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In Time With You Episode 10 Recap

You Qing texted Da Ren that Li Wei was too agitated, and "Don't hold it against him." Da Ren murmured, "I don't hold it against him. I'm holding against myself."

The next day, You Qing received a call saying that she'd a car fine and that she needed to pay it off that day or she'd be in trouble. She immediately rattled off, asking the caller to give her her car plate number, the amount of fine she'd incurred etc, before ending off, "I don't drive. I take the bus." The caller hung up on her and she looked into the mirror, thinking, "Who do they think they are, trying to cheat me?"

LOL. Such brilliance, we should all learn it.

Da Ren met up with Bai Shu and told him about his job promotion to Singapore. He asked Bai Shu to take good care of his mother and sister, and got the reply, "It's not troublesome, because I'm happy to do that." The owner asked Da Ren where his girlfriend was, and he replied, "Busy." Bai Shu knew that the owner was inquiring after You Qing, and he asked about her. Da Ren told him that You Qing had a boyfriend and was going to get married soon anyway. 

The next day, Da Ren told his mother about going to Singapore for work and that it's confirmed. His mother looked distraught.

He apologised and said that he'd be going there at the end of the month. His mother asked if he could push it away. "What are we supposed to do if the light goes out, if…if there's a water leakage, and when Mum has cooked too much food and there's no one to eat them?"

Da Ren hugged her and thought, "Mum…forgive me for leaving…I'm sorry…I need to work hard to leave this place."

Tao Tao had a rock band competition that night, and Da Ren managed to convince his mother to go. She complained that it was too noisy and kept wanting to leave.

Tao Tao was pleased to see her mother supporting her. Halfway through Tao Tao's competition, Da Ren received a message from You Qing, "Did I offend you in any way? How come you are not answering my texts and calls." Da Ren replied, "You thought too much. I'm busy." You Qing didn't like his answer, "Such a lousy excuse, you might as well not reply." 

Da Ren decided to tell her in the end, "I'm busy…with the details of transferring to Singapore."

-mini, or maybe not so mini bomb shell for You Qing-

By then, Tao Tao's mother had teared watching her daughter performed and complained about Da Ren's continuous texts&calls. You Qing called him and he answered. Ooh we have this kind of scenes again —

"Why did you decide to go Singapore?" Da Ren answered, "Because of you." "Me?" Da Ren thought Because I have to work hard…. and replied her that it was her who told him not to give up. He told her that he didn't want to be tied down, "I'm the closest to the world, and yet I'm the furthest." He wanted to go so many places but he could only watch people leave and come. "So I want to work in another city…even if I'm tied down, at least I should have the feelings like I'm on a vacation…"

You Qing was silent for a while before conceding that it might be good for Da Ren after all. The competition ended, and turns out Tao Tao didn't win. She was also not one of the top three. At first, Da Ren's mother complained about the lousy quality of Tao Tao's song and melody but her real thoughts soon appeared.

She started complaining about how the judges had a lack of taste and that Tao Tao's song was the only one that was more pleasant to the ears. Da Ren laughed and patted his mother on the shoulder knowing all along that Tao Tao actually cared a lot for her mother and vice versa, despite all the bickers.

Haha, you must admit that Chen Bo Lin looks cute smilingXD He has a really deep dimple!(:

You Qing started having a conversation with herself in her mind —

"Why are you feeling so down today…" "Because sales were sucky."

"Why do you feel sad? Why do you feel…heavy in the chest…" 

"…I feel like crying…"

Then she spoke out loud, "It's definitely not because of Li Da Ren." The next day, she still felt the same down feelings and she decided that she needed to have some change in her life too. She worked with Li Wei at his house, her on her work and him with his own work. She wanted to have some change, so instead of always burying herself into work, she walked around his kitchen and  asked if he wanted pancakes and so on, but Li Wei told her to give him a full hour to work. 

Since she wanted a change…. she decided to go to the hair salon, and the hairdresser started working on her hair. She came back home with cropped hair, leading her parents to think that something had happened. She bounced happily into the bathroom while her father said that she must have wanted to go along the superwoman style, and her mother told her that she's not allowed to become a superwoman because superwomen had relationship problems. 

She gave the mirror a ._. face, before going back into the living room and whipping her short hair off. It was a wig. LOL, no wonder I thought it looked really fishy heh. She went back to her room and took a picture of her short hair to send to Li Wei, but that made Li Wei immensely displeased.

He felt that she should discuss with him over her hair but she's like, "It's my hair!" Li Wei told her that it's the same as how a couple should discuss over the lighting and over the refurbishing of the house but You Qing replied indignantly, "I'm not some lighting, or a piece of sofa." Well-said You Qing(((: Though I imagine it's nothing unusual for guys to feel possessive over the girlfriend's hair…..? NO IDEA:P 

You Qing was enjoying the compliments showered by colleagues over her hair the next day, when she heard, "You are really full of changes." Turns out to be Nic!((: You Qing laughed and said that that was the nicest compliment she heard so far. She asked him what he was doing there, and he replied that the lady boss had called for a sudden meeting. She was surprised, "She did?"

Yep she did, because one of the managers had quit. Her reason being that she wanted some change in her life, which struck a chord with You Qing. So…when the lady boss asked for a volunteer to take up the workload of the manager, You Qing who usually would have immediately volunteered herself, kept quiet instead. 

Since Da Ren's leaving, there were various farewell parties. Maggie called him to tell him that she would organise one too. Their high school classmates organised one as well, held at Xin Di's house. All the girls were envious of how well Xin Di had married, and she was like, "Of course…this is all hard work put in by me~~" Da Ren's hard at work with barbequeing and You Qing's hard at work…taking care of the kids. Aww! I can imagine Da Ren and You Qing with a family already. At night, Da Ren gestured to You Qing that her hair was well-cut.

And she smiled. Aww, I like that:P Simple compliment but works well. Di Shu got drunk and fell asleep, so the guys carted him off to a side. In the midst of this, Xin Di took the mike and was telling others how Da Ren wrote a song last time, "Something that goes along the lines of 'I can–" Da Ren immediately took over the mike and distracted everyone by asking if they could remember Mei Nan's, one of their classmates, song. As everyone launched into a melody, he looked relieved.

Later, Da Ren had to send Di Shu off, but he came out at the balcony to shout drunken words at them like, "DO YOU LOVE ME???" and You Qing&Da Ren quickly answered, "We love you. Quickly go back!!!" "WHAT ABOUT YOU?DO YOU LOVE EACH OTHER?" Da Ren looked at You Qing and said (in quite a serious tone), "Love," while You Qing replied more jokingly, "I love him -laughs-"

They finally escaped from the drunk Di Shu and Da Ren asked if Li Wei didn't call You Qing. She replied that he did, but she didn't pick up. Da Ren thought to himself, "You look really good…one will never get tired of looking at you…such a pity…" He asked if You Qing was willing to cut her hair, and she replied that only when one was willing to part ways with something would that person get something in return. "What do you want to get?" "Change…" She revealed that she's just wearing a wig and Da Ren's eyes widened lolol. He laughed and reached out for her hair, but she was like, "Don't touch it, it will tilt, it will tilt."

HEH. I can't resist this screencap, even though Ariel Lin does not look too good :P. 

They decided to go for supper at one of their old haunts, and there was a sudden flashback of how there was one time You Qing forgot to bring her wallet and Da Ren happened to be there so he wanted to pay for her…but he realised that he didn't have much money in his wallet, so in the end he could only pay for You Qing's meal and not his own meal. The owner was like, "It's fine, just make sure you two come here often!"

Back in the present, the two of them laughed.

You Qing said that they really should change the habit of forgetting to bring the wallet, and how she should change the habit of eating supper as well, "After thirty, one will only grow fats after eating supper." Da Ren told her that she could get Li Wei to accompany her and she said that it would be worse if they quarrelled because she would get indigestion. "You two have a quarrel?" "Just different opinions." "Different opinions?" and You Qing gestured to her hair.

Da Ren shook his head in disbelief and You Qing asked if she's really hard to communicate with. "Maybe I should have said 'Sorry, I'm wrong' when he asked why I didn't discuss with him about my hair." Da Ren told her that he knew if she was to act like someone that she wasn't, she would not like it. You Qing thought Da Ren looked really good right now…Pity..such a pity… and she said that maybe the habit she should change was, "Finding Da Ren for a chat." 

Tao Tao taught her mother how to talk over the net with her and she ran up to her room so that her mother could practice. I really love how realistic this drama was in portraying family relationships!(: The script is really natural. Tao Tao's mother told her over the camera, "I think that your song is great."

Tao Tao was pleased and she typed shyly, "This is better than getting first," which made her mother super happy.


Da Ren came home and learnt that it was You Qing who gave his mother a Viewpad so that they could get in contact when he's in Singapore. He thought about how he always had to work hard not to love her, and she would do things to make his hard work gone to naught. He thanked her for her gift later on and she told him that her mother wanted to have a farewell party for him the next day. However, Li Wei called and after they made up (compromise on Li Wei's side), he told her that his boss wanted to treat the two of them to a dinner the next day. He was immensely displeased to hear that You Qing wanted to go for Da Ren's farewell party instead, so You Qing thought about how she needed to change and asked Da Ren if it was all right that she wasn't there at his party. Of course he said it was okay. Gah. 

Thus, the next day, You Qing went to Li Wei's dinner with the boss where the boss encouraged the two of them to get married, "Every successful man has a supporting woman behind him." You could tell that You Qing was displeased though, because the boss talked about how You Qing could quit her job and take care of a family so that Li Wei could fight for his career with no qualms. 

On the other hand, it was a lively scene in You Qing's house, and interestingly, instead of the women, the four guys sat down for a game of mahjong [You Qing's dad, Da Ren, You Qing's brother-in-law, and You Qing's brother]. They started talking about wives, and You Qing's father told Da Ren to learn from their lessons. He said that one should get an ignorant, common wife [and here's where You Qing's mother appeared with fruits lolol] so that there would be no troubles. The brother-in-law remarked that then You Qing wouldn't be able to get married. You Qing's father answered with pride —

"You Qing is different. She can be a friend, a lover, or a mentor~" and Da Ren smiled. 

Sigh. When will You Qing know that Da Ren's the only one for her? 

You Qing returned home and thinking about 'change', she decided not to let it go, and had a talk with Li Wei. She told him that she wasn't the kind who would quit her job just to take care of his kids, but he was like, "Don't you think it's too early to discuss about this since you haven't agreed to marry me?" She asked Li Wei what his reaction would be if she told him she wanted to have a voyage for a year, and he replied, "I disagree." You Qing told him that between the two of them, it should be discussions and understandings, and not just "I agree," "You agree". Da Ren happened to open the door and saw Li Wei leaning down really close to You Qing. 

He closed the door but still stood at the door. Li Wei didn't like how she wanted to communicate about matters, but when it's about her hair, "I have no space for interference." You Qing shook her head and said that they really couldn't communicate, but Li Wei decided to give in, "Whether you want long hair, short hair, to get a nanny to take care of your kids, you decide." You Qing shook her head, "I don't mean–" "But there's one thing I cannot compromise. Where ever you go, bring me along too, because I cannot stand living in a place without you." He kissed her, and You Qing returned the kiss. 

I'm sorry, sweet words don't work on me, so….. 

Da Ren opened the door a teeny bit and saw the both of them kissing. He closed it again and stoned sadly by the stairs, but quickly escaped to another floor when You Qing came in so that he could pretend he just came up. However, You Qing realised when he said, "I finally understood what you meant by palpitations." "You heard everything?" "Let's just say the interesting bits." "How embarrassing." "No it should be that I've learnt a lot." He placed an arm on the wall near her and said, "I can't live in a city without you, that's a good line." 

And then we have Da Ren going to places that he usually went with You Qing, but now You Qing was not there anymore D: The next day, the lady boss told You Qing that she wanted to pick her as her choice to take up the new tasks of setting up branches in Southeast Asia. You Qing realised that if she accepted, she would be sent to Singapore as well and was actually quite excited. She met up with Nic, and she asked him if his lover would let him go if he wanted to go. Nic answered, "You don't look like someone who will be tied down by love."

He told her to try using the women's greatest trick, "If you can't, whine for it. If whining doesn't work, use your tears." But both of them laughed when they imagined You Qing doing that. She revealed that her lover would not want her to go because her good 'brother' would be posted to the same place. Nic told her to think of nothing and he quickly asked her, "Boyfriend or Singapore? Think of one, immediately." You Qing looked slightly enlightened and Nic told her, "Since you have an answer, just work towards it." His lover came and he left hahaha. Wow, he greeted his lover so passionately~

I really like how You Qing and Nic ended up friends in the end! Perhaps this is the scriptwriters' way of telling us that friendship can exist between a guy and a girl…or maybe, this is you know, the typical 'A girl always wants to have a gay best friend' thing. 

You Qing went to find Li Wei now with her long hair, and he finally realised that it was just a wig. He laughed and started having sexual chemistry with her in his office, but she stopped him…uhm since his office walls were made of glass? She told him that she really wanted a change and get to know who was the real Cheng You Qing, but he was strongly against her being posted to Singapore. She could do anything but it must be in Taipei. She asked for two years and he said unless they broke up. One year was not accepted, neither was half a year. She started crying and said, "I know I'm selfish for wanting both you and I."

Ironically, she's actually doing what Nic said — using tears, but we all know that she didn't do it on purpose. Though it did work, because as she said, "I guess it's not possible" and walked off, Li Wei came over and hugged her, "Two months." Aww. Okay that's well-received by me(:

You Qing brought Li Wei along for the farewell party for Da Ren, organised by Maggie. Maggie and Da Ren were singing a sad duet song when You Qing appeared with Li Wei, and Maggie, who looked a bit drunk, nodded to herself. Li Wei wasn't happy that You Qing was so close to Da Ren's colleagues, and Maggie invited You Qing to sing with her. Maggie chose a sad song and she started singing, full of emotions. You Qing continued and during the break of the song, Maggie told You Qing, "I finally understand why Da Ren's going to Singapore."

"Isn't it just because–" "Because, he couldn't get you." You Qing laughed and said that she'd made a mistake, but Maggie told her with a bitter laugh, "He did try hard not to love you, but he failed." You Qing decided, "You're drunk." "He was the one who told me personally…that's why we broke up." Maggie started crying and she continued singing the chorus of the sad song herself, while You Qing was stunned and as the song ended, she thought Now…everything….has changed entirely.

-the end-

I like how they film the ending!! The way You Qing got to know that Da Ren loved her was a pity because Da Ren didn't get to tell her personally, but I love how it wasn't all dramatic and lightning-bolt kind of thing. It was more of You Qing being stunned and the fact that there was a sad song in the background just made it better. Also, I really like how they ended the episode with You Qing thinking that everything had changed. 

However, allow me this moment of ARGHHHH because I just watched the preview of Episode 11, and it simply spells HEARTBREAK in big and bold letters for Da Ren. Seriously. I think there was some accident, so Li Wei was hurt, and You Qing was so thankful that he was safe, then Li Wei proposed to her, AND SHE ACCEPTED. ARGHHHHH, leaving Da Ren who heard Li Wei shouting, "I'M GETTING MARRIED!" with a super, super sad face. Aww.

Also, I think it's kind of sad for Da Ren because he escaped to a city without You Qing, but it seems now that You Qing's going to 'follow' him all the way to Singapore, which means that he's not going to escape from her.

I see no soothing for Da Ren at all. His heart has been in the slump since agesss ago, and I feel like degenerating into a girl with a mentality of three years old so that I can start complaining incessantly about how long he has been emo-ing! I mean, honestly speaking….I still like the show a lot, but from the point of a view as an audience, the plot has not been moving much at all. I would feel that it's actually starting to drag out.

I really like the philosophies and the way it's filmed for this episode, but….I realise something. This episode was good to watch when you are watching it, but if you think about it on the hindsight, really, there wasn't much movement in the plot, which is dangerous because then some people's interest will surely dip, perhaps mine. Okay maybe not…I'd definitely stick it through with this drama till the very end…but I honestly feel that…if there isn't something done soon [and I mean soon], I might end up not loving this drama. Which is such a pity:/

I really like the last scene though. It was one of the best or better I'm-stunned-because-I-just-had-the-discovery-of-the-century kind of scenes filmed in dramas to me(:



  1. Anonymous says

    I agree with..

    your last part about how there was little movement in the plot for this episode. In the last episode’s preview, we saw that Maggie dropped a bomb about Da Ren’s feeling for You Qing, but it wasn’t until the end of Episode 10 where we see this happen, hence the lack of plot.

    With 3 more episodes left, I’m sure the plot will progress more and I’m thinking Episode 12 will be the turning point.


    • Re: I agree with..

      Precisely… the thing is that they placed the last few scenes into the preview, thus letting the viewers think that there will be drastic plot changes, which in fac wouldn’t take place until further episodes.

      Yep! I agree, haha I just hope that they do the ending a justice, because this drama is good(:


  2. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the recap!

    I actually like this episode. Yes, I feel for Da ren but he seemed to be resigned with the thought of not trying to pursue You Qing anymore & just wish her happiness. On the other hand, “fate” steps in & YQ is handed the opportunity to work in Singapore. Talk about coincidence, it seems that fate has a way of giving a chance for DR & YQ.

    I love the last scene, that was just an awesome scene, subtle yet intense. Of course I’m dying to see YQ & DR finally together but I can still appreciate how the drama takes me to YQ & DR’s journey towards finding true happiness. Episode 10 clearly showed YQ’s dilemma. She’s confused enough as to whether she really wants to marry Li Wei, and now that she knows Da ren loves her, I can’t imagine how she’ll comprehend & settle her emotions. I feel for her as well.

    Thanks again. 🙂


    • You are welcome!((:

      Yeah but I feel like Da Ren’s kinda like the character in the story, you know, the one where they told of how a man died in a desert and he didn’t know he was just metres away from water source or something.

      Uhm not a very good analogy but my point is that if only Da Ren hung on a bit more, fought a bit more, he might very well have gotten You Qing already.

      Indeed! Really good, that last scene. I really want to see how she will clean up the mess of feelings towards Li Wei, and realise that she actually does love Da Ren all this while.

      Thanks for reading!(:


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