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Love Buffet Episode 7 Recap

Right now, I’m feeling dilemma-ish (again) on recaps. On one hand, I want to share nice and sweet dramas with my readers in hope that they will watch and support the drama/get feedback. However, on the other hand, I’m very aware that people read recaps and then even if they still watch the drama, it wouldn’t feel as good as you watch it first hand. Hmm..


Ah Yi walks up to Xiao Feng and puts the girl on his shoulder, telling Xiao Feng that he will help her find the girl’s mother. They finally find her, and then Ah Yi recalls that their class’s stall was swamped with people. He takes Xiao Feng’s hand and runs back to the stall. Xiao Feng looks at his hand and think, "Is it because I’ve just held a child’s hand? Ah Yi’s hand… seems to be holding so tight onto mine." They run back to the stall, and Ah Yi willingly ask Xiao Feng to put the wig back for him. However, the library club needs Ah Yi’s help, so he leaves the class stall to help them. Xiao Feng hears that Ah Ji is going to perform again (the confession thingy to Qiu Ying) and she runs to the performance area. She smiles and watches Da Ye perform with Ah Ji, thinking that she’s quite happy to have crushed on Da Ye before, "Or more accurately, I’m happy that the person whom I used to like is such a wonderful person." 

Da Ye and Xiao Feng eat some snacks together and Da Ye asks her if she has really forgotten everything. Xiao Feng says yeah, and Da Ye affirms the fact that he is still someone very important in her heart. Lol. Da Xiao Shen Lin get very agitated because they think that Da Ye might have regretted rejecting her and that’s why he’s saying stuff like that, but Xiao Feng ignores them and thinks to herself, "Just like how I’ve seen Ah Yi for a few seconds, and the next few seconds, he is busy helping out the library club." She realises that she has started to miss him and at night, when they head out for the bonfire, she wonders if he’s going to be there. Her friends notice that she has been very out of sorts, but say nothing since she denies that she has not been her usual self. Then, Ah Yi appears and says, "It’s been a long time." 
Da Xiao Shen Lin quickly run away, leaving the two of them, and Ah Yi suggests for them to sit somewhere. As the two of them sit there in sweet silence, someone else (a random friend) greets them. They just continue to sit in silence, while Da Ye sees them then walks away in sadness. Xiao Feng thinks, "It’s just an afternoon, but I really miss him… I can’t help but take a few peeks, and want to ask him if he’s fine…. and I want to ask him… if he also wants to see me." 
The scene that follows is quite cute!^^ The random friend walks away, and Ah Yi whispers (very loudly), "Don’t purposely walk away." The friend answers that he doesn’t want to be a gooseberry, and both Ah Yi and Xiao Feng shouts, "You better come back!" The friend is stunned but still comes back to sit down. Ah Yi pats the seat next to him and asks Xiao Feng to sit there, but Xiao Feng answers, "Don’t act gentlemanly." "Don’t sit down then~" Xiao Feng pouts and takes a seat far away, muttering, "Childish." Ah Yi smiles at her —
and says, "Same to you." The random friend pokes his head out and asks, "Er friends…are you two bickering like a couple?" Another awkward silence/sweet silence ensues and Xiao Feng quickly runs away, despite Ah Yi telling her that she can wait for her friends with him. The random friend observes, "Huh, Ah Yi you are dumped." Ah Yi smacks his head. Lol! Xiao Feng runs away, mumbling that she has ran away the moment she realises that she likes Ah Yi. Then she sees Qiu Ying walking towards Ah Ji and hides behind a tree.

Xiao Feng!! As if the tree provides any use lol!
Xiao Feng watches on as Ah Ji sings a song for Qiu Ying, and she recalls all the sweet things that Ah Ji said when he confessed to her, like when he requested for her not to avoid him and ignore him. Xiao Feng thinks that it’s very sweet that Qiu Ying and Ah Ji are crooning their favourite song on the guitar, and this gives her courage to pursue her happiness. When she goes home, she finds a cute girl sitting on the door step. The girl doesn’t want to answer her and she calls her mother out, telling her that this girl might be mute. 
Then the girl suddenly greets them but treats them as if they’re baddies. She says that she’s Ah Yi’s fiance but Xiao Feng obviously doesn’t believe her. Xiao Feng’s mother returns to the house, and Xiao Feng threatens jokingly that she will not tell the girl where Ah Yi is. The girl says that it’s fine since she just has to wait till they come home, but Xiao Feng says, "I’m not so sure about that~~" when Ah Yi and Da Ye return. The girl runs towards them calling, "Brother!!" The truth is out– the girl is called Xing Gu Du, and she’s Ah Yi’s younger sister. 
While Ah Yi goes to a side to call his parents to find out why his sister is there, Xiao Feng realises that there’s a marked difference in the girl’s attitude before and now. Gu Du smiles and tells Da Ye, "She calls me mute just now!" -many arrows pierce Xiao Feng- Gu Du starts to whine because Ah Yi starts to talk about bringing her back in a few days. Then Gu Du asks, "When can we leave this baddie?" -More arrows at Xiao Feng- Ah Yi scolds Gu Du for calling Xiao Feng a baddie, but Gu Du retorts, "She didn’t want to tell me where you are just now!" 
Ah Yi scolds Gu Du for being so impolite, and Xiao Feng thinks to herself that it’s been some time since she has met such a difficult child. The next day, Xiao Feng wakes the two of them up at eight and declares that she’s going to bring Gu Du out to play while the two of them go to school. Their reaction?
Xiao Feng does the same hairstyle for Gu Du but when they go out to the amusement park, Gu Du doesn’t want to play with her and she asks if Xiao Feng’s very close to both Da Ye and Ah Yi. She says that they’re her good friends and Gu Du says, "That’s okay." Xiao Feng brings her back to the school and Ah Yi apologises to Xiao Feng, saying that Gu Du must have brought a lot of trouble to her. Xiao Feng says that it’s okay. 
WHITE!! Homg I have something for guys who wear white. (: Hee hee hee.
Then Ah Yi turns around and sees that the hair clip that Xiao Feng’s wearing is crooked. He reaches out to help her straighten the clip, and Gu Du watches on uncomfortably. I think Da Ye feels very uncomfortable too, because he makes up some excuse and leaves. 
Ah Ji treats them to his best dishes, but Gu Du doesn’t want to eat. Ah Yi goes to a side to answer a call, and Ah Ji tells her that the dishes are quite nice. Gu Du retorts, "I don’t want. Disgusting." Ah Yi happens to come back and ask Gu Du to apologise. Gu Du doesn’t want, and she takes off her hair clip and throws it at Xiao Feng. Ah Yi wants her to apologise to Xiao Feng as well, but Gu Du runs off. Xiao Feng says that Ah Yi goes overboard and runs after Gu Du. Ah Ji tells her that his sister will naturally feel uncomfortable and sad seeing her dearest brother get so close to a girl that she doesn’t know. Ah Yi hears Ah Ji’s words and looks thoughtful.
Gu Du sits on the playground and Xiao Feng tries to appease her, but Gu Du thinks that she’s just treating her nicely because she likes Ah Yi. "The fact that I like Ah Yi is true… but I’m genuinely nice to you too." She starts to climb up but slips. Gu Du quickly runs down and keeps calling her name. Xiao Feng has a smile on her face, indicating that she’s not hurt at all.
When Gu Du pulls her up, Xiao Feng pushes her, laughs and starts to put dirt on her face. Gu Du starts laughing and the two of them start playing. While waiting in front of Xiao Feng’s house, Da Ye asks Ah Yi if the two of them will be fine, and Ah Yi replies, "It will be weird if nothing happens." Then Xiao Feng and Gu Du return, obviously on good terms. Xiao Feng tells them that they will go to the sauna at night, and then Gu Du will come and sleep at her house that night. Ah Yi asks, "Why?" "We are going to have… a woman’s talk!:D" Da Ye jokingly requests, "I want to go too!"
That night, Gu Du tells Xiao Feng that her brother is the best — knows how to study, and he’s very nice. Xiao Feng asks what kind of person Gu Du wants to be next time. "Smart, without much words, but kind at heart(:" Xiao Feng smiles when she realises that Gu Du really admires Ah Yi.
Da Ye compliments Gu Du’s hairstyle ( that Xiao Feng ties for her) and Ah Yi says, "That’s because Gu Du is cute(:" Ah Yi asks Gu Du to come and sleep at his house that night because he wants to do story telling for her. Xiao Feng says, "Gu Du, we agreed to give your brother a prize if he behaves well." Gu Du nods and runs forward to give Ah Yi a hug. Ah Yi smiles and mouths, "Thank you." to Xiao Feng. 
The day has come for Gu Du to return home. Da Ye decides to buy drinks for her so that she can drink on the way home. Xiao Feng opens up her box of accessories so that Gu Du can choose one as her present. Gu Du looks and chooses the one that Ah Yi has given Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng is stunned and tries to convince Gu Du that other clips fit her better. Gu Du is adamant but Ah Yi tells her that the clip belongs to Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng thanks him and tells Gu Du that she will exchange five clips for that one(: 
Before Gu Du leaves, she gives Xiao Feng an origami and tells her that "It’s okay since you are not that woman." Before Xiao Feng can ask any further, Gu Du gets on the car and waves goodbye. She tells Ah Yi to treat Xiao Feng nicely because she has been very nice to her. Da Ye returns and chases the car because he still hasn’t passed the drinks to Gu Du. Hahaha! Ah Yi walks over to Xiao Feng’s side and passes her the clip, telling her not to lose it again. Xiao Feng nods but ponders over what’s the meaning behind "that woman".
Da Ye congratulates Ah Ji on succeeding in wooing Qiu Ying. He asks Ah Ji what’s the feeling and meaning of love and if it’s the feeling of tightness of chest. Ah Ji says that it’s not for him — "It’s the feeling of quickening of heartbeat, and the feeling of warmth… tightness? That sounds more like a torturous love… someone you love but cannot." Upon hearing his words, Da Ye falls into this deep, thoughtful silence. 
Qiu Ying tells Xiao Feng that because they have not enough members, Xiao Feng needs to join the competition as well. Da Ye sees her practising and decides to help her as well. After they’ve finished practising, Xiao Feng thanks Da Ye and jokes that he should put more energy into studying. They start to have a water war at the water cooler, when Xiao Feng tells Da Ye, "I like Ah Yi." To Xiao Feng, Da Ye is her most important friend so he should know. Xiao Feng tells Da Ye that she will only confess to him when she has more confidence. Da Ye offers his help, but Xiao Feng shakes her head and says that he can just remain like who he is then. Xiao Feng asks awkwardly, "Da Ye… will you think that I’m the kind of girl who will fall in love with any guy who treats me nicely?" Da Ye says that of course he won’t and that applies to Ah Yi too. 
Xiao Feng and Da Ye catch Qiu Ying in the act of peeking at someone and after she runs away, they realise that she’s looking at this —
This means that Qiu Ying has crushed back on Ah Ji and Xiao Feng and Da Ye are so happy for him:D Xiao Feng stops Da Ye from spilling the beans and the two of them leave Ah Ji in confusion. As Da Ye walks home, he looks at a stone in his hand and he recalls previous conversations. He throws the stone into the river. At night, Xiao Feng purposely waits for Ah Yi to finish his part time job, and there’s a shy happy look on his face as he asks why she’s there. She replies that she happens to be in that area and Ah Yi asks her if she wants to go for a stroll. "Huh?" "Appreciate the moon(:" Lol! Ah Yi asks Xiao Feng why one must always eat when one looks at the moon, and she offers him her last stick of food.
 Ah Yi rejects and watches her gulps down the food. "Wah, you’re really a glutton… but that’s just Hu Xiao Feng(:" 
Then he takes out pudding for her. Aww! Xiao Feng shyly accepts and takes out a stone to give him. The stone is painted yellow, and Xiao Feng tells him it’s a representation of the moon. Ah Yi asks for the hidden meaning, but Xiao Feng tells him to think of the meaning himself. Xiao Feng gleefully takes out another stone painted white and laughs. 
Ah Yi takes hers and puts his in her palm, telling her, "From now on, we will take care of each other’s stones, and cherish, treasure them… should we?" 
Ah Yi leans down slowly for a kiss ( Ahhh~~) and Xiao Feng thinks to herself that she does all these because she miss Ah Yi and she wants to meet him… and she wants to tell him…(that she likes him)

OMG OMG -hyperventilates-

Of course, which drama/manga will let this happen so successfully right? Sad. 
Someone happens to drop something, and their impending kiss is broken. Xiao Feng rushes forward to help that random lady, and Ah Yi smiles, because that’s just like the kind Xiao Feng that he knows. He goes forward and helps too, but gets shocked when he realises that that random lady is…. Ying Zhi. That’s right, his one sided crush. 
As Ying Zhi drives them home, she apologises for having Xiao Feng to sit alone at the backseat. Xiao Feng says that Ying Zhi looks very young and must be the same age as them. Ying Zhi laughs and says that she’s much older than the both of them. Xiao Feng asks her how she knew Ah Yi and Ying Zhi tells her that she knows him after working in the same company, but she left not long after. Xiao Feng asks for the reason, but Ah Yi avoids the question. Xiao Feng realises this and wonders if she has asked something that she shouldn’t have. When they reach, Ying Zhi rushes up to greet Da Ye. Xiao Feng sighs in relief that Ying Zhi treats Ah Yi and Da Ye the same way, but then Da Ye realises that Xiao Feng is there as well, and he says, "Oh. Xiao Feng is here too." Xiao Feng realises that something is wrong from his tone, but acts like everything is okay. 
The next day, Ying Zhi comes to find Ah Yi at his school and brings him out for a treat. 
Xiao Feng thinks, "Yesterday, my ears have been sharp, trying to listen to their conversation… To be honest, I don’t know what I want to hear… even better, I don’t want to hear anything." Da Ye comes into the cafeteria and tries to convince Xiao Feng that it’s past tense between Ah Yi and Ying Zhi, but Xiao Feng pretends that she doesn’t care and runs off. When Ah Yi returns late at night, Da Ye sits in the dark and says, "What time is now that you’re returning?" Ah Yi flips the light switch on and says coldly, "It’s my freedom to return at whatever time." Da Ye warns him not to let history repeat itself again, and Ah Yi retorts, "If I remember correctly, we promise each other not to interfere with each other’s business." Da Ye lies that he went out for lunch with Xiao Feng and the details are just like what happened between him and Ying Zhi. "So?" "That’s nothing big.. I’m just telling you… Can’t I?" Ah Yi stares at him and goes back into his room.
Da Xiao Shen Lin cheer her up that Ying Zhi is past tense, and who is present tense? "Youuuuu~~:D" Xiao Feng says that she will die before this whole matter gets cleared up because she has insomnia. At tennis, she yawns and Ah Yi appears. Xiao Feng says, "So coincidental." He replies, "What coincidental. I came here to find you of course." 
He sit down next to her and Xiao Feng says, "Yesterday" the same time when Ah Yi says, "Tomorrow". Ah Yi indicates for Xiao Feng to continue, and she inquires about his date with Ying Zhi. Ah Yi turns his head around and asks how she found out. Xiao Feng quickly says that she accidentally overhears and she’s going to run away when Ah Yi replies, "We only went out to eat and chat." Xiao Feng immediately asks, "Where did you go?" -silence- "My mum recommends some good places, will you like to know?" Ah Yi mumbles, "We only went to somewhere simple." Xiao Feng smiles and asks, "Do you still like?" "I usually don’t like simple meals." "I’m talking about Ying Zhi." -pause- okay this is kinda hard to translate in English. In Chinese, the way Xiao Feng phrases her question can be interpreted to mean either 1. Are you fine with ____? and 2. Do you still like ______? Ah Yi interpreted it as the first option while Xiao Feng meant it as the second. -unpause-
Ah Yi looks up at her and says, " I can’t answer you when you smile and say it like that." Xiao Feng turns her back around —

Ah Yi replies, "She’s someone whom I like before." "Oh it’s like that! I see, I’m very sleepy.. I shall go home now." Ah Yi pulls her and says, "She already has a boyfriend." Xiao Feng replies, "Of course she will have a boyfriend… If such a cute girl like her doesn’t have a boyfriend, that will be a wonder." but to herself, she thinks miserably, "I bet she still wants to see Ah Yi anyway." Ah Yi holds her arm and asks, "Isn’t 20th October coming?" The mood obviously lightens as Xiao Feng realises that Ah Yi remembers her birthday. Xiao Feng says that he must have a present for her, but he says that he doesn’t have. Xiao Feng darts around and tries to search for a present, but he says that he doesn’t have it. Xiao Feng pouts and says, "If you don’t have, why did you ask me?" As the camera shoots a picture of the changing room, there’s a voice over of Xiao Feng asking indignantly, "I want to change, why are you following me?" and Ah Yi’s shy reply,"I’m scared that you will meet a pervert again." Aww~
As they reach her house, Xiao Feng sees a present on the door step and remarks upon it. Ah Yi pretends that he doesn’t see anything, and Xiao Feng says that there is. Ah Yi starts to describe the present and Xiao Feng gleefully remarks upon his good eyesight. He says flirtatiously (?) "It’s quite okay." Xiao Feng says that it must be a present from someone who admires her and Ah Yi replies, "Are you an idiot? Do you think there’re so many people with weird likings ah~" So sweet! That’s just like saying that he himself has weird likings lol!
Xiao Feng thanks him  and says that he’s very touched. -cues sleazy jazz music hahahahaha- Ah Yi takes out two tickets to invite her to a concert and he asks her if she’s free for a concert, movie, and a meal. She’s very happy and says that she’s free. Ah Yi tells her not to be late and "See you tomorrow:D" (very tempted to add a <3) Xiao Feng opens the present and is very happy with the cute dress that she finds inside. She wears it and tells herself that everything will be fine. 
Yet the next day comes, and a drawn clock by the side shows that she has waited at the door of the concert hall since 12 all the way till 7.30 at night. She yells into the air, "You baddy!!!!!!!" 
-the end-
Aww!! It has barely been a full episode before Ah Yi + Xiao Feng’s sweet moments come to an end! I really, really like how they packaged Ah Yi in a sense hee hee! I’ve been reading up on some feedback on Love Buffet, and I wasn’t surprised to find a lot of people wanting Ah Yi + Xiao Feng’s pairing. In addition, I wasn’t very surprised to find quite a lot of people on the camp that Calvin should get the girl simply because he has never gotten the girl before. It feels like something that I agree with (refer to post:  http://thoughtsramble.livejournal.com/41931.html ) and honestly, I think if it was someone else other than Aaron Yan, I would have stayed in that camp. Omo~ But there’s no dilemma in me wanting Ah Yi and a Xiao Feng couple pairing. You know how many people love to tell you "Oh it’s just a drama" whenever you get too heated up on this kind of topics, but I will just like to tell them that that’s the way how I engage with my dramas! If I can’t be moved to even care about the endings of the characters, then it’s a very failed plot indeed. 
The thing is, I’ve only just realised that Love Buffet has finished filming all the episodes. I don’t know why I didn’t realise this earlier… it’s probably because a lot of the dramas that I’ve watched have adopted the method of filming a few episodes at the same time while the show is being released (maybe in Korea and Japan?) so I always have this idea that hopefully, the producers will change the ending if there’s enough response from the audience… It seems like it’s kinda impossible now! No matter what, as long as Ah Yi is happy I think it’s fine(:
Other than the two leads fighting over a girl ( lol because honestly, I don’t believe that two such eligible guys will fight over a girl heh:P what do you think?) , I think that this drama is quite realistic. The problems that Xiao Feng asks, are those that sometimes I’ve found myself pondering over. Does love happens simply… because someone is nice to you? 
Does anyone know how many episodes this drama has? Everyone’s saying that episode 13 is the last!! Noooo~~~~
Oh by the way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this — I’ve fallen in love with the ending song! It’s called Mistake by Fahrenheit, and omg I never knew they could sing such good songs:P It has bittersweet metaphors inside and even though I wouldn’t associate excellent singing skills with Fahrenheit, they did quite well for that song. ❤ ❤ <3! That song is currently quite often on my repeat list, heh:P

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