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Bloody Monday 2 Episode 1 Recap

I'm so in love with the song Zanzou. 

Anyway, here's the recap of the first episode!(: Recapping of Bloody Monday 2 will be taken at a leisurely pace…because 1. It's totally too depressing to recap 3 episodes of deaths, hacking, betrayals and what not at the same time 2. I believe there's not an urgent demand for it. Besides, I really like this season 2 as well, so I don't wanna rush any thing and take it slow and easy. 

The season starts with some recapping of the previous season, and then we are immediately introduced to Orihaya Maya who was decked up in this sexy looking piece of clothes, and she had a gun. The guy was next to the bathtub, and Maya fired at him. Kujo Akihito received a call from Maya who told him that she'd obtained the Fang of the Emperor, and that there would be a nuclear attack in Tokyo the next day at 8pm. She was shown holding a memory card, and she walked back into the bathroom to finish the guy off. 

Scenes of the Third-I being informed of the impending nuclear attack was interspersed with scenes of the back of this suspicious looking guy tapping away happily on the keyboards with like 5 monitors, and the contents that the guy was viewing were all about terrorism such as "Which kind of bombs do you prefer?" etc. He seemed even to be the one monitoring the results, as a mole popped up from a corner of a screen, threw a bomb which 'exploded'. 

Kujo Otoya was presenting during a lecture about nuclear energy. J was arrested in Russia, but he turned around with a smile when Kirishima went to get him from his cell.

OMG WHITE HAIR. HIS SMILE. Okay, though at this point, I wasn't particularly happy with his white hair. He'd looked so good with brown!:O 

Aoi was looking around while browsing through a magazine, when Fujimaru said, "Miss, can you please refrain from browsing through materials for a long period of time?"

Aoi decided to ignore his words as she's waiting for Otoya, so Fujimaru picked up another magazine to browse through, except…he picked a magazine filled with pictures of females er, in revealing positions. Aoi came over and smacked his head (LOL). Fujimaru revealed that he might not be able to go for Otoya's birthday celebration because he might have to work. Otoya finally arrived, when Fujimaru's female colleague suddenly came running out. She grabbed his hands and tried to pull him to help her fix the computer, but Fujimaru halted, "I'm sorry, but I don't know much about computers. I can't help you," and he pulled his hands away. 

When the girl left, Fujimaru turned to Aoi and Otoya, and stressed again, "It's true! I don't touch computers nowadays." Otoya and Aoi left first for Otoya's birthday dinner. A lady went to view an apartment, and when she took off her scarf, there was an elaborate tattoo over her bosom. A few minutes later, she took out a gun strapped to her leg and killed the estate agent in the bathroom. When it was closer to night time, she opened her violin case, and took out a rifle. 

Akihito turned up at Otoya's dinner, which shocked Otoya. Turns out that it was Aoi who made this meeting possible. Akihito needed to run off somewhere, but before he left, he wanted to treat Otoya to a drink first. The lady with the rifle aimed and fired the shot, but just at that moment, Akihito moved his head. The lady fired a second time, and Otoya who had suspected something, pushed his grandfather aside, but Akihito still got shot in the chest. As he was quickly carted away, Otoya picked up his grandfather's mobile phone. Fujimaru texted them and said that he would have to work the night shift, so he couldn't join them. 

The girl called for his help and he went to the counter, smiling at a boy.

Aww~~ I think Haruma Miura's smile is very cute. Anyway, there was a guy watching him/them, but by the time Fujimaru turned his head, there was no one outside the convenience store anymore. 

Akihito was saved, and while waiting, Otoya received a phone call on his grandfather's phone. He picked it up and realised that it was from Maya.

He accused Maya of killing his grandfather, "Were you the one?" "Your grandfather is dead?" Maya replied in an amused tone, which caused Otoya to be confused. He agreed to meet Maya and told Aoi not to tell anyone. Not Third-I, not Fujimaru. 

Fujimaru finally went home in the morning and was really tired. As he changed, he asked who Haruka was going to meet. He heard that it'd be the boy who played soccer, Yagi-kun, and was like, "You are not allowed to go to any boy's house."

Even though Haruka said that they'd be going to a family restaurant to study, Fujimaru still insisted that she stayed at home. He went to catch up on his sleep after that. Kano and Minami were transferred back to Third-I to face with the impending terror, and their new supervisor, Hagiwara, insisted on using Falcon's help to defeat the terrorist. Fujimaru felt someone moving around and woke up in shock, to find that it's only Aoi, who wrote, "Wake up idiot" on his hand in permanent ink. 

Fujimaru realised that it's late and that he needed to go to work. As he changed out from his boxers into pants, Aoi revealed that Otoya's grandfather was shot the night before and that she couldn't get into contact with Otoya ever since he left to meet…Maya.

Fujimaru was stunned, "It's not funny," and Aoi tried to get him to help find Otoya but he didn't want to have anything to do with that matter anymore. I mean, who can blame him? He's the one who went through so, so much previously thanks to those terrorists. He lost a father, lost a friend and basically went through a lot. He gave Aoi his key, so that she could lock up the house later when she left, and he headed for work. 

A woman that was decked up like Maya turned at the convenience store and shot everyone, after she asked where Fujimaru was. The girl, Hibiki, happened to be stocking up the drinks so she quickly hid behind the cabinet. There was a heart-stopping moment when the woman stopped right in front, but she only wanted to pick up a drink from the fridge. After the woman went into the back to shoot more people, Hibiki quickly ran away. 

Fujimaru was shocked to see the police crowding in front of the store and asked Hibiki where she was when she called him. Hibiki immediately screamed into the phone for him to run because the woman was targeting him. Fujimaru glanced around and noticed a woman looking at him. He quickly walked away in the opposite direction as he told Hibiki to hide too. He joined her at one of those internet cafes and she immediately hugged him. He assured her, "It's okay," and he started to load the computer.

Hibiki looked at him in confusion and he confessed, "I'm actually a hacker." Sawakita informed Kano about the shooting incident at Fujimaru's work place and she was told to get the footages. Fujimaru used his hacking ways to get the footages of the shooting incident from the surveillance cameras, and realised that the woman wasn't Maya at all. Suddenly, he was being hacked…by someone called Hornet. The woman was notified that Fujimaru was in box 33, but when she reached it and drew her gun, Hibiki and Fujimaru had already escaped. They ran non stop right to this building and this room,

and we realised… that Fujimaru's the suspicious looking person right in the first few scenes. He explained to Hibiki that the mole program's useful for tracking out sites with terrorism contents and shutting them down. Oh..so now we know.. Seriously, I thought that it's going to be some crazy person out to get to the world from his little room. 

As Fujimaru tried to catch his breath, someone came up the stairs and triggered the alarms. Fujimaru immediately took some electrifying appliance and tried to electrocute the 'intruder', which totally owned him in a series of chops and flips. Turns out to be Kano-san, who told him that Third-I needed his help. As he followed Kano and Minami, he called Aoi to take care of Haruka, who should still be at home. After he put down the call, he clipped on his thumb drive, with the Falcon sign. 

Oh yeah. Falcon's super coolXD

Oh man the sad/wistful part is coming –> Aoi went to wait for Haruka back in her house, and called Haruka who didn't pick up, because she was with Yagi-kun. The bell rang, and Aoi thought that it was Haruka, so she ran out to open the door…without checking. It was a strange guy, and Aoi tried closing the door, but the guy forced his way in, and there were terrified screamsDDD: I don't know…I really, really dislike this part. I hate all the what-ifs! And there are so many what-ifs here arghhhh. What if Fujimaru didn't entrust this task to Aoi? What if Haruka picked up the phone call? And the most important…what if Aoi had bothered to check who was outside the door? D:

Otoya met up with Maya who placed a memory card inside Akihito's phone, for Otoya to pass to his grandfather. After she placed the phone back into his pocket, she immediately switched positions with him and was shot. As she fell down, she pushed Otoya downwards, so he avoided another shot. He quickly ran away, as blood oozed out from Maya's chest. 

Fujimaru was introduced to the new head and let on that he actually knew everything that was happening within Third-I. Hagiwara expressed that this was "a very serious problem" and Fujimaru apologised. Lol. He told them that before coming here, he was attacked by another hacker…"and I was defeated."  Hagiwara was shocked, but Fujimaru continued, "Of course I didn't let him win without a fight." While Hornet was attacking him, he managed to gain access to Hornet's recent entries, and realised that he/she was checking whether a flight JSF421 would be touching down on time. Hagiwara revealed that that's exactly the flight J would be taking to get back to Tokyo. He was arrested by the Interpol when he tried smuggling into Moscow and Kirishima went to fetch him. 

Minami asked when the flight would be touching down, and Fujimaru answered, "Eight tonight. On the dot." Hagiwara muttered, "The bomb is on that plane." They realised that if the bomb was on the plane, and it went off immediately as the plane touched down, it would take the entire Tokyo with it. There's a flurry of activities as Hagiwara instructed Kano and Minami. Fujimaru looked a little stunned. 

Kirishima was notified about the threat of the bomb and his assistant recalled about how he saw a suspicious-looking case when he went to the toilet previously [and bumped into a suspicious-looking person too]. A scan of the contents revealed a bomb-outline, and his assistant transported the case back to their seats. Kirishima handcuffed J to one of the seats, as the assistant opened the case. It's a bomb, no doubt. J laughed and said that 'they' were quite active. Kirishima immediately pointed his gun at him, "Who are you talking about? Is this done by errant members of your organisation?"

J smiled, "Think about it. If the bomb goes off, I will die too. This is done by people who think that I'm an inconvenience simply by being alive." 

Kirishima notified Third-I that the bomb had a timer and GPS system. It was found out that this bomb was made in Russia and it had a self-locked system where it wouldn't in Russia, but once the GPS notified the system that this bomb was in Tokyo, the bomb would go off. Falcon immediately tried to hack into Russia's security control centre to try and obtain the password needed to stop the timer. As he hacked halfway through, the falcon suddenly slammed into walls, and the screens in Third-I changed from hacking codes to….a footage of Aoi. She was crying as her hands were tied and she was hung from the ceiling from her hands. Fujimaru tried to do something but the screens wouldn't change, and even showed them the chemical that was going to be injected into Aoi. KCL, a chemical used for euthanasia. 

Hagiwara immediately sent Minami to search for Aoi, since they knew that she had to be within 2-km radius of the Tokyo tower such that they could see the tower from the window behind her. Fujimaru shouted, "Haruka was supposed to be with Aoi!" so Hagiwara sent Kano to look for Haruka. Fujimaru tried tagging along but he was pushed aside with a "What can you do?" "Please let me help, I don't want to lose any more friends and family!" 

DDDDDD: Arghhhh Fujimaru has one of the worst-luck lives amongst all the male leads I've watched. 

Kano promised, "We will bring your sister back safely. Kujo Otoya and Asada Aoi too, so believe in us." Fujimaru stopped hacking after that, because he knew that the terrorists were blackmailing him. 

The assistant tried desperately to decode the password but he kept failing. While Kirishima was called back into the captains' cabin, he was informed that the pilots were told to fly out into the Pacific Ocean. The pilots asked if the government was planning to shoot them down [at this moment, Akihito was heading a meeting in his full glory of man-survived-injury, and he just ordered two jets to get to the JSF421] While the assistant was being engrossed, J took the chance to open his handcuff and walked into the economics' cabin where there were other members of the public. 

He started shouting that the plane would never touch down and that there was a bomb on the plane. Kirishima appeared, and J, in a brilliant fashion I must say so, pointed to him and shouted, "He's the terrorist!!!" The suspicious looking guy and everyone else tried to take Kirishima down (poor him) but they stopped the moment he pulled out the gun. He took out his pass to show them that he's part of the police and told them honestly that there was a bomb. The pilot appeared to tell them that they would guarantee that their safety come first and Kirishima made J return to his own seat. 

Fujimaru was told by Hagiwara to continue hacking, but the moment he did, more KCL was pumped into Aoi and another screen flashed, "Hacking is a crime". He couldn't go on, no he couldn't and he put his head down on the table in despair. Aoi had stopped crying&screaming and became silent, but there were still tears. 

Oh mannnn. I hear my own heart breaking. 

Hagiwara was informed about the government's decision to shoot the plane down and he went back to his room to make a call. Minutes after, the screen suddenly went back to normal and there was a call from Minami — to tell Fujimaru that they had found Aoi and she's fine. Fujimaru was so thankful and he immediately went back to hacking. 

At 7.55, he hammered away on the keyboard and Kirishima got a call from him, "I got the password. I will read it out to you now." He read out the password and the assistant quickly entered it. They waited with bated breath for the password to finish loading. The camera switched to the suspicious looking guy who suddenly got up and walked quickly down the aisle. The loading bar was almost finished when the assistant was grabbed by the throat by an air stewardess, who grabbed the laptop as well. She looked at J with vehemence, "We have to get rid of that man!" and J gave a what I interpreted as, almost pissed face…which would have been quite funny if not for the situationT.T

Kirishima had his gun pointed at the air stewardess, who was shot…by the suspicious looking guy…who was actually the sky marshal for that plane. The laptop was spoilt beyond repair and there was no other way for the password to finish loading. As the other important cabinet ministers pressured Akihito into allowing the jets to shoot the plane down, the timer continued ticking down. Kirishima decided to throw the bomb, himself and J right into the ocean together so he ordered the plane to get closer to the ocean. Fujimaru suddenly had a flash of inspiration –"The GPS is still functioning!" With mere 30 seconds, he started hacking away and the music built on to the tension and suspense. 

5…4…3…2… [Akihito opened his mouth to order the shootdown] 1… and JSF421 disappeared off the radar screen. Fujimaru closed his eyes and placed his head on the table. Everyone froze in shock as the nuclear bomb blasted the plane…………….until they heard Kirishima's voice, "The bomb seemed to be successfully disarmed." 

Turns out… Falcon hacked into the GPS instead, and misled the system to think that the plane was in Russia, instead of Japan which successfully caused the bomb to lock itself. The ministers were super happy and so were everyone else……but the mood immediately changes as we see Fujimaru look at Aoi's corpse. 

Fujimaru was still in shock, "What does this mean…you guys told me that Aoi was fine, didn't you tell me that you managed to save her!" 

"Did you lie to me? Did you lie to me just so I will continue hacking?! Even you Minami-san how could you lie to me!" He stepped towards Minami, but was stopped by Hagiwara, "By the time they found her, she was already dead." "Why didn't you tell me that!" "Because! If I told you that, you've become completely useless." Fujimaru pushed him aside and pushed Minami onto the wall. She maintained her face of righteousness and told Fujimaru that he could beat her up as much as he wanted to, but when she went out later, her tears started gathering despite her visible effort to control it. Kano asked her how she could do that to Fujimaru, who believed in Third-I, and she said, "It's the best choice. The bomb was stopped. Tokyo was saved!" 

Otoya and Haruka quickly ran in and they were in a state of shock and disbelief. Otoya asked, "Who did this to her?!" and Fujimaru answered, "It was me." Zanzou started playing in the background as Fujimaru walked down the corridor and opened his palm. The words that Aoi wrote in the day had now faded to — "Wake…Idiot" He clenched his fists and cried so hard, as memories of Aoi flashed through. 

If you think that's the end, well it isn't. The ministers got a phone call from the terrorist group, who was the one who planted the bomb. They called themselves Der Freischutz and they had a real plan — to reform the country. 

J was brought to the hospital and Kirishima was told that he might have been exposed to too much nuclear radiation. J talked to him from his ward, "When the Pandora's box is opened, there will be one catastrophe after another…leaving hope behind. But in our case, it should be despair right?" 

-the end-

T.T I cried; I couldn't help it at all. I kinda knew that Aoi would die because uhm in Dramawiki, Aoi appeared under 'others', which probably meant that she had a very small role, but stillDDDDD: It was so sad. I felt that Fujimaru's a character which I really…. pity would be a wrong word. Saying that I wish Fujimaru's just a happy school guy who didn't go through all the nonsense will be more apt…but that will be impossible because then there will be no Bloody Monday 1&2 yes, and also because Falcon's such an amazing character, it will be impossible for him not to get noticed. 

First episode's the longest, almost twice the length of a normal episode. Can you believe that in one day, Fujimaru's back to being Falcon after a break of 2 years, Maya looked like she's killed, and Aoi's dead? 

Also, how many of you got temporary paranoia at the airports after watching this?XD I knew that the first time I went to the airport after watching this season, the first episode slammed right into my head and I couldn't help but imagine all the scenarios happening. 

If anything else, I'm glad that J's back, and so is Falcon. Yep, they are a terrorist and a hacker respectively, but heyyy who cares in this context, when both have cute smiles and are cool in their own ways. *useless* 

SIGH. I just wish that Aoi didn't have to die in this manner. That scene when she stopped crying and just simply teared was quite heartbreaking. It was almost as if she already knew that she would die no matter what, and she wasn't struggling anymore, but just feeling regretful. 

P.S I tried my best to recap, but please understand if I miss out any details. 

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