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Aaaahh I finished watching all 51 episodes of YongSeo today!! And I already miss them so much! It's not so much about withdrawal symptoms but rather, knowing that they will have lesser opportunities to meet each other. 

The fact that they are a 'real-couple' in that sense of the word probably allow more fans to hope fervently that the Goguma couple can become real in reality. Shipping a relationship between actors of the same drama is somewhat tenous compared to shipping this couple, who is having couple interactions at the real level! This is what won me over anyway, the sincerity that they face each other with, despite their dates and actions being followed closely by the camera. (One of my initial reservations about watching We Got Married because, seriously, who can grow love when a camera's in your face!) 

I must admit that I cried at the last episode because one could tell that they just don't want to leave each other and aww, it was sad how SeoHyun cried, and how she didn't want to leave, and coming out to give YongHwa a last hug. They did so many sweet things for each other and I like how we are seeing their true characters, unlike drama characters which are scripted! (Though my heart's still with dramas of course:P)

Some are telling me to watch the Adam couple, or the Khuntoria (whom I heard is separating too?) one. I'll think about it. After all, I know that I will definitely be biased towards YongSeo right now. 




  1. The Goguma Couple will always have a special place in my heart too. I don’t know about the Adam couple. I did watch it but I kind of agree with a lot of people who said the relationship there was sort of Will and Graceish, platonic. As for the Khuntoria couple, while I loved and staned them like crazy, it felt a lot like one party was doing all the liking and the other was just reciving, at least until the last episodes. If you had to choose between them, watch the Adam Couple strictly for laughs or the Khuntoria Couple for heart-tugging twinges 🙂

    P.s. You should check out the other seasons especially the Lettuce Couple.


    • Haha my friend who just finished watching LOVE the Adam Couple. Heard that there’s lots of skinship between them!

      Thanks for your opinions haha, I think I’m definitely more inclined towards the Adam Couple!

      Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo?


  2. I am a shipper of YongSeo Goguma couple too I really love them, SeoHyun is the perfect woman for Yong Hwa :). I was really sad when I saw the end in live months ago. I keep watching one in a while. I recommend you to watch Adam Couple too, they are really cool and funny. Kwonnie is one the most funny persons in the world 🙂 Sorry for my bad english >.


    • Haha it’s okay (English):P Yep!! SeoHyun and YongHwa really match each other well in terms of characters, personalities and the chemistry. YongSeo was really good; planning on rewatching some episodes when I have the time!


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