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City Hunter Episode 11 Recap

Hello! Sorry for not updating in a week, was too busy with things!

First, let me treat you to this, that I found on Weibo<3

So cute right!!!

Okay now we start the thing proper:


Nana went to the same place, the forensics place, and she wanted to go in. She noticed that there were a few ambulances inside and pretended that she wanted to go in because of her mother. The guard let her in, thinking that she’s crying for her dead mother. Omg her acting skills (meaning Nana, not Park Min Young) is good lol.

Then, we have a replay of what happened at the end of Episode 10, except this time in Nana’s point of view. She saw that Young Joo was going to see Yoon Sung any second and she grabbed Yoon Sung into the auditorium thing. Yoon Sung’s eyes widened after realising that it’s Nana. He got the both of them out safely and as they crossed the bridge, he asked her when she knew. She answered that she knew ever since she saw the eyes when the City Hunter saved her. "You knew all this while, and you pretended you don’t know?" "I really cannot bring myself to say…because you will shun me even more." He got angry and told her to stay out of his matters, but she ran after him and shouted, "How could I? The person that I shot, is someone who saved my life twice!" Yoon Sung pushed her against the wall, with his arm on her throat, and asked, "How many lives do you have? It’s easy for me to take your life, that’s who I am. So erase every single thing that you know about me from your mind."

After which he stalked off.

Young Joo was shocked to hear that the DNA didn’t match, and he even questioned the person again, causing her to storm off heartbroken. Yoon Sung returned home to find Jin Pyo in a stormy mood. He assured Jin Pyo that Young Joo had no evidence, but Jin Pyo told him that if he shouldn’t have moved into Nana’s house, in case she found out about his identity. Yoon Sung replied that she didn’t know, but Jin Pyo emphasised that their only aim was revenge, and he shouldn’t be affected by personal feelings.

Nana recalled about hitting Yoon Sung in the shoulder, and she murmured, "It must have hurt so much…" Yoon Sung sat in front of his mirror and with tears in his eyes, he told himself that he couldn’t love Nana, because that’s the only he could do to protect her. The next day, Yoon Sung was questioned about why he didn’t go for a certain meeting (he was changing the DNA test tubes) and Nana tried to help him. Yoon Sung was displeased and he left the table, sending an sms to Nana, telling her to meet him at the bench. He told Nana that he’s serious baout forgetting him, and told her that the first impression she had of him was the right one. Nana said that if that was so, he wouldn’t have saved her but he replied that he would have save anyone, even Eun Ah. He walked off after asking Nana to move out of the house, but Nana said to his back, "Since you said that you would have saved Eun Ah too, then I can believe that you are not the one who killed Lee Kyung Wan right? The eyes that I saw on Yoon Sung, that I can believe right?" He left after replying coldly, "Don’t let me regret saving you."

You’ve gotta credit Young Joo for being smart. He went to ask Kyung Hee about what happened when her husband disappeared. She confirmed that he’s her husband and told her that he disappeared after going on a mission to Burma. She was about to say more, when Jin Pyo appeared behind them, looked meaningfully at them and hid. Kyung Hee looked at him, and Young Joo turned his head, but saw no one.

Kyung Hee suddenly shut up about everything and told Young Joo that she wanted to go back to her room. Young Joo was frustrated at the lack of progress. When Kyung Hee returned to her room, she was shocked to find Jin Pyo there. She asked Jin Pyo to let her see one glance at her son, for she might die soon and Jin Pyo did the harshest thing. He told her, "Your son is dead."

Kyung Hee didn’t believe him. After all, Jin Pyo assured her that her son was still living in America! However, Jin Pyo threw a newspaper article down on the bed and said that those officials were corrupted. They would just kill anyone without any consideration and her son likewise, died in a plane crash that was orchestrated. He told her that he would arrange for her to go another hospital and left. Kyung Hee clutched on to the article and cried. Sang Gook asked if Jin Pyo had to be so hard on things, and he said that if he didn’t do that, Yoon Sung’s identity would be revealed very soon.

Shik Joong wrote a letter of confession to be sent to Nana, because he’s scared that he would die before clearing up Nana’s parents’ names. "Mistakes in spelling will not make the letter not official right?" Aww. Yoon Sung told him that he had to chase Nana out for her own good and then he left to see his mother. Sang Gook went to help Kyung Hee buy a drink and Kyung Hee slipped out of the room. Yoon Sung entered the hospital right when Kyung Hee left (arghhh all those coincidences!!) Sang Gook quickly realised that Kyung Hee was gone and ran around trying to find her. Yoon Sung went to her room to find that it’s empty and that the patient had been checked out. He immediately ran to Jin Pyo’s house and asked for his mother’s whereabouts.  

Jin Pyo told him that he had whisked his mother off somewhere else and that if he continued defying his orders (he wanted him to kill Jong Shik with his own hands), he would face the consequences of his mother being dead. At this time, Sang Gook called Jin Pyo to tell him that Kyung Hee had disappeared but Jin Pyo still acted in front of Yoon Sung and told him that he wouldn’t force him, it’s his choice, but his choice would affect the two women he loved — one was the mother that he hated yet wanted to save at the same time, the other was the girl that he’s willing to trade his life for.

Young Joo’s dad alighted from the plane and immediately went to find Young Joo, after hearing what had happened to Seo Yong Hak. They went to a sauna —

Admit it — how many of you fangirled over this!:O

Jong Shik was lamenting that the two of them used to be quite close, but something had pulled them apart these years. He told Young Joo that he used to be like him, someone passionate, believed in justice and was kind…but after he managed to climb the branches to higher fame and wealth, he couldn’t stop anymore. Young Joo turned to his father and asked if he had regretted, but his father told him, "No, after tasting how sweet it is, I’m not going to give it up." Young Joo turned his head back again in disappointment and anger. Jong Shik continued, "Continue to live fully like yourself, for I see myself in you." Young Joo replied determinedly, "No, I’m not Dad’s alter ego, we are different right from the bones" and he left.

Sang Gook was tasked to put a tapping device in Yoon Sung’s house and knowing the password, he managed to sneak in and finished his task successfully. The president called Kim Jong Shik and Cheon Jae Man to his office and told them that he planned to allow Young Joo to look at the contents of the whole book on The Mission. However, Cheon Jae Man threatened the president, telling him that he had something on his hands that would make the president regret should he reveal the contents, and left. Kim Jong Shik left with him.

Yoon Sung, after submitting his resignation letter, was packing his stuff. Young Deok tried to stop him from leaving but he still insisted. Ki Joon came over to his desk, and asked about the pink purse. Yoon Sung looked at it and gave it to Ki Joon (aww). Ki Joon immediately called Eun Ah out to give her the purse and she returned with it happily. Realising that it’s the same as Nana’s, she wasn’t too happy and said that Ki Joon had gotten it from Yoon Sung who’s leaving. Upon hearing that, Nana immediately ran off to find Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung kept ignoring her as she stood in front of him and told him that he shouldn’t leave because the Blue House was not somewhere that’s so easy to enter again! He stepped sideways and walked off but she said, "I will forget you, I will return back to the times when I haven’t met you. That’s what I came to say." Then she walked off and Yoon Sung turned around to see her leaving back. He drove off in his car, and his eyes were filled with conflict.

When she returned to her office, she received a letter. Imagine her shock when she realised that the letter was from Bae Man Deok (Shik Joong) detailing the incident about how he changed his testimony. She immediately rushed off to find Young Joo at his office and incidentally saw the sentence, "Do not be afraid of the shadows because this means that the light is not far away." She was stunned and Young Joo came back to his office. They went out for coffee and Nana asked him if he was her Long Legged Uncle, since the both of them loved the quote about the shadows. He admitted to it and Nana was pleased about their fate. When she was still hurting from her parents’ death, it was with Long Legged Uncle’s help that she survived the darkest times. He asked her why she’s here, and she remembered about the letter.

Nana was so happy because she felt that she could trust Young Joo to help her find justice for her parents. Young Joo looked torn and told her that he had something to tell her, but instead of telling her that he’s actually Jong Shik’s son, he told her that he would try his best to help her. 

While discussing about Kim Jong Shik and how to bring him down, Yoon Sung told Shik Joong to put a tracking device on Jin Pyo. Shik Joong was scared because he knew that his life would be in danger if Jin Pyo caught him at it. Yoon Sung assured him and told him that if things were really desperate, then sent the code ‘xyz’ and he would know that he’s at his wits ends.  

Nana packed her stuff and went to find Sae Hee. Sae Hee invited her to live with her so that she wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch in the hospital.

Nana thanked her and asked her if she knew that the Long Legged Uncle was Kim Young Joo but Sae Hee said no. Nana didn’t notice the wary expression on Sae Hee’s face.

According to Yoon Sung’s instructions, Shik Joong went to do his task. We know that Jin Pyo knew of the plan already because of the tapping device, so it was really unnerving watching Jin Pyo watching Shik Joong. Shik Joong grabbed Jin Pyo’s stick in an attempt to stick the device on and he left hurriedly. Jin Pyo smiled at Yoon Sung’s audacity and asked Sang Gook if he had sent the letter to Young Joo. Sang Gook said yes, and Young Joo was shown receiving a letter, telling him that the City Hunter’s next target was Kim Jong Shik.

Young Joo’s eyes widened and he went to find his father immediately. He told his father that he knew about how he bribed the key witness so that he wouldn’t have to serve term for his crimes. His father realised that that’s the reason why they weren’t close suddenly. Young Joo told him to own up but his father replied that the period for an appeal was over, and he’s considered not guilty in the eyes of the law. Young Joo emphasised that he wanted to see a father who would regret his crimes rather than hide them, but his father aint changing his mind. Young Joo tucked the letter back into his suit and left after telling his father that he would show him the law that he believed in and stood by. After he left, Jong Shik told his sidekick to find Kim Nana and Bae Man Deok.

Shik Joong went to pay respects to his mother who had passed away, and told Yoon Sung over the phone that he didn’t put the tracking device because somehow he felt as if Jin Pyo knew of the plan. After he put down the phone and started talking to his mother’s portrait, he was drugged unconscious by Jong Shik’s men. Yoon Sung received an sms from Shik Joong that said, ‘xyz’ and he checked the GPS, to find that Shik Joong had been moved. Nana on the other hand was also tracked by two men. She managed to flip the first one but was drugged unconscious by the second one that she didn’t notice.

When she woke up, she found herself gagged and bound. Noticing Shik Joong on the floor, she quickly shouted for him to wake up and told him to stop crying. LOL. She told Shik Joong to help her untie her ropes.

Yoon Sung managed to use the tracking devise to track until Kim Jong Shik’s house. He managed to cool-ly once again evade all the security and end up in his study. Seeing a lock, he sprayed some chemicals to show which were the numbers that Jong Shik had pressed before. While he was trying the different combinations, Nana managed to trick a guard into letting her go to the toilet. When the guy came near her, she immediately used the ropes in her hands to trip the guy and she did her karate and stuff lol I’m impressed! Shik Joong and her managed to tie up the bad guys and ran. Yoon Sung heard someone shouting, "They got away!" and quickly left the study. Nana was stopped by a guard but Yoon Sung kicked him away<3

Yoon Sung was shocked to see Nana there while Shik Joong was shocked to see Yoon Sung there. Yoon Sung told Shik Joong he managed to find him because of the tracking device and Shik Joong was thanking his lucky stars. They quickly ran away to hide in the garden (?). Yoon Sung told Shik Joong that the car was behind and that he would have to go back to the study.

He finally managed to crack the code and when he entered, he saw a whole room of money. He used mental calculation to determine that the 2000 billion money that were meant for the school funds were right there in the room. Yoon Sung stuck the tracking device that he took from Shik Joong and placed it in one of the stack of money. However, when he left the room, someone shot him with a tranquillizer and he was unconscious almost immediately. Nana didn’t want to leave without Yoon Sung and she was still waiting when the both of them saw Yoon Sung being carted into the van.

Nana quickly followed behind in Yoon Sung’s car, together with Shik Joong. Yoon Sung woke up but it was obvious that he’s still feeling the effects from the drugs. The guy told him that he didn’t know what grudges he had with Kim Jong Shik, and he grabbed Yoon Sung’s hair, telling him that it’s okay since he’s not going to live past that day. Yoon Sung told him to let go, because it would cramp his style. LOL. The guy scoffed at him and Yoon Sung banged his head against the guy. Provoked, the guy decided to have a fight with him.

They took off his bounds but Yoon Sung couldn’t fight properly. How could he when he couldn’t even see them clearly? Nana and Shik Joong watched worriedly from the outside, and Shik Joong ran to take his phone that was left in the car. Nana watched as Yoon Sung was beaten up badly and he couldn’t fight even though he wanted to.

Then, the bad guy threw a punch on Yoon Sung so bad that he fell backwards with blood and everything.

He was going to smash something on Yoon Sung and Nana couldn’t help herself anymore — she rushed in. OMG can I just say how much I love her? She’s damn cool! Imagine a girl who could fight so well!

She took down the guys and fought her way through them.

Obviously she wasn’t like wahhh beat them down with no effort, because she was flipped to the ground by someone (omg the number of rotations that she did on the bad guy omg I admire the stuntwoman who did that). Yoon Sung looked weakly and saw another bad guy rushing towards Nana. He stuck out his leg and the bad guy fell (yeahhh). Angered badly, the bad guy took out something, Nana noticed, Yoon Sung did or didn’t and in that heart stopping moment —

Nana ran towards Yoon Sung just when the bad guy fired his shot. Blood splattered all over Yoon Sung’s face.

This mad rage that seethed through Yoon Sung was enough for him to push through the haze. He pushed Nana aside and beat the guy up, the rage in his eyes were close to craziness.

He went back to hug Nana and shouted her name worriedly. She said that she wanted hear that he didn’t hate her, but Yoon Sung yelled why she took the shot for him.

She replied that she had always wanted to thank him, and she’s glad that she’s the one who took the shot. Then she fell unconscious/dead.

Yoon Sung shouted her name and hugged her close.

-the end-


omg I love the ending!!

Not to mention that I really love the ending song too! It’s called Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung and her vocals.are.amazing. Seriously omg!!

Okay this episode double sealed my love for Nana. It’s not that kind of love obviously, but I really like a female character who could fight so well, and yet had such an awesome character. I was just asking myself why I didn’t fangirl over Ha Ji Won’s character in Secret Garden, since she could fight as well being a stuntwoman, but I realise that her fighting skills were never actually employed in the actual plot of the drama itself. Instead, it seemed more like a scriptwriter’s tool to attract the guy’s attention.

I’m really so happy that this drama is getting relatively good episode ratings! They deserve the recognition, and Lee Min Ho proved himself to  be capable of good acting skills. He doesn’t just have good looks, but also can act! And that, is quite rare if you try to search among the pretty boys’ generation.

Aah, it was sad and yet kinda cool at the same time that Nana got a shot in the same side of the shoulder as Yoon Sung<3


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