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In Time With You Episode 5 Recap

I don't know who to blame — Da Ren for his passing, casual comment that "There's no way that I will fall in love with you" or You Qing for remembering it for the past 14 years. Probably, it's neither's fault. It's just one of those….. unfortunate things. 

It's just that it's irritating how they obviously made for each other, but both are avoiding that trap of Love. As You Qing once mentioned, "To have, is the start of losing it." Friends, might be more long lasting than lovers. 

Cheng Ma came into You Qing's room and gave a slip of paper with her passwords on it. You Qing listened for a while before stopping her mother, "You are still young, why are you talking as if you are saying your last words?" Cheng Ma told her not to speak of inauspicious things and replied that her card got eaten up by the machine that day because she'd forgotten her password, so she's giving her daughter a list of important passwords so that the next time she forgot, she could call You Qing. 

You Qing retorted that she had her own passwords to remember too, but her mother left after telling her that then she should be like her — finding someone dependable to remember her passwords. You Qing thought about it and wondered who Da Ren would choose to divulge his  passwords to. 

When she started to pack for the trip with Da Ren, she looked at her memo which had one of the things stated as "B". She called Da Ren and asked if he might know what the B stood for, since she forgot. "Going on a trip with me, it shouldn't stand for a book right?" You Qing smiled and replied, "Of course, what if we have no common topics?" Da Ren put down the phone with a lol-what-just-happened? expression while You Qing commented to herself, that the only person who could understand her 'passwords' was probably Da Ren. 

Aww! If that's not a sign, I don't know what is. 

The next day, You Qing was displeased to find out however, that Maggie was tagging along with them. Da Ren whispered that he'd already tried to stop her, but he could do nothing. Maggie smartly, though I prefer to think it was unintentional, said, "I'm sure You Qing sis will not be so petty as to be displeased right?" You Qing smiled at her, but inside her heart, she was thinking, "So if I say I don't want to go, I will be petty?" She 'won' the battle by being generous and saying that the more, the merrier. Maggie happily sat in the front seat but Da Ren told her that You Qing got carsick pretty easily. Maggie was dejected, "Since I'm just tagging along, it doesn't matter where I sit…" You Qing couldn't stand it anymore, and so she decided. She would drive. 

Along the way, she mentioned that she's thirsty, and so Da Ren opened a bottle of mineral water for her. Maggie observed with a somewhat down expression and said that she was thirsty too. Da Ren asked, "Would you like juice or water?" Maggie asked coyly, "How about a guess?" and Da Ren didn't get it, "Why is there a need to guess at all?" The thing is, Maggie's jealous of how he knew what You Qing wanted to drink when she said she's thirsty. 

Things started to be even more obvious when Da Ren answered a call on You Qing's behalf and informed Cheng Ma that her favourite ice cream flavour was chocolate. You Qing scoffed, "Don't behave as if you know me well." Da Ren challenged her, "It's not? Then what is it?" You Qing had no comeback, because chocolate was indeed her favourite flavour. You Qing answered sharply when Maggie asked what Da Ren's favourite flavour was, "He hates ice cream." Maggie was down once again, and Da Ren, in an attempt to sooth things, laughed and said that he's pretty all right with vanilla. 

You Qing stopped for a rest and Maggie went for a toilet break. Da Ren and You Qing squabbled a little over Da Ren's supposed "placing too much emphasis on girlfriend, and ditching his friend". Guilty in You Qing's eyes, not guilty in Da Ren's point of view. After all, he felt that it was his responsibility to explain to Maggie where he would be going. It's just not in his power to stop her from tagging along. 

They continued with the trip but You Qing was adamant on not joining in. Maggie returned to the car to take the camera, and it was only then that Da Ren had the time to sit down next to You Qing and relax. 

Already, you can feel that Maggie is going to tax Da Ren out, and only You Qing can bring peace and comfort to him. 

More tension took place when Maggie insisted on shopping for food, while the tired You Qing just wanted to get it over and done with. Da Ren came up with a compromise — how about all of them having takeaways and eating back at the hotel? Maggie happily dragged Da Ren away, and after that, Maggie asked Da Ren if they could go to this attraction to play. Da Ren told her that she should ask You Qing instead because remember, it's not 'her' who was accompanying them. Maggie murmured, "So it's 'me' who is accompanying you guys?"

Of course dude. YOU were the tag-along. 

After some explaining on Da Ren's side that it's a "Three People Vacation", she smiled and said that she'd asked You Qing about it. However, at night, the way she asked was, "Da Ren brother and I had decided to go. He wanted to ask if you were all right with it?" You Qing thought, "It's already decided, so why bother asking me?" but smiled and said that she's fine. She left for the sauna and Maggie tagged along a while after. During the conversation, Maggie revealed her wish — to be married to Da Ren by next month. 

You Qing rattled off a list of questions about Da Ren, to which Maggie shook her head and said that she didn't know. You Qing's point — they should find out whether they are suitable for each other first. However, Maggie cheered herself up with, "But you guys are just friends. So I win at Love, but lose to Time. I will buck up!" You Qing laughed, "I'm not your rival. Your true rival, is Da Ren's heart." 

In the middle of the night, Maggie woke up to find herself alone in the room. She dashed into Da Ren's room in a panic and Da Ren stayed in her room till she fell asleep. He went out to find You Qing, who had actually wandered out to inquire about the train's timings. You Qing told him not to treat her too well, "Is it 'well' for you to treat me so well?" Da Ren answered, "I just know that you treat me well too." 

You Qing told him that she'd decided not to be a third party anymore, and she hoped that he would think it through carefully. It sounded to her that to him, Maggie's just a "Not bad" kind of girl. 

Da Ren told her that it's not that he didn't like her, it's just that there's still a long way from Love. He felt that a long lasting relationship was better than a passionate one, but he's not sure about the line between "Not compatible" and "Long lasting". 

You Qing told him that she just wanted his happiness, and that she would rather be jealous to death, than to be an obstacle to him. They promised each other, that the next time the other's companion had an objection to their friendly voyage, they would not force it anymore. Da Ren nodded, and he said in this act-cute voice, "You must be happy!" You Qing laughed so hard at his girly-ness that she knocked her head. 

The next day, it turned out raining so Da Ren and Maggie couldn't go to that attraction anyway. Maggie insisted on playing their game with You Qing so that she wouldn't be lonely. It's the game of guessing the numbers that Da Ren had written down. After a while, You Qing put down her book and commented casually, while pouring herself some drink, that the number must be a 3, because Da Ren loved the number 3. While Da Ren walked towards her and protested at her 'helping', Maggie grabbed his sheet of paper. Sure enough, there was a 3. She watched as Da Ren mocked back, "So? You will always be paper when we play rock, paper, scissors —" but You Qing had put out the rock and won Da Ren's scissors. 

On the way home, You Qing commented on how Da Ren was like to her. Maggie said that Da Ren's just like a Bed — full of security. In turn, Maggie's like a bookmark but Da Ren didn't know how to explain why. You Qing tried, "Maybe it's because it's just like when one's tired from reading, a bookmark provides relief….something that doesn't need too much thinking." Maggie's happy, "Wow so romantic." However, Da Ren had no idea what to say of You Qing, because they simply knew each other for too long. 

After sending You Qing home, Maggie insisted on visiting Da Ren's mother, despite him telling her that his mother had a strict set of rules with regards to guests. "But I'm not a guest!" Maggie said happily. You Qing was persuaded by her mother to try to solve the tiff between her eldest brother and his wife, and she was rewarded with Green Papaya soup, something that girls drink to grow their uhm cup sizes. You Qing retorted, "Green Papaya? I have it too okay!" Hahaha.

Da Ren's mother was practising the lines with Bai Shu Shu, who was telling her how important she was to him, when Da Ren came home, announcing that he brought a friend. Maggie entered, calling Bai Shu Shu Da Ren's father, which brought instant displeasure to Da Ren's mother's face. 

It was no wonder that Maggie returned home, defeated.

Da Ren's sister, Tao Tao, observed that Maggie's really lousy. First, for tagging along on a friend's trip, then for trying to come to their house without informing his mother first. Da Ren said that she's good, for not being jealous over him and You Qing, but Tao Tao said that's weird. "You Qing and you are weird too." "How so?" Tao Tao put her face near to his face, and smiled mischievously, "Unless…you are a gay." 

Da Ren asked seriously why it's okay between his mother and Bai Shu Shu, but not him and You Qing. Tao Tao told him that it's sooner or later before their mother and Bai Shu Shu got together, just like how it's 'sooner or later' for him and You Qing — "to get together?" "Or…not to speak to each other."

You Qing's nephew worried about a possible divorce between his parents and You Qing coaxed him to sleep. Her brother came and You Qing was angry to know that he really got Da Ren to upgrade the status of the airplane ticket from Business to First Class, because that means that Da Ren paid from his own pocket. She flared up and told her brother simply that he's always doing things halfheartedly, and dreaming about bigger stuff. The reason why he couldn't earn any money from his stall? His food was awful. She went back to sleep, while her brother ate the food he brought over, and realised that it's really awful to eat. 

Of course, You Qing had to sooth the other side too. While her brother complained that his wife only kept harping on background and wealth, her sister-in-law wished that she hadn't married her brother — "Or I will be enjoying singlehood like you." You Qing told her that the grass always seemed greener on the other side, but she should think of what she had, instead of what she hadn't, "You have a mother-in-law who will call you to keep apologising for her son, you have a husband who loves you even though you are not the prettiest person, you have a son who worries about who will comfort his mother should his parents get a divorce."

If one wanted singlehood, then "To feel lonely on days like Christmas and Valentine's…that's a big part of singlehood." Her sister-in-law understood You Qing's point. You Qing wanted to call Da Ren out for dinner, but told herself not to be the third party. She called her mother instead to ask if there's leftovers. 

Inspired by You Qing, Maggie decided to quiz Da Ren on his favourite things and such…..I can't help but shake my head. A person's character can only be discovered with Time. Da Ren told her that he would call her back when he knew how to answer the question, "Which part of yourself do you like the most." Da Ren's mother called to remind him about the favour she needed from You Qing. 

Turns out that Tao Tao bought a full-black outfit for their grandmother's birthday and that had incurred the wrath of Da Ren's mother. You Qing asked why he didn't ask Maggie to help and he answered, "Hey, we are talking about my mother's and my sister's two extreme characters. Do you think she can handle it?" You Qing laughed. They went to the store to check out the clothes and Maggie happened to call . While on the call, the announcement that the store was going to close soon came on and Da Ren told her quickly that he's shopping with You Qing. He answered with a random part, "My ears. I like my ears best," and put down the phone before Maggie could talk anymore. 

You Qing laughed and asked mockingly, "What's so great about your ears?" She knew that Da Ren answered the question in an any-how fashion and cautioned, "This will only lead to less understanding." 

So in the end, You Qing managed to pick an outfit that both Da Ren's mother and Tao Tao liked. Maggie heard about You Qing's 'success' and the next time she met up with Da Ren, she kept recommending people that You Qing might like, only to be rejected by Da Ren. She said jokingly, "Then we might as well introduce you to her then." Da Ren took this opportunity to tell her that maybe… the two of them weren't make out for each other. 

Maggie started crying and saying that she would try all over again. She wouldn't ask those stupid questions. She became stupid because she loved him too much.

(But is it love really? I feel like… she's just in love with Love, and not Da Ren. Da Ren happens to be a nice guy who fits into all her criteria and she thought that means Love…but is that really Love?) 

The next scene shows the two of them walking on the street but you can kinda guess that Da Ren decided to give her another chance. Finally, our second lead appears. He asked for Da Ren's number so that they could keep in contact.

The music already provides tension and clues. The name triggers a memory — he was mentioned as one of You Qing's past boyfriends. Indeed, Da Ren spends the rest of the day struggling with whether he should tell You Qing about the return of Ding Li Wei and it was then when Ding Li Wei called him out for a dinner. 

At night, Ding Li Wei gave Da Ren a punch, "I've been wanting to give you this punch for five years!" and Da Ren returned the favour, "So do I!" They ended with a bruised mouth and a bruised nose with some drinks. You Qing sneezed twice and got teased that someone was thinking of her. She told Lala that she'd rather not, since she's rather like a Rubbish Bin nowadays, always cleaning up after people. Lala tried to think of a better word for her but failed. You Qing asked, "Am I that hard to describe? My good friend couldn't come up with a word either." "Da Ren?" "How do you know Da Ren?" Lala revealed that Henry once talked of Da Ren and said that he really wanted to punch him because "he's someone who squatted in the toilet and yet didn't shit."

LOL. Uhm I guess You Qing's the toilet? 

Ding Li Wei told Da Ren that he thought Da Ren would get together with You Qing but the latter replied, "To like doesn't mean to possess." "So you admit that you do like her?" Da Ren looked at him and replied, "Two must like each other before they can become friends. Just like how both of us will never become friends." 

Ding Li Wei sat down and while taking in a drink, he told Da Ren about how You Qing's just like a book that one would want to read over and over again. 

Da Ren went to find You Qing and told her that Ding Li Wei's back. "He asked for your number." "Did you give him?"

"Do you want me to give him?" "Stop evading the question. Did you give him?" "Do you wish for him to have the number?"

Ouch… I can just hear Da Ren's heart…. I guess Ding Li Wei's the one guy that Da Ren absolutely couldn't stand…maybe it's because You Qing's heart still had him. Da Ren told You Qing that they'd reached a compromise — that she's just like a book that someone would want to read again and again. 

You Qing went home and chose a book.

In a comfy armchair and music, she thought, "It's better to be a book that one would read over and over again, than to be a bookmark."

-the end-

Oh gosh, that's a long recap there! My fingers feel thoroughly exercised. 

I admire the script for its philosophies of life, and so far, its execution of plot is rather solid. They chose good actors that are more well known for acting skills rather than looks, and the actors fit into their roles really well. Chen Bo Lin carried off the nice guy well and Ariel Lin does not disappoint in terms of the thirty year old superwoman.

 I'm rather apathetic towards the role of Maggie because… I don't hate her character at all. I just find her irritating at times, and pitiful at others. Though sometimes, it does border on "Can't you just leave Da Ren alone, you woman!" Yes. Haha people lose their patience too, and I wonder just why on earth did Da Ren give her another chance. He's too kind hearted and passive!  

It does damper one's spirit that one will have to wait for a week for the next episode to be out (summary of preview: Da Ren admitted that he loved You Qing, Maggie continued to cling on to Da Ren, and You Qing finally met with Ding Li Wei.) 

Just because of a guy's casual remark, they became best friends that do not Love each other in that sense. I wonder, how many of us had said that exact same sentence before? "I will definitely not fall in love with you." It's cool how with a swap of the placement of the words, the literal translation of the title becomes, "I might not fall in love with you." 

Might not. But that means I might fall in love with you too. 


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