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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 Remake Episode 11 Recap

Last episode! D:

Mizuki came back to the dorm and she took her name off the door. Entering her room with a bright smile, she saw Nakatsu and Sano waiting for her. 

"Sano, you jumped really great today!^^" As she forced herself to continuing smiling, she said that she could now leave without any regrets and that that day would be last day that she would be a student of Osaka school.

As tears slowly built up in her eyes, Nakatsu apologised for not having protected her, but she said that the both of them had protected her, and very much so. She thanked them for liking her and as she walked past Nakatsu, Nakatsu pulled her hand. "It is because I like you that I have become an outstanding man." Sano and Mizuki laughed, as Mizuki teased, "Oh really?" "Just you wait, I will become more and more popular!" Mizuki stepped towards Sano and said that she's grateful towards him. "I came here because of Sano, and that's how I got to know the rest of the students." Sano asked if she would really not regret and she put on a big smile before nodding her head. Nakatsu looked at her sadly, as she rushed up to her bed to pack her luggage. 

That night, Sano was at the open garden with the dog when Nakatsu came in and said that it didn't feel nice to be sitting there and doing nothing. Sano agreed with him. Mizuki brought her luggage to the school where she reminisced about the past events and things she'd done. Umeda found her in the classroom and he offered to accompany her around the school. They ended up in the radio club where Umeda told her to leave some messages for the rest of the students. Mizuki said that there's too many things she would want to say. When she left the school, she saw Juri, who came up to her and said that she really admired her for having the courage. 

Mizuki replied that she's just being a busybody. "But you are busy body who don't ask for anything in return. And that's why I didn't have the ending that I want." Mizuki replied that in the end, she still disappointed everyone. "Is that so? Maybe ultimately, you have left behind something irreplaceable." Mizuki smiled and said that it was nice to have known her and Juri returned her smile. 

The students found out that Mizuki left without saying anything, and they were also notified that the school would still be closing down anyway.

Mizuki went to find Io san who asked her if she really wanted to leave. "I've already bought my ticket…" Io-san asked her if she had expressed her feelings to Sano, but Mizuki replied that it's okay since she'd already seen him jump. Io-san doubted the link between the jump and her feelings and said that girls always thought that it's better to take a step back. "Is it really better? Maybe sometimes it's good for us to accept instead of giving." Mizuki thanked Io-san for taking care of her and they hugged each other before she left. Io-san looked at her back. 

Osaka's students were now cleaning out their school. One of the boys asked, "Now where is this aroma coming from???" and here entered the St Blossom girls. Oscar appeared and said, "Well what are you doing here?" and Hibari muttered, "Masao" which sent Oscar into a fit. 

He towered over her when he told her not to worry about him being sad that the school woud be closing down and she quickly grabbed a chair to stand on it, "I must have been right. Your right eyebrow will twitch whenever someone guessed it right."

Oscar took another chair to tower over her, "Your nostrils will flare when you are arrogant just like in kintergarden." Everyone watched on happily as they squabbled. Hahah it went on with "I don't want to be lectured by someone who had a classic Japanese face and still insists on being called Oscar."

The other two dorm leaders came down upon hearing this squabble and Kagurazaka appeared (after being in a fluster because he was barked at furiously by the dog lolol) with the news that the dorm leaders were supposed to have been expelled initially, but Mizuki took over the responsibility. She told the directors that it's her fault and not the dorm leaders, and the creepy director agreed with her.


Hibari said that they should do something to repay Mizuki's kindness and Nanba said that they couldn't let it go just like that. The creepy director remembered her conversation with Mizuki who said that her memories weren't just memories, they formed the basis for her to learn and be a better person. The creepy director stood at the window and said, "But if you don't act on those feelings, they will forever remain as memories."

As the last day of school arrived, the students woke up to do the final preparations of packing. The two dorm two students went to the radio club and wanted to put on music, since it's the last day. Dorm 1 and Dorm 2 students lamented over the fact that they could no longer be with Tennoji and Oscar anymore. Nakatsu passed a box of things to Kayashima, who told him that he didn't zipped his pants nor buttoned his shirt properly. 

Nakatsu thanked him and said that it's always been like that — Kayashima helping him to patch up what he'd forgotten. "It isn't that you are forgetful, it's because you have put in a lot more passion into others, and forget about yourself. I'm really glad that I get to know such a Nakatsu." 

Nakatsu let out this OMG HAHAHA GAY FACE —

and proceeded to hug Kayashima. Suddenly, Mizuki's voice was heard over the loudspeakers and Nakatsu ran towards the radio club, thinking that Mizuki was there. Sano rushed there as well, and the group of them (Sekime, Sano, Nakao and Nakatsu) halted when they saw that it was a recording. The student (with the headphones) said that he thought it was music and he put it on. 

Turns out that it was Umeda who accidentally pressed 'Record' when they had that conversation in the radio club the other day. So here's Mizuki, saying her appreciation to everyone. 

"Nanba Senpai gives people the feeling that…. as long as he's there, nothing can't be solved. He gives everyone the strength to be together." Nanba looked at his hand and murmured, "Is that so? Me?" 

She said that the art of Taekwando was not to attack but to defend, and the winner was the one who could hold his defense till the last. "The person who taught me this great strength is Tennoji-senpai."

She said that even though Oscar couldn't really differentiate between reality and acting(lol) but what really matter to him was to be graceful and gracious. Oscar was pleased that she could tell that. Mizuki went on to thank one of her dorm mates when he sewed her clothes for the Prom. She felt that Nakao was very man-ly as he stood by his crush on Nanba. "It was Nakao who taught me to stand by love with one whole heart." "That's my stage line~" Nakao replied. Sekime was like a machine that absorbed moisture; he brought happiness to everyone, and she felt that his hawaiian shirt was very nice. Sekime was pleased, "Is that so?:D" 

She also thanked Kayashima, as she realised that Kayashima was the first one who would have noticed that she's a girl. Yet he helped her whenever she faced a problem, and for that, "You are just like my guardian angel."

Kayashima smiled, "My real identity is a human being." To Nakatsu, she felt that it's a miracle for being able to meet him. "To have such loyalty towards his actions and friends, it's unbelievable that I could meet someone like that." "You should just believe!" Nakatsu said, as tears sparkled in his eyes.

So, right now we are all dying to hear what she'd to say towards Sano right? 

Right. So it came as a shock both to me, and Sano, when the tape went "To Sano–" and it got cut off. The tape ran out of space. The three dorm leaders happened to open the doors to the open garden and Nanba asked, "So, what should we do now?" Oscar smiled as the three of them dwelled upon this issue.

Nakatsu looked at Sano, who looked at him with determination in his eyes, and he took off running. Nakatsu gave his fleeting back a confident/hopeful look. Mizuki boarded the bus but she heard Sano calling for her. Running to the back of the bus, she saw Sano running behind and while Sano shouted, "Mizuki!" "Sano?" "Mizuki!!" "Sano??" "Mizuki!!!" "Sano???!" Omg hahah I couldn't help but laugh here because hmm how many times would Mizuki like to call his name??

As the students filed into the auditorium and listened to one of the speeches, the camera showed some of the parents who came — Nakatsu's and Nanba's. Halfway through the speech, Nakatsu noticed that Nanba was not at his seat. Sano and Mizuki ran towards the auditorium, and he helped her carry the luggage. Nanba was at the door and smiled when he saw them. He ran back into the auditorium and signalled "Okay." A very enthusiastic Kagurazaka signalled a thumbs up and the lights were dimmed immediately.

Hahaha omg for this moment, Kagurazaka had entered my favourite-characters' list. 

As the lights came back on, the students appeared on the stage to the song of Hallelujah and Nanba shouted, "Ashiya! Accept our appreciation!" Mizuki stepped forward in shock as the students danced. It led to a Dorm 1's dance cum taekwando performance, which then led to Dorm 3's dance with Oscar taking the lead, which finally ended up with Dorm 2's Hip Hop (kind of) dance performance.

They all danced with happy expressions and aahh it gave me good chills as all the other students came back on the stage and they danced sychronized moves together, ending with a final oomph move.

As the lights dimmed once more, and then brightened again, the students appeared in their uniforms once more, singing what I THINK should be their school song. I think. 

As the somber song led into another upbeat song, Nakatsu came to the steps and brought Mizuki backstage. As she appeared in her uniform, the students formed a bridge as she crossed and they laughed. Aww so sweet!!! The creepy director commented, "It's such a pity to throw away such talent!" The mean one protested, "But…" and the child-like director murmured, "It's okay as long as they start now." The creepy director smiled, nodded and uhm clawed the air (showing that the students had gotten hold of their own talent. As they danced together, leading to one final dance move, the creepy director jumped up in glee as she had seen for herself what those students were capable of. The school was saved. 

After the whole thing was over, Mizuki saw Tennoji and Umeda offered to bring her luggage to the car. She thanked Tennoji personally and told him that she would learn to become like the huge and strong tree that he'd talked about last time. Tennoji told everyone to bow.

Aah! Each dorm had its charms seriously. Then they left, to show that Dorm 3 was standing behind. Oscar offered to teach her how to become gracious and graceful, but Mizuki laughed and declined the offer. The other students imitated Oscar's favourite line "You are still tender" and Oscar, while scolding them, stumbled upon a Japanese word that sounded like Masao. He went into this fit again but was embarrassed when he realised that he was the one who said his own name. 

Sekime told Mizuki that he would buy her the hawaiian shirts next time and that if he was a machine that sucked the moisture, Mizuki would be one that created warmth. Noe told her the truth with a laugh, "It's weird the way you wear your uniform!" "Ah~ Why are you only telling me this now?" "Because it's your style to wear it this way!" Nakao teased her by saying that he would snatch Sano away and Kayashima sensed her aura — as blue as the sky. 

Nanba-senpai gave her a flower and told her that she'd taught him many things, such as to look for the solutions to problems instead of dwelling upon it. Nakatsu came running and told her that he didn't like to bade farewell because he believed that they would meet again. He told her that it's because of her that he experienced a lot of firsts — such as getting a red card. 

Mizuki laughed and tears started welling up. "I wanted to leave happily at first, but now it's all your fault." Sighhh why can't Mizuki continue to be in this school?D: Or she can join St Blossoms D: 

Nakatsu had tears in his eyes as well, "We will always be brothers." Gahhh, I love the friendship here really!! and then he hugged her.

Sano appeared and turned her around. While I shrieked, thinking that he's going to give her back hug (which would have been really strange but still!!) all he did was to face her towards the rest of Osaka. Aww, my hopes are dashed. Lol. 

She smiled at the rest of them, "I'm reallyyy grateful to have been here and known you guys…. I'm going." Everyone baded farewell with smiles as she walked past Sano. Sano called her name and asked her if she'd anything to say to him, such as the things that she'd told Umeda. Mizuki whipped her head around to look at Umeda, who whipped his head around to look at…. well, nothing.


Mizuki feigned amnesia but Sano went on, "I've something that I've forgotten to tell you. I'm really glad… that you came here……" He looked at her, "I like you." Happy tears welled in Mizuki's eyes once more as she looked back into his eyes, "I (Ore) like you too." Lol as the rest of the students teased them about the confession. Nanba said that it's funny for them to still be talking in Ore terms (note: Ore is used for boys, and Mizuki confessed using the term Ore.) Nakatsu said that oh well, the two of them were still addressing each other with their surnames, and everyone conceeded that they were one slow couple. 

Sano whispered something in her ears and she smiled, "Really? I will be looking forward to it." and she left, while everyone smiled.

AWW! I really like this kind of happy happy farewells. 

One and a half years later. 

Mizuki received a letter from Nakatsu, and he wrote down his speech which he had spoken at their graduation ceremony. He talked about a friend that allowed them to save the school, and that all of them had gone through ups and downs with that friend. The times you spent together with your friends would ultimately become your great strength and motivation. "If you have the time to worry about the future, you might as well enjoy every second, every minute that you are spending with your friends. Don't fear." 

The speech ended with a random guy bursting into tears. Lol.

There was a card in the envelope with everyone's well-wishes written on it. Mizuki was reading it happily when she saw someone coming up the walkway. She froze as the camera showed… Sano.

Sano smiled and said, "Didn't I promise you the other time? The next time, I will be the one who come and find you. I've already found a university here which I will attend… will you be with me again?" 

Well, we all know the answer. She ran towards Sano and gave him a kiss.

And they twirled around and around and around, as the scene faded out. 

-the end-

So what do you guys think? It's official; I like this version much more than the previous version. I prefer this ending as well! Don't you just find yourself smiling as Mizuki and Sano swing around and around and around AND AROUND (while I marvel at their ability to stay rooted to the ground)? I love it haha! Not to mention that kiss on the cheek:P I was kind of glad that it's a kiss on a cheek, and not on the lips….because if you think about it, Mizuki's and Sano's relationship is pretty much still innocent. 

I'm touched when the whole school did a performance for Mizuki! Such a lucky girl at that time! It was aww, really nice of them and I like how they stand united in the end. While I must say that I'm glad the creepy director liked their performance, I shall continue to take my stand that she's creepy. That actress did a damn good job, if I must say. 

Nakatsu was so cute with Kayashima!:P Bromance wouldn't be really off here, but the thing is I guess Nakatsu isn't gay in the first place. 

Yay, so here's kudos to the three newbie actors. Great job(: I like the twists and edits done to the first version and I really like the slightly different interpretations of each character, done by both the script and the actors themselves. 

AAH. It's overD: I wish that I could see more of each character. Maybe it's because this is the most recent… so I had the clearest memories of it, but no matter what, I guess this will be my favourite interpretation of the show! Nice acting, nice casting, nice story. If I have to pick a flaw, it will probably be that…. the first few episodes could be more attention-grabbing. 

As always, I've enjoyed myself while recapping this drama. While I don't wish to say goodbye to Sano, Mizuki, Nakatsu, Kayashima, Nanba (and the list goes on), well, we have come to the end of yet another journey. 

I totally wouldn't mind a Special, you know…just saying((:



  1. Anonymous says

    Episode 11

    Thanks so much for recapping of the final episode…
    I really do agree that I like this final episode of the remake than the first Japanese version…

    There are many scenes that really touched my heart and made my tears overflow…
    I’m also touched when the whole school did a performance for Mizuki…If I was there my tears would flow like a river…

    There are also scenes that made me laugh and giggle …
    Of there’s Nakatsu and Kayashima bromance…
    Whenever Kayashima is doing or saying nice things to Nakatsu..Nakatsu shows his appreciation by hugging Kayashima…
    So much cuteness and sweetness for this two…
    One of the reasons I love this series… πŸ™‚

    Kagurazaka is a really nice guy… there one of the episode in this series that he cried…because he was happy that Sano returned to High Jump…
    and also i like the scene where he comforted his little sister when she found out that Izumi doesn’t like her…Kagurazaka did everything to cheer up his little sister.

    I’m really thankful to Umeda..
    Actually, He puposely recorded his conversation with Mizuki …
    Mizuki’s record message made students know how Mizuki cherishes the school and all her schoolmates as her friends… and also made them realize how Mizuki is important them and they will miss her so much.
    Also …With the recorded message, Izumi stopped Mizuki from going to the airport early…and also Izumi and Mizuki confessed their love for each other…

    The ending was so happy, sweet and innocent …
    I even smilde when Izumi carried Mizuki and swing her around after Mizuki kissed his cheek…
    Off-screen ,It looks like the two had fun doing that scene even though Aoi is having difficult time carrying Atsuko …

    I agree that all of them did an awesome job …
    I’m hoping for more episodes…

    It’s really sad to accept that this is the final episode…
    I’m sure going to miss them altogether…
    I have to move on…
    But I’m still hoping for the Special Episode of this series…

    Thanks so much for recapping the Hana Kimi Remake episodes….
    I really really truly love your recaps so much!!!! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚


    • Re: Episode 11

      Hahah thanks for your thoughts!(:

      Hmm but based on the chinese subs of the video that I’ve watched, Umeda murmured to himself in that classroom that “Oh turns out that I did accidentally press that button.”

      I saw the other message and I’ve added in the translations to the recap itself, so check it out(:

      “Having difficulties carrying Atsuko” hahaha, oh well:P Aoi is rather small for a guy. Indeed, really like the Kagurazaka in this series. He’s actually quite a nice person and with lots of sportsmanship. The friendship between Nakatsu and Kayashima is really sweet as well!(: Kayashima is a really good friend that you wouldn’t want to lose.

      All right, let’s keep hoping for a Special then^^I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my recaps:D


      • Anonymous says

        Re: Episode 11 (About Umeda)

        Umeda opened up a conversation and asked Mizuki what she wants to say…
        The reason behind that is …
        Actually, He was really planning to record their conversation without letting Mizuki knowing about it…
        but he doesn’t know where the record button was located because he’s not much familiar with the equipments in the radio/announcement room …
        Luckily, he pressed the right button accidentally …
        He was then relieved and satisfied when he found out that he really did pressed the actual record button and his plan is really working … πŸ™‚


      • Re: Episode 11 (About Umeda)

        Hmm strange your replies didn’t turn up in my inbox, sorry for the late reply(:

        I see so that was what happened((: Now it all makes sense! I thought that he purposely brought her in to record yes, so I thought it was strange that he was surprised he had pressed it at all.


      • Anonymous says

        Re: Episode 11 (another translation)

        May I ask another translation?
        What did Directors (especially the childlike one)
        said when they saw the Osaka Gakuen students performance …
        Also May I know what Noe (the one who made her prom dress) said to Mizuki before Nakao teased her by saying that he would snatch Sano away?


      • Re: Episode 11 (another translation)

        Sure you can(: The problem is, I’m really busy these days>< Just keep checking back to see if I've updated the recaps with the translations you want! Will be done in a few days for sure


  2. Anonymous says

    Another reply

    P.S. May I ask for few translations?
    During the message scene …may I know what Umeda, Sekime,Noe Nakao and Kayashima said after they heard Mizuki on the recorded message? I hope you don’t mind…
    Just reply on my previous message …Thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Anonymous says

    New comment

    Hi it’s me again… I watched the Hana kimi remake with english translation just few weeks ago…
    in the english translation … umeda didn’t accidentally recorded the conversation … he really intended to record it…
    he also intended to delete mizuki’s message about sano because he wants Mizuki to say those words directly to Sano…


  4. Anonymous says


    Love this movie..i’am totally hanakimi fans..and yeah i love this version much than the previous..altough i love that hanakimi too…thanque for the recaps..you helped lot with this recaps…^_^


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