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Love Buffet Episode 12 Recap

Hello! Here’s the next recap; I apologise for taking such a long time to do this:P

Here’s a screenshot of the start — I can’t resist since it’s all romantic looking and it’s AH YI AND XIAO FENG.

So we left off where Ah Yi chances upon Da Ye going to kiss Xiao Feng. He looks down and continues walking. Da Ye shouts, "I’m not going to give Xiao Feng to you." Ah Yi doesn’t say anything and continue walking, while Da Ye leans down and the two of them engage in a kiss.

Everything goes back to happy ending as Xiao Feng continues to learn how to knit properly from Qiu Ying. She welcomes Da Ye home with the finished knitted cap.

She thinks to herself that she’s not going to take her happiness for granted anymore, and she’s going to work hard to maintain this relationship. Ah Yi’s grandparents hold this congratulatory party to congratulate the both of them being together. Ah Yi has this sour face (AWW) throughout, and haha, when Da Ye and Xiao Feng are being all mushy, he said "Aren’t you guys shy??"

Da Ye teases Xiao Feng because he has prepared notes for the upcoming exams, but he and Xiao Feng are not in the same faculty. Xiao Feng pouts, and Da Ye says, "Xiao Feng… you are really very cute!:P" WHY SO MUSHY?? Hahaha, I guess this is one of the reasons why I happen to like Ah Yi and not Da Ye:P

Ah Yi takes over his role as the new president of the student council, and when the meeting is over, he realises that one of the members are still writing furiously. Thinking that he shall accompany her, he sits down again, but the girl, who is called Lin Yi Jing, suddenly starts rambling, "I say you can go home first, it’s okay, with my looks, even if I go home at midnight, no one will molest me."

Ah Yi gives her a startled look, and she starts again, "Or you pity me because I’m the secretary and yet I write so slow?" Ah Yi continues to be a little stunned, and she continues, "Or or or you think that my handwriting is very ugly??" Ah Yi replies, "I’ve not said a single word." Lol! Yi Jing quickly apologises and stands up, but she accidentally slips and falls backwards. As usual, Ah Yi instinctively leaps forward to break her fall, and the button at her chest pops. There is this awkward moment, and then Ah Yi turns his head away. Coincidentally, Da Ye and Xiao Feng come to borrow notes from him, and they see this scene. Haha, the moment Xiao Feng realises that she’s exposing her chest, she immediately covers Da Ye’s eyes, but he naughtily peeks from behind her hands.

Ah Yi says that it should be natural for them to ask what has happened, but after Xiao Feng asks, Ah Yi says, "It’s obvious it’s a misunderstanding, are you a pig?" LOL, poor Xiao Feng, hahaha and she replies, "Hey it’s you who want me to ask okay!" Yi Jing clears up the situation, but what Da Ye and Xiao Feng pick up instead is Yi Jing’s unique way of calling Ah Yi — "Mr President". Xiao Feng uses her clip to close up the shirt, but Yi Jing says that they must have seen something disgusting etc. Ah Yi loses his temper and asks if she has the Victim Syndrome. Xiao Feng and Da Ye tell him to be nice, and Da Ye tells Yi Jing that she may be prettier than she thinks, but her reply is, "Why are you lying?" LOL I can literally see smoke coming from Ah Yi’s ears haha!

He asks what’s Xiao Feng and Da Ye doing there, and they start begging him for notes. Ah Yi gives this expression —

but still gives them his notes in the end. Yi Jing watches this whole friendly conversation from the side with a thoughtful expression. The next day, Yi Jing turns up to give her minutes to Ah Yi, and Da Ye realises that she has tied the same hairstyle as Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng thinks that it’s just a coincidence, and when they go forward to talk to the both of them, Yi Jing immediately lapses into, "Sorry." Ah Yi tells her to change that habit of speaking with an inferiority complex, and she has difficulty speaking the next sentence, because she wants to say sorry, but she isn’t supposed to say sorry anymore. Lol, in the end she decides to end her sentence with, "I shall retire first."

Immediatley, Ah Yi’s reaction is HUH?

Lol I ❤ this expression!

-pause- okay so what Yi Jing has said is quite hard to translate into English actually. She used this phrase where people in the past used when they excused themselves from the emperor in the court, so it was very funny because this means that she’s treating Ah Yi like some form of emperor haha!-unpause-

She starts to ramble again about how they must have thought that she’s very weird. Ah Yi gives up talking to her and goes to the office. Yi Jing decides to follow him.

The next day, Xiao Feng sees Yi Jing standing outside the classroom and she thinks to herself, "Hey it’s my hairstyle yesterday." Ah Yi comes out to give Yi Jing a stack of papers, and she lapses into "Thanks thanks thanks" before shutting up after Ah Yi says, "It’s enough." twice. Yi Jing watches as Ah Yi hands Xiao Feng a bag with notes on the upcoming examination. She thanks him and asks him to study with them at five that afternoon. After he leaves the two of them, Xiao Feng invites Yi Jing to the study session as well, but she accidentally lets out the fact that she likes Ah Yi. She runs away in embarassment but Xiao Feng catches up with her and assures her that it isn’t stupid to crush on Ah Yi, "But why do you want to imitate me?"

Yi Jing replies that she hasn’t realised Ah Yi’s feelings for her, and Xiao Feng tells her not to speak nonsense, but she insists that "Mr President has always liked you. The expression that he has in his eyes when he looks at you is especially gentle." Xiao Feng is very stunned but replies with certainty, "No." when Yi Jing asks if the fact that Da Ye is her boyfriend will change.

Later, Yi Jing tells Ah Yi what she has told Xiao Feng, because she realises that she spoke too much. Ah Yi asks Xiao Feng to come out at night, but couldn’t start the topic.

He gives her pudding, as usual, but she doesn’t want it, and stands to leave.

"I don’t know why Yi Jing said so much to you." "Yeah, Yi Jing loves to hallucinate and exaggerate things — "

"But what she said is all true… I should have hidden it better. I like you." -cue music- Xiao Feng asks about Ying Zhi, and Ah Yi tells her that he has realised that the feelings he had towards Ying Zhi was merely a desire to make up for last time. Now, the only one he cares about is Xiao Feng. "Xiao Feng… I like you…Do you like me too?" She thinks angrily that he cannot just come and go as he wishes, and says that even if he says all these, nothing will change. "Don’t you know that Da Ye and I are dating?"

"So what?" "How can you say so what?" "What do you want me to do?? I don’t want to hide my feelings any longer." He asks if Xiao Feng can allow him to continue liking her, but she just storms off. Ah Yi returns home and tells Da Ye that he has confessed to Xiao Feng because he doesn’t want to hide his feelings anymore. Da Ye gets pissed off, and the next day, he hugs Xiao Feng in the library and asks, "Xiao Feng, you belong to me, okay?"

Xiao Feng feels very guilty for making Da Ye sad again. That night, Yi Jing waits outside the shop for Ah Yi to come out with his groceries. She keeps asking if he’s angry but he says he’s not.

"I’m not angry." "Oh no, I’m always like that. I will always say wrong things when I start to ramble, are you angry??" "I’m not angry anymore, but you do say too much, that is true." She starts to apologise again, asking if he’s angry, and he says, "I’m not angry! This is just my poker face, I’m born like this, if you don’t like it, you can don’t see it –" "I like it."

Ah Yi is like, "You like it???" (because why will someone like some one else’s poker face?)

Hahaha I really like those expressions! :P"No I mean…I like you." She starts to say that she will become like Xiao Feng, when Ah Yi tells her that the one he likes is Xiao Feng, and that she will become stupider and even bound her chest so that her cup size will definitely not be bigger than Xiao Feng’s. Ah Yi finally smiles and says, "Even go to the extent of bounding…"

Yi Jing keeps following Ah Yi as he walks home, but Ah Yi and her conversation is pretty funny (about upgrading, because Ah Yi comments that he doesn’t like fakes, and she says that she will upgrade to be a very good grade). Qiu Ying’s professor tells her that if she has interest to go overseas, he will recommend her since her studies are very good.

Qiu Ying doesn’t tell Ah Ji about that yet, and instead, Ah Ji produces these tickets to a resort. Qiu Ying invites Xiao Feng as well, and Xiao Feng tries to get permission from her mother, by saying that she’s going out with her friends, when in actual fact, she will be going for a two days one night trip with Da Ye. Her mother agrees but warns her about wolves. LOL. ( Uhm, if you directly translate a pervert into Mandarin, it’s actually coloured wolves, showing that her mother knows that she’s going out with someone she likes.)

On that day, Da Ye asks if Ah Yi sees Xiao Feng leaving the house, and she says no. Da Ye tells her that it’s better not to let Ah Yi know, because if he was Ah Yi, he will definitely chase to the scene if he knows that the girl he likes is going on an overnight trip with the guy she likes. Immediately, Xiao Feng thinks of Da Ye and Ah Yi engaging in this fight —

Hur hur! So funny!!

They finally reach the resort, and Xiao Feng starts chasing Da Ye because he teases her about having dirty thoughts. This leaves Qiu Ying and Ah Ji alone, and Ah Ji asks haltingly if that night, it can be only Qiu Ying and him….Qiu Ying immediately picks up on the "only" and gives a !! look, but what Ah Ji really means is, "Can it only be you and I, and we will go for a stroll together?" Hahaha. Qiu Ying lets out an expression of relief.

They start the fire to cook the food, when Qiu Ying suddenly lets out this "Oh no!" The scene immediately changes to Ah Yi coming home with his lunch and dinner and meeting Xiao Feng’s mother. She asks why Da Ye’s not at home, and he replies that he’s out with his friends. Xiao Feng’s mother exclaims that Xiao Feng also went out with his friends, and you can see the gears working in both of their head. Turns out that Qiu Ying forgot to bring the marinating sauce, so Ah Ji and her go downhill to buy the sauce. She tries to bring up the topic of her going overseas, but Ah Ji gets very agitated when he hears the scenario of Qiu Ying going to a very far, far away place. Qiu Ying decides not to mention at all, and just assures him that they are going to be together.

Since Qiu Ying and Ah Ji are at the foot of the hill, this means that Xiao Feng and Da Ye are alone. Xiao Feng starts to be shy again, and Da Ye purposely gets very close to her.

Da Ye says that it’s getting cold and tells her to go into the room, but Xiao Feng… insists on keeping the distance.

Da Ye purposely keeps closing the distance, until he asks if Xiao Feng is avoiding him on purpose. He asks what Xiao Feng has been thinking of him, and Xiao Feng replies honestly, "A wolf." He tells her that he has been saying things with double meanings because she’s simply too cute and he can’t resist teasing her. Xiao Feng asks why he likes her, and he says that it’s because he must have put on a pair of specs that made the girl in front of him so sparkly and glistening.

They are going to kiss, when Qiu Ying and Ah Ji hurtle in. Hahaha they hastily back out again with, "Please continue."

Ah Yi looks at the note that Da Ye left for him, which said,"I’m going out to play with Ah Ji and his friends for two days one night."

He knows that this means that Da Ye and Xiao Feng are together for one night, and he crunches up the note angrily.

Ah Ji tells Qiu Ying that he will take over the cooking of the food since the smoke is blowing in her way. Da Ye and Xiao Feng observe that they look very happy and blissful together, and Xiao Feng thinks to herself, "Do Da Ye and I look like that too?" They reach out for the bottle at the same time, and Da Ye jokes that she wants to touch his hands. Ah Ji says that the both of them look very intimate too, not just Ah Ji and Qiu Ying. Later, Da Ye asks if they should go for a stroll, and Xiao Feng agrees. During the stroll, Da Ye tells her to close her eyes, reach out her hands, and says, "Stars, please fall!"

Xiao Feng doesn’t understand why he wants her to do that, but she still does it anyway. The moment she says "fall", Da Ye flings into the sky a bundle of lights which look very pretty as they fall back to earth. Xiao Feng really appreciates this, and she tells Da Ye, "It’s not just you who wants to stroll with a lover tonight." Da Ye hugs Xiao Feng, when this security guard comes out to warn them about bears. "Bears???" "It’s not just bears, there are wolves too!" Da Ye and Xiao Feng laugh and walk off together. When they return to the house, Qiu Ying and Ah Ji have already fallen asleep, and the both of them smile.

Ah Yi looks at (something which I couldn’t tell what it was) and the scene fades.

The next morning, Xiao Feng actually awakens but she purposely pretends to be asleep to see what Da Ye is going to do. Turns out that he puts a bracelet around her wrist and gives her a kiss. Ah Ji and Qiu Ying wake up and Ah Ji laments that he has fallen asleep too early. Xiao Feng pretends to awaken and look at her bracelet. Da Ye tells her that he chooses different pendants for the bracelet because they all mean different things, like the angel is there because Xiao Feng likes kids.

After that, they leave the house, and Da Ye tells Xiao Feng to return home first. Ah Yi happens to be there, (more like I think he is waiting for her) and asks her where Da Ye is.

She quickly evades the question and waves goodbye, but that draws Ah Yi’s attention to her new bracelet. "Who bought it for you? I’ve never seen it before. Is it Da Ye?" Xiao Feng ignores his question and proceeds to go into her house, when Ah Yi suddenly grabs her and turns her around.

In a voiceover, Ah Yi says, "Xiao Feng I really like you. Why are you not replying me?" and he leans down to kiss her. At the last moment, Xiao Feng turns her head away. I was really sad that I almost teared for Ah Yi! His expression is of this utter rejection when Xiao Feng simply turns her head away. Ah Yi’s face turns into one of determination, and he hugs her tightly, telling her that he will not give up even though she has looked at him with such expression.

She’s very shaken by this whole matter and at night, when Da Ye finally returns, she rushes to meet him and hug him. Da Ye asks what’s wrong and she says, "Da Ye…"

The next scene is of Da Ye rushing into his house and throwing his bag onto his sofa, shouting for Ah Yi to come out. Ah Yi appears calmly, and he knows that Xiao Feng must have told him what has happened.

"What did you do to Xiao Feng???"

"Attempted kiss." He answers boldly.

Da Ye gets angered and throws a punch, shouting, "You jerk!" Ah Yi hits over a small shelf as he falls over, and Da Ye moves in to continue his punches, but Xiao Feng stops him. "Da Ye, don’t!!"

Da Ye turns his head to see her crying and he speaks with shock, "You still care about him." A tear lands on his arm and Xiao Feng remains quiet. He tells Xiao Feng to go home first, and he promises that he will not beat up Ah Yi. He thinks to himself that he feels like he’s the one breaking the two of them up. At first, Xiao Feng is reluctant to leave, but Da Ye shouts, "Go home first!"

The next day, Yi Jing comes to ask Ah Yi where Xiao Feng is, if not she cannot copy her hairstyle. Ah Yi says, "What do you want to do?Imitate her? Be like her? It’s no use." Yi Jing keeps in silence, and Ah Yi continues, "You won’t get any rewards." Yi Jing suddenly leans down to give him a kiss on the cheek, and he whips his head around asking, "What are you doing??"

Yi Jing tells him that that sentence seems like he’s saying for himself to hear, and he replies that no matter how many times he gets rejected, he does it willingly. At night, Xiao Feng realises that the heart pendant from her bracelet is missing, and it really impacts her because the heart pendant represents the love between Da Ye and her. She tries to search for it, and even heads outside to find it. She thinks that she found it but it turns out to be a ten dollar coin. She throws it away in frustration and realises that she should have kept it. Suddenly, Da Ye appears in front of her.

He tells her to quickly go in and he walks off. Xiao Feng asks why he’s ignoring her, and if she can do anything to salvage the situation, she would. Da Ye tells her that in front of her, he cannot NOT be petty, and he hates that side of him. To him, by asking him not to beat up Ah Yi, this means that she chooses to protect Ah Yi.

Xiao Feng tells him that’s not what she meant. No matter what, she wouldn’t want him to beat up anyone on her sake, but he has a point — "You were the one who came crying to me for help, and yet you don’t allow me to be angry with Ah Yi. Maybe, don’t you think that you are not angry because of Ah Yi’s kiss, but because you don’t know how you should face me?"

-the end-

Okay, you should know that I’m someone who really am suckers for what-ifs. I really hate how Xiao Feng doesn’t know, and am entirely oblivious to the fact that Ah Yi still likes her! It’s not even Ah Yi’s fault, because he never ever once said that he wants to come to a clean stop with her… so her words that "You come when you want, and you leave when you desire" IS NOT TRUE.

Lol, pardon my agitation, hahah I’m actually much more calm than I sound:P

Hahaha but granted, the first half of this episode was pretty funny:P I laughed quite a few times, even though I’ve watched everything before. To be honest, I really am rooting very hard for Ah Yi and Xiao Feng, and that’s why I thought that this was a very good time to announce Xiao Feng’s feelings for Ah Yi and then they can be together!:D But… D: Actually if you think about it, Xiao Feng is really very fickle minded:O

On a side note, I like the short message on the board in the first screenshot. It says, "It is only called holding hands when two parties are holding tight to each other." ❤ I realise that the kiss Aaron and Reen did in the behind the scenes (I did a screenshot of it in Episode 8 recap I think) was supposed to be used as the title of the story, because they were holding the board…but I guess for some reason, they’ve decided to use the normal one instead (the version that you see now)…><

Yay, on to the last recap! This must be the longest running recaps I’ve ever done:O


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  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Actually seeing this vid, I’m more amazed by the guy who shows him.

    I LOVE BTS:D It’s always so cool to see what actually goes on before we see the edited material on tv screen. Besides, bts and ngs are where we really find the good dynamics of the team:D

    Haha yes of course the stuntman is gooood:D But I’m happy that Lee Min Ho could actually follow the stunts quite accurately!:D Oh regarding that parkour action you were talking about, I think it might have been Lee Min Ho himself, except on what-do-you-call-that-thing-I’m-having-a-brain-freeze…. you know the one where you were actually on a rope? Cos I think I saw that BTS somewhere…

    Oh wow your boyfriend is tall!:O Haha and how tall are you! Yeahhh I’m proud of Yoon Sung/Lee Min Ho too!:D Love the fights! Haha there was this group of people from the site where I watched from, who said that based on their own experience of martial arts, the punches and kicks are too big and not smooth enough. (Some referring to Park Min Young as well) All shoo. 😛

    HAHAHA yes I totally agree with you! It’s like I love it that the camera focuses on the moves and the flips and whatnot (it really means that the director did a good job, because usually action movies are not my type) BUT they move so fast that all I get is blur screenshots. Hahaha but then I will always play those action bits again:P


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