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In Time With You Episode 8 Recap

Here's the recap! 

You Qing told the pot of flowers that she would treat it nicely and that she would make sure that the flowers bloomed prettily (kind of like alluding to herself as well). Her mother came down to cook this pot of meat again so that it would be nice and well-flavoured, telling You Qing that sometimes a pot of meat needed to be re-cooked to get its perfect flavour, thus alluding to her relationship with Ding Li Wei. 

Da Ren called You Qing and told her that he rejected the offer to go Singapore, "Didn't you ask me to 'be responsible'?" You Qing told him that she was just kidding, "How do you want to be responsible? Find a better man for me, or marry me?" "Do you think I wouldn't dare to marry you?" While this was sort of like a confession from Da Ren, You Qing deemed it as an insult, thinking that he's just resorting to her after breaking up with Maggie. 

Next day, You Qing dressed up nicely, thinking that Li Wei would be just somewhere around the corner. However, he didn't appear for a few days and You Qing just kept staring at her phone. Da Ren, while playing the ukulele, was listening to this conversation between his sister and his mother. His sister felt that he's being too nice, and that girls wouldn't like the guy if he wasn't bad enough. His mother disagreed, "If these guys appear in real life, you try and love them, it will cost you your life –" (not literally) but his sister protested, "You don't understand. See, if a guy tells you 'I miss you~" how mushy is that, but if he says, 'I want to see you right now', how awesome is that!" 

Lol, Da Ren seemed a little enlightened haha. However, his mother felt that it's just psycho to want to have a guy ordering you about, and in end, the conversation ended up with both of them being angry haha. And Da Ren continued playing, playing the chords to the sad song sigh. 

Love, love, love. 

Is it just me, or does a guy playing some form of instrument totally just look attractive and gah!!! -me being all excited lol- By the way I finally figured out Chen Bo Lin's looks. He's a guy who, even though he does not appear good-looking at times, is really, really cute when he smiles. So his winning point is his smile. Yay. 

Anyway, I agree with the mother's point of view. Is that why I almost always fall in love with second leads, instead of bad boys who are usually the first leads? 

Back to the show. Li Wei's actually on an overseas work trip and he told You Qing he missed the smell of her shampoo. Next day, he appeared next to her in the train and said that he didn't sleep because he was rushing to get home. Sigh, this was how he got hold of You Qing's heart — they were back together. They went for a movie and You Qing thought the queue was too long, but Li Wei suddenly quarrelled with her. She was about to storm off until she realised that it was just a show – he bought the tickets from another couple in a (fake) attempt to 'appease' her. Haha! You Qing thought about how love could make one do really stupid things. 

So they had really sweet moments together, lots of giggles on You Qing's part and teasing on Li Wei's part, 

such as wanting to eat her — 

but this also meant that You Qing's a bit flustered during work such as arriving late for a meeting. She finally brought Li Wei home for lunch, and while her brother remained adamant about rejecting Li Wei, her parents were open to listening to Li Wei. He explained that he was too playful five years ago and he didn't know what he wanted, but even then, every time he cheated on her, he came to one conclusion — He loved You Qing a lot. (Nonsense. If you had known that, you wouldn't do it again and again). 

Pardon my zero tolerance. 

So, he kinda dropped a mini bomb and told her parents that he would like to be engaged with You Qing if they were in agreement (to which her brother protested loudly lol) but You Qing answered, "I don't want to." She explained to her mother later on that she wanted to test it out between the both of them first and simply go out on dates, but her mother cautioned about Li Wei running away, and You Qing answered that she didn't want to use engagement as a means to tie "someone who doesn't belong to me". Her mother brought her back to reality, "To  fall down at the same place twice is ugly… just like how it will be disgraceful if you break up with the same person twice." You Qing realised that she had stepped on a relationship with no returns. 

Now, even though I agree with the mum, this doesn't mean that You Qing shouldn't break up with Li Wei. You shouldn't fear breaking up just because it will make you lose face, come on! I'm sure those who matter will instead, be happy that you find your one true love a.k.a Da Ren. 

Da Ren was working overtime yet again, when he was asked for a meeting with You Qing's brother. You Qing's sister happened to be there and she asked a question that she always wanted to ask, "Why didn't you woo our You Qing?" Sigh…he didn't answer but You Qing's sister continued with a, "I'm sure if you wooed her, it will be a happy ending for all." Indeed! Anyway, You Qing's brother requested for him to advice  You Qing because if things went on, she would agree to his proposal sooner or later. 

Da Ren sat at the nearby swimming pool and called You Qing, who was already asleep. He told her to go back to sleep.

Aww. The next day, he tried calling her but she was in a meeting, and when she returned the call, he was in a meeting, where the supervisor told him to go to Malaysia and Singapore for a day to check on things. He agreed. 

That night, Tao Tao came in to give him a list of things to buy, 'in case' he had time. He recalled his conversation with Tao Tao where she said that "You Qing and you will sooner or later…" "Get together?" "Or… stop talking hehe." He decided that he would have to do something about it, so he sent a message to You Qing. 

Who was with Li Wei, who told her to wash her hands so that they could eat. Guess what, this argghhh guy went to read Da Ren's sms, "I still wish to be responsible, and the reason why is simple. It's not that I won't love you… it is I really love you. I will be going to Singapore early tomorrow, other than being on the flight, I will turn on my phone 24 hours long. I will be waiting for your answer." Guy went to delete his message. 

Gosh zero toleranceX2. Don't give me the crap about how love makes you do stupid things, because this is just a show of disrespect and a control freak. 

So of course, You Qing didn't get to read his confession. The next day, she grudgingly accepted going out with Li Wei to his friends' gathering because it was her in the past who complained about not knowing his friends. She got a pleasant surprise when she met… Nic! Whoo I like this guy heh heh. So he's doing well in his sales and he heard that she's in love as well. 

She inquired about his relationship and he became sad, saying that it seemed like he couldn't work a relationship longer than 3 months. You Qing told him that maybe sometimes, "We think that we like that person, but it might just be 'palpitations' of the heart because of the novelty. When you get used to his hugs, his kisses, the relationship becomes like Coke without the fizz." She told him that since he came to talk to her about this, it meant that he's ready for true love, and so he asked her about her relationship, but she said that it's hard to analyse her own relationship. 

Here she got a call which set her into tears immediately — her high school teacher passed away. Nic helped her call Da Ren, who thought that she was going to give him an answer, but You Qing was shocked, "Why did you not tell me that you are in Singapore?" "Didn't you see my text?" "What text?" and Da Ren decided to let it go. Sighhh gosh, twice now, that he was going to confess and he was stopped. Have you ever seen such an ill-fated main lead? 

I like how the director always places them side by side even though they are in two different places. 

He told her to keep smiling for their teacher liked smiling faces, and he apologised for not being there for her. Da Ren recalled how he was called to meet his teacher — who actually read the lyrics he wrote in his book and encouraged him. The lyrics were actually written by Da Ren, talking about his relationship with You Qing like, "I think I might not fall in love with you, so I need to work hard not to love you, so that you whom I like, will not leave me." Gahh why, why, why.  Anyway, the melody of this song is quite haunting if I must say. 

You Qing took her place as the monitor of the class once more and together they paid their respects to the teacher. I cried here, because it felt so real and touching. Their teacher's wife passed some things to the class, things that he had kept for a long time, such as a comic book he confiscated, and he wanted to return to them. She then passed the piece of paper to You Qing to return to Da Ren, while You Qing didn't know that the lyrics were written right on that piece of paper. 

They went singing after that, while most of them folded lotus for their teacher. Their old classmate, Lu Xin Di, became the wife of someone rich and had plastic surgery everywhere haha so no one could recognise her anymore. Her friendship with You Qing was somewhat repaired along this singing session, when You Qing suddenly remembered about having to go out with Li Wei. She rushed to the venue but there was no one there anymore. She called Li Wei, who was evidently very angry and said that he felt awkward in front of his colleagues. She wanted to explain at first, but he said, "I hope it's not excuses." She hung up angrily and suddenly Li Wei appeared. 

They went back to his house, and his one careless statement, "So is Da Ren back from Singapore." caused You Qing to realise that he not only read her text but also deleted it. She flared up but Li Wei didn't back down. She wanted to leave but Li Wei threw her bag and told her that he just couldn't stand their ambiguous relationship, that "If you were to choose between Da Ren and I, who would you choose –" "Da Ren, because I told you, he's a friend I would never give up." She went on to say that when her teacher passed away, only Da Ren understood without her having to explain anything, unlike him who kept harping about how he felt disgraceful. 

"Have you ever thought that I might be feeling super sad right now?" Li Wei apologised because he "Loves you too much" but You Qing still stormed home, where her father told her not to be home so late. Da Ren called and asked how she was. She replied that she tried to smile  but her tears couldn't stop flowing, and even though the teacher's wife continued smiling, everyone knew that she's crying inside too. Da Ren told her to rest, but she said that she still had to take off her make-up, and she wished that someone would take it off for her. 

Here, Da Ren asked how one could do that and that he might need it for future reference. So You Qing started describing the process, and the director did the same thing again — having Da Ren wipe off her make up even though technically, he's in Singapore.

Da Ren was so gentle wiping her make up off and massaging cream on her face, when You Qing's dad's shouting jerked her out of the situation. Her face was clean, which probably meant that she wiped off her own make up and Da Ren was shown writing down the steps (aww so sweet! Where do you find such a sweet guy seriously). Not hearing any response from You Qing, he thought that she fell asleep but the truth was she rushed downstairs and found that her mother had slipped. In a fluster, she wanted to call her brother who was living so far away, it would be impractical, so she wanted to call Da Ren whom she realised a beat later, was in Singapore. Thus… she called Ding Li Wei. 

Who became her emotional support. She was so scared because her teacher suddenly passed away, and suddenly her mother fell down. "There's so many 'suddenly's in life." Li Wei held her as she cried and comforted her. 

Da Ren returned from Singapore and he learnt from his teacher's wife that she had passed the paper of lyrics to You Qing. She called him and said that she wanted to meet him, while he recalled what the teacher's wife had said, "He always worries about the two of you. He wonders when the two of you who are so compatible will end up together." That night, You Qing dressed up super nicely which signalled something was wrong — Ding Li Wei's joining them. 

Anyway, You Qing took out the paper and she accidentally overturned a cup of water, causing… the lyrics to show through the piece of paper. She looked at it,

and suddenly Ding Li Wei's here. Da Ren quickly threw his napkin on top of the paper, and You Qing looked at him.

He gave back a look and when Ding Li Wei put out his hand, he shook it and congratulated the both of them. Li Wei (sorry if I keep changing the way I address him, I'm just not very comfortable calling him Li Wei gah) had a call from work and when he left, Da Ren immediately made a grab for the paper at the same time as You Qing. You Qing said, "I want to read," and he replied, "No way."

-the end-

GOSH I've been voicing out all my opinions so loudly while watching this episode, ranging from small little laughs to "ARGHHH", "AHHHH", "SHEEEEEET oh no!!!!".

Yes. You probably wouldn't want to sit next to me when this is happening, unless you want to join meXD

The ending!! Gosh I can't wait for the next episode and I still have to wait for so many days! Lovely, I love how You Qing gets curious almost immediately about the contents of the thing he wrote and the fact that Da Ren became so suspicious totally sparked off her urge even more. I just hope that she would realise it's talking about her, because my gut feeling is telling me that she will just think it's lyrics written for another girl and Da Ren doesn't want to let her read because he's shy or something:/

I wouldn't say that I'm disappointed with this episode, of course not, but I'm impatient for more developments between You Qing's and Da Ren's relationship. The thing is, Da Ren has already suffered enough setbacks, and there are after all, only five episodes left so I really hope that they will make the turn from You QingXLi Wei to You QingXDa Ren smoothly. Right now, we can already see some cracks forming in the relationship, though it makes me wonder why You Qing didn't drop Li Wei like a hot potato after knowing that he deleted her sms. Pay attention to how Li Wei didn't promise that he wouldn't ever do that again! He's definitely going to become more and more overbearing and controlling. 

Which we know You Qing wouldn't tolerate. She wants to be loved and taken care of, but she also treasures her independence too and this is what Li Wei cannot give her and cannot understand. Gah please You Qing you know that Da Ren's the best for you! 

Next week: We have Ding Li Wei proposing, probably got rejected, but is still shown slipping the ring on You Qing's finger later on, Da Ren saying that being engaged is not the end (dude! Since you know it's not the end can.you.please.do.something about it??), and Da Ren asking if he can still be transferred to Singapore, and him looking at the monitor screen thinking "I will have to work hard not to fall in love with you."

Aww. Seriously scriptwriters, I demand some kind of soothing for Da Ren's heartache right now. 



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