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Bloody Monday 2

Short post: Is anyone interested enough for me to do Bloody Monday 2 Recaps? I'm currently loving this show and have many thoughts to share (both good and bad thoughts….in short, many comparisons between season 1 and season 2). Thinking between reviews and recaps. Reviews allow me to post my thoughts and still share, whereas recaps can cover the plot more extensively, though it will be spoiler-heavy. 

We shall see. In case I didn't carry this through, I will just like to say that I prefer season 1 over season 2. Season 2 has lost a little of that feel from Season 1, probably because it deviated from the manga (I hope I'm not wrong in saying that?) and it changed many endings. However, I will still label Season 2 as 'awesome' probably because I'm biased from Season 1 heh heh. So I'm willing to give season 2 many chances (I started Season 2 immediately upon finishing Season 1)

Besides, hahaha I'm so glad to see J again. His character is so alluring in Bloody MondayXD I know whatever, he's the bad guy and the terrorist. 

Fujimaru's really cool too. Looking at him puts my typing speed to shame.



    • I like it too!!(:

      One was probably irrefutably better than Two, but I guess I’m willing to forgive Two for not living up to One’s name, because sometimes when you set the standards too high, it’s just impossible to do that again. And Bloody Monday was irrefutably brilliant!(:

      I think I will be doing mini-recaps, not so sure yet though.

      I’m having drama blues alreadyyy. And I realise, on hindsight, that Season 1 and Season 2 are so dark and depressing, especially with Season 2’s increase in killings left, right, centre. How on earth am I going to bring myself to watch that again??


      • That is true, lol. Sato Takeru got me through it lol. And I also love Haruma and Narimiya Hiroki, thouh Takeru more…If you want help let me know! I’ve been meaning to do recaps on my journal but never get around to it. If someone says you should recap this, I think that would help lol.


      • Haha yep that helps [someone saying I should recap]! I actually did some screenshots of episode 1 of BM2 already [that episode’s so long! Like twice the length of the others…and Aoi died T.T] but haven’t gotten down to writing it. I’m probably going to do it as a kind of leisure activity, because currently I’m recapping 2 series and not having much time already.

        I’m looking forward to writing it though, and hopefully your comments!XD


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