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In Time With You Episode 3 Recap

I'm loving this show. 

I mean, Episode 12 shows a preview of this woman telling Da Ren "Then don't think about any moment," before leaning down towards him.

I mean that's really fine…….but she aint no first female lead whom I ship with the first male lead. So shoo! I can already tell that she's going to be one annoying character hrumph. 

So we start with Episode 3 proper. I'm not going to do a proper for this episode yet. Just screencaps put together with some comments here and there. 

You Qing finds herself in a situation where her ex boyfriend comes to fetch his current girlfriend aka her colleague and the both of them offer You Qing a ride in the rain. Talk about awkward right, so You Qing tries to decline the invitation, but she has nothing to answer with when Henry, the ex boyfriend, comments that no one is coming to get her. 

Till Nic, the nice guy, appears suddenly with a "I knew it, that you won't have an umbrella."

Gya bo! Talk about sweetness overload!!! Thoughtsramble always, always have something for the rain. I love walking in the rain, I love it when it rains (even when I'm carrying tons of paper, which is in danger of getting soaked by the rain…. well I do curse the rain after I get home and have to get out the hairdryer…. but yes you get the idea) so the idea of a guy being sweet to you in the rain/because of the rain…. *throws arms in the air and dance around*

Of course You Qing is highly flattered and pleased, and Nic tells her to call him any time she needs rescuing. 

They have a highly charged moment in the office when Nic leans down to look at the computer screen and his face, is that close, to hers.

A phone call breaks the moment and You Qing hurriedly escapes out of the office to answer the call, despite Nic's "Your phone is in your pocket!" It's a call from Da Ren who wants to meet up. 

You Qing fills Da Ren in about her being touched by Nic's actions previously and they start on the topic of moments, about how sometimes Love is a moment, that once you miss it, you will never get it back (You Qing's point of view). 

(Above is Da Ren's clueless expression when You Qing finishes her story and expects Da Ren to go WOWWWW or the likes at Nic's niceness LOL)

Da Ren receives a call from the somewhat-insulting nickname, "Da Ren Ge~~" also known as Maggie, also known as the woman in the first screenshot. Hahaha, antagonistic feelings already. She asks in a whiny voice, "Da Ren Ge, where are you?"

and You Qing who hears it answers smugly in another whiny voice, "I'm in your heart~~" Hahahaha good one You Qing! 

You Qing tells Da Ren that it's fine to invite Maggie along for the dinner but she gets jealous in the end (sigh babe, wake up to your feelings and realise that the man you love is Da Ren!!) so she remembers Nic's offer and she gets Nic to 'save' her. Da Ren sends Maggie home and gets trapped into staying till Maggie falls asleep because her neighbour's house had a burglary. Maggie asks if she can know what Da Ren is thinking, and Da Ren says that his mind gets confused with all the " Moment, passive, active." of relationships. Maggie leans down and says, "Then don't think about it anymore," before kissing him.

SHOO~~~ Okay I'm being mean. 😛

Following is a really really really sweet scene!!(: 

You Qing goes on a trip with Nic, to another part of Taiwan for some work. At night, she goes over to Nic's hotel room and things are really charging up especially when Nic says in that kind of voice, "I want to protect you," when the bell rings. A guy pops into the room, and basically drops a bomb on You Qing — Nic is gay. He's only using his tricks to delude his female bosses that he likes them so that he can get further with his career. 

You Qing storms out the room, cries and calls Da Ren (who was going to cook omelette rice for Maggie, but hey who cares:P) She cries by the road side, then takes a cab back to the hotel room while talking all the time to Da Ren, and asking him why she's so stupid. Somewhere through the conversation, she asks yet another why, and Da Ren answers, "Open the door first."

Viola! He travels one and a half hours just to get to her.

I mean, how sweet is that!! 

You Qing flings herself onto the bed and mutters that she's really ugly. Da Ren kneels by the bedside and tells her about her good points — she's someone who will talk about the good points even about those who have hurt her before. She's someone who will put down all her work if her friend is in need. 

But she also has one flaw — "She doesn't like troubling people but she keeps bringing trouble to herself. So she should change this quickly."

You Qing cries into his shoulder.

And he's there for her. 

-the end-

Aww how sweet right!! In the following episode, they talk about the question of pure friendship between a male and a female (question explored by Buzzer Beat before. Conclusion? Nah, it's not possible.) I can see that this is going to be one different idol drama because even the basis of the show has more content than most of the dramas out there. It does lose me a little at some points when You Qing drums too hard on the philosophies of life. I mean, I like it, because it adds flavour to the show, but too much is too much. Luckily, it hasn't hit the Omg-what-is-this-a-philosophy-class? stage yet, so I'm all fine(:

The script's really good too! It's natural and even the humour added in is one that you can find in daily life. Acting wise, I like it. 

And I can't for nuts, figure out Chen Bo Lin's looks. He's beyond me. He puzzles me. Is he good looking or not!! 



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