiao Feng asks if Ah Yi is tired, but he says he’s fine. Xiao Feng thinks to herself, " If Da Ye is like the sun, then Ah Yi is like the moon. In the day, the sun is so bright that we can’t see the moon, but actually Ah Yi is just like the moon, always there protecting me by my side." 

Ah Yi asks Xiao Feng not to avoid him anymore. "There’s no need for you to like me back, but please don’t avoid me." Xiao Feng asks "Why me?" He replies, "I have no idea too… I look at you liking Da Ye… In the process, you have laughed.. you have cried. Unconsciously, by the time I’ve awaken, all I see is you… and I’ve no space to look at others." Xiao Feng says that he’s very despicable for saying these things to her, because "Which girl can reject you?" Ah Yi tells her, "Then don’t reject."  

Xiao Feng’s friends and Qiu Ying want her to go to the roof top because Ah Yi is there and he looks very sad. Xiao Feng doesn’t want to go up by force, because she wants to think through things properly and she doesn’t want to confess so rashly like what happened to Da Ye last time. Qiu Ying starts to apologise, when Xiao Feng hugs her, to everyone’s surprise.
She thanks Qiu Ying for caring for her, and she walks away. She goes up to the rooftop and thinks that this time round, she will head forward at her own pace. She walks towards Ah Yi and scares him. She sits down beside him in silence, when Qiu Ying, Ah Ji and the two friends walk past behind them going on a night hunt. Xiao Feng says, "Hor… they left us to go and play." Ah Yi tells her that she can go with them if she wants to, but Xiao Feng stays and tells him that Da Ye has no motives towards her. Da Ye is someone very important to her, and she cherishes him a lot. Ah Yi says, "Cherish? You actually say this kind of hurting words in front of me…" Xiao Feng hrumphs and tells him she means that as a friend. Ah Yi says that she really makes people angry very easily — "It’s fine if you’re just not smart… but you always use those kind of ugly positions to attract people’s attention. You either sprain your ankle, or fall and… " "And?" Ah Yi walks forward and says, "And you actually fall in love with someone else."

Hahahaha. Then he continues to say, "I really don’t know what makes me like you." (in a joking, shy, confessing way) Xiao Feng thinks to herself, "There’s one point that you got wrong… Liking Da Ye… is no longer present tense." The next day, they return back and Xiao Feng tells herself that she understands now that no matter what, things happen for a reason. She’s very happy that she can start anew together with a new school season. 
The lady boss gives her the salary that she earns over the holidays. She counts her money, and she realises that she has a lot of money. She wants to buy something for someone, and she realises that Da Ye’s birthday is coming. Ah Yi tells her that he will go shopping with her for Da Ye’s present, and while on the street, everyone whispers that "Her boyfriend has a lot of style." She mutters to herself that they’re not a couple but Ah Yi is still very pleased.
Xiao Feng tells him that he cannot laugh and then Xiao Feng sees themselves in the mirror. She thinks, "As long as a guy walks together with a girl, they will look like a couple? Is it?" 


On a side note, I will love to walk next to someone who looks like Ah Yi, and dresses like him!:DD Hahaha.
Suddenly, a reporter comes to them and tells them that they are the first couple that they’ve spotted and they’ve won themselves a tour to Europe. Xiao Feng protests that they are not a couple, but the reporter tells her not to be shy, and asks her for her name. She answers truthfully, "Hu Xiao Feng." Ah Yi hits her head and says, "Are you an idiot? Why are you telling them your real name?" and I laughed so hard, because that sounded like a very solid hit and it feels so…. characteristic of what Ah Yi would do!^^ The reporter asks why they’re walking together and yet they’re not a couple, and yet they look like a couple, when Ah Yi grabs Xiao Feng’s hands and runs. 

He asks if Xiao Feng knows what Da Ye wants to have, and Xiao Feng recalls that Da Ye mentions that "I want to have a bicycle!:D" Ah Yi says that Da Ye must be dreaming. They hold a mini party for Da Ye and tells him that they’ve gotten the present he wants, but it turns out to be a model of the bicycle. Lol. Xiao Feng and Ah Yi laughs and Xiao Feng says, "Don’t be too touched~~" 
Xiao Feng gives him another present — all the photos that she has collected. Ah Yi looks very hurt, and she says, "I’m sorry for doing such a seemingly weird thing… I can’t keep them anymore, but I don’t want to throw them away either…" Then she tells them, " Please take care of me(:" and she bows. As she bows, her fringe comes down and after she stands again, Ah Yi realises that she’s wearing the clip that he has given her. Xiao Feng smiles at him, and he smiles back.
In school, Xiao Feng gives Ah Yi a clay cup as a present, something that she will have to bake (? what’s that action called?) and after the cup has hardened, she can give it to him. Ah Yi recalls the cup that Ying Zhi ( his one sided crush) has given him, and he throws the cup at Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng couldn’t catch it in time, and it falls to the ground. The cup breaks into many lumps, and Ah Yi says, "Don’t give me cups." 

Xiao Feng goes home and talks to her soft toy, thinking that Ah Yi is very weird for being so angry. The next day, Ah Yi finds her at the tennis club and gives her a pudding as an apology. Xiao Feng says that "It’s okay… maybe my cup is so ugly you wouldn’t want it in the end." Ah Yi protests, "It’s not like that… you listen to me… You have given me the first cup that you have made… I’m very happy and it’s the best present that I have ever gotten. Your sincerity, I felt it(:" Xiao Feng asks about the cup that she has broken, but Ah Yi interrupts her "That cup is not important anymore. Right now, I know what kind of feelings I have that I’m liking you… so can you treat me seriously as well?"

Xiao Feng nods, and then Ah Yi smiles. "To be honest, the cup is quite ugly." Haha! Ah Yi gives her the spoon and they continue to walk. However, in Xiao Feng’s mind, she admits that she’s very confused, and that she doesn’t really understand what Ah Yi is talking about. At night, Da Ye feels uncomfortable knowing that Ah Yi has already eaten out with Xiao Feng. Ah Yi goes to bathe, and Da Ye watches the news — to see the report on how Xiao Feng and Ah Yi won the tour to Europe. The people purposely edits out the part where they denied they’re a couple, and the next day, all the classmates start to tease Xiao Feng about it. They want to know if Xiao Feng really has won the tour and if she’s really together with Ah Yi. Ah Yi walks into the classroom but he doesn’t want to clear things up. 
Qiu Ying also tells her that the whole school is buzzing about it and that everyone’s just discussing about it. Qiu Ying sighs, "I pity Ah Yi. Such a bachelor with excellent conditions… and keeps getting rejected by someone, who is in love with someone else." Xiao Feng tells her, "No! I’m not crushing on someone else already." Xiao Feng’s senior comes to ask her about the relationship, and she doesn’t believe Xiao Feng when she denies it, so she goes to ask Da Ye. However, Da Ye flares up and says, "Xiao Feng already says no, can’t you understand?" Everyone is stunned that the usual lively Da Ye talks like that. He looks at Xiao Feng, and then jokes "Aren’t I handsome when I’m serious?:D" 
Xiao Feng thanks Da Ye for helping her out with the senior thing. Da Ye tells her that the truth is, he doesn’t know anything to do with the two of them. He picks three stones, and tells her that last time, they were three stones together, "But now.." Da Ye takes one stone away from the two. 

Xiao Feng apologises but she can’t bring herself to tell Da Ye that Ah Yi likes her. Da Ye tells her that he should go ask Ah Yi, not put her in a dilemma. He smiles and walks off first. -pause- At first I was like man, why are you getting all jealous now!! But after a few seconds, I totally get what he means…. it’s quite sad when you are in a group of threes, and suddenly you find yourself getting left out :<
Ah Yi and Da Ye go to visit their grandparents, and Ah Yi tells Da Ye that he has to leave early first. Da Ye observes that they’re going to become the closest strangers ever. 
Their grandparents ask, "You guys have come back to Taiwan for so long. Do you two have girlfriends?" Ah Yi says no, but Da Ye tells them, "Ah Yi has."

Da Ye, in front of their grandparents, tells Ah Yi, "If you’re not going to explain to the school, you’re just going to hurt her. Does that mean you don’t like her?" Tattle tale! Ah Yi walks off, and Da Ye runs up. "I can tell that you can’t forget about her yet. What rights do you have to like Xiao Feng? She doesn’t know anything yet!" Ah Yi replies, "Don’t forget.. she confessed to you before. The one who rejected her is you, the one who hurt her is you. Besides, this is a problem between me and Xiao Feng, what rights do you have to interfere?" Argh Da Ye’s just a jerk please! You were the one who hurt Xiao Feng, and yet now you dare to lecture Ah Yi about not hurting Xiao Feng? 
However, thanks to Da Ye’s words, Ah Yi looks at the cup that Ying Zhi gave him, and he takes it off the table to put inside the cupboard. Ying Zhi happens to call him at that time, but he doesn’t pick up. Ah Yi and Xiao Feng are studying in the library…

when a girl walks in and asks if she can meet Ah Yi at the library’s entrance. Ah Yi packs his stuff and leaves, much to Xiao Feng and Xiao Feng’s friends’ curiosity. They hide behind a wall to listen to their conversation. 

The girl asks, "What relationship do you have with Xiao Feng?" "We are just classmates… and neighbours that’s all." Xiao Feng looks a little uncomfortable. The girl then asks, " Then… can you go out with me?" Ah Yi apologises and says, "I have a one sided crush in my mind and I can’t forget her." Xiao Feng’s friends all look at her and Xiao Feng smiles. Oh dear… I don’t know if Ah Yi is talking about her or Ying Zhi!:O Xiao Feng brings dumplings for them to eat, and accidentally reveals to Ah Yi that she has heard everything. Ah Yi mutters, "Infringe of privacy." "It’s not so serious right? Petty." Da Ye comes and asks what they’re talking about, but the both of them say that there’s no problem. Da Ye gets angry and says that Ah Yi has an unclear attitude towards Xiao Feng and that has put her in a tight situation because she doesn’t dare to say anything when people ask her about their relationship. Ah Yi says, "That’s right.. I do like Xiao Feng." Da Ye’s face has a shocked expression but it dissolves into a smiling face as he jokes. Ah Yi replies that it’s not that he doesn’t want to say, it’s because Xiao Feng has no feelings for him, "Besides… she still has lingering feelings for you." 
Xiao Feng realises that they didn’t understand her meaning the other time during the birthday part. She says, "Da Ye is indeed very important to me…" Da Ye smiles and Ah Yi looks heartbroken — "but Ah Yi is very important to me too! Just like my parents, my sister…" Ah Yi apologises for having to make her lie and Xiao Feng says that he doesn’t need to apologise. Everything goes back to normal and the three of them share their dumplings amidst laughter.
Turns out Xiao Feng’s sister needs her help again in churning out ten pages of manga by next day. In the end, Xiao Feng’s sister (Xiao Yun) drew manga based on Da Ye and Xiao Feng, and how they call each other’s names and hug each other. Da Ye smiles, places an arm on her shoulder and tells her that it’s okay. "A dream that cannot happen in real life… let it happen in manga then(:" Lol.
Ah Yi says, "Xiao Yun Jie… next time can you draw Xiao Feng and me as the leads?" Everyone turns around to look at him, and he blushes.
Aaah soo cute!! He says that he’s just joking and the three of them get down to work. Ah Yi sees something dirty on Xiao Feng’s cheeks and tell her. She wants to take it off herself, but Ah Yi says that he will help her. He walks towards her

and reaches out gently to remove the dirty thing. 

Omo if a guy walks towards me like that, and reaches out for my face…. hee hee:D Xiao Feng realises that the temperature difference between Da Ye’s hand on her shoulder, and Ah Yi’s light fingertips on her face is a little different (implying that she starts to feel a little different towards Ah Yi.) In school, Xiao Feng thinks that it’s normal to feel her heartbeat quicken when such a good looking guy like Ah Yi touches her face. "I don’t think it means any thing right?" The whole class is planning on what to do during the school festival, and the teacher asks Xiao Feng for suggestions. Xiao Feng happily says that they can have a stall to say okonomiyaki ( if you have no idea what’s this, google it!:D) since Ah Yi’s part time job is selling that, he can teach everyone how to do. The idea is well received and it’s decided that they shall do just that, added with cross dressing. 
Just thought that I would post this screenshot!^^
Ah Yi teaches them to do okonomiyaki grudgingly and Xiao Feng apologises since she thinks that it will be more convenient as they’ve no parents in their house. Da Ye says that it’s okay and the more the merrier. Da Xiao Shen Lin mumble that "Da Ye is still better, not like Ah Yi who is so cold." Ah Yi replies, "It’s not good to gossip about people in front of people." Lol.

This causes her friends to wonder if Ah Yi has some secrets in his room. Xiao Feng is going to say his room’s location when Ah Yi places his hand over her mouth, but Da Ye jumps out and points them in the right direction. Everyone searches his room and one of them find Ah Yi’s brief. They joke that it’s very smelly, and Xiao Feng joins in the fun. She runs towards the cupboard and pulls the curtains open, only to be stunned at discovering the cup that she has broken and is supposedly thrown away by Ah Yi. Ah Yi quickly snatches the curtain and stands in front of the cupboard. To cover up for the both of them, Da Ye says, "Oooh to think that Xiao Feng is the first one to discover the secret! But those porn books are placed there by me(:" Since no one else actually gets a look into the cupboard, they all believe him and clear out of the room. Xiao Feng apologises to Ah Yi and Ah Yi accepts. 

Later, Da Ye tells Ah Yi not to let such a good girl like Xiao Feng down, since he can’t forget Ying Zhi yet. Ah Yi asks him, "You sure you won’t regret if I end up with Xiao Feng?" This question causes Da Ye to be pensive, even though he acts like he’s fine with it on the surface. 
It’s the time for the school carnival! Da Xiao Shen Lin watches on as Xiao Feng dresses Ah Yi up. 
AHHHH AH YI/ AARON OMG HAHAHAHAHA. Da Xiao Shen Lin happily take photos with him and run off. Xiao Feng looks at him in a daze, and he smiles, "Are you thinking that you are not as pretty as me?" "So envious…. a man who doesn’t need to be drawn (eyeliner) nor curled (eyelashes) and yet the eyes are so pretty… " "Envious?" "Of course!" "So torturous to be someone with low self esteem." Xiao Feng hits him with something and he shouts in pain. Haha! Such a cute couple, and I always thought Aaron wears eyeliner!! You mean he doesn’t?! Startling revelation.

Ah Yi sends Xiao Feng to give flyers out and on the way, Xiao Feng sees Da Ye helping Ah Ji professing his love to Qiu Ying. Qiu Ying is currently hiding inside the toilet saying, "That Ah Ji" but her face is one with shyness, not irritation. A cute girl takes Xiao Feng’s hands and asks her where her mother is. Xiao Feng’s friends say that Xiao Feng must have gone around to play since she’s not to be seen for so long. Ah Yi tells them that she’s not like that, and he takes off his apron to go and find Xiao Feng. The two friends say, "If Xiao Feng sees Ah Yi like that right now, she will definitely fall in love with him~~~" 

Xiao Feng takes the girl around to find her mother and Ah Yi finally finds her. 

The smile(:

Okay to be honest, this might not be a super great excellent drama. I was so happy at first to find out that Love Buffet is the winner of the charts ratings for quite a few weeks, but then I realise that the ratings are actually quite low. I was like D: for maybe, 5 seconds? Then I went back to being all 😀 about this drama. It’s very rare for a campus love story to be popular because it takes a super popular cast with a super good and tight/interesting plot to pull it off. Besides, I can see the hard work the whole cast and crew has put into this and that’s enough(:

It doesn’t really matter because who’s suckers for campus romance? I know I am(: and that’s why I’m hooked on this drama. 

I think that one of the questions that Xiao Feng raised is also what I’ve been asking for quite some time… Does it mean that a guy and a girl are usually a couple, no, must be a couple, just because they’re walking together? Is there no such thing as pure friendship between a guy and a girl?:O ( Buzzer Beat has also mentioned this before) 

All right, look forward to the next few episodes/my recaps(hee hee)! I will not hide the fact that I’m desperately hoping they’ll change the manga’s ending(:



      • I started to read it and i was really into it so I decided to do some research. Imagine my dismay when i found out Fuuko ended up with Daiya. Talk about disappointment. So Ah Yi/Aaron is Ichi, right?


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