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Ending Song (Meitantei Conan Season 1)

In love with this song right now<3 For those who were trying to search, here's the ending song!

Do you mean to tell me that no one here watches Meitantei Conan?? Or at least know the song?(: It's a song that has quite a special melody and really meaningful lyrics! It fits the ending of each episode of Conan so, so well.

And here's one more thing you should know about me (those who are long-time readers know already:P) I'm a big critic/fan of soundtracks. Music is really important to me, and it can actually make or break a drama! Well, maybe not break it…but the best dramas should have a really good OST that has tracks which match just the right way to the different moods in a drama. I'm super critical of that! And instrumentals are just my love<3 Another ending song that I really like is Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung for City Hunter!(:

It's such a beautiful song :')


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