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Does anyone here use the Livejournal stats from Paid Accounts? Is it just me, or are the stats quite off?



    • and I hope that the stats are off in Livejournal because it’s telling me that I have for example, 40 visitors only per day which chalk up to 500 hits, which doesn’t fit into other stats widgets that I’ve placed here.


      • That may be based on when you started using the lj stats? Tokens? I’m so oblivious to this Live Journal way of doing things. Maybe there are some nice features, but I’m a WordPress girl myself.


      • I don’t know…I’ve decided not to care and just be happy with the good stats that I see on my other widgets.. (Hopefully that’s not living in denial:/) Tokens are like uhm money? So you can buy an account with real cash, or with tokens. For example, for a 2 months Paid Account, you need to pay 500 tokens. I happen to have 500 tokens so I wanted to try out the google ads function which uhm, sadly didn’t work haha!

        I started out with Lj only because I had a personal Lj. I’m adverse to changes, so even though WordPress/Tumblr lures me right now, I don’t think I will be changing haha! By the way I’ve linked you(: and oh yeah, Lj’s good for communities and Friends’ pages I guess(:! (WordPress has awesome stats though)


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