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In Time With You Episode 9 Recap

So after Li Wei walked away, the two of them started grabbing to each end of the paper and refused to let go. [Gah] Stupid ahem You Qing asked if Da Ren went to complain about her to their high school teacher, that's why he's having a guilty conscience right now, but Da Ren replied that she must have felt guilty about something first, or she wouldn't even think of the idea of him complaining.

In the end, they pulled so hard that the paper was torn into half and You Qing quickly kept her bit in her big, before Li Wei returned. The dinner was full of tension as Da Ren and You Qing made jibes about each other. Da Ren started saying how You Qing's always like the "Female lead", "Centre of the World" and that you must abide by her rules, be her "Supporting lead", or she would be angry. You Qing replied that people who complained about "The woes of being a friend" were not pleasant at all, and Li Wei's just caught in the middle with obvious question marks floating around. 

He asked about it later, and You Qing was initially reluctant to say why, "It's a matter between Da Ren and I." However, Li Wei was like, "So I'm being left out?" and You Qing told him that it was because she found out that Da Ren told on her. [ But arghhhh if she didn't suggest that idea, I'm pretty sure somehow Da Ren might leak it out, because he's not a very good liar!] Li Wei got angry because I mean they pretty much squabbled over this the whole dinner and he felt that there's something between her and Da Ren, "If not, why don't you agree to engagement?" You Qing replied, "You didn't even ask, what do you want me to agree to?" and Li Wei smiled. 

Da Ren wrote out the words that were torn away and when his mother and sister came in at separate times to talk to him, they both got scolded on the account of them not respecting his need for silence and privacy. You Qing dried her piece of paper but unfortunately, she only got the ends of the sentences, mainly, "You, yours, pride, pride" etc. She tried to guess what words went before them and lamented over her bad luck. Da Ren's mother and sister started quarrelling over the colours to use when repainting the house, and Da Ren came out shouting, "To be a supporting role once in your lifetime, will it kill you guys?"

Next morning's breakfast full of tension as well, when Da Ren's mother flared up and walked off. Da Ren asked his sister what's wrong with the mother, and the sister asked, "It should be — what's wrong with YOU?" Da Ren went to work and was told to re-do his proposal. He got really dejected and down because now he had problems with his friend/crush, his mother&sister, and his job. He felt really bad about something so he called… Li Wei out. 

Turns out that he felt really bad about the badmouthing of You Qing, so he started clearing things up. He told Li Wei that he's being unfair to You Qing, and that You Qing's actually a really unique person, but sometimes she realised that her uniqueness was not appreciated by the world, and so she felt inferior. "So she needs someone to constantly remind her how good she is, don't try to change her habits…because her habits are what makes You Qing, You Qing… she likes it when her heart palpitates over something, but she always regret it after, she appreciates sincerity so don't try and use the balloon [Henry proposed to Lala using a hugeee balloon that floated up to the office floor and said — Marry me] on her. When she needs to chat to someone, a bottle of beer would make her speak her mind…and when she doesn't feel like talking, she would immerse in a book until she has recharged and feels okay." 

Lol, I had a lot of fun watching Li Wei's face turned sour hahahaXD

Li Wei became a tad jealous and told Da Ren he's feeling pissed off because "Why do I need you to come and tell me how to love my girlfriend." Da Ren replied that he didn't need to care about him but Li Wei retorted, "A 'best friend' who told my girlfriend he loved her, do you think I can not care?" Da Ren realised that he looked at the message, and told him that it's also a lesson — Enemies are always around you, "So please take care of You Qing." He walked off, only to be stopped by Li Wei's "We are getting engaged."

Oh realllyyyy. 

Da Ren replied, "Engagement's not the end." "I can skip over the engagement and get married." Yeah, without You Qing's consent you can marry yourself. Ah oops, lol a too vehement reply. Da Ren kept quiet for a few seconds, before replying, "Marriage's only the start." 

Ooh I like the way Da Ren replied [the script]. 

You Qing wondered if those non-earth shattering moments might be more earth shattering than the earth shattering moments [this was in narration over scenes of her dad basically being uhm useless in life hahaha without her mum who was in the hospital] At night after her dad came back, she talked to her dad, "I never knew you love mum." and her dad started saying how Love wasn't the passionate, earth-shattering kind that they believed in. He talked about how love was like "Your mum who made me a fussy eater with her good food, who wanted me to stroll with her on a rainy day and intentionally used a small umbrella so that I would stand closer to her, who would ride especially fast… so that I would hug her a little tighter…She didn't ask for much..but men are stingy sometimes, and yet she still loves me."

And with this touching speech, You Qing concluded in her heart, "My dad's 'Earth-shattering' is more earth-shattering than Henry's." 

This was why when Henry asked if she was envious, she told him that she wasn't because "Marriage is forever", and the way he proposed only brought happiness for that second, fulfilled that vanity for a moment. However Henry retorted that she's just trying to inject herself with a vaccine, in case she didn't get such a proposal, she wouldn't feel disappointed. Later, You Qing visited her mother and learnt that Da Ren visited her mother in the hospital with some cake. Li Wei appeared with uhm cake too and as he handed the cake to her mother who talked about how Da Ren also visited with cake, You Qing zipped his bag and got a shock — because she saw a box inside. 

When Li Wei left and she walked him out, he said that he had a lot of things to do and he needed some encouragement. He leaned down towards her and she gave him a peck on the cheek. Motioning towards that spot, he said, "With this, I can hold on."

Haha lol, that was kinda cute.

He told You Qing that he needed to ask her something and You Qing thought that he was going to propose to her, but turns out the ring that he had in his bag was for his boss's wife and he wanted to ask if You Qing felt that it was appropriate. 

Uhm, but if I'm not wrong, haha that was just a ploy to get You Qing's opinion on HER ring. 

Da Ren went home and appeased his mother with flowers,

who lamented over her son's lack of taste for colours.

He appeased his sister with headphones and then he collapsed on his bed, "Two done…Now left with the hardest…why do I have so many princesses in my life?" 

The next day, Da Ren turned up as You Qing paid her respects to their high school teacher. When they left, Da Ren kept walking behind her and You Qing gave a little tiny smile.

She turned around, only to find that Da Ren wasn't there anymore, but he turned up again with water when she waited at the bus stop. He apologised and told her that he's just being a little jealous as a friend because she didn't tell him that Li Wei's was joining them. You Qing forgave him and somewhere along the conversation, Da Ren asked if she felt envious about Henry's proposal and You Qing replied, "Who wouldn't want someone to do some earth-shattering things for them once in their life?" 

"Are you sure you have never experienced that before?" You Qing scoffed, "I'm the one living my life, how would I not know?" "Maybe someone already did, but you were just totally oblivious."

Oooh interesting, I can't wait to know what Da Ren did haha. Anyway You Qing said that the more evil one was the one who did the earth-shattering thing in the dark because he/she made her into an idiot who didn't know who to count her blessings. "If I find out who that person is, I will give him two punches."

She told Da Ren to 'fess up and he told her that he slashed her ex-boyfriend's tires twice. You Qing started laughing in happiness as Da Ren looked at her and thought, "I will have to work hard not to fall in love with you."

Lala came to ask You Qing if another colleague, who was Henry's ex girlfriend, would mind if she invited her to be her bridesmaid. You Qing asked why she didn't ask her and Lala said that Henry said You Qing would want to be the 'Female Lead' instead of small supporting roles like that. Instead, they were going to ask her to host the wedding, to which You Qing accepted. You Qing started calling up people to ask why she wasn't invited to be the bridesmaid and she got the answer of "because you are prettier than me and I'm the lead of the day!" from her sister, "The small tiresome things can be left to my sister," from her high school friend, and then from Lu Xin Di, "because we were still in a cold war," when she came to buy shoes. 

Lu Xin Di learnt about Henry's way of proposing and they agreed that it's indeed earth-shattering. Lu Xin Di talked about how Da Ren did something so earth-shattering for You Qing who totally ignored it, but You Qing was like "When did he do that?" "He went to the same university ah!" "That's just a coincidence." "It's not a coincidence! His points are good enough to study News and Journalism in Zheng Da eh! It's true!" and You Qing looked shocked. 

When Da Ren returned home that night, he was immediately punched twice by You Qing, and he thought she was being angry over him finding Li Wei. You Qing was stunned to hear yet another piece of news that he hid from her, "How many things are you hiding from me?" Da Ren shook his head and then he took off running hahaha with You Qing hot on his heels.

Omg this part was epiccc. Anyway You Qing started screaming and Da Ren thought something happened to her, and she took her chance to dash into the gate lol. 

She revealed what she knew, "Because of me, you gave up going to Zheng Da's Journalism??" Da Ren blinked and told her that it wasn't — he just wasn't interested in News [Love Chen Bo Lin's acting here!] You Qing's punches started to ache and he sat down, telling You Qing, "It's lucky that my bladder had no pee," and You Qing laughed, giving his shoulder another punch, earning another immediate, "Still punching me?!" You Qing looked apologetic for a moment, before saying, "But there's no bladder there."

which caused Da Ren to laugh out loud.

You Qing decided to buy some beer so that they could chat, and before she left, she put her hands around his face and said,

"Be good and wait for me" in that mother-talking-to-kid's voice. LOL. She's totally high haha.

However sigh, after she bought two cans of beer, Li Wei called and said that he hadn't been eating because he was so busy, so he wanted beef noodles and…he wanted to see her. She called Da Ren back, "Do you…really need to drink beer today?"

And Da Ren knew she couldn't make it, so "It's okay, we will have beer some other day." After hanging up, he said to himself, "I definitely…have to work hard not to love you."

You Qing went to Li Wei's house with beef noodles…and uhm herself lol, but Li Wei was dead to the world. She placed the noodles in a bowl, and placed a blanket over Li Wei. After waiting for some time, she left the house. The next day, Li Wei woke up to see noodles and a note, "Place in the microwave and press 2." He brushed his teeth while smiling in bliss and waiting for the noodles to be ready, when he saw the two cans of beer next to the sink and recalled how Da Ren said that whenever she needed a chat, she would be all ready to talk with beer. 

You Qing's mother was released from the hospital and she insisted on looking at the kitchen which she was convinced, "Will be full of cockroaches."

This screenshot amuses me so muchXD Because of the flailing arms. 

During work, Da Ren thought You Qing peeked over from the opposite desk and he popped his head up.

He imagined You Qing all around him, alternating between funny requests

and then laughing at him.

Basically driving him crazy. 

Then we have You Qing in a similar kind of pose —

Lol, I can't resist. 

Of course, due to an entirely different reason. Li Wei told her to wait on that floor and she thought that he was going to propose to her using the balloon method too, "How?? Should I accept?". However, Li Wei turned up, told her that he had something important to announce [causing her to panic] and then he said, "I have a case"! 

Da Ren went out drinking with his high school friends and they started talking about how when one of them had a wife, and tagged along every time, the moment the guy started drinking, the girl would be, "Babyyy, don't drink so much~" They toasted to their singlehood but after they got a bit drunk and all, two left because they were meeting their girlfriends. The last friend left told Da Ren that no matter what they said, marriage was good, "After all, even if your wife nags at you, it's better than you going home and having a hangover and hugging the toilet bowl while vomiting right? When you feel awful, at least there's someone to give you water, isn't that good?" As if to emphasize his point, the friend rushed for the toilet as he felt nausea. 

And Da Ren went home to puke too. He imagined You Qing giving him water and towels, and said, "I will have to work hard not to love you."

When he came out of his room, he imagined You Qing saying, "You are smelly, go sleep on the sofa." 

Li Wei brought You Qing to the congratulatory party that was held for him because he got that big case to handle. He introduced her to a couple of people, and then she was left alone. After a while, she messaged him, "I'm tired, enjoy yourself" but he replied, "This is my night, how can it be without you?" She smiled and nodded at him, after he mouthed, "Pleaseee?" So she tried entertaining herself, by looking at Facebook and she smiled when she saw a photo of Da Ren being drunk. 

She was about to reply when Tina, Li Wei's assistant, sat down and chatted with her. Later, You Qing left to call Da Ren, "You are right… I'm really like a 'Female Lead'. I would rather be alone, than to be a useless character in a corner. Sometimes without you saying, I don't even realise it."

Whoo โค those filming again..but it's bittersweet don't you think? The fact that Da Ren was only one phone call away does make their relationship closer. He's always there for her, and the filming shows that he's there for her in anyway possible, man he would probably fly to her side if she was in trouble…but the flip side is…right now, he's always one phone call away, but not like…one inch away. He will always be on the other side, whereas Li Wei's by her side. 

Sigh. That got to change lol. 

Anyway, uhm hahaha being a supporter of Da Ren, I felt that Li Wei did something really stupid here but I felt kinda embarrassed for him anyway — 

He got a bouquet of flowers and everyone knew that he was going to propose. He started looking for You Qing and realised she wasn't there, so he asked Tina, who replied, "Toilet." SO, he went to the toilet to propose outside the door.

While You Qing, who totally wasn't inside the toilet was still talking to Da Ren. She told him that she had decided, "I want to be the bridesmaid at your wedding…"

"I promise, I will be with your bride, help her, reassure her, accompany her for the tea session, to send the guests away, I will make her the most beautiful bride." Argh so ironic, he doesn't want you to be the bridesmaid, he wants you to be the BRIDE!

At this point of time, Li Wei's currently proposing, "I've come to great lengths to be here today..and I feel that the time is right. You Qing, when you are ready, please come out… I have something for you."

Confess, how many of you died fangirling at his accent? XD

Anyway, all his colleagues started chanting, "You Qing, You Qing, You Qing" but stopped after an awkward period of no action from the person inside the toilet. Li Wei called You Qing but the line was busy. 

You Qing was still chatting with Da Ren

when Li Wei came out. She was in a fluster, "Why? Is the party over?" and Li Wei asked, "Who are you talking to?" He snatched her phone and shouted, "Li Da Ren! I want you to scram out of our lives right now!" You Qing asked what he was doing and Da Ren heard Li Wei shouting, "I was proposing to you, and here you are chatting sweet words, tell me, what god damn it am I doing?" Da Ren put down the phone and looked dejected. The next day, he asked if he could still transfer to Singapore. 

You Qing went for work and got a shock when she saw Li Wei still outside her door, a face of someone who hadn't slept for the whole night. He smiled and proposed to her, slipping the ring on her finger.

But the ring was too big and fell off her finger. You Qing took this chance, "Maybe this is Heaven's way of telling us that we are not ready." "I can change the size!" "Marriage is not a ring, you can't just change its size like that." She smiled at Li Wei, who smiled back at her. 

-the end-

So how do you guys feel! 

I personally…I don't know, I really wish for more developments between You Qing and Da Ren here. Yep I definitely agree with some of you out there, that You Qing probably shouldn't go with Da Ren at the stage when she thought she's in love with Li Wei…but I wish that the script had more movements with regards to her realising that the male lead she really needs to go with is Li Da Ren. 

Also, it's just plain sad because Da Ren kept telling himself that he nedded to work hard not to fall in love with You Qing. Aww. Gahhh. While I understand and that's the exact thing that made me like Da Ren, but sometimes Da Ren's inaction will drive people crazy! I mean, he already said that 'Engagement's not the end' and that 'Marriage's just the start', but dude, marriage will also mean the end for you if you don't start doing something. Anything, just do something! Like okay fine, now he's going to run off to Singapore and You Qing learnt from Maggie [not from Da Ren T.T] that he loved her. And then she went to have a haircut and still kissing Li Wei passionately, and all's looking down for Da Ren. 

My point is…I don't know, don't you think that the interest will start to dip a little if there's no 'ups' in their relationship any time soon? I think I would be a little disinterested! Yes the philosophies and ways of life mentioned in each episode are interesting and thought provoking at times, but there's only so much 'downs' you can include in the relationship. 

I think it will be interesting to watch how You Qing find out that she's in love with Da Ren though. Probably lots of rejection at the idea initially but gradual acceptance or somethingXD Pleaseee I hope the script will be kind and include more sweet scenes towards the end. I definitely hope that the drama will not end off in a -Ooh I love him! I gotta tell him! I told him and then we kissed, and the show ended- manner, because arghhhhh I didn't survive thirteen episodes just for that one minute of love lol. 

Also, a lesson for you guys out there — Please, please don't propose to someone in the toilet. ._. I don't know to laugh… or to laugh at that! I mean imagine, there's nothing good that can come out of that. The girl will be either doing that, or doing that [insert different types of nature's call yourself]and either way, to catch her in mid-process with a proposal is just not the way! Besides, if you really wanna do that, PLEASE CHECK. Lol. 



  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the recap!

    Well, how do I feel about this episode? I DON’T KNOW TOO! Just like you, I can only take sooo much. The last 3 episodes (especially this one) was just hard for me to watch. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I can take of this kind of episodes. I need to see some hope in Da ren & You Qing’s relationship.

    Yes, it’s really easy for interest, on watching this show, to dip but I still appreciate how beautiful this drama is presented. There were still a lot of scenes that are funny & touching.

    Honestly, the scene that made me tear up was when You Qing told Da ren to let her be the bridesmaid in his wedding. OUCH!!! (Woman, HE WANTS YOU TO BE HIS BRIDE!!! He doesn’t want you to take the “supporting role” because you are the center of his universe!) I’m not Da ren, but if the person I love, told that to me, I mean, that would just be devastating. I think Da ren was more hurt hearing that from You Qing rather than knowing that Li Wei was proposing at that time. He was already convincing himself not to love You Qing and now it’s like, You Qing just confirmed that he had no chances with her. That scene just made me lose more hope. Arghhhhh!!!

    Funny, how this drama makes you develop a temper! LOL!!! And I actually thought Ding Li Wei was smart but that proposal was just plain stupid but since I love Da ren, I had fun watching him make a fool of himself. hahaha! Who proposes while the girl is in the toilet. And he should have at least made sure that the ring fits.

    Right now, I’m still hanging on to whatever hope I’ve got… Lol!

    Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hey!(: I’m sorry for a late reply!

      But anyway, so how do you feel with the latest episode! I really hope Episode 11 takes a better turn, because as of now, I don’t see any hope in DaRen and YouQing’s relationship which argh I don’t know if my patience will wear thin.

      Yep! I think that part was so, so ironic and sigh it would just be terrible if this happened [of course, I hope the scriptwriters aren’t going to do something stupid and not let the main leads get together].

      Precisely, Li Wei’s quite rash and that’s why You Qing wouldn’t go well with him.

      Hope to hear from you!(:


  2. Anonymous says

    I am not good with words. Just stopping by to say i love you recaps. Been refreshing your blog every hour since yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a lot. It is entertaining, despite the heartbreaking story line. Believe me. We are only half way to many more heart wrenching scene. but relax, you will get more than a minute of lovey dovey Da ren and You Qing. maybe 2 to 3 minutes? ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Thank you so much!!!(: ‘Been refreshing your blog every hour since yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘ is really, really encouraging heh heh:P It’s always nice to know that someone is eager for my recaps!(:

      OH NO THREE MINUTES? Hahaha, I sense that it will totally incur the wrath of many.


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