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Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta Episode 1, 2, and 3 Review

Wowwww longgg title man!! To be honest, I don’t remember any part of the title lol. Apparently, if you translate it into Chinese (which I will translate into English) it means — You have taught me to learn what is important. Okayyy so it’s a meaningful title, that’s why it’s so long:D

It’s been a long time since I’ve started on a new drama! I’m going to recap this drama probably, but as you know, I rarely start recapping from the start, so this will just be a post on my impression of the drama.

Firstly, Toda Erika’s acting is awesome. She totally convinced me of her character and one thing that I love to observe is how actors/actresses start crying. To me, it’s really a test of one’s acting skills. It doesn’t mean that if you have tears, you have good acting skills. For example, I thought that Ady An’s acting skills weren’t that great in terms of the sad scenes, as I’ve mentioned in some of the recaps. Some may question this judgement of mine since it’s evident that her tap can be turned on pretty easily……but it just doesn’t move me. I don’t know if you will understand, but I feel like she is acting, rather than being her character.

On the other hand, Toda Erika is really good. I can see the hurt in her eyes, and in Episode 2, there was this scene where she cried from betrayal and she looked at the guy in the mirror, while the camera captured her eyes from the mirror’s reflection. I LOVE THAT SCENE.

As for the guy, Shuji, acted by Miura Haruma, I don’t have any particular feelings towards him yet. He’s supposed to be this really good looking guy, but I’ve an issue with the mole-looking thing at the bottom of his chin, and he looks really strange from some angles. You know, he’s that kind of face where he looks really really great from some angles, but he just doesn’t work the camera from other angles.

Hikari, acted by Takei Emi, is a really important character here, because she’s the one that Shuji bed right from the start. Okay for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, Shuji woke up in epsiode one finding a nude girl lying on his bed. This girl is called Hikari and she ends up being his student in school. Hikari likes him and harbours feelings of jealousy towards Natsumi (Toda Erika) who is Shuji’s fiance. She tries to break them up and Natsumi is currently hurt by Shuji when she realises that he and Hikari did it.

So ah..you probably know why I hate her. Enough said.

Though it seems like she’s a character with more than one side. She’s not just all bad… it seems like she has this other side to herself which we will find out through the unfolding of the drama’s plot.

Eager to start on Episode 4!



  1. HIS MOLE IS ADORABLE JUST SAYING. and i think he looks good from all angles pwahahhaha.

    i wish you would have said more… hahhaha i was googling for a good review on the first few eps (i have watched 3 eps so far) and idk.. im weird and this drama is weird.. and was just looking for peoples opinions lol.

    but yea, i completely adore miuras moles. hahahaha


    • Hahahah lol! I can see why you would think it’s cute 😛

      Haha I’m sorry if this review is too short! But usually I do a short review on every drama I watch, it’s only if I like it/willing to put the time into it, then I will write recaps for it, usually from episode 4 onwards.


  2. i liked the first 3 eps a lot… but by ep 5 i was like :/ :/ :/ :/ and then by ep 7 i was like “writers are confused” and.. yea hahah. you made the correct choice XD


    • Haha I see!:P Yeah I was like okay this is quite interesting for first three episodes…then by episode 4, I was like …. and episode 5 ………….. and gone, no more episodes 😛

      Thinking of starting a new jap drama though


  3. Nope!:P

    Was thinking about Ikuta Toma’s drama quite some time ago, the judge one? Or was it detective?

    It feels toooo long since I watch a jdrama (as in from episode 1 to the last episode:P) and I miss the feeling!


      • oh yeah MAOU(: Hahaha I’ve been wanting to watch it for a very long time but I had no idea if it was good or not!

        LOL Me too, even when there are exams…. and then I will get stressed out because I haven’t studied finish…but I never learn lolol.


      • DO IT. IT IS LIKE.. the best. (if you like dark things, that is.)

        XD sorry this is so late. I dont think LJ ever sent me this notification. lol


      • Haha it’s okayXD sometimes I miss out comments by other people too and then it’s only when I re-read my entries that I find the comment er 6 months later.


      • Hello!(: This is really randomXD but I’ve been checking out Haruma Miura’s shows recently and suddenly remembered about this conversation where I distinctly remembered someone telling me that miura’s mole is adorable!XD


      • Hahaha LOL^^ I wouldn’t say his mole is adorable per se, but Haruma Miura is cuteXD

        Have you watched Bloody Monday/Bloody Monday 2 yet? I’m currently watching season 2 now, and it’s so awesome.


      • I thought season two sucked, but I stuck with it because I loved the cast (also Narimiya Hirokis white hair. ♥)

        The first season is my second favorite drama of all time though. ♥


      • Hahaha I didn’t think it suck (Probably not ‘awesome’ either, I probably replied you while watching the climax of some episode haha!) but this might be because I’m just glad for any chances to see more J+his nice smile and Fujimaru((: I just think that it will be pretty hard for season 2 to live up to season 1 anyway, so I’m willing to give it chances haha!

        But yes, season 1 was awesome. So many heart attacks and the tightness of the plot.

        I feel sad when Maya died in Season 2 though.


      • We will talk about it when you finish okay? lmao. i actually have a lj entry about it i think. lol


        You should watch Yasha. It is another favorite of mine. its old BUT SO GOOD and it deals with bio terror as well.. and Itou Hideaki is hot. 😀

        do you have a mydramalist.info? i forget if i asked you yet XD


      • I’m done with the show! Verdict (which might change lol because I only just finished with the show): I like it. 😛

        It was depressing because I continued season 2 right after season 1, so imagine terrorism plots X 2 at one go = rather down and grey. I had some problems with the movement of the plot because it was rather slipshod at some point of time, and then EVERYONE STARTED KILLING EVERYONE so I’m not sure if that was the sucky part you meantXD but other than that, I still like the show!(: Depressing, but premise of plot works fine, made me cry boo. (And I’m currently suffering from immense drama bluessss)

        I think I tried finding Yasha (friend’s recommendation) but couldn’t find a good site:/ because it’s so old.

        Nope! Actually yes I do, but I can’t remember what’s my username and password any longer. Lol.


      • Ooh by the way would love to read your entry/ hear about what you feel of the drama!(: I might be doing recaps/reviews of Bloody Monday/Bloody Monday 2 once I have the time:P


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