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In Time With You Episode 11 Recap

I hope this was fast enough for you guys!(:

Maggie's words kept sounding in You Qing's head and You Qing guzzled down beer with a moody aura. As Li Wei stopped her from drinking more because he's worried about her, Da Ren was in a really down mood too, and he teared while singing a song. (I really like how Chen Bo Lin acted out this scene(: It's really like the phrase 'my tears came of their own accord') 

He went on to puke and after he came back, there was a huge present prepared by Maggie waiting for him. It turns out to be a girl dressed up as Sailor Moon! Maggie asked Da Ren to say the phrase which Sailor Moon always says before she transforms but Da Ren had no idea what he's supposed to say. (Hardly surprising, haha I bet he watches Pokemon or something). Maggie and You Qing recited together, "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" The 'Sailor Moon' started dancing around Da Ren, who turned around and looked at You Qing. 

You Qing was woken up by a toy that trailed up to her head. Turns out that her sister-in-law had left home again and the kids were here again. Her niece told her that she'd always wanted to be a Pearl Mermaid Princess, and You Qing confessed that when she was young, she thought she could be Sailor Moon too, but in the end, she was just a Momoko Sakura who always created lots of trouble. She got a text telling her when Da Ren's setting off and she thought about whether she should go send him off. 

Bai Shu helped Da Ren place his luggage into the back of the cab, as Da Ren exchanged hugs with his sister and mother. He told them to take care of their health, and got into the cab and left. At the airport, the various staff who knew him previously wished him luck in his new job. He turned around and saw You Qing. He smiled happily and started to ask, "Why are you — (still wearing the clothes from yesterday)" when You Qing gave him a punch. He started asking, "What did I not tell you this time?" "What do you think?!" Da Ren rattled off that he told You Qing his address in Singapore etc etc, when You Qing suddenly cut in, "Why didn't you tell me that you love me!" 

Da Ren was shocked, as You Qing continued, "I'm the person directly involved! How can you lie to the direct party! How can you be so muddle headed and cause the direct party to be loved by you! How can you love me?!"

She muttered, "You are really too mean," and she raised another hand to punch him but Da Ren stopped her.

And pulled her in for a hug, murmuring, "I'm sorry."

Then he pulled back and gave her a smile.

And we hear You Qing's narration, "I can't…if I do this, I will lose 'My best friend'…and so, allow me to be an ostrich like Momoko Sakura," and the image of You Qing disappeared. 

ARGHHHHH. I hate it, can she stop disappearing into the thin air hrumph. D: 

Da Ren got the call from You Qing and he kept looking around full of anticipation, asking her where she was, but she answered that she overslept after going for a late night movie with Li Wei, "But I know that you wouldn't mind because our friendship is strong enough." After asking him how much more time he had, she told him, "Hey…do you know? You are my best, best, best….best friend." "I know without you telling me." "You always know what I want to say….so I won't say anything in the future…… Goodbye, good friend…." As she hung up, she said in her heart, "Goodbye forever…take care…I won't be able to find a second You in this world."

As Da Ren walked past her unknowingly, she narrated in her heart, "Dear You, please forgive me for not having enough courage to look at you. Dear You, please believe me, friendship goes a longer way than love."

Lady Boss was shocked to hear that You Qing didn't want to be transferred to Singapore anymore, and You Qing had to speak the lies which we know will break her heart, "I don't have much ambitions towards my career", "Actually I'm not that close to that friend of mine who is transferring to Singapore." 

During another meeting, Nic said that he couldn't understand why You Qing couldn't go Singapore just because Da Ren was there, and You Qing answered that it would be awkward. Nic replied, "But he doesn't know that you know."

I like Nic!((((: I love it how he always helps You Qing realise her own feelings. 

He continued asking, "Then why don't you feel awkward with Henry?" "He doesn't love me." "If…I'm just saying if, will you feel awkward if Henry still loves you now?" "No." "Why?" "Because I don't love him!" "Bingo!"

Nic told her that the point was on her own feelings, but You Qing felt that it's ridiculous that she didn't know who she loved (yeah now you know how we all feel :P) Nic replied that she's scared she would fall in love with Da Ren, so she tried hard not to love him, but now that she knew he loved her, all her defences were down. Suddenly, You Qing felt as if she was alone in the room as Maggie's words and Nic's words sounded in her head, repeating the phrase, "He tried hard not to love you," "You tried hard not to love him." 

The meeting came to an end, and the Lady Boss asked if You Qing had something to say because she didn't clap. You Qing quickly praised the products and clapped, while Grace frowned. 

Yay! We have a cameo appearance of A-Bin here, as a colleague of Da Ren. 

He brought Da Ren around to get to know Singapore better, and gave him the mobile phone which the company gave him since it would be cheaper. At night, Da Ren went out to get the beer he always drank with You Qing and was shocked to find out that it was much more expensive than he thought. His mother called asking him why he wasn't on his computer and he said that he went out. He laughed, "I think I'm lost," but assured his mother that he would be fine. In a narration, he said, "Thus…while still trying to find my way, I step onto a new journey," and You Qing narrated, "Thus… I continue the life that I was used to."

She decided to wear her short hair wig again and went to work. Her colleague told her that it seemed like Grace was promoted to be the manager (which would be the position that You Qing would most likely get should she accept the post to be transferred to Singapore). You Qing went back to her office and got a call that there was some problem with not enough products because one of the salesgirl took leave suddenly. Lady Boss decided to announce the promotion of Grace, and Grace gave her thank-you speech, but You Qing left halfway because the matter was really urgent. 

She wanted to call Da Ren to complain, but she told herself to get rid of that habit. Da Ren wanted to text her stuff like if she knew how the name Singapore came about, but he didn't. And so the both of them didn't contact each other.

At night, You Qing went out for dinner with Da Ren and she ordered many things which caused Li Wei to be worried. He said that there's definitely something wrong with her, but You Qing denied it. "Yes you have,  you have been behaving weirdly ever since Da Ren's farewell," and after a few more, "No I haven't," "Yes you have," You Qing left angrily. Li Wei chased out but was too late. You Qing walked to the stall where she used to eat with Da Ren, and she realised she forgot her money again. The boss told her that it's okay because, "Before your boyfriend left for Singapore, he already left 2000dollars here with me." You Qing got very touched and started crying.

AwwDDDD: I think that's really sweet and unexpectedD: 

Then we see Da Ren eating alone in Singapore too. 

You Qing went home to find Li Wei waiting for her, and after coaxing from him, she told him that she was upset over the promotion of a colleague that she didn't like. As Li Wei started advising her to quit, she imagined Da Ren sitting at the end of the couch, speaking to her. 

Li Wei: You should give yourself a time to rest.
Da Ren: But you have your own philosophy when it comes to work, didn't you gain a lot from working too?

You Qing (in response to Da Ren): But — 
Li Wei: Remember, there's no need for you to look at other people's feelings because of work, because you have me
Da Ren: I will always support you
Li Wei: Don't be unhappy because of this
Da Ren: Jia You (somewhere along the lines of Good Luck. Jap's version is Ganbatte, Korean's version is Fighting! But I've never been quite able to determine what's the english version lol)

You Qing, still in response to Da Ren, said that she would be fine by the next morning. She went to find Maggie to confirm what she'd heard (about Da Ren loving her) because she didn't want to have a misunderstanding. Maggie was like, "If you are scared that you will feel awkward with him, then just take it that it's a misunderstanding." You Qing was displeased that she's joking around, but Maggie gave another pissed face, "I dislike people like you. It's obvious that you guys have a guilty conscience, but still use the title of 'Good friends', and use us to prove how much telepathy you guys have, how special you guys are. If we get jealous, it's like we are petty, we don't know how to respect your 'Great Friendship'. This is all bullshit."

She told You Qing that she'd been waiting for this day because, "In the name of the moon, I shall punish…you guys for being fake!" She walked off and her smile disappeared. 

Hey, I've no idea if I should, but I know that I really like Maggie in this scene. Because it's true! It's not really fair to Maggie and Li Wei if you think about it. True, Maggie and Li Wei may be annoying, but you gotta admit that Da Ren and You Qing were in the wrong too. 

Because of her meeting with Maggie, You Qing forgot that she had another meeting with a fashion designer and she quickly rushed back, but Grace had already taken care of things. Everything ended on a good note, but You Qing was called to Grace's office and was questioned on how she worked. Basically, You Qing's for the Be-on-good-terms-with-all-employees while Grace's for rewards-system-for-work-performance. You Qing was told to submit a report reflecting on why her sales had dropped as compared to the same season last year, and at night You Qing drank alone. She stepped on her beer can and shouted while crying, "It's all your fault Da Ren! You cause me to have no one to chat with."

Haha here we have another cameo appearance by Joanne Zeng, who was the friend of colleague of Da Ren, Lin Kai. He went over and chided Ping An for sitting in such an unlady-like fashion but she said that she's wearing shorts underneath. Lin Kai introduced Da Ren to Ping An, and said that Ping An was his buddy. Ping An looked a bit down.

But was back to her cheery mood after that. She told them that she would bring them to the Merlion but Lin Kai was like, "We've already gone there." "Of course I know that, but I'm sure you only talked about boring history, I've a better way to play."

HAHA, Da Ren smiled and nodded when she said 'boring history'.

She told Da Ren to stand at a position so that it would look like the water from the Merlion was falling directly into Da Ren's mouth. "This is called receiving wealth."

Lin Kai appeared with two ice popsicles and Ping An snatched his away. Da Ren suddenly imagined You Qing who said, "Fine fine I shall give you a bite." He smiled but You Qing walked past him and gave the ice cream to Li Wei, who bit off a chunk. And poor Da Ren just watched them being all lovey-dovey.

Aww. I'm glad this wasn't real then.

Wow we have lots of cameo appearances here, Jessica Liu who is in the Singapore's acting industry, puts in a cameo as Huang Hai Yan, someone who likes Da Ren but he doesn't like her. She brought them to the Singapore Flyer as Lin Kai said that Ping An wasn't really like a buddy (brother) because when she started crying, her tears wouldn't stop. He said that it's best if a line was drawn clearly as friends, "Or the consequences will be disastrous." Da Ren laughed and Hai Yan asked why. He replied, "I'm thinking that indeed, the consequences are disastrous."

Da Ren was formally introduced to his new work post, and a note was passed around — The new manager is really cute!

Hahaha. You Qing went to an art gallery and turns out it was Li Wei who wanted to introduce her to a new possible work post — the art director of the gallery. The person in charge of the gallery was his friend, and the pay was good, she could have three days off a week and etc. She told Li Wei that she didn't want to quit, but Li Wei told her that he had a heartache looking at how tired she was. She was touched. When she went back to work, she found out that she was transferred to another post, which meant somewhat like a de-promotion (what do you call that?) She went to Grace, who told her that she should just be thinking of how she should do well in the sales department. You Qing thanked her for making the decision for her, and that she wouldn't be defeated, "Because I'm the Sailor Moon."

You Qing put the letter saying that she wanted to quit on Lady Boss's desk. At night, she shredded the papers and Lala came in to talk to her. You Qing learnt that Grace's husband passed away and she was just there watching him die because she couldn't do anything. "Till now, she still tells her son that her father is overseas." You Qing was shocked to hear that Grace had faced so much things as she's still young. 

Lady Boss invited her for a dinner, and You Qing was stunned to hear that it was her who posted You Qing to another department, because "I want to get you to be in all departments in the quickest time possible, so that I can post you to be the manager!" "Then what about Grace?" "She's going to take care of the Southeast Asia side. At first, I planned for you to be in charge of that, and she will be in charge of Taiwan, but you totally disrupted my plans when you rejected my offer. Grace offered to switch the positions with you. She said that you love your boyfriend so much and will be heartbroken to part with him. She only has a son and can start a new life anywhere."


Thus You Qing decided not to quit, which caused Li Wei to be angry. He asked if she could just treat him more important than work, and asked, "If you are busy, and something suddenly happens to me, which one will you choose?" You Qing didn't answer and caused Li Wei to be even angrier. He told her that he's going on a trip to Malaysia the next day. 

You Qing thought about it during the time that Li Wei was off in Malaysia and she couldn't understand why she didn't answer promptly, "Of course I will choose him." She got a call from Da Ren's mother who requested her help in changing the lightbulb. Da Ren's mother lamented over the fact that Da Ren had no luck in getting You Qing and You Qing told her not to say that. 

Li Wei texted her his flight number, TU231 which would set off at 10 for Taiwan. It's Lala's wedding and they were running late. When the bride and groom finally appeared, Lala was in a mood because Henry had forgotten to bring the rings. Nic quickly went to tell the emcee to cancel the exchange-of-rings ceremony while You Qing ran up to the room to check again. She forgot to take the room card though, and Grace brought it up to her. You Qing finally located the rings in the bathroom and as they got ready to leave the room, You Qing heard on the news on the television that TU231 had just been forced to land on a mountainous place in Malaysia and that they were still unclear about the state of situation. The saved passengers would be transported to Singapore.

You Qing was shocked and Grace asked what happened. "My boyfriend is on that plane. I'm not in time, I'm not in time…" Grace quickly called to the airport service, as You Qing cried, "I'm not in time to tell you that of course I will choose you!" Grace told her to calm down and call the airport service together. You Qing realised that there's one person she could call. 

Back in Singapore, Da Ren was happy to receive the call from You Qing but after he heard what had happened, he quickly soothed her. He immediately ran back to his office to call up people asking for more information. Then he rushed down to the airport with Ping An, and called Lin Kai to know more about the situation. You Qing called his other phone and Ping An picked up. You Qing asked what happened to the airplane and Da Ren asked Lin Kai who replied that he heard something went wrong with the motor but the reason was still not clear. Ping An told that to You Qing who asked if the people on flight were okay. Da Ren asked, and Lin Kai replied that they still had no news but the plane had caught fire. 

Da Ren murmured, "Fire" but still told Ping An to tell You Qing that everything should be all right and told her not to worry. 

AwwD: You Qing put down the phone and Grace came in after giving the ring to Henry. You Qing said that she's useless because she only knew how to worry but Grace said that it's natural to be scared in this kind of situation. You Qing replied that she's still worried and so she wanted to go to Singapore. Which she did. And Da Ren was shocked to see her coming out of the arrival hall. They waited as Lin Kai came to tell them that the helicopter with the saved passengers had just arrived. 

Li Wei came out and called, "You Qing." There was a heartstopping moment as all of them turned to look at him, and suddenly You Qing came back to her senses. She ran up to him and hugged him tightly, as Ping An looked at Da Ren. 

As Da Ren walked away with Ping An trailing him, You Qing told Li Wei that she thought about how she had to tell him that she would definitely choose him. Li Wei said that when he was trapped there, he thought about how it was lucky You Qing didn't marry him, but now that he had touched down safely, he felt that it's his chance.

"Will you marry me?"

You Qing smiled in tears, "Yes I do."

Li Wei shouted happily, "I'm getting married!"

And Da Ren looked pained, while Ping An looked sad and worried for him.

Grace went back home and told her son that there was a letter from his daddy. The babysitter (kinda) told her that there was a package from America for the son, and together they opened the package. There were toys inside and Grace smiled when she saw a Sailor Moon figurine.

Back in Taiwan, Li Wei was swarmed by reporters who wanted to know what had happened. As You Qing stood by a side, she received a text from Maggie telling her that she had sent the package (a few days ago, You Qing went to apologise to Maggie because she felt that she was right in some parts of her rant) and she replied, "Thank you Sailor Moon." She called Da Ren, but intentionally chose the phone that was used in Taiwan, knowing that it would most probably go to the voice mail. She thanked Da Ren for doing everything he could that day, "For doing so much for me…thank you…for loving me."

And she put down the phone with a half-smile. 

Next week: Da Ren started to get very chummy with Ping An, which caused Lin Kai to be jealous (yes yes yes, please let Lin Kai and Ping An get together!!!) I'm pretty sure Da Ren did it intentionally though just to make Lin Kai do something lol. At a class party, Mei Nan and a bunch of other people told You Qing that they must tell her something and Xin Di passed her a cassette tape — the song that Da Ren wrote for her. As she listened in the bathroom, she cried. 

-the end-

I really like this episode for some reason! For one, it does not focus as much on narration and theories, and puts more emphasis on the translation of emotions into actions. For another, I'm kind of also a sucker for plots which involve enemies becoming friends. Aint talking about those frenemies! I'm talking about the real kind of friends. I feel that if you were once enemies and became real friends, the friendship will be a really lasting one. And I love it how suddenly our (at least my) perception of Grace changes immediately after the lady boss told You Qing that it was Grace who offered switching positions with her.

That's the power of different point of views and different stories, which I'm always so amazed by.

Haha no idea if this will sound like a cliche to you guys, but after watching this, I really want Da Ren to land in something that spells mortal danger. Don't you think it will be interesting to see the contrast between You Qing's reaction to Li Wei's life-in-danger, and Da Ren's life-in-danger? If she's already this distraught towards Li Wei, her reaction to Da Ren's situation should be much more hysterical…and very telling (thus hopefully shoo-ing Li Wei away)

Hmm but I just feel that You Qing misunderstood her own feelings for Li Wei. (this is a drama we are talking about, so I'm pretty sure the script works along the basis that everyone has one true love) She accepted the marriage proposal thinking that she loves Li Wei…but does she really? Or did she just do that because she's so, so relieved that Li Wei's all right?

But I'm not the scriptwriter here:P and so we shall patiently wait for further developments!



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