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Love Buffet Episode 13 Recap

YESH. This is the final recap! It has indeed taken me long enough to do this.

Xiao Feng insists that it’s not because she doesn’t know how to face him, but Da Ye says that even though he has felt all her contribution towards the relationship, ultimately he can’t bring himself to trust her anymore.

He walks away after that, and Xiao Feng blames herself for losing ‘it’. She tells herself that it’s her who lost ‘it’ and that she will definitely find it back. She means the heart pendant, but at the same time, that ‘it’ also refers to the trust and hope that Da Ye puts into the relationship. Someone comes up behind her and she think it’s Da Ye, but it turns out to be Ah Yi.

Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi to leave this problem to be resolved by Da Ye and her only. She walks off in determination, telling herself that this problem should be simplified to being just a two people’s problem. She invites Da Ye out for a date, and Ah Yi overhears the conversation in frustration.

Xiao Feng thick skin-nedly stays in the shop to read more about good dating places, and despite the sales girls’ valient attempts at chasing her away, she manages to ignore everyone.

She thinks about how much hard work she has put into this, and says aloud, "No! I cannot give up, I must succeed!"

Everyone in the shop all stares at her as she smiles sheepishly. Da Ye reveals to Ah Ji that he’s going on a date, but Xiao Feng’s planning all the details


Da Ye asks Ah Ji how long he’s willing to wait for someone, and Ah Ji tells him that he’s willing to wait as long as it’s Qiu Ying. Da Ye thinks to himself, "How long am I willing to wait for Xiao Feng to forget Ah Yi?" As Xiao Feng gets ready to leave the shop, she bangs into another girl, and realises that it’s Yi Jing.

Yi Jing thought that Xiao Feng loves reading as well, but Xiao Feng tells her that she has a date. Yi Jing peeks at her notebook and sees all the details. After Xiao Feng leaves, Yi Jing calls Ah Yi and asks, "Will you want to go on a date with me tomorrow?" only to hear a dial tone. Ah Yi has hung up on her. LOL! Yi Jing calls him once again and changes her words, "Will you like to go with me to spoil Da Ye’s and Xiao Feng’s date?" Ah Yi’s eyes show understanding.

The next day, Xiao Feng starts the date by having lunch at a good restaurant. She tries to strike up conversation but it is quite stiff.

Okay somehow to me, Calvin’s grief is a little overworked here. What Da Ye is supposed to be is a man who tries to smile but he can’t because he’s just simply too in pain. What Calvin shows me is a guy with slow reaction because all he does when Xiao Feng asks him a question is stone for a few seconds (supposed grief) and then smiles (which is okay, I can see he’s sad), but the pause is simply too deliberate.

Moving on, after the lunch, Xiao Feng informs Da Ye that they are going for a movie. She holds his hand, but he doesn’t hold her back. Wondering if this is called holding hands, Xiao Feng strives to continue to be happy. Then, they hear Yi Jing’s voice and see Ah Yi. Immediately, Da Ye holds her hand back.

Ah Yi sees this and has this face–

Aww! Yi Jing suggests for the four of them to have tea together but both Xiao Feng and Ah Yi don’t like the idea. However, Xiao Feng is speechless when Da Ye asks her, "Is there a reason to reject?" This is how the four of them find themselves in this awkward situation.

Xiao Feng tries to feed Da Ye cake, but he doesn’t want it. Ah Yi asks, "What is the problem with you two? A few days ago, you guys were so stiff but here you are, dating. Just a moment ago, you two were holding hands, but now you are angry." Da Ye gets provoked by this statement and says that it’s none of his business. Yi Jing tries to pull the blame to herself when Da Ye asks why he’s there, but Ah Yi answers honestly that he’s there to spoil their date. Da Ye gets angrier and angrily replies, "Even if we break up, the reason will never be you!" He grabs Xiao Feng’s hands and leaves. Yi Jing asks what they are going to do next, and Ah Yi replies, "I don’t know. I wish for them to break up…..but I don’t want Xiao Feng to be unhappy." Okay that statement really hits me, because to hear the dilemma so simply put, I can really see why Ah Yi is torn.

Ah Ji finds out that Qiu Ying is interested in going overseas to study. He starts to sulk because he will get lonely if Qiu Ying does take up the proposal.

Qiu Ying tries to come up with solutions to solve this problem but Ah Ji finds flaws with each solution, and even end off with a, "You always think of yourself." Qiu Ying says if their relationship cannot even withstand distance, then it’s not worth continuing the relationship. She throws the cushion at him and leaves.

Though she returns a moment later, because er… that place is her home lol. Da Ye wants to skip the movie and goes straight for the ferris wheel, which they do. Up there, Xiao Feng comments about the beautiful scenary but starts to cry when Da Ye makes no response. "Do you know? This is the first time I’m taking the ferris wheel. To be honest, I’m a little scared of heights." She knows that Da Ye is going to talk to her about the thing that she fears — break up.

She doesn’t want to hear, and clasps her hands to her ears, but Da Ye tells her to listen.

He hugs her and tells her that he really sees her effort, and that he can feel their distance narrowing, but " The more I like you, the more I hate myself. I don’t like how I’m always guessing and being jealous…. let me go back to being alone, Xiao Feng."

Xiao Feng looks at him with tears in her eyes and asks with one last shred of hope, "Is there really nothing I can do?" As a response, Da Ye leans down to give her a kiss. Xiao Feng, in a voice over, says that she didn’t think it would be possible to have such a heartbreaking moment in a kiss.

Since Yi Jing knows where is the next stop on Xiao Feng’s schedule, they come for the ferris wheel as well. She yells happily, "Hey look some couple is kissing!" As Ah Yi turns around to look, both of them realise that it’s Xiao Feng and Da Ye. Yi Jing tries to cover his eyes but it’s too late.

Da Ye tells her, "When I say that the reason will never be Ah Yi, I’m lying. See… I’m just this kind of jerk." With that, he opens the door and runs out the moment the cable car stops. Ah Yi sees her crying and runs into the cable car, right before it moves off on another round. (Wow quick reflexes) He asks her what’s wrong but she asks him to leave her alone. Thus, they sit in silence.

Ah Yi learns that Da Ye’s reason for breaking up is because he starts to hate himself more. He thinks that it’s a lame excuse and tells Da Ye that he will not apologise even if he’s the reason for their break up, "Because I sincerely like Xiao Feng, and that’s the thing that matters." Then, both Da Ye’s mother and Ah Yi’s mum call them at the same time, and the both of them look at their handphones with trepidation.

The next day, Da Lin tells Xiao Feng that Xiao Sheng has a boyfriend already. Xiao Feng apologises for being such a lousy friend and says that she has really spent a lot of effort on dating for the past year. "I haven’t even tasted the sweetness, but I did taste a lot of bitter." Ah Yi calls her, and throws the pudding cup towards her. She catches it and asks, "Original?" "Because the strawberry flavoured is out of stocks."

Da Ye sees Ah Yi talking to Xiao Feng and drags him away. He thought that Ah Yi is going to reveal the secret but Ah Yi says that he won’t do it in that situation. Da Ye says that he should be the one to say it, since he has already dealt Xiao Feng so much hurt. Xiao Feng looks at the cup in her hands and becomes sad. Da Lin asks her what’s wrong and she thought that maybe it’s because Xiao Feng likes the strawberry one instead. Xiao Feng tells her, "Actually my favourite flavour has been original along." In a voice over, Xiao Feng says that because Ah Yi has always bought the flavour that he thinks is the nicest for her, as time goes by, she thinks that she likes strawberry ones too. Because Da Ye always tries to make her happy, as time goes by, she thinks that she can only be happy when she’s with him. She doesn’t know what she really wants.

Later, Qiu Ying expresses shock that Xiao Feng and Da Ye have broken up. She heard the news when she went to find Ah Ji and overheard Da Ye telling everyone that he has broken up with his girlfriend.

Da Lin doesn’t understand why two people in love cannot be together, but Xiao Feng tells them that this will be over soon. At night, as she returns home, she meets Da Ye’s mother who reveals to her that…. Da Ye and Ah Yi will be going to Shanghai soon, and out of the two of them, they will choose a successor who will stay in Shanghai, while the other one returns to Taiwan. She knows that it’s hard for Xiao Feng, but she really hopes that Xiao Feng will not hold Da Ye back.

After Xiao Feng returns to her room, she slumps down and starts crying. She feels bewildered that suddenly everyone is leaving her.

The next day, she stares at Da Feng being surrounded by a group of girls. Ah Yi approaches and confirms Da Ye’s mother’s news. She nods and turns to leave, but Ah Yi grabs her arm and asks her to follow him for a few minutes.

On the rooftop, Ah Yi says, "You wish it’s me right?" "Huh?" "You wish that the one who will get sent to Shanghai is me right?"

"I want to be with you. What about you? What do you want me to do?" Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi that what she thinks should not affect his future at all, but he says that her opinion will influence his future greatly.

"The only person that I will like is you… forever." "Who is to say what is forever?" "I can!" Ah Yi replies firmly. Xiao Feng says, "I don’t want to be responsible for such a heavy burden." and leaves.

She tells herself that she cannot bring herself to say things like "Don’t go." She can’t, and all she can do is to wait for them to make their actions. As she, Qiu Ying, and Da Xiao Shen Lin go on this heal-the-heart-recovery-therapy thingy, Ah Yi and Da Ye leave for Shanghai. Before they leave, they stop in front of Xiao Feng’s house, but proceed to take the cab to the airport.

During this period of time that they are not there, Xiao Feng continues with life. One day while she’s out with Qiu Ying, she gets very interested at a hair salon which targets kids. From then on, she starts to do active research. "For the future to come, you have to step towards it. All of us cannot do anything, but to move forward in order to meet the future." With that, the days pass, and Da Ye and Ah Yi return. Ah Yi tells her that they have reached a decision. "The one who is going to stay in Shanghai is — " "Me." Da Ye continues. Xiao Feng says that many seniors and juniors will miss him a lot, and he replies that there’s no reason for him to stay in Taiwan anymore. Xiao Feng makes some more small talk but tears are gathering in her eyes. She asks when he’s leaving and he says two weeks. In the end, she quickly runs off with "I need to help my sister draw".
  Ah Yi, who is listening to their conversation from the side, comments, "Two people who talk the opposite of what their hearts say." Da Ye replies that it’s better for Xiao Feng this way since the break up will be cleaner. Xiao Feng turns up the volume of her music and starts to cry. "I want to smile tomorrow and in order for that to happen, I will allow myself to cry my eyes out today." In fact, both Da Ye and Ah Yi can hear her crying, and Ah Yi even looks out of his window in worry.
The next day, Xiao Feng tells Ah Yi that she wants to hold a farewell party for Da Ye because she wants to have good memories. "And then?" "Just like that.
On that day itself, Ah Yi is in charge of bringing Da Ye to the party. Da Ye grumbles that he doesn’t want to spend time alone with Ah Yi during his last few remaining days in Taiwan and Ah Yi replies, "Who do you want to be with alone with?" "Huh?" "I won’t let you two have alone time together, so don’t think about it." Lol poor confused Da Ye haha!
After Da Ye reaches the party, he’s very touched, especially when Xiao Feng presents the card to him. Xiao Feng thinks to herself that she’s really in gratitude for the times that they’ve gone through together.
Ah Ji doesn’t like farewells but still wipes his tears away and proposes a toast.
In the end, despite what Ah Yi said, they still end up having alone time. Da Ye thanks Xiao Feng for the party and Xiao Feng tells him that he must let her cut his har when he returns from Shanghai. He promises.
Then, he stands up and asks if he can hug Xiao Feng for the last time. Xiao Feng agrees to it, and they stand hugging each other for a long time.
On the other story line, Ah Ji finds Qiu Ying and presents her with a bouquet of flowers. Not only that, she also has a ring!

"I thought about it. We can get engaged first, before marrying after you return from your studies." "Where did you get the money from?" "Ooh… this is glass…" "Childish.." Ah Ji gives his ring a dubious glance but Qiu Ying still accepts it happily —

and even give him a kiss! So that’s the happy ending of our side story couple:D

The day has come for Da Ye to leave. He says his farewell words to Xiao Feng’s parents and sister, and asks Ah Yi to say something too, since Ah Yi will be moving away as well


Ah Yi smiles, says "Sure!", turns to look at them and continues,

"What Da Ye wants to say is exactly what I want to say." Lol which cracked everyone up. Da Ye’s expression becomes solemn when he looks at Xiao Feng’s face. "Xiao Feng…. good bye." Xiao Feng’s fist clenches and we can see that she’s wearing the bracelet that Da Ye gave her. "Bye bye." With that, the both of them leave. Ah Yi says that Da Ye is an idiot for leaving just like that and that if it’s him, he wouldn’t care what relationship he is with his rival. He will continue to show his concern for the girl he likes, even if it bothers the girl. Da Ye tells himself that he cannot not care about that, and asks Ah Yi if he’s encouraging him not to go Shanghai. "I thought you wish for us to break up?" Ah Yi looks torn as he looks out of the window and evades the question.

Xiao Feng decides to change her bedsheets since tomorrow will be a brand new start. She finally finds the pendant — it’s beneath her mattress. Da Ye is about to get on to the cab, but Ah Yi asks him once more if he’s sure that he wants to leave like that. Xiao Feng grabs the pendant and runs to catch a cab, thinking, "The memories that both of us had, they shouldn’t have been created just to be forgotten. They are not meant to be created only to ebb away slowly." Da Ye tells Ah Yi that he has understoood that the reason why he minds so much is because he cannot put Xiao Feng down, and thanks to Ah Yi, he has come to comprehend that. He tells his grandfather that he wants to postpone his flight, and at the same time, Xiao Feng arrives at his house, yelling, "Da Ye!" Everyone turns around


Xiao Feng runs up to Da Ye and shows him the pendant. " I don’t know if it’s too late to tell you this…but I like you. I like you." Da Ye smiles and walks towards her. At this moment, the impatient cab driver asks if they are still going to the airport. Ah Yi says, "The two of you can continue to be mushy," grabs Da Ye’s luggage and hops into the cab. GOSH lol Ah Yi has damn fast reflexes! Before anyone could stop him, the cab drives off. Da Ye and Xiao Feng chase after him. In the cab, Ah Yi looks out of the window as he finally come to terms with his dilemma — "As long as Xiao Feng is happy." He smiles. AWW! Why are all these second leads so !!!  

Da Ye and Xiao Feng chase after his cab in another cab, and Da Ye tells Xiao Feng that maybe why he cannot ignore Ah Yi’s presence in their relationship is because Ah Yi is very important to him. Yet, now he knows what love is, and he understands that love hurts the more you escape from it, "So I shall face it with courage from now on." He turns Xiao Feng towards him and hugs her.

They finally reach the airport and locate Ah Yi. After they run uptowards him, he turns towards them with a sheepish smile, "I can’t go overseas with someone else’s passport." Xiao Feng and Da Ye laugh. Ah Yi returns Da Ye’s luggage to him and tells them that he will pack his luggage before leaving at a later timing. Da Ye calls his name and he turns around, smiling, "Yes?" Da Ye smiles, and takes Xiao Feng’s hands. "I think I will still go to Shanghai." Ah Yi smiles and says, "Don’t say with so much confidence." "In the past I couldn’t but now I could!" "Aren’t you scared that I will snatch her away?" Da Ye laughs and says, "I dare you to try!" Xiao Feng laughs and repeats, "I dare you to try!"

This is how Da Ye still ends up going to Shanghai, but Xiao Feng is happy because she knows that their relationship is strong enough to hold out. Ah Yi looks at Xiao Feng and smiles, while Xiao Feng reflects on the long roads that the three of them have taken to discover what love is. The most important thing is that they went through all that together and that’s why the three of them can be together at the end of it all.

2 years later.

Xiao Feng turns Da Ye’s and Ah Yi’s appartment into a mini hair saloon for young kids. She gets an sms from Qiu Ying telling her 1. She’s getting married and 2. She’s pregnant. ! Xiao Feng rushes down to tell Ah Yi this good news (while I fangirl over how good looking Ah Yi is), Ah Yi smiles and sees someone behind her. His smile widens as he stands up and signals for Xiao Feng to turn.

Xiao Feng turns around and there he is — Da Ye, back from his Shanghai job.

While Da Ye fulfils his promise of allowing Xiao Feng to cut his hair, both of them tease him that he’s an old uncle at a young kids’ saloon.

As Xiao Feng starts cutting his hair, Da Ye asks, "Hey Ah Yi, that drawing, you should return to me yah." Ah Yi smiles and replies, "Why? I think that I will treasure it better than you!(: " Xiao Feng asks what they are talking about but they just laugh.

Da Ye continues, "Hey the person is me, what are you treasuring about?" Ah Yi retorts, "That may not be confirmed! For all you know, the person is —" Xiao Feng cuts him off as she asks them again what they are talking about. The both of them just laugh again and Xiao Feng threatens to shave Da Ye’s head. Ah Yi encourages her on and the camera draws out as the three of them laugh.

-the end-  


And with that, we came to the end of Love Buffet. I won’t lie to you; the fact that Xiao Feng didn’t end up with Ah Yi pretty much killed my liking for this drama because…..right till the very end, there’s this possibility that she might end up with him, and then with some odd twist, she suddenly realises that she likes Da Ye and she wants to be together with him. It doesn’t really convince me of Da Ye’s and Xiao Feng’s relationship!

It wasn’t that bad watching it a second time though, because while I’m being sad for Ah Yi, at least I know what’s going to happen, so it doesn’t hit me as much. Honestly, it isn’t so much about Xiao Feng and Ah Yi not being together. It’s more of being sad for Ah Yi because he’s going to like Xiao Feng forever and oh no, he doesn’t even mind that it’s one sided. I wish they have paired him up with someone else, I wouldn’t mind if it’s Yi Jing actually:P

No matter what, this drama will still go down in history as the drama that made me fall in love with Aaron Yan and Fahrenheit, and this is a new phase of my fangirling life right now which, I hope, will last for a long long time. It does seem like the ending is quite open, what with Ah Yi refusing to give Da Ye the drawing, showing that he might still be harbouring hopes of Xiao Feng liking him… and how Da Ye still bickers lightly with Ah Yi, showing that he doesn’t really mind… and Xiao Feng not knowing and understanding anything. It’s like a friendship between the three of them, which is pretty much the best kind of ending we can hope for in any triangular relationship.

I still had fun recapping this drama, though the last few episodes were really quite hard, because I do like Ah Yi a lot. After a few months, we have finally come to a close. I hope you guys enjoyed this journey with me as well! <3thoughtsramble  


  1. Все отлично сделано!

    Текст перспективный, помещу блог в закладки.


  2. Anonymous says

    I didn’t really like the ending….

    Thanks for the ending summary truth to be told I thought the drama was interesting until I found out she doesn’t end up with ah yi seriously the whole drama had more of a character development for ah yi more than da ye who only realized what love was …. It was really swinging back and forth and I don’t really accept that she finds that she loves da ye just because they are leaving and the purpose of the drawing that she hid also became fizzled to nothing because the one who became in posession of it at the end was ah yi… I don’t really get this drama I feel as the second lead role and lead role’s character sort of switched around and I don’t really like the female leads decisions…. Anyway this drama will forever frustrate me


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