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Hello my dear readers!

Sorry for the lack of active posts from me for the past week — have been sick and busy with things!! (I currently sound like a man lolol)

City Hunter is coming to a close this week, are you guys sad? I know I definitely am! This is one drama that’s going to stay in my top favourites list, provided that the last 2 episodes are really good. 😀 Also, I’ve started watching Heartstrings, the one with Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye. Okayy, it’s not bad……but it feels really strange watching Heartstrings, a typical rom com, while watching City Hunter which has so much more plot. 0.0 Hur hur but whoo my liking for Shin Woo has been carried over to a bias towards YongHwa so I’m still going to continue watching Heartstrings. Hopefully it interests me at the end of episode 3, or not, it will be an official buh-bye from me!



  1. May I add you as friend, please?

    I don’t know why but I put City Hunter on a hold wile recapping and watching You’ve fallen for me. But then I don’t have to wait till CH’s final 😀 And I can’t watch too many dramas and recap at the same time coz my head would explode of all the thoughts about it. ^^ Anyway, i’m very curious of CH’s final and stop myself from reading dramabeans’ recaps every day!

    May I add you as friend, please?


    • Re: May I add you as friend, please?

      Ooh why? City Hunter is sooo good. So you are recapping Heartstrings instead?:O

      Hahah the last 2 episodes are out! Have you watched them yet? Lol I don’t really like reading dramabeans for some reason:/ 😛

      Of course you can, hahaha anyway you did alreadyXD


      • Re: May I add you as friend, please?

        it’s always polite to ask. ^^ For you’ve fallen for me I went on reading to another site (blue1004), too. dramabeans is great, but I only read about the dramas I’m interested in. ^^ I also like the smaller blogs more, like koala or thundie’s. there’s more communication. But I won’t expect dramabeans to answer every comment, that would be a lifetime’s job. LOL


      • Re: May I add you as friend, please?

        Haha of course I appreciated it:D It was just that my reply came a bit late haha!

        Lol I agree that dramabeans is great, the writing is really good… it’s just that I’ve noticed more than a few times some discrepancies in their recaps, and most importantly, I realise most of the times I don’t really agree with the writers’ point of views nor how they expound on it… so instead of being :< about it, I stopped going there altogether!^^ Lol yeah thundie's prattle and koala are both great drama recaps sites, somewhere where I want to work towards to, if only I have more time. Lol~


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