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Gloomy Salad Days Episode 17 and 18 recaps

Recaps recaps!

I really like the last 4 episodes (yeah I’ve finished watching!), even though it was quite tears-inducing.

Okay you will totally know why I love this episode<3

Du goes to the hospital, and she looks down at a face that is hers. Shen Qi thanks his uncle for coming to Shen Quan’s funeral, and his uncle tells him to quickly go find his father, who is standing alone in front of the tombstone. From this conversation, you know that Shen Qi’s father looks down on his wife’s side of the family (the uncle is Shen Qi’s mother’s brother). Shen Qi finds his father lamenting that Shen Quan is a weak child, and the father sighs. He tells Shen Qi go get his head checked as well since he’s complaining of headaches. In school, Shen Qi goes to the library to find more about Du, especially because he’s filled with guilt that he might have caused Du to disappear. He finds the hand-drawn manga and sneakily puts it into his bag, but the librarian sees his action. She takes his bag and accuses him of stealing library books, but couldn’t find any book inside, since the manga cannot be seen by other people. Shen Qi takes his bag back and quickly walks away after leaving her with a comment, "You are really suspicious of everything… Very hard to get married you know?" Lol!

He goes to the room where the art club used to be in, and there he finds a stack of larger drawings. He starts to read them, and the story flashes back to 5 years ago. Du He, who is Du’s real persona, is the president of the art club. She gathers her drawings, and despite her friends asking her if they could see it, she refuses to let them see because she hasn’t finished drawing. The art teacher comes in at this point in time, and announces that there’s going to be a competition on manga-drawing, and the winner can get 1mil Taiwan Dollars.

The camera then turns to flash this face —


Lol I’m sorry! Hahah but yes that was really my reaction! I knew that he’s appearing as Gao Chao somewhere, but I didn’t expect his appearance to be in this form haha! He looks really, really cool.


Anyway, the teacher says that he decides to send in both Gao Chao’s and Du He’s works, and that the winner can even get himself/herself a scholarship to Japan. Gao Chao smiles

and says that he’s definitely going. What happens next is this friendly bicker between Gao Chao and Du He, about who is going to win the competition. While they are waiting for the cars to go, Du He’s brother comes to fetch her. Gao Chao starts to tease Du He, about how she sticks so much to her brother. Their friend asks if Du He can introduce her to her brother one day, and Gao Chao says that it’s not good to date someone who has such a ‘sticky’ sister. Du He says that he’s very irritating and walks off, leaving Gao Chao with this face…. I have no idea how to describe… it’s that face when you tease someone, but the person isn’t in a very jovial mood to reply to your teasing.

Du He tells her brother about the competition, and realises that her brother is burning a high fever. She quickly asks him to go to the hospital, and it’s very evident from this interaction that Du He and her brother are really close.

The brother is acted by Wen Sheng Hao!^^ He’s the one who acted as the second lead in My Queen.

The brother insists on going to work anyway, and he’s working as a postman. He receives a bottle of chicken essence from this girl working at the counter, thus making it obvious to us that the girl crushes on him, but it’s very evident that he doesn’t realise it. The brother is called Du Ji, and he goes to a pub to deliver the goods. He orders a drink while he’s at it, and he chats with the bartender as he often delivers post to that place.

Hee hee! So delightful to spot him here, even though I like his role in Summer’s Desire more (If I’m not wrong, he’s Lin Hao in Summer’s Desire right??)

(I have no idea what’s his name, so let’s just call him Bartender:D)

Bartender asks Du Ji if he will like to do some business. Du Ji replies that he doesn’t know how to do business, but Bartender assures him that with the Big Bro around, everything will go fine and he will earn loads. Du Ji politely refuses the offer, because he knows that there will be high risks involved in this deal. However, on the way home, he takes out a letter from his pocket which says that the house is on the verge of being seized by authorities, showing that Du Ji really needs the money.

He recalls about how when their parents passed away, the authorities suggested for him to give Du He up to a foster family. They said that it’s important for Du He to grow up in a complete family, and their parents must have thought so too, if not they wouldn’t have adopted Du He from the orphanage too. However, Du He cried and said that she wanted to be with Du Ji, and so Du Ji told the authorities that he would quit school to earn money and take care of Du He.

The story goes back to the present (which is still the past as compared to Shen Qi’s time.) Du Ji goes home to find that Du He has cooked nice porridge for him. He finds her asleep on the floor and carries her up onto the bed. Du He wakes up and requests for a kiss on her cheek, which Du Ji complies, while Du He returns the kiss. Then, he receives a call that the factory person in charge (he works at the factory in the day) has fleed with the money from the factory. The next day, he goes there to join other workers in the strike, but you can tell that he’s very worried because money is very much an issue here.

The teacher enquires about Gao Chao’s and Du He’s progress in drawing the manga. Gao Chao turns his head and says, in a teasing manner, that his works are fine and that he will never draw something like the Death Girl like Du He.

Du He teases him back and says that the only thing he knew how to draw is probably porn,

and he jokes that maybe the judges will appreciate that.

During their health fitness lesson, the teacher is very proud that Gao Chao is running very fast, and that he’s mostly likely going to break the records, but Gao Chao murmurs happily to himself, "Who wants to go with the wind? I want to go against the wind!:D" and just right before he steps over the finishing line, he turns back to help the last guy who is going to give up.

The both of them finish last together. Aww! This is why I really like Gao Chao. I like how carefree and lively he is!

He  talks to himself in the art room, wondering if he should choose the "Against the wind"guy or "Go with the wind" guy. In the end, he chooses the against the wind guy, because "That’s who I am!:D"

He goes home and tells his dad about the upcoming competition, asking his dad for permission to go to Japan if he wins the competition. 

Who can resist his puppy eyes, gosh!:P

His father wants him to take over the 100 shoe shops that he has set up over the years, instead of immersing in manga art, but Gao Chao ends the conversation with a "Aiyah… you won’t understand. This is called Generation Gap." Somehow, this tickles me very much lol.

He turns around and then his father calls his name.

He smiles behind his father’s back, and turns around with a straight face, knowing very well that his father is going to allow him to go to Japan if he wins the competition.

Du Ji decides to take up the business so that he can earn more money. The business turns out to be ferrying drugs. He puts the powder in his envelope, and off he goes. Du He falls asleep and dreams that her Nai He Bridge is falling down. She wakes up and receives a call from Gao Chao who tells her that her brother is lying at his house. She thinks that he’s joking, but it turns out that someone sent a bomb to Gao Chao’s father, who happened to ask Du Ji to help him open the parcel. When the parcel was opened, it blew up in Du Ji’s face. Du He immediately rushes to the hospital, and the nurse quietly passes her the letter that was in Du Ji’s hands — the letter detailing that the house is going to be autioned off soon. There is some powder on the envelope, but Du He just sweeps them away.

When she wakes up in the morning by her brother’s side, it’s shown that she feels slightly out of place, when the nurse takes over her job. She rushes home because she needs to hand in her manga that day. Gao Chao struggles between submitting the Against The Wind guy and Go With The Wind guy, and in the end he chooses the Go With The Wind guy, telling himself, "Let it be!" Okay I totally love this guy hahaha.

The nurse tells Du Ji that she found the drugs in his pocket, but she kept it. Du Ji thanks her, and she says that it’s okay. She washes the drugs down into the sink. Du He happily cooks porridge for her brother but accidentally sees the nurse, who is called Jia Jia, hugging her brother. There’s this awkward moment, which is dispelled by the nurse.

Gao Chao accidentally overhears his teacher murmuring to himself, that this time round Du He drew better than Gao Chao. He smiles to himself, and is a little dejected when he talks to his father about it. His father wants to cheer him up and brings him out for a meal. His father says that he wants to invite Du Ji to work for him, and Gao Chao asks what’s his views on Du He.

His father replies that the girl seems nice, and asks if he’s interested in her. He asks about Gao Chao’s past girlfriends, and he replies that his past girlfriends are just for fun. His father tells him that if he’s serious, then just get married! "Dad! I’m only 19 years old!" "So what? When I was your age, I already had you with your mother!" LOL. Gao Chao replies, "I have no idea whether to call you conservative or open-minded."

Hahahaha I love this face of his!!

He proceeds to sit on the sofa and tells his dad, "Generation gap." HAHA.

The results are out — Gao Chao’s works are commended, while Du He’s works really got first prize! While everyone congratulates Du He, Gao Chao calls his dad, to pass the phone to Du Ji. Gao Chao passes the phone to Du He, who cries and tells Du Ji that she will no longer bring him down. Du Ji replies that she has never brought him down before, and that Brother will always be happy encouraging him to chase her dreams. After he puts down the phone, Gao Chao’s father asks  why Du Ji will encourage Du He to chase this kind of dreams, and Du Ji replies that Du He really has talent in this area and it’s what makes her happy.

Du Ji holds this mini celebration for Du He and Jia Jia is there as well, as she’s his girlfriend now. Yet… you can see that Jia Jia feels a little uncomfortable at how close Du He and Du Ji are.

At night, Gao Chao puts the stack of manga on his face, and his father lifts the papers off, giving Gao Chao a shock. Gao Chao’s father tells him that he will still allow him to go to Japan to furthur his studies if he wishes to do so. At most….Gao Chao should just quickly get married, make his wife pregnant, and give him a grandson that will inherit his 100 shoe shops. Haha!

Turns out that their art teacher is a student of this great manga teacher, who will be coming down to their school. It’s such a big honour, that everyone gets very excited. Gao Chao quickly shows his teacher Against The Wind guy manga, and his teacher realises to his shock, that this version is much better drawn than Go With The Wind guy. Gao Chao claims that he forgot about this version but Du He suspects. On the day that the teacher comes, their art teacher tells them to perform well.

In the end, because Gao Chao takes out his best manga, the teacher decides to open up the scholarship to both of them, so both of them can go to Japan together. Gao Chao lies on his table in deep thought as Du He tells their art teacher that she might not want to go to Japan.

Another favourite screenshot:D

I have no idea why, but I have a lot of favourite screenshots in this 2 episodes!

After Du He’s probing, Gao Chao reveals that he purposely didn’t submit his best version because he knows that Du He needs the first prize more than he does. Aww! However, Du He gets irritated and says that she doesn’t need his sympathy. Gao Chao takes her hand and says that, "I want to go with you to Japan." but Du He says, "Who wants to go with you?!"

Du Ji gets into a quarrel with Jia Jia because Jia Jia knows that he’s going back to transport drugs so that he can earn money for Du He to go overseas. Jia Jia tells Du He that she cannot tell Du Ji that she wants to go overseas, and that if she does so, then Du Ji will totally just commit crimes. Du He cries.

Gao Chao comes to apologise to Du He, and Du He tells him that she just cannot go to Japan. Heasks if she’s still angry with him and she says of course not. She replies that he really draws very well, and that she hopes that he will have a smooth journey in Japan. Gao Chao asks if she wants to be with him. If they are together, then they can go to Japan to develop their art together, and she will not pose any problems to her brother, since she’s with Gao Chao.

After Du Ji finds that big brother (who forces him to have drugs so that Du Ji will keep going back to him) and promises to ferry drugs, he goes home to find Du He’s drawings burnt. He scolds Jia Jia for not letting Du He chase her dreams, and Jia Jia points out the key point —- is he in love with his own sister, Du He? Du Ji doesn’t make any reply… but his lack of reply is an affirmation.

The next scene is this —

Lol okay my first impression was, "WOW they are on the grass already? That’s kinda…. fast!"

Hahaha. Anyway, Gao Chao gently pulls away and tells her, "After we graduate, let’s get engaged."

He tells Du He that once they get engaged, she will be his responsibility and she will not worry about posing troubles to her brother.

"For our dreams, let’s run towards the future with courage!"

He’s just too cute here!!! Love the smile and the outreached arm!!

Du He goes home and tells Du Ji that she doesn’t need to go Japan, but Du Ji wants her to go. Because of that, she decides to accept Gao Chao’s suggestion and tells Du Ji that she’s going to marry Gao Chao. Gao Chao’s father wants to meet with Du Ji and Jia Jia, so they have this meet-the-parents thingy. Gao Chao and Du He look really compatible together(:

Now that we know about Du Ji’s secret, it’s very obvious that Du Ji feels very uncomfortable and sad, but there’s nothing he can do except to agree for Du He to marry Gao Chao. The day of graduation comes really fast, and it’s time to hold the engagement ceremony. The big brother comes to find Du Ji again, because he stops coming to ferry the drugs. Du Ji tells him that there’s no need for him to help him anymore, and the big brother is so angry that he forcefully gives Du Ji a dose of drugs. Gao Chao looks really happy, while Du He looks pensive.

And of course, the wedding kiss(:

Which makes Du Ji so sad haiz.

While Du Ji sits there emo-ing, Du He notices him and comes to talk to him.

She starts to cry and says that she doesn’t want to get married anymore because she doesn’t want to leave Du Ji. Du Ji sooths her and says that it’s okay, if she doesn’t want to get married, then don’t get married. However, Jia Jia comes over and whispers in Du He’s ears that " If you don’t get married now, you will continue to bring your brother down." Du He nods her head in tears.

At night, Du Ji happens to chance upon Du He and Gao Chao…. making out. -.- Please, in the first place, who has their windows wide open eh?! But hahaha lol, never mind. Anyway, Du Ji feels very uncomfortable, but in a different way — it’s the need for drugs working in him. He struggles with the urge, while he watches Du He and Gao Chao kiss passionately by the window.

-the end-

Sorry for such a long recap that’s filled with my thoughts everywhere!

I really like Gao Chao’s character but I’m filled with this dilemma which shall be revealed at the last recap. Okay now on to comments about acting skills! I think that Serena Fang’s acting skills is quite good, at least I’ve seen evidence of it in Summer’s Desire. For me, it was very delightful to see how Aaron could bring out both Gao Chao and Shen Qi so well. They are such different characters and he could act it out to be TWO different characters, instead of two blurred characters since it’s the same actor.

For me, I really like Shen Qi and Gao Chao as a result. I like Shen Qi for how quiet he is, and how honest he is with his own feelings. On the other hand, I like Gao Chao for how lively and carefree he is. The thing that is most attractive to me about Gao Chao (besides the good looks, lol) is that he’s very passionate about something.

… And let me tell you this secret that thoughtsramble has — thoughtsramble only just realised last year that she has this weird sense of attraction to people who are very passionate in their dreams! Haha, I have no idea why… but it’s very true. Attraction not in the sense of romance, but attraction as in… admiration? Haha!:D

I hope you guys had fun reading this recap!:D Do comment(:


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