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Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De Episode 4 Recap

Phew, it was as if the scriptwriters heard me — I see that point 3 that I complained about the other time was now resolved.

Reiko prepared herself to attend her friend's, Yuri's, wedding and even though she tried to hide it, Kageyama could tell that she's displeased. She started thinking about how she always brought Yuri around to play because no one wanted to play with her (Yuri), how she always got better marks than Yuri and how she's cuter than her since young, but "Why is she getting married earlier than me?"

She started analysing the men around her — Kazamatsuri and fellow people were all rich men who got their way into the police force, and Kageyama's a butler that constantly put down her detective's and lady's pride — "Who wants to marry him?" They finally reached the place and when she got off the limousine, guess who saw her? 

Yep, Kazamatsuri, but he only recognised her as the woman he saw three times, and not Hosho Reiko, the assistant. He asked for her name, and Reiko winced, not knowing what to tell him.

However, Kageyama stepped in for the rescue and brought Reiko into the main house. There, Yuri appeared at the top of the stairs and ran excitedly down towards her, only to trip at one of the steps, but no worries — for Kageyama was here. He smoothly caught Yuri, who told Reiko that too bad, the bouquet of flowers was meant for someone else already. She mistook Kageyama for Reiko's boyfriend and this was how Kageyama could enter the dinner as well. 

While Kageyama was happily drinking his juice, Yuri's siblings came over to talk to Reiko, and here's when Reiko learnt about how Yuri's husband-to-be was the lawyer for the family but when he realised that the place had no money (the house and the aunt who was the owner of the house), he switched his target to Yuri, who was 18 years younger than him, and they wanted to marry so quickly. 

Reiko was happy, "No wonder she can get married earlier than me!" and Kageyama cautioned her, "The feelings of ecstasy are showing on your face, Missy." A woman, who was actually Yuri's aunt and Yuri was very close to her, appeared in the hall and Yuri's brother said that he wouldn't want to end up like her (looking all old-fashioned) but Kageyama recognised that it's a rare kind of lace that she's wearing and later when they were introduced to each other, he identified the elegant perfume she put on as well. 

The couple pinpointed another couple to start the dance and the spotlight was on Reiko and Kageyama. Reiko was all shocked because the only thing she couldn't do was to dance, and she was surprised when Kageyama didn't extend his hand out towards her, but to another young girl. 

Yuri's aunt told Reiko that she knew Kageyama wasn't her boyfriend, but her butler, "One day, you will understand how good he is." She left when Kazamatsuri came forward to introduce himself once again, in an attempt to get Reiko's name. Kageyama came to her rescue once again and gave her a fake name like Houshou Rei (which was actually quite close to the original). Yuri decided to rest in her room because she wasn't feeling well. Reiko escaped to the ladies when Kazamatsuri was invited to give a speech because she had seen his imitations of other celebs many times. 

While she was in the ladies, convincing herself that she's Houshou Rei, she suddenly heard a scream and ran upstairs. The butler appeared behind her, and upon finding that the door was locked, the butler went to grab the keys which he passed to her. She found the key and rushed into the room, only to find that a knife was stabbed into Yuri's back. The butler cried out, "Missy, what on earth happened!" Reiko checked the pulse of Yuri and said that she's still alive. Yuri weakly put out a hand… and pushed over a bottle of perfume, before slipping into an unconscious state. 

By then, Yuri's brother, mother and aunt had come running in. Kageyama rushed in, followed by Yuri's sister who asked, "What happened to Aunt?" Her brother answered, "Idiot, it's not Aunt." Of course, Kazamatsuri appeared the last and uhm, 'took over' the situation. He started by asking for their alibis, so 'Shou Rei' (Reiko) started first by recounting her story. The butler said that he was on the way back to his room when he heard the scream. The sister was in the next room but appeared late because she was listening to music. The aunt was in her room resting, and the mother&the brother left the hall when they heard the scream. Kageyama added on that he left at the same time, to which Kazamatsuri claimed that it's suspicious all three left at the same time, "Unless you guys are trying to create alibis?!" The mother and brother protested that it was because there was some boring imitation going on, and Kazamatsuri had the 0.0 face. 

Lol. Anyway they went back to the room and Kageyama told the police guy to check the ground under the window for footprints, but there wasn't any. The police guy felt that the suspect was one and only…. Reiko. His reason was that he had evidence that someone saw Reiko being upset over Yuri getting married earlier (lol Kageyama looked utterly guilty) and that if Reiko was the culprit, then the locked-room scenario would make sense — she stabbed Yuri, ran out of the room and then later, pretended that it was locked and when the keys came, she pretended to open it. 

Kazamatsuri then told the guy not to frame her girlfriend, (hahaha) and told Reiko that he would win this battle for her.

"I am your White Knight." -spits everything out from mouth and starts laughingXD-

Anyway, Kazamatsuri's defense was that the real culprit was Yuri's sister because she came late even though she was the nearest to the scene. He thought that she climbed out of Yuri's room onto the balcony into the next room so that she looked like she was appearing from her own room. He grandly declared for everyone to take a look at the balcony…only to realise that the rooms had no balconies. 

Thus, Reiko became a suspect. 

Kageyama remained all calm while the both of them were in the kitchen, which was like Reiko's temporary cell. He continued cooking and Reiko blamed him for telling the police those useless words. He was in disbelief that she had yet to deduce who the culprit was, and at this point in time Reiko happily declared it's Yuri's brother because the culprit climbed out from the room onto the roof and the only person who could do that was Yuri's brother. 

Kageyama scorned at her deduction, which caused him to suffer another bout of "You're fired. Fired. Fired. Fired!" However, as things go, Reiko put down her pride and asked him to reveal the truth. And as usual, Kageyama told her to eat her dinner and that the mystery would be solved after that. 

So, there were three suspects. Kageyama sheepishly asked Reiko if she was really innocent, and the response was indignance haha. Thus he's down to 2 suspects and he asked Reiko if she could guess who. She pondered for a moment and had a stroke of brilliance — it might be the butler! He stabbed Yuri, locked the door, pretended to rush up behind Reiko, and pretended to get the keys. Kageyama was happy at her good deduction but told her that the butler's an impossible choice — he had long-sightedness (which was why he gave the keys to Reiko instead of immediately finding Yuri's keys himself) and to be able to lock the door so quickly before Reiko ran up was impossible. 

So they were down to one suspect. Kageyama revealed that the room wasn't locked from the outside, but from the inside, and Reiko was stunned because even if she didn't see the culprit hiding inside the room, the butler should have seen. Kageyama replied, "Indeed he saw. That's why he had an outcry." They recalled the butler calling out, "Missy, what on earth happened?!" Reiko thought that it was because he saw Yuri, but Kageyama told her that Yuri wasn't the Missy to the butler. Another clue — a true butler had strong trust between him and his lady, and so he should never have to knock at her door, but Reiko remembered the butler knocking on Yuri's door. Yet another clue — when the sister stepped out of the room, she thought that it was the aunt who met with a mishap. 

Why? Because to the butler, the real Missy was the aunt. Reiko was shocked, "Hehhh? At that age and still be called a Missy?" 

Kageyama told her that the aunt panicked after hearing Reiko calling out for Yuri, so she locked the door and hid behind the door. When the butler saw her and cried out loud, she pretended that she arrived at the scene at the same time as Yuri's brother and mother. Kazamatsuri appeared in the kitchen to tell Reiko that Yuri had woken up and she said that she hadn't seen who stabbed her but she felt that it was a man. Thus, Reiko's no longer a suspect. 

Kageyama was worried when he heard that, "Things have gotten to the worst possible outcome. I'm afraid there might be another accident." Here, they heard a man's shout and rushed out. They saw the butler having a knife to Yuri's husband's throat and he said that he was the one who stabbed Yuri because he was angry that Yuri had snatched the husband away from the Aunt (yep, the husband was trying to get to the Aunt at first, but dropped her after realising that she had no money. Tsk tsk). He wanted to kill himself but Kageyama stopped him and told him that he knew it was the aunt. 

Who appeared, told the butler not to tell any more lies, and confessed that indeed, she's the one who stabbed Yuri. Yuri returned from overseas and that's why, she didn't know about the relationship between the husband and her. However, even though she treated Yuri like her own, she's still had feelings of jealousy which caused her to stab Yuri. Only after stabbing her did she realise her folly but after the butler saw her, he assured her with a, "Don't say anything." Kageyama told her that Yuri knew she was the culprit and Reiko asked, "I thought she didn't see anyone?" "She didn't but she smelt the perfume." And this was why Yuri smashed a bottle of perfume, to mask that distinct smell of perfume that her aunt wore. 

The butler cried and apologised for not doing his job well, but the aunt told him that for accompanying her for so many years and being the guardian of the place, he had done his job. 

Later, Reiko asked Kageyama how he knew that the butler would cover up for the aunt, and he said that any butler would try to help his lady but he felt that a lie was still a lie, and nothing's better than the truth. 

When they were back in the car, he asked, "I've been wanting to ask this for some time. How long do you want me to call you Missy?" Reiko laughed and said that even if she didn't get married, she would ask him to call her "Madame". He returned the laugh and replied that by then, he would have mastered how to dance. Reiko recalled the earlier scene and understood now why he chose the girl instead. They went home in a sweet, comfortable silence. 

-the end-

So how do you like this so far? I was thinking of possible romance threads forming between Kageyama and Reiko, but at the moment it seems that there's no romance… yet. (:

This is quite an easy case but nevertheless, it's still a good one because there are small details that you might have missed out/ didn't include in your deduction, such as why Reiko's friend pushed a bottle of perfume over.

…Kazamatsuri is actually quite annoying lol. I think I might just throw something the next time I hear him repeat a syllable for more than 4 times, such as "Hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai!" (translated as: yes yes yes yes yes yes!) I mean dude, I get it, there's no need to repeat the syllable six times.

And wow, the ratings for this show is quite high. 'Tis must be the power of Sakurai Sho.


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