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Have been away for many days… let's just say that I'm taking a mini-break and I might still continue to do so for the next few days! No worries though, I will still try to churn out In Time With You recaps as fast as possible, so that you guys can get updated, but as of the moment, you can tell that Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De's recaps are not being done as fast. 

I have a reason though!:P Other than going out everyday, I'm also trying hard to keep up with my reading-list and to-watch list, thus virtually having no time to update here. I finished Samurai High School, and am on Kuroshitsuji Season 2!(: I tried reading some manga  on the computer (failed to do so for the past years because I was just too impatient with how I have to click and wait for each page to load) as well haha! 

So yep, all in all, I need more time and more sleep, but what's new!:P Gonna start working on recaps soon though. 

Just a thought: I don't expect every reader to agree with me, but I wonder if every reader expects me to write every single thing that he/she can agree with??

I don't know lol, it's just a really random thought that I got. 


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