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Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De Episode 5 Recap

A woman fell to the ground with her chest, stabbed, and a man frantically ran away. 

Kageyama was so engrossed in reading the manga, Kunidachi [this is absolutely not the spelling. However, as of now, I shall depend on my hearing:P], that he didn't hear Reiko ring the bell for him. She was surprised that he read "This sort of things too" which sparked off an indignant reply, "This is not 'this sort of things'! Manga is the proud culture that Japan has" and he continued to tell the story of Kunidachi, which revolves around Bedgy and Rebecca who formed a band and worked hard towards their dreams. 

Reiko told him that she needed to go to work early because there was a murder, but even as Kageyama said, "Yes," he continued to hang on reading to the book.

Heh heh. I totally understand that feeling of reluctance at letting the book go. 

Reiko rushed to the scene and saw Kazamatsuri, who told her that he's being obsessed with Shou Li [i.e Reiko] to the point that when he went out for a dinner with a beautiful lady the night before, he accidentally mentioned Shou Li and the lady was so angry that she left her bag behind. He even had to run after her to return her the bag! Reiko gave an awkward face and quickly escaped to the crime scene. She learnt that there was no purse or bag on the woman, and that the estimated time of death was from 9-11pm. After that, they went to get the testimonies from the witnesses. 

Back at home, while Reiko was waiting for dinner, she murmured "He has an alibi…" Kageyama hinted for Reiko to tell him about the testimonies and promised that he'd learnt his lesson about insulting his Missy the past four times. Reiko relented and told him what she'd learnt over the day. 

First, they went to the temple to find the person, whom we shall call A-san at the moment, who first discovered the victim's body. A-san realised that the victim looked a lot like the woman in this photo, and they realised that the victim, who couldn't be identified earlier, was none other than Yumi, the person who created Kunidachi. The moment they exclaimed over this, someone dropped a whole lot of small boards where people wrote messages on them. Reiko learnt the existence of Ezaki, the one who drew Kunidachi and they knew that there was a possibility of a conflict between creator and artist of Kunidachi. A-san suddenly recalled how he saw a man running off with a woman's handbag the night before, and when asked to describe him, "He seems like the kind who likes to pretend and also rely on women."  

Reiko asked if Kageyama got a shock, and he replied, "It's not just a shock…" Turns out he's the one who dropped all the bamboo boards.

As he picked them up, he even saw a board that had a message written for Rebecca, which touched him greatly. 

Next, Reiko went to Yumi's apartment, and they were stunned to find how small the apartment was. She found out from the landlady that Yumi and Ezaki used to be in a relationship, but after Kunidachi was famous, he went out drinking and flirting with women, so they broke up. They even had a big quarrel over the ending of Kunidachi and we were shown a flashback of Yumi asking why Ezaki wanted to change the way of drawing Rebecca, "Is it because your heart has changed, so Rebecca must change too?" Ezaki shouted that he would go collaborate with other writers, but Rebecca protested vehemently, "Before Kunidachi finished, I will not allow you to work with other writers!" 

They then went on to find the neighbour, who upon learning that Yumi was killed, told them that she saw Yumi at 9.30pm the night before. She remembered so clearly because she needed to go to work, and then she shooed them away because she needed to work till 11pm that night. At this point in time, Kageyama was inside Yumi's apartment and read Yumi's draft of the last volume of Kunidachi. 

The story continued after Reiko's indignant, "No trespassing allowed!" After the neighbour's testimony, they could now narrow down the time of murder from 9.45 to 11pm because Yumi needed 15 minutes to get to the temple. They then went on to find Ezaki who gave them a very detailed recount of what he did from 9-9.30pm, after which he left his friend&editor of Kunidachi, to head on to a cafe where he stayed there all the way till 11pm. Kazamatsuri asked about the last volume of Kunidachi, to which Ezaki sighed and said, "I guess I will have to draw it…even if it's for her." 

Kazamatsuri and Reiko went on to check with the people in the cafe, and they all said that they'd seen Ezaki. So now the two of them were stuck, because they seemed to have no more suspects. Also, they found out that a group of judo students went out running at night and they didn't see any body at 10pm. A-san saw the man with the handbag at 10.30pm, which meant that the time of murder was from 10-10.30pm, which meant that Ezaki was in the cafe. However, Kazamatsuri had this idea of getting everyone to test if it's possible to get to the temple within 15 minutes. If so, then Yumi could get killed by 9.40, and Ezaki could still get to the cafe by 9.45pm. He thought of all possibilities, and Reiko ended up with the normal bike. Everyone set off, but she winced, "I couldn't rid a bike." At this moment, Kazehaya came to her rescue by setting up two more wheels at the back of her bike, so she's now riding a four-wheel bike lolol. 

However, she still reached the last with 25 minutes….or wait, she wasn't the last, because Kazamatsuri only appeared after her in his Jaguar, "Seems like the Jaguar couldn't be used on narrow and busy streets." He wanted to try again at 9.30pm at night which they did, but no matter what, no one could reach the temple from Yumi's apartment within 15 minutes. Kazamatsuri went with his, "Yes yes yes yes yes" and sent them home to sleep lol. 

After hearing all the testimonies, Kageyama confirmed, "So what Missy wants me to do isn't to find the culprit, but to prove that his alibi does not stand?" "Yes, Kageyama, can you prove that his alibi is false?" Kageyama asked if Reiko didn't see loopholes in Ezaki's testimony and Reiko said that his testimony was flaw-less without any loopholes.

She stopped circling, and Kageyama looked at her [we all know an insult is coming heh!], "I beg my pardon, Missy, but at the end of the day, you are still an idiot…………this is a compliment." Reiko realised that he tried to 'soften' his words by using 'this is a compliment' and again, she took another few minutes to flare up, "I don't see how being scolded an idiot is a compliment!" "Japanese is a hard language." "It's not hard at all!" She started sulking and refused to get any more help from Kageyama, but this time Kageyama reacted differently, "You are just sitting here and doing nothing, wasting the taxpayers' money. AH AH isn't this a tragedy??" HAHA and Reiko was defeated. She asked for his help, and got the usual answer, "Let's solve the mystery after dinner."

Kageyama started out by telling Reiko that his deductions were based on the assumption that Ezaki was the criminal. He first solved how A-san could have seen a man with a handbag…because that wasn't Ezaki at all. He told Reiko to recall what her supervisor had said, and Reiko remembered how Kazamatsuri complained about having to chase after a woman who left her bag. "That's right, which means that there's a possibility A-san didn't see Ezaki but Kazamatsuri." 

He then went on to solve how the judo students didn't see anything at 10pm. True, if they had run past the temple that night, they would have seen the body because the light from the street lamps would have shone into the temple. However, the night before, all the bamboo boards were still hung up, effectively blocking off all the light from the street, and thus the body lay in the dark, undetected. 

"It isn't strange that the students didn't realise there was a body lying there."

Kageyama brought up how it's suspicious that Ezaki gave such details of what he did from 9-9.30pm but what he did afterwards wasn't mentioned in such details. Reiko thought that it's because he had no idea when's the actual time of murder, but Kageyama stopped her because they shouldn't doubt that Ezaki's the culprit. Based on that premise, he's the one who should be the most knowing of when the time of murder was. Reiko realised, "So the actual time of crime was from 9-9.30pm?" Reiko still felt that Ezaki's alibi hadn't been broken because it was testified that Yumi was seen at her apartment at 9.30pm, and Kageyama told her that this could be a false testimony, not that Ezaki told the neighbour to say so, but Yumi herself. Reiko immediately deduced that Yumi was the one with the murder intent, but during the struggle, she accidentally got stabbed. Ezaki who didn't know about Yumi's neighbour's false testimony, tried very hard to explain what he was doing from 9-9.30pm.

Reiko turned around with a smug face and 'apologised' for snatching away Kageyama's glory. However, Kageyama looked at her disapprovingly, "Is it all right to sit here in such a relaxed manner and drink tea?" He told Reiko that Ezaki must have deduced that the neighbour was giving false testimony, "Which meant that she might know who Yumi went to meet." She's supposed to get home by 11pm after work as she'd told Reiko, and Reiko looked at the clock — it was 10.45pm. 

As they quickly rushed to the apartment, there was a scream and the neighbour slowly backed out of the house. The two of them watched with bated breath as Ezaki appeared from inside the house with a knife in his hands. Kageyama told him that they knew he was the one who killed Yumi, and he defended himself by saying that it was an accident. Kageyama suddenly turned the tables with a, "Is that so?" and he told the rest of them that Yumi committed suicide. She purposely turned the knife on herself during the struggle so that she would be killed. Ezaki didn't believe at first, but Kageyama asked the neighbour, "What did Yumi request you to say?" "She told me that if she faced with any mishap, tell the police she was seen at 9.30pm." 

The fact that she said 'mishap' showed that she didn't want to kill Ezaki. Kageyama revealed that Yumi probably was going to die soon because of an illness and that she was the one who drew on the board with a Rebecca drawing that said, "I hope that Rebecca can live for a few more days." He saw packets of medicine in Yumi's house in the day, and deduced that A-san who saw Yumi clutching her chest didn't do because of emotional pain, but because of a real heart ache. He told Ezaki that Yumi did all this because she knew Ezaki would be embroiled in this matter, and in order to get a false testimony from his editor, he must have promised that he would draw the last volume. "She did all this to make sure that you will draw the last volume." 

Ezaki started to blame himself and said that he should have left Yumi earlier so that she didn't need to face all this, but Kageyama corrected him. He passed the draft of the last volume to Ezaki and told him to read the ending. Turns out that even though Bedgy and Rebecca had a fight, Rebecca still told Bedgy at the end, "Let us step towards the stage together!" She wanted them to work together till the very end. Ezaki recalled how twelve years ago, they sat in a cafe and as he drew the characters, Yumi listened to songs. She had asked what names to use for their characters, and Ezaki suggested basing the characters on themselves. Yumi laughed, "In that case, we shall call you…" She looked at his bowl full of leftover vegetables, "Bedgy," and Ezaki looked over at the CD she's listening to, "We shall call you Rebecca." They laughed and toasted to stepping towards the peak of art. 

Aww~. As the police came to get Ezaki, once again, Kazamatsuri saw 'Shou Li' but she ignored him. Kageyama fetched her home but halfway, he told Reiko that he had something he needed to tell her. He opened the car door and asked if he could be allowed to say what he wanted to say, and Reiko nodded. 

The suspense built up a little, as if Kageyama was going to give a confession, when he stepped aside to reveal a bike. Hahaha, "It's not right if Missy couldn't ride a bike," and so Reiko decided to learn how to ride a bike. She kept shouting for Kageyama to hold on to her, but Kageyama  let go and she went on without a hitch. He smiled. 

-the end-

I initially typed out a rather long reflection on this episode, mainly about how I prefer it if the viewers are shown the 'clues' so that we can be allowed to rack our heads as hard as possible, and fail, then marvel at the brilliance of the character (e.g Kindaichi, Conan etc) and writer. This is obviously not the case here in Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De because there's too many guesswork on Kageyama's side; we are merely watching and not being engaged in guessing. 

However, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for the supporters of this show, my post was wiped out after a crash, so I'm not in the mood to type the entire post again. Besides, it will make it sound like I don't enjoy the show, which is wrong, because I do, or I will not even continue recapping it.

Hmm, it just seems to me that this show was meant more for viewers to see Sakurai Sho and Kitagawa Keiko, rather than actual enjoyment at the plot though.But I must say, it's really quite cute though to watch the comedy and entertainment in this show(:


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