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Just dropping by to tell you guys that I haven't dropped off the edge of the world. Haha! It's because I'm really hard up for time —  I need to carry on with all my drama,anime and movie watching while at the same time, juggling my other commitments, so this leaves no time space for doing recaps/reviews. But don't worry! I might get a breather soon, so do look forward to that, because then you will face an onslaught of reviews and recaps(:

In case you've missed out, Junpei Mizobata is my current favourite. But just a few days ago, I found another guy that is likeable — Haruma Miura!(: I've already watched one of his dramas before, the one with Toda Erika, but honestly that one wasn't very good in my opinion (and gosh I only realise it after looking up his profile, they added many years to his character in that show, didn't they?) so it didn't register…but I watched Kimi ni Todoke the movie the other day and it was so sweet!(: Haruma Miura really fits the role of an anime character, and so now, I'm watching Bloody Monday (which is pretty awesome so far<3) I've always heard raving reviews about it, but it just didn't occur to me to watch it. 

So yep please be patient and understanding with me, and I promise I will be back soon!(:


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