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Ouran High School Host Club, a whirl through Episode 1 to 5

I've blazed through this drama in a whirlwind, but I shall slowly revisit this drama (only a day after finishing with it), to provide recaps!:D 

Now as I've mentioned before, but just for the sake of those who are not familiar with my way of recapping, I usually provide simple recaps with more emphasis on commentary for the first few episodes. That's because I don't want to waste time recapping a series that I've no interest in, and we all know the first few episodes usually are the ones that build your love for the show, or kill it. 

So here, having only read a volume of Ouran High School Host Club's manga, I dived into the show….to be pleasantly surprised! 

We are introduced to Haruhi looking like a grandmother, though a cute one, in her pull over and glasses. Then we have Tamaki who helps her find her wallet. 

Hee hee, er I couldn't control myself. I started laughing. 

But the below scene is really sweet, as the rest of the members all try to help her find that wallet, with her allowance inside.

Then we have the Evil Girl who threw something at Haruhi, but no fear, for Tamaki is here!(:

And then we have Tamaki with his disapproving expression for the first time in the show.

But he's after all a nice guy, and so is Haruhi, who smiles and forgives Evil Girl.

She's one of the cutest girl-dressing-up-as-a-guy that I've seen out of the Doramas!(:

And hur hur, who doesn't love a good dressing up anyday?

Gotta love each of the characters for the dimension that he adds to the story. Mori&Honey, the twins, Kyoya (my bias:P) and Tamaki! Haruhi is kinda shocked/surprised to see the members all decked up in variations of the costumes.

She tells the members that she cannot join them because she needs to study for her re-test, or she will lose her scholarship. The hosts all try to fight for the position of being her tutor, but she chooses none of them. She chooses the vice chairperson, who is this prim and proper lady, and constantly dwells into long lectures that send not herself, but the members fighting for breath. Literally. 

Turns out though, that she's the one who stole Tamaki's bear because she has a crush on Tamaki ever since he entered the school and praised her hair. She runs back to the locker room and punches the bear, but Tamaki appears behind her, repeating the exact sentence that made her fall in love with him.

He tells her that she will grow to be beautiful, and she's invited for the summer party that the Host Club is organising, "I will tell you then whether you are beautiful or not."

So here comes the summer party,

And the members all welcome her. She has gone under a makeover, and as makeovers go, she becomes gorgeous with the specs not covering her beautiful eyes, and her hair falling in luscious waves around her shoulder. 

She becomes the dance queen of the night, and she's supposed to receive a kiss from Tamaki, but the mischievous twins change the reward — how about a kiss from Haruhi instead? And Haruhi decides that she can get away with a kiss on the cheek, but Tamaki gets all flustered up and tries to pull Haruhi back, only to accidentally push her forward, resulting in Haruhi's first kiss being stolen. 

Aww. Hahaha. 

Then a random girl, Renge-chan, decides that Kyouya is the man she loves, when she's just a girl Otaku who has fallen in love with a fictional character. She creates a whole lot of trouble, and wants to film a movie with the hosts as leads. All is well, until she plots such that Haruhi hurts her eye and Tamaki is super concerned over that (so that you know, she can get the forbidden love bit down on film too). Kyouya smashes the camera and says that he can't stand it if she decides to put his members into danger. 

Renge-chan runs away, and has the photo of her love (fictional character) blown into the director's office. Haruhi tries to help her, and Renge admits that she has always been able to differentiate between Kyouya and the fictional character, but "Isn't good to dream?" At this point in time, Tamaki leads the host club into appearing in front of her, and they want to help her. 

"But the photo is in the Director's office, and it's locked."

Kyouya steps out with a bunch of keys from his blazer, "I've always thought that such a day will come, so I've prepared just in case."

Tamaki puts his hand on Kyouya's shoulder, "See? If he was the prince that you've always imagined him to be, then he wouldn't be able to do this, would he?"

And they all smile at Renge-chan, who bows and apologies for the troubles that she has brought to them.

What a sight(: 

The Host Club has transported itself to the beach, where the host members have a bet — the first one to find out Haruhi's weakness shall get the reward which is a stack of photos of Haruhi when she had long hair…but most of them fail to find out what her fear is. She's not afraid of heights, sharp objects, and not even bugs. 

She helps some girls confront a group of bullies when the rest of the members aren't around, and they corner her till the edge of the cliff. One of the girls runs to get the host club's help, and Tamaki is in the lead for running towards Haruhi. However, before they can do anything, the bully throws Haruhi off the cliff, and Tamaki dives in after her. The bullies run off but they are stopped by the other members. Haruhi wakes up with her head on Tamaki's lap and everyone is relieved.

Kyouya (without his specs!!!) explains to Haruhi what has happened, and Tamaki gets angry at Haruhi for not calling them for help even though they are nearby. He walks off cool-ly, "Until you have realised your mistake, I shall not speak to you." Haruhi watches his back with a :< expression while Kyouya looks at Haruhi.

!!!! Wow, specs can really do 'wonders' to hiding people's eyes. 

Tamaki gets all sad because he's the one who says that he will not talk to Haruhi, but he wants to talk to Haruhi, so he's all torn and argh and angry. He goes up to his room half way through dinner while Haruhi who goes up later, hurriedly uses someone's toilet because she ate too much crab. Turns out that the toilet belongs to Kyouya's room and there he is, half naked. She asks about Kyouya's specs, and the latter replies that he has misplaced them. 

Haruhi doesn't understand why Tamaki is angry at all before that, but during the dinner, the rest enlightens her — they were all worried about her. So she apologises to Kyouya for making him worried as well, and he says that he isn't particularly worried, "After all what's in there for me to get worried?" 


Kyouya pushes Haruhi on to the bed, and tells her that there are some things a girl just cannot do, for example, there's no way she can escape from him if he sets his mind on doing something to her there and then.

Haruhi sees the truth in his words, but says, "But you won't do it to me, because it won't bring you any advantages." Kyouya laughs and gets off her. Haruhi knows that Kyouya did that just so she will understand the reason behind Tamaki's reactions. Tamaki happens to walk in, sees the situation and misunderstands. He rushes forward to punch Kyouya but Kyouya pushes his face away. Lol~ He grabs a shirt and walks out, leaving Tamaki and Haruhi alone. 

He takes the specs out of his pocket, and recalls what happened. When Haruhi was thrown off the cliff, Kyouya had thrown his specs aside so that he could jump in after her. When she was knocked out, he was worriedly calling out her name until her eyelids opened. 

He murmured to himself, "I'm the strange one." Aww!! This episode has got me all liking Kyouya. I'm suckers for second leads sigh sigh sigh. 

Haruhi explains to Tamaki that it isn't like what he'd imagined, when there's a thunderstorm. Tamaki discovers that Haruhi's actually afraid of thunder and he admits defeat, "I shall be there to take care of you, to make sure that you don't do anything reckless." He hugs Haruhi who cringes into his shoulder every time there's thunder. When the rest of the members come into the room, they see Tamaki blindfolding Haruhi (so that she won't see the lightning) and earmuffs on her ears (so that she can't hear the thunder). HAHA, their conclusion? Tamaki is a sado-masochistic person. 

Even when they return from their trip to the beach, the host club members continue to call him a SM person, and even Haruhi gives him a disapproving look. 

-the end-

I really like the kind of random-ness presented in the drama and because I've not watched the anime before, I had no idea how each of the characters are supposed to look like. I suppose this is a good thing, because then I would have no need for any complaints along the lines of, "HONEY DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT." (: 

They are all so cute gosh!! Though hahaha I can't help but go eeeeee whenever the twins touch each other. Now, tell me, which girl on earth actually like to see incest??? Strange girls indeed. 

Aww I wish that there was more development for Kyouya, or more opportunities to see him without his specs. 


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