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Kimi Ni Todoke Movie Review and Recap

Whoo! I've been wanting to do this for a long time, so here's thoughts put into actions!(: This is going to come in two parts — mainly a review and a recap-kinda-thing. The recap will be placed under the cut, so that no spoilers will be revealed, unless you click on it yourself, then I have nothing to say._. As for the review, it's there to share my thoughts and hopefully motivate some of you to watch it!(:

So here's the review first:

Kimi Ni Todoke is based on the manga where you have a girl called Sawako with long, straight black hair. She had the misfortune of getting stuck with the name Sadako (from the Ring) thanks to her hair and also because she always greeted everyone with a scary face. She met a boy called Kazehaya and admired him, because he was popular…but he was popular because he was honestly nice to everyone, and really sincere.

I didn't read the manga and watch the anime, so I purely stumbled across this show and thought it'd be interesting. Hence, while many people compared it to the manga and anime, and felt that the movie was a let down, I really like it. Both Haruma Miura and Mikako Tabe fitted the castings so well. For Haruma Miura, he really appeared like an almost anime character as Shota Kazehaya. As for Mikako Tabe, I love how her scary face and her smiling face had such a huge contrast! Other castings that I felt was really good was the actresses for Chizu and Ayane.

I did watch bits and pieces of the anime after that, but I could already tell that I prefer the movie over the anime. I tend to judge a show on how realistic the outcome is. For the anime, I didn't like how Sawako made friends so quickly and that she looked pretty cute even when she was angry. It's not wrong of course, but it just made the story a tad unrealistic that it wasn't so special any more. [Though I sorely miss the presence of Maru in the movie:P He was so cute in the anime!] 

I read some comments that they couldn't 'feel' the characters in the movie, but I didn't have any problems with that. Haruma Miura and Mikako Tabe made the story feel as realistic as possible, and for that, I like their portrayal of the basis of the plot, which didn't just focus on romance but also friendship and support. 

So what's my verdict? If you haven't seen both the anime and manga, go for the movie. I'm almost sure you will like it(: If you have seen the manga and/or the anime… I don't know, I will still encourage you to watch the movie. Even if you didn't like it in the end, I'm also almost sure you will be bought over by Haruma Miura πŸ˜› 

Whoo, okay here we go — a recap kinda thing. Which means that it's not going to be a true recap, because I'm just going to have simple captions etc. 

Sawako saw a guy looking lost.

And told him that if he was looking for a school, the right way was the other way. The guy ran up to her, smiled and thanked her. 

The cherry blossoms/flowers started falling in the wind, and there was one on Sawako's hair. The guy picked the petal off her hair and gave it to her. It was a heart shape.

Aww~~ Who doesn't fall in love with his smile, seriously. In school, when Sawako said good morning, everyone's immediate response was always, "Sorry," because she looked angry. However, Kazehaya was the one who said good morning first, and she was a little stunned. By the time she replied, "Goo-" the bell rang, so he went back to his seat…but he still looked at her.

Their teacher, Pin, asked Kazehaya if the rumour that "If you look into Sawako's eyes for more than 3 seconds, you will be cursed." was true, and of course he said it wasn't. Pin tried it out himself and realised the rumour was crap, so he talked to Sawako. He also asked how she felt about Kazehaya, and she said that he's refreshing. Kazehaya happened to hear this and asked what she meant. [Though I don't understand how, but apparently refreshing can have a bad connotation to it?] Sawako explained that she was complimenting him, and he told her that her name also meant refreshing, since it's made up of characters that meant, "Fresh" and "Child". He wrote her name down for the sunday's courage challenge, and told her that he wished she would come. 

Yoshida and Yano were thinking of what they could do to scare the classmates during the challenge, and they were thinking of using Sawako as a ghost. Sawako heard them and offered to be the ghost because she wanted to be useful. Hence, that Sunday, she was the ghost, and magnificently scared everyone lolol who tumbled down the steps etc. Yoshida and Yano laughed and gave her a drink after that to thank her. Kazehaya appeared and was shocked that she was there, sounding even a little disappointed that she didn't think of telling him that she was coming for the challenge. 

After Yoshida and Yano left them, Kazehaya decided to accompany Sawako and Sawako told him that she liked the night. They talked a little and looked at the city lights. Since Kazehaya didn't finish the course of challenge, he had to be punished, and the punishment was — to date Sawako for a week. The students who came up with this laughed because they thought that Sawako made a pass on him, and he rejected the punishment, "It's rude of you to do that. Sawako's a girl."

Everyone started murmuring that maybe Kazeyaha liked Sawako, and the murmurs escalated when he didn't deny it.

But Sawako suddenly stood up and told everyone that it's a misunderstanding. Kazehaya was just being nice to her, like he was to everyone else. She left the classroom, and on her way home, she started crying. Kazehaya chased up.

Aww, and told her that everyone's sorry for pushing the joke too far.

Sawako told him that she had always admired him, and after he left, Kazehaya recalled the day when they first met. 

After he gave her the petal and left with his friends, he actually turned around

and saw Sawako smiling at the petals floating down

He smiled too,

In a voiceover, he said, "I wonder when my feelings will reach you." Gahhh<3 

The next day was a rainy day.

And it was also the day when they had to change seating arrangements by drawing the numbers. Pin was nice and got Sawako to draw her number first. Immediately, everyone got worried and wanted to avoid drawing the numbers next to hers. Kazehaya told everyone that he would pass on that draw, and sat down next to her. Yano also did the same thing thus sitting in front of her, and Yoshida followed, wanting to sit behind her, but her plan was thwarted by Ryu who took the seat. Yoshida asked why Sawako had this kind of face–

Lol, and she said it's because she's so happy that she wanted to cry, and if she didn't scrunch up her face, her tears would flow.

They went eating ramen together at Ryu's parents' shop, and halfway through the meal, Ryu said that Chizu (Yoshida) was just like her brother and Chizu exclaimed, "Who's younger and who's older?" Ayane (Yano) pointed out, "That's not what you should be worried about right?" and both Kazehaya and Sawako laughed.

The both of them looked so cute! After they finished their meal, Kazehaya insisted on walking her home even though she said that her home was far away.

She kept lagging behind him, but continuously strived to chase up lol.

For the upcoming athletes festival, Chizu and Ayane decided to train Sawako in soccer. A soccer ball rolled to Sawako's side and she picked it up for the person….but with such a face><

Sawako also made notes for Chizu who wasn't good at studying. Kurumi saw how Kazehaya was being so nice to Sawako and was upset, but she still called Kazehaya out to chat with him. When Sawako walked out, she went forward to say that she had always wanted to be her friend, causing Kazehaya to be pleased.

Later, Kurumi asked Kazehaya if she could borrow the latest Martinez album from him, and he didn't respond…because he was too engrossed in looking at whatever that was outside of the window.

Kurumi realised, and looked out of the window to find that it was a scene of Sawako kicking balls to Chizu. 

Soon, rumours started spreading that Chizu was a delinquent and that Ayane was a slut, and that Sawako was the one who spread the rumours. Sawako heard someone else saying that as long as anyone was with Sawako, his or her reputation would go down, and hence, Sawako decided to avoid Chizu and Ayane at all costs, causing the both of them to be really sad. They went to ask Sawako about her feelings towards them, "We like you Sawako. So how do you feel about us?" 

Sawako replied, "Rather than 'like'…" [she wanted to say 'Love'] but at this moment, some random girls walked in and so Sawako ran away again. Chizu was sad that she might have misinterpreted the friendship, and Ryu comforted her in his own way…er which wasn't very comforting:P 

Kazehaya went to find Sawako, and realised that the reason why she avoided them all was because, "Of the rumours right?"

He told Sawako that if this was to be a reversed situation, how would she feel? Sawako replied that she would be very sad because she wouldn't want Kazehaya, Chizu and Ayane to ignore her. Kazehaya gave her a soccer ball and told her to kick it to him, which she did but the pass was bad. Kazehaya laughed and told her, "If you don't make a pass seriously, the ball would never reach the person."

When Sawako was in the Ladies, she heard some girls gossiping about Chizu and Ayane and wanted them to take their words back. Soon girls crowded the front of the toilet, wanting to see what's happening and Kazehaya quickly got Chizu and Ayane, "because they have to figure things out themselves." Chizu and Ayane ran to the toilet, and saw Sawako fighting so hard to get the girls to take their words back. 

The girls finally took their words back and Sawako was so happy that she made them understand, but Chizu and Ayane told her that they didn't care about the rumours.

They took her to the roof where they tended to her injuries and in the end, they ended up having a group hug, lol even Yoshida, and Kazehaya saw.

During the festival, a pass made by Sawako reached Chizu, who kicked in the winning goal. On the other hand, Ryu hit the ball and Kazehaya ran. He should have stopped at third base or something, but he made a risk and ran a homerun.

He was chided for doing things his own way, but he assured the teacher that everything turned out fine. His classmates were already standing in a line, and he high-fived each of them in a row, going "Yay yay yay yay yay yay", till he reached the last one. 


But his hands were too high, so here's a second time, "Yay"

But Sawako's hands were too high and then the third time, "Yay." and they finally high-fived. He gave a smile and ran off, and this was seen by Kurumi. Kurumi later talked to Sawako and told her that maybe she thought Kazehaya was special to her because he was the only guy who talked to her, and told her that she could try talking to Ryu, "Maybe he would become someone special to you too." 

Sawako really went to find Ryu in the gym and there, she learnt that Ryu liked Chizu for many, many years but it was still a secret.

Kazehaya walked past the gym with Kurumi, and happened to see both of them talking. In that moment, his expression changed, and he threw away the cone he was holding.

He ran inside the gym, and walked up towards the stage, before gently pulling Sawako off the stage.

He pulled her till the middle of a field and asked her, 

"Do you like Ryu?"

"I like him…"

Omg look at Kazehaya's face — πŸ˜›

but Sawako continued, "But he's not like a special person to me…"

"I like him as a friend, as a classmate…." 

Kazehaya squatted on the ground and laughed at his own 'foolishness'.

I love the above scene so, so much. Heh:P I must have replayed the Kazehaya-throwing-away-the-cone and pulling her off the stage scene at least three times:P I like it that he pulled her off the stage gently…it was more like a gentle tug actually, which appealed to me because I totally don't like guys who think that they can pull girls here and there just because they have pure strength. And you gotta admit it was pretty cute for him to have the 0.0 face at first, and then he squatted on the ground after he realised what Sawako meant by "liking Ryu". 

After seeing the note that Ryu found in his locker, that was presumably written by Sawako wanting to meet him in the gym, they realised that the rumours and the note were the doing of Kurumi. Sawako tried to defend Kurumi but Kurumi blew up and told her that she's not as honest and straightforward like Sawako. Chizu and Ayane told her that they would definitely tell Kazehaya what happened but Sawako stopped them.

Kurumi realised later on, that Kazehaya had no idea what happened. She confessed to him, that she liked him since a few years ago, but Kazehaya apologised, "I'm sorry. I already have a girl that I like."

Hahaha, and here's a cute scene — Kazehaya passing a note to Sawako, who thought she was meant to pass it to Ryu. Kazehaya quickly snatched the note back and wrote "To Sawako" in front. She opened the note to find that he asked her if they could meet at the front gate after school. 

She nodded happily and he laughed in relief. But er, turns out that Chizu had already invited Sawako to shop with her, so Kazehaya who originally probably planned to do some confession of sorts was disappointed. He then tried to invite her to go with him to source out possible Christmas parties' locations.

But this plan was heard by Chizu who wanted to join along. Nevertheless, he arrived early on that day so that he could talk to her, knowing that Sawako would arrive early too. He tried inviting her to something after the Christmas party 

but before he could finish his sentence, a bunch of boys joined them, and then Chizu whisked Sawako off because Ayane had some problems — she broke up with her boyfriend. While the three of them were walking along the street, Chizu saw her crush — Ryu's brother and ran up so excitedly…only to be introduced to the brother's wife-to-be.


Kazehaya found Sawako waiting for the bus…

and finally invited her to a date just for the two of them.

She was confused and told her that she simply couldn't go. The bus came and she left, and she didn't even attend the Christmas party. Chizu and Ayane came to tell her that Kazehaya wasn't in his usual mood during the party and they learnt that Kazehaya confessed to her. They couldn't understand why she didn't accept his confession and she cried, saying that she was happy just being confessed to.

On the day of New Year's eve, Chizu and Ayane told Sawako that she had to appear for the gathering, but Sawako's father had a performance. She went for the performance instead, but told her father she had someone important to see, and her father told her that when she was born, he also left a performance just before it started. Kazehaya was dejected that Sawako didn't come and walked off angrily, but he was brought somewhere else by Ryu. Both of them started throwing an object to one another, and Ryu asked subtly leading questions, which caused Kazehaya to realise that maybe, he didn't consider Sawako's feelings at all.

Pin came along to give him Sawako's student book (which he took at first to give Sawako her bus commission). Kazehaya opened the book to find the heart-shaped petal pressed in the last pages. Encouraged by her father, Sawako took off to the place but couldn't find Kazehaya. Midnight came and went, and she went home in a deflated manner…till she rounded the corner and saw Kazehaya waiting for her.

She ran up to him, and tried confessing but all her words jumbled up together. Kazehaya smiled, "It's okay, speak slowly," and she finally said it, "I like you."

Kazehaya smiled and said, "I've always liked you." In another voiceover, he happily said, "My feelings have reached her."

"I'm happy to be starting a new year with you."

And together, the both of them looked up into the sky, smiling, full of blissfulness in their hearts.

AHHH Kazehaya is so sweet!!! (((((: 

-the end-

Hope you've enjoyed the recap as well!(: 


  1. Hi there.

    I’ve read the KnT manga and watched the anime and this movie as well. Well yeah I guess I’m a fan of KnT. πŸ˜›

    I understand that you like the movie more but saying that the anime is too unrealistic is ugh, idk – I don’t agree with it. No, not that I don’t agree but well, anime is never realistic (my point is anime is always exagerated) and manga as well. And Kimi ni Todoke is originally a manga. So you saying that the anime is not that realistic is like saying Kimi ni Todoke is overall not realistic.And the anime was almost always (if not 100%) faithful to the manga.

    What I’m saying is – actually – I can’t believe you didn’t get that “how special this series is” vibe in the anime! πŸ˜›

    But I also like this movie adaptation very much. Miura was just so perfect for Kazehaya. ^_^v


  2. Rebeca Suarez says

    Ok , i was just wandering if there was a second part of this movie , because i was seeing pictures ok Koisora “(Sky of love) which was pretty beautiful and sad”… And i happen to see a bed scene , like the 2 protagonists of this movie (Kasehaya and Sawako) like in bed , they were not doing anything dirty but they happen tk be in bed and then i saw some more pictured , looks like is from the same movie. So i wanted to ask you if there was a 2nd part !!!! Thanks πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


    • Hello Rebeca!

      To be honest, I’ve been very out of the Jdrama/Anime/Manga/JMovie scene recently due to the lack of time, so I’m really not sure if there was a 2nd part to this movie! If you ever do find out, please let me know as well – I would love to watch a part 2!:D


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