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In Time With You Episode 7 Recap

Hee hee, now now being three days late in recaps isn't that bad right?:P

You Qing walked into her office to find Lala giving out the goodies that they had bought together as a group to other subordinates. She wondered to herself if people were like those goodies which had expiry dates as well. The next day, she received a bouquet of flowers, which came with a card, "Watching them dance for two hours…and it was still raining.. I was waiting for you at the place till the lights dimmed.. I really like the surprise that this date gave me," and the card signed off with a "Wei." Yes it's from Ding Li Wei! (Fine I shall drop the surname. Li Wei. Gahh feels really weird.) 

You Qing didn't know what she should do with the bouquet of flowers and she appeared bothered by all the glances that other people were giving her. She got a call from Da Ren who requested for her help in a proposal that he had to do. 

LOL he looked utterly flustered, even his hair seems flustered. 

You Qing agreed to help him and her solution regarding the flowers was to pass the bouquet to her brother-in-law to give to her sister as a surprise. She met up with Da Ren after that and aww, here's a super sweet scene!

Her hair fell across her shoulders and Da Ren helped her to sweep it back, before continuing their work. You Qing looked a bit disconcerted and proceeded to tie her hair up. She then gave her suggestions to Da Ren, who needed to head for the Gents for a while. She received a phone call from her sister who felt that her husband was cheating on her because of the strange bouquet of flowers that she received. "Don't men always give presents when they feel guilty about something? He even called someone with a name "Mei mei" a few times!" You Qing got impatient and told her sister that the "Mei mei" was her lol, and that the bouquet of flowers was hers too. 

Her sister asked who gave it to her, and wouldn't stop asking, so You Qing got even more impatient and shouted into the phone, "Ding Li Wei!" Gah at this point of time, Da Ren returned. There was an awkward silence as You Qing quickly put down the phone. He asked if they were getting back together, and she replied vehemently that the two of them didn't suit each other. However, Ding Li Wei, no Li Wei, continued to send her flowers and even texted her that he wouldn't stop sending unless she met him. 

You Qing's family went for lunch at a restaurant because You Qing's sister-in-law's mother was there for a visit. The mother asked when Da Ren and You Qing were getting married, and after resolving the misunderstanding, You Qing's sister couldn't help but leak out that You Qing received a bouquet of flowers from Ding Li Wei. When they got home, You Qing received a vehement rejection from her brother who insisted that she shouldn't return to that relationship, while her mother (whom I think is partly more eager to see her daughter married than anything else) told her that she's fine with him as long as You Qing still liked him. 

On Da Ren's side, Tao Tao finally returned home after being out for the night (I think) and she got a shock when she went to the door. Da Ren gestured what's wrong, and he opened the door, only to find Bai Shu tumbling in. Bai Shu got a cold reception from Da Ren's mother who still grudgingly invited him for lunch, which was a sign of forgiveness. During lunch, Da Ren and Tao Tao quickly left them, and that's when Bai Shu revealed that it was all a show — he had never fallen in love with any other woman and he did only because he thought it would bring a new stage to their relationship. 

Da Ren's mother became super angry and started crying. Bai Shu offered to leave and told her to stop crying, "I'm immature and childish, I'm not worth it for you to cry over." Lol but Da Ren's mother dried her tears and turned around, "Aren't you going to stay for tea?" and Bai Shu knew that she forgave him.

All this time, Da Ren and Tao Tao were under the window, listening, and Tao Tao heaved a sigh of relief, "I have no idea why even though they are not doing anything, my heart still beats so fast."

Da Ren went back to his office to visit his ex-subordinates and he talked to Maggie. Maggie said that the unhappy things in her life had gotten to do with him, so she would prefer not to say, but the happy thing was, "Another company approached me!" Da Ren asked if she would then quit from this company and she said that she's still judging. "Judging what?" "Judging if there are suitable man in the other company!" Da Ren laughed and asked her if he could give her a piece of advice, "Sometimes love needs a bit of 'palpitation'." Maggie asked if she had ever made his heart palpitated and he couldn't answer. 

She knew his answer anyway and said, "It's okay I don't want to know anyway." She then asked about You Qing, and here's when I really like the way of filming! The camera zoomed in on Da Ren's eyes

as he said, "Many times… till it's countless…." The camera interjects with Maggie's eyes which show a tinge of sadness. Maggie asked if she could give a piece of advice as well, "Sometimes you need to be a bit shameless in Love too, or 'Palpitation' will only become 'In Vain'." Note: Play of words here because in Mandarin, Palpitation has a word, Ran, just like In Vain. 

You Qing received notice that this model needed another size of shoes even though they were the ones who said that she's a 27 half. Now they needed 27. She rushed to send it over, and then she entered the lift, not knowing…that Li Wei saw her. 

STALKAHHHH. Lol couldn't resist:P 

Li Wei texted her, "I guess your shoes are nude colour today." You Qing got a shock but replied, "You guess it wrong!" Lol~ The model, Hua Hua (hahah this is a real model with real name! I guess it's a cameo?) was super mean to her, but conceded in the end after You Qing praised that her feet looked nice. The model went on to act in a show where You Qing watched in. When she was about to kiss the male lead, a phone beeped. Turns out it's You Qing's and she got chased out lol. It was a message from Li Wei, " Are all female leads like that?" She caught a glimpse of his back and chased out of the building. 

Halfway through, it started to rain and it jerked You Qing out of her fervent search for him. However, Li Wei suddenly appeared with his blazer and sheltered her to a sheltered walkway. He said that they really had an affinity with rain, and there was a flashback of how they met — when You Qing was practising her dance in front of the temple and it started to rain, so Li Wei sheltered her. Back to the present, Li Wei said that she's still as cute as ever, and she jerked out of another 'stupor' with a "My clothes are really expensive, it's not worth it to stay here with you and getting wet." Li Wei replied smoothly (and okay fine, romantically) "My clothes are expensive too, but for you, they are willing to sacrifice themselves." 

AND THEN, You Qing went to his house._. and started talking to her own reflection. One side of her chided herself for allowing herself to come into Li Wei's house, the other side said that she couldn't resist seeing if she could survive the temptation, since "I'm You Qing. I have excellent skills." When she left the bathroom, wearing Li Wei's dried clothes, Li Wei gave her a cup of milk to drink. She resisted at first, but drank it after he said that he would only let her off after she drank it. Then he tried to blow dry her hair, to which she had a really vehement reaction of pushing him away. 

Li Wei decided to be obedient.. or so we thought, until he bent down close to her and asked if he could change.

Obviously You Qing agreed right, it's his house after all. He started changing in the kitchen and You Qing decided to leave. Li Wei went to the door and barred her way. He started gahh touching her hair again, and You Qing shouted, "Don't touch my hair!" "Then… how about your neck?" 

And that's it, You Qing's utterly seduced I tell you. She replied weakly, "No not the neck" but ended up kissing him anyway, only to be 'woken' up by a memory of Da Ren shouting, "You still have feelings for him!" She pushed him away and slapped him, before rushing out of the house. 

Da Ren returned home only to realise that it's his birthday and Tao Tao jokingly sympathised with him, "You mean no one congratulated you today? Not even You Qing?" Da Ren went to check his mail and Facebook, even though there were many messages from others but there was no message from You Qing. Even after dinner and everyone went to rest, he still had that lingering thought, "Not even You Qing?" He looked at his own candle and made his three wishes, "First wish is that the woman I love will be healthy and happy… second wish… third wish…" and he blew the candles out. 

Aah I want to know what's his wishes!! I bet he's so noble, he would wish them all for You Qing._. 

You Qing who wanted to text Da Ren "Can we chat?" fell asleep and woke up the next day finding that Da Ren's birthday was over. She quickly went to his house and brought a cake along. She even prepared a gift -a pen- for him!

He thought that she'd forgotten but she said that she would not forget. She kept teasing him about a romantic candlelit dinner with Maggie and Da Ren wanted to tell her the truth, that they broke up, but her phone just suddenly kept ringing gah and you don't get any prizes for guessing who it was.

She asked Da Ren what it was and Da Ren said that it's no longer important, before leaving for work. Li Wei called again and You Qing picked up the call, only to hear Li Wei's "I've decided to start over again." You Qing was angry and shouted into the phone that she wouldn't want to start all over again with him, that lousy piece of thing. She was so loud that Da Ren heard her from outside but he continued walking off. 

Li Wei was there when You Qing went for work, and he was just there constantly. Even when You Qing was trying to get shoe boxes from the top shelves, he suddenly appeared on the same ladder.

I'm sorry, I usually love second fiddles, but this Ding Li Wei's attitude is totally off for me. Too much of forcing himself on You Qing!! 

When she worked over time and heard a noise, it turned out to be Li Wei, who leaned close to her, and told her that he had bought her a new (I presume) Ipad (looking thing) that would help her in her work.

Halfway through the conversation, You Qing told him that she didn't want to go back with him, because "So what? Do you want me to use another five years to recover from the hurt you gave me?" He said that he would not leave her ever again, and You Qing kept struggling, "You can go have your freedom!"

To which Li Wei said, " I will leave my freedom with you," thus handing her his passport. 

You Qing called Da Ren out for a chat and asked if he would look down on her if she reunited with Li Wei. Da Ren said that he just couldn't understand why she would want to go through that five years of pain all over again, and she said that she liked having someone to take care of her.

You Qing blamed Da Ren for giving Li Wei her number and Da Ren asked her if she didn't know how to reject it. She confessed that she liked it when she had flowers and Da Ren got angry, "I didn't know that you are as frivolous as those women on the streets who love hugging bouquets." Of course that got You Qing really angry as well, and she said that he wouldn't say that if she knew what she'd been through. It's already two years since she had no boyfriend, no one to hug her, no one to say that he loved her. Da Ren stalked off with a "Then I don't think my opinion matters." You Qing shouted, "You must take responsibility! You are the one who pushed me into the fire!" 

There was some technical difficulties at one of the stores and You Qing went there to help. She wanted to use Li Wei's Ipad but felt that would be the start of another reliance. She called Da Ren, who left his handphone (Oh gosh why must they do this kind of things!!!) because he was currently talking to his boss, and rejecting the offer of being transferred to Singapore. His boss asked why he would turn down such a good offer, and he said, "Because there's someone here that I need to be responsible too." By the time he returned the call, It became You Qing's turn not to pick up. Too late, for she had already decided to be practical and handed the Ipad over to the sales girl to use. 

You Qing decided to meet up with Li Wei to put an end to things, because "Even if I still couldn't marry when I'm forty, I will not have an off-season discounted relationship. Your control, your freedom, no longer belonged to me." 

They met at their old place — the temple, and when Li Wei appeared, You Qing asked him why he went to Greece etc. He asked her why she didn't ask why he returned, and he answered his own question, "Because Cheng You Qing is here. Because distance let me know.. what regret is."


Indeed, she started tearing and Li Wei hugged her.

Enters heartbreak scene, omg I kind of dislike you now, You Qing. You may be a realistic character, but that doesn't mean I have to like you. 

Da Ren called her to ask her where she was and she lied hastily that she's returning home from work. When he put down the phone call, he smiled. HE SMILED.

and looked at the present in his hands, which was a decoration piece of two people. 

His cab drew up at You Qing's house just as Li Wei decided to hug You Qing. He watched as You Qing allowed herself to be hugged. 

Da Ren told the cab driver to return and he emo-ed along the streets, finally leaving the present behind. The camera zoomed in onto what he wrote on the box, "I'm willing to be responsible for you." MEANING HE'S CONFESSING TO HER. FINALLY. AND LOOK WHAT YOU QING DID?   

You Qing called him but he was at home, drunk, and didn't pick up. The next morning he went to work but was sick, and got sent home. You Qing went to supervise a store and was surprised to see Maggie there. She inquired about her work and was surprised when she heard, "I'm planning to quit." "You are? But Da Ren never told me!" "That's because he doesn't know!" Maggie was surprised that Da Ren still hadn't told You Qing they had broken up and she told You Qing that. You Qing was shocked, and Maggie said with amusement, "That Da Ren Ge is really slow… don't you know? The reason why we broke up…" She looked meaningfully at You Qing but decided, "As a punishment to him, I will not tell you and leave it up to you to find out."

Their conversation was interrupted by the sales girl who returned with Maggie's shoes. You Qing called Da Ren to ask about him breaking up with Maggie, only to realise that he's sick at home. She went to his house to take care of him and even rubbed oil on his forehead. He lay down for a rest and watched as You QIng left the room, calling her mother to ask for the recipe for chicken soup. When Da Ren's family returned at night, they were surprised by the aroma from the kitchen. You Qing explained, "Da Ren's sick so I wanted to cook some soup for him!"

At this moment, Tao Tao interjected with a playful tone, "Did you hear that? It's for Da Ren, it's not for us." Bai Shu replied playfully as well, "Oh it's for adults, so we children can't drink this!" Note: Da Ren is pronounced the same as adults in Mandarin. 

Hee hee I find Tao Tao really cute actually! Not just the actress, but the character as well:PP 

Later, Da Ren's mother gave You Qing a present, a drawing of orchids. She told You Qing that she drew inspiration from the night when Da Ren returned home and was really weird because he had a quarrel with You Qing. On the way home, she looked at the drawing and decided that she would not be a withered flower (Thus not accepting Ding Li Wei) but nooo, you are wrong if you think she stuck with her mind, because when she went home, she found out that Li Wei gave her orchids for flowers and she thought, "The orchid's fate has changed."

-the end-

So how did you guys find this episode?? I absolutely can't wait for the next one! 

I must admit, I got a little, just a little, disinterested in this drama initially because I was totally distracted by Meitanei Conan, another drama that I've blazed through in a few days or so, but the ending drew me back again!

Please gosh let the next episode be a good development between Da Ren and You Qing!! You can't have Da Ren go angsts-y anymore! And how I wish that You Qing had more resolve in rejecting Li Wei!! Hey, he's totally forcing himself sexually on you, though I guess it's because you still have feelings for him that's why it was so easy for him to capture you again:/ If you have been following me for some time, you should know that I'm suckers for second fiddles. Like seriously…but in this drama, I must root for Da Ren!:PP 

In any case, hopefully we will see new developments for the next episode! So far, the present seven episodes have been really satisfying and good, with new philosophies every episode (lol)but I think it might get a tad too dry if the scriptwriters continue down the same path of plot development…however, since Li Wei has so conveniently dropped into the picture, I'm sure we will see pretty exciting things next weekXD

Stay tuned!(: Oh right, and sorry for the blurry screencaps once again! Tell me if you want me to resize them(:



  1. I want to be loved. Three days isn’t too late. I still typically wait 3 or so days. That may be because I rely on English subs and I can only type one recap a night and all my shows air on Sunday.

    I’m so excited for the next episode!


    • Ooh right me too, I can only type one recap a night and that’s why sometimes I switch to reviews instead:P which I kind of prefer more at times because it actually provides less spoilers and still get the message across.

      I see, I usually can provide In Time With You recap a day later because I can watch from Chinese subs, which also means that I don’t need subs in this caseXD


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