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In Time With You Episode 12 Recap

After Da Ren knew that Li Wei had proposed successfully to You Qing, he went drinking at night, and Ping An worriedly told him not to drink so much. She carried him back to his hotel, where he vomited and collapsed on the floor in the bathroom. Ping An told him that she would go brew some tea, and that he should change before he caught a cold. However, after waiting in the other room for some time and not hearing/seeing any signs of Da Ren moving around, she shyly peeked into the bathroom.

Hahaha. I kind of really like Ping An's character.

She discovered to her shock, that Da Ren was lying in a bathtub full of water, and there was vomit at the sides of the bathtub. Da Ren himself, was totally conked out, so she had to drag him out of the tub and placed a towel over him. She shouted, "I will help you to take off your shoes!" of which she did, then she whispered in an embarrassed manner, "I'm helping you to take off your pants."

And she had to help him wear a new, clean pair of pants lolol. But luckily this was all done without her seeing certain parts of the male anatomy, all thanks to the towel.

When Da Ren woke up the next morning, his mother worriedly called him so that they could chat. Bai Shu teased his mother by saying that Da Ren should just leave his computer on the whole night, so that his mother could watch him sleep and not be worried. Da Ren's mother asked if she should go over to Singapore to live with him instead, but Bai Shu protested that he had spent half of his time with her, "If you are not here, how should I spend my time?" Aww. Another cute couple lol. 

You Qing's mother finally could remove her cast and You Qing's father was so happy to see her well again…not because of anything else but…"I don't need to run after the rubbish truck again!!" You Qing and her sister&sister-in-law were happily peeling prawns when You Qing got a call and she reacted in shock, "What? Now??….Okay…." Turns out that Li Wei wanted to come over to their house. During the lunch, You Qing's brother asked for You Qing's sister's help in investing in his business but You Qing's sister was quite reluctant, "I can't invest any how. What if my money doesn't come back?" Li Wei told You Qing's brother that he could invest, but You Qing's brother said, "Sorry, this is family's business." "Well, that wouldn't be a problem anymore…." 

And that's when You Qing smiled awkwardly, and finally announced to her family that she's getting married to Li Wei. At this point in time, You Qing's brother shouted in dismay, "Mum! Your plan has failed lah!!" You Qing learnt that her mother knew that if she had opposed to the idea of her getting together with Li Wei, then she would be rebellious and wanted to be with him anyway, "So I want to see if I don't oppose the idea this time round, will you go in the other direction and realise…." "Realise what??" "That the one you like, that one that suits you is Li Da Ren." 

You Qing kept telling herself that the one she loved was Ding Li Wei, so she couldn't possibly love Li Da Ren. She told her mother that Da Ren even had a new girlfriend, so what her mother thought about them being suitable for each other and loving each other was just an illusion. After her mother left the room, she thought about how Ping An was the one who picked up the call when she called to ask about Li Wei, and she wondered if that was his girlfriend. 

Da Ren came early to find Ping An and he thanked her in an awkward manner. Ping An assured him that she didn't see anything lol and they went out for breakfast together. Ping An asked why he was so sad the other day, and Da Ren revealed that, "She's my best friend…but the truth is…I'm trying hard to treat her just as a friend…" "Because you love her?" Da Ren nodded. Ping An murmured that she's in the same plight. Da Ren started smiling, "So towards Lin Kai…" Ping An told him not to tell other people, "Or I will say that I took off your pants." "Hey that wouldn't sound good on yourself —" "I saw everything–" "I will call Lin Kai now," and Ping An stressed again that he mustn't do so. 

Da Ren asked why she didn't tell Lin Kai and she said that Lin Kai had weird tastes in women, "He always likes those petite girls." As she lay down on the grass, "That's why even if I confess, there will only be one answer…if things screw up, we might–" Da Ren said at the same time, "Not even be friends." Ping An said that You Qing must have bad tastes in men too, and Da Ren laughed. He told Ping An that You Qing loved to judge based on feelings, but maybe it's just an illusion. He tried to allude to himself, "For example, I may think that she's really pretty when she's in deep thought, but perhaps she's just feeling gastric pain…what if my feelings towards her is just an illusion, and we can't even be friends anymore…" Ping An said that he's really stupid, and he nodded. She asked him who he would call if the world had ended and he's only allowed one call. Da Ren replied that she would definitely call Lin Kai, and she said, "The day when my answer would no longer be Lin Kai, that's the day when I'm finally free!" 

You Qing went to meet Li Wei's family and was subjected to intense scrutiny lol. 

She was miffed later on because Li Wei agreed to his grandmother's request that he should get married in the 28th of the coming month. She felt that they not only not had enough time but also, "It's not just your grandmother giving away her grandson, my parents are marrying their daughter away too. How can you just fix a date without their agreement?!" I really like this sentence for some reason…. and here we see the first mini, mini crack in their pre-marriage relationship. Li Wei revealed that his grandmother was getting really old, and she's afraid she would not live to see the day that her grandson got married. 

Thus, even though You Qing's super reluctant and disagreeable to the date, she accepted it anyway. Li Wei sent the schedule to her inbox and she was stressed from looking at the packed schedule. They went to view houses together but You Qing kept getting phone calls from her work. Later back in the shop, Lu Xin Di was there shopping for clothes and she told You Qing she would hold a bachelorette party for her. She told You Qing that she would get every member of their high school class back together, and that she would put Da Ren in charge of getting the people overseas. 

Da Ren got a call from Maggie and when they met, she revealed that she's there to check out her honeymoon location. "You are getting married?" She smiled shyly and replied, "I hope so." She introduced her husband-to-be, Romeo, to Da Ren and Da Ren watched as she told Romeo in a menacing tone, "Say it." Romeo was thus forced to tell Da Ren, "Thanks for having no tastes in women, so that I can be with her." Da Ren laughed. As Romeo left the two of them, she asked if Da Ren's basking in love and she was shocked to find out that "You Qing didn't take any steps?" She told Da Ren that she had revealed everything to You Qing because she couldn't stand how slow the both of them were. Later, Da Ren, Maggie, Romeo, Ping An and Lin Kai were chatting away. Maggie asked what kind of guys Ping An liked, and she immediately changed the topic, "Let's not talk about me haha." Lin Kai looked at her. Maggie revealed that Romeo and her was only in love for seven days, but since they felt that it's the right feelings. 

During this conversation, Da Ren remained in silence because he realised that's why You Qing didn't give him any calls No wonder she didn't tell me personally that she had fixed a wedding date. Maggie saw and passed his phone to him, "She didn't take any steps, but why don't you take the next step? Call her~" "What should I say when I call her? Congratulations on your marriage?" "She's getting married??" Da Ren left the dining place on the excuse that he's feeling full and needed to take a walk. Ping An followed after him, and he revealed that to her that You Qing knew he liked her. Da Ren saw Lin Kai trying to find them and he told Ping An, "You mustn't repeat the same mistakes as I've done." As Lin Kai spotted the both of them, Da Ren placed his arms on the railing around Ping An. 

Aaah hahaha I really like this part. It's one of the best guy-sparks-off-jealousy-in-Other-Guy scene<3 I mean, usually we have the second fiddles doing that, but I love it that it's the main character doing this to a side couple:D 

Ping An was shocked and asked him what he's doing. He continued, "Let's bet." Ping An turned around and asked, "Wait what are betting on?" He replied, as Lin Kai walked away, "We will bet if anyone will like you after this. I bet ten thousand." 

"Hold on, are you talking about Taiwan dollars or Singapore dollars?" "I'm talking about Euros." He laughed and walked away as Ping An murmured, "He's betting so big an amount o…" 

Da Ren got the invitation to You Qing's bachelorette party and on the phone call to Ping An, he told her that he's not going. "I can't take leave…sounds like a not bad excuse…." Something cropped up, so Da Ren had to put down the call, "Hey Ping An, there's something I need to do now, so I will talk to you next time," and Lin Kai heard. 

Henry found out in his conversation with You Qing that she hadn't told Da Ren personally that she's getting married. "That's suspicious~~~" You Qing and Li Wei kept arguing over the matters of their wedding. She didn't want to live in such a big house just for the two of them, and she didn't see the need for a specially customised wedding gown. Li Wei assured her that, "There's me so everything will be fine," but You Qing reminded him that wedding's for both of them. He told her that she could help him out by giving out the wedding invitations and leave the rest to him. When she got back home, her mother was crying while watching a drama and his father left the both of them alone. She told her mother that she's really tired over all these matters and that she had quarrelled a lot with Li Wei. 

Her mother made an analogy, "Right now, both you and Li Wei love singing, but there must always only be one person holding the mike and the other person will harmonise." "So I must give Li Wei the mike?" Her mother told her that she would not just be compromising for one wedding, but for the next ten years, twenty years. She told him how You Qing's father left her alone when he knew that she was in a bad mood and needed to watch dramas to vent, "That's telepathy.." and she continued, "They say one should always think properly before a marriage…but this is not telling you to think properly about how much you love that person, but rather, think about how you and the other partner are going to live the rest of your lives."

That night, You Qing dreamt that she had finished cooking dinner in this really big house, and she called Li Wei for dinner but he didn't respond. A couple came out asking her what she's doing in their house, and she murmured that maybe she lost her way. She walked into another house and said in satisfaction, "This looks more like my house." She went to the kitchen and heard someone coming into the house. She told the person about how she would prepare food for the days that she would be going to Shanghai and etc, when she turned around….and found out that the person was Da Ren. 

I really like this dream too! Look, it's so telling. When she's with Li Wei, putting aside the fact whether she loved him or not, she would be forced to be like someone else, to live in a house that's not like her own. However with Da Ren, she could be herself, be comfortable, not be forced to part with her own likings. 

Yep it's all clear to us, but not clear at all to You Qing. She woke up in a frenzy and told herself that dreams are the opposite of reality, "I love Ding Li Wei, so I don't love Li Da Ren."

Da Ren went swimming and was taken aback to see Lin Kai waiting for him. When he got up from the pool and Lin Kai wanted to talk to him, Da Ren smiled a little to himself. Lin Kai told him that if Ping An had mistreated him, he would apologise on her behalf, "But I would ask for manager to consider the differences between cultures, and not let her misunderstand." 

Da Ren told him that he's the one who misunderstood, but Lin Kai asked heatedly, "Do you think it's good to let Ping An think you like her?" "Why not? Why can't I like her?" "I thought you have someone you like already?" "The one I like is getting married, I should put it down already shouldn't I?" 

Lin Kai tried to find other reasons like how when Da Ren left Singapore, he would leave Ping An behind but Da Ren told him, "I could bring Ping An with me!" 

Lin Kai was stunned. Da Ren told him, "Maybe you think that you are talking to me about Ping An from a perspective of a brother, but I will also tell you as a brother, that sometimes…habits have their own secrets. If you are unhappy about me and Ping An, then what you should think about isn't Ping An and I, but over the reason why you are worrying about Ping An's relationships."


You Qing gave Da Ren's mother and Bai Shu her wedding invitation personally. Da Ren's mother was distraught and said that she would scold Da Ren for not telling her such an important matter but You Qing replied that it was her who forgot. She quickly left, and that night, Da Ren's mother broke it to Da Ren, who only replied with a, "Mmhmm…" She realised that he knew about it long time ago and she told him that Bai Shu was right, "The both of you are really weird. If not why should You Qing look so awkward?" She asked why Da Ren's smiling and he replied that looking at how she and Bai Shu were sitting close together in a frame, it looked like a happy wedding photo. She was angry and stopped the video call. 

Lu Xin Di called to ask Da Ren for this classmate's phone number, and he replied that he might have the number in his Taiwan phone. Yes! 

He placed his card and battery back into the phone, and was stunned to see phone calls from You Qing. He listened to them again and the first one was You Qing telling him that she's getting married and she tried to joke about him giving her a big red packet. The next call's about how she tried to imagine how his future bride's gown would look like, "It will probably be a simple one…You know what, I can't wait to see how your bride looks like." 

Aww…. seeeeee Da Ren and you match the best! You want a simple gown, he wants a simple gown, and yay everyone will be happy. 

The third phone call happened when she was crying and drinking beer, and she thanked him for not telling her the truth, that he loved her, "If not I will definitely fall back in love with you…and you will find out how hard it is to love me…that's why those people that I love always find out how cute the other girls were and left me… Luckily you didn't say anything… luckily…you are my best friend…"

By here, Da Ren is already crying/tearing. 

The fourth call was when she was drinking by herself in a sombre mood and she told him that she poured his share of the beer into the plants. She asked, "Do you think I should quit my job? Is selling shoes really a job that's neither here nor there?" The last phone call was when she was under the rain with an umbrella and she asked simply, "Is it raining over there in Singapore too….." 

Aww! I really love it, this surprise. I thought that Da Ren will probably just hear the phone call that she made when she was in the airport the other time, but I love it how she actually really wanted to talk to Da Ren, and she didn't actually make such a clean break as she wanted/believed. 

Of course what is a bachelorette party without strippers….or close to that right? Haha, watch how You Qing ran away as a guy with nothing but his boxers on kept dancing near her. He went to tease her other friend after that, and here's when You Qing got a call…but no one spoke. After a few more minutes, she got the same phone call again. She felt that it might be Da Ren and asked, "Do you want to drink beer…?" Someone finally spoke, "You are Cheng You Qing?" but it was a female's voice and You Qing shouted in annoyance, "Eh who are you?!" "Are you sure that you want to marry Ding Li Wei?" You Qing was annoyed even further and the anonymous female hung up after she said, "It's not too late to turn back~" 

Actually….I think it's Maggie…because the voice really sounded like hers. But haha does Maggie do such creepy things?? 

Later, all the male classmates came up to 'accuse' the females of what they had done before. As this was going on, You Qing imagined that Da Ren came but she was disappointed when she realised it was just her imagination. Da Ren called Ping An and told her that he'd decided to fly to Taiwan after all, "No matter what, I must wish her all the best, because she's my best friend isn't it? Do you remember that time when you asked me about the day when the world ends? Actually, we should treat each day as our last day…so let's work hard together." Ping An put down the call and looked pensive. Lin Kai asked if that was Da Ren and she nodded. 

"You like Da Ren right?" Ping An answered decisively, "No." "Then why are the both of you so suspicious?" She looked down for a few seconds, before looking up with determination and walking forward, "Because of you."

YAY~~~ Join me in clapping happily lolol. 

Mei Nan said over the mike that he didn't want to accuse anyone, but he just wanted to say the truth. "The truth is…. Lu Xin Di looked prettier without surgery!" Everyone all clapped and laughed as someone said that she wasted her money. Mei Nan continued, "Okay let's not joke anymore…actually our gang almost split up, I bet you didn't know…" You Qing looked stunned as Mei Nan revealed that the four guys had a fight that day when Lu Xin Di and You Qing stopped being friends. You Qing recalled that was the day when Da Ren told her that she's a great girl, "but don't misunderstand, I won't fall in love with you." 

All that we know, right in the first few episodes. What we didn't know was that Da Ren went to find the guys who were celebrating that they 'won' and he punched them. He shouted that they shouldn't have to resort to lousy tricks like that, "To get glory in such a manner, can it still be counted as glory?!" [recap(in case you forgot): They got Mei Nan to reply Lu Xin Di's confession letter to say that he's interested in her and would she not vote for the White Cat and vote for the Bulldog instead.] 

The four guys had a huge fight as the line between trying to stop the fight, getting beaten up and beating others blurred. When the fight ended, Da Ren told them that to him, "Friends are those who can be happy and be sad with me, they are those whom I should correct immediately when they made a mistake…. as for whether we are still friends, it depends on your conscience." He stood up and left, as Mei Nan shouted back in present that Da Ren was like a saint. "But as time goes, and we get smarter, we suddenly realised hah! Turns out that love is still greater than friendship….Monitor…did you really not realise?" 

By here, You Qing was in tears, as Lu Xin Di and Di Shu went to get something. Lu Xin Di told her, "Sorry…because of jealousy…and because we stopped being friends, I kept it…and I kept it until I almost forgot this thing…this really important thing." She took out a cassette tape as Di Shu passed her the cassette recorder. 

Da Ren finally arrived but he was told that the party had already ended and that everyone had left. The camera switched to scenes of the people clearing up the place, as You Qing listened to Da Ren's song on the cassette and cried. 

As she recalled about past events, Da Ren's song sounded:

I think I won't, I won't love you
So I tried, tried not to love you
I let myself like you so much
So that you won't bear to separate from me

I think I hate the proud, proud you
And also hate the perfect, perfect you
Thus I need to pretend that I hate you
so that you won't leave me 

I need to say that I don't like you
I don't like how you are in my mind all the time
Even your little smile is like encouragement
From the Good Morning before breakfast and the Good Night after dinner,
Don't smile, don't smile
I won't fall in love with you

I'm zoning out, I'm free
But I still notice you
I like, I hate
This won't affect my breathing
Turns out that I've sunk so deep
I've secretly fell in love with you

I will really not love you
I don't want you to become careful because of me
The city will be beautiful with you even when it rains
From the sun in the sunrise to the moon of the deep night
Stop thinking, stop thinking
I won't fall in love with you

During this, Da Ren walked in but saw that the room was empty and he turned to leave. You Qing was actually sitting at another corner listening and crying, when the guy whom Da Ren talked to earlier walked in on her. He told her, "I thought that everyone left. There was a guy trying to find you guys," and You Qing quickly dashed out, shouting Da Ren's name, and in the narration:

Li Da Ren… why did you do this to me… how can I marry Ding Li Wei

as Da Ren's song faded in the background: Stop thinking, stop thinking, I won't fall in love with you

Note: Above translation of Da Ren's song was done by me, so 1. I don't guarantee the exact, correct meaning and 2. if you want to use it please credit it to me thanks. 

Next week: Da Ren went to You Qing's house and left a note telling her that he's back and he needed to give her his well wishes, You Qing told her mother that she couldn't marry Ding Li Wei, Da Ren telling her that he wanted to be friends with her, but not just friends, "can you let me like you?"

-the end-

As usual, I will totally love it if they have more developments between Da Ren's and You Qing's relationship….but I shall let it go for this episode, because they developed Lin Kai's and Ping An's relationship!:DDD YAY:D I love it, I think it's so cute hahaha and hmm kind of significant how Da Ren was the one who helped them get together. In fact, this episode will be my favourite one among the last few episodes. Here, we can see the cracks forming in Li Wei's and You Qing's relationship, You Qing thinking hard about her relationship with Da Ren, though she's still in denial, Ping An and Lin Kai's crush on each other, Da Ren helping them to get together, and how Ping An also helped him be more proactive, and I love the part where everyone in the high school class all could tell that Da Ren liked You Qing but only You Qing was oblivious to it. 

Much better than the past episodes where the only things we see are Da Ren's angst and You Qing's 'amazing' ability to sink deeper and deeper into the misconception that she loved Ding Li Wei, and not Li Da Ren.

Yes you could tell that I'm a bit disgruntled towards You Qing. Perhaps when this situation happens in real life, we will all be very reluctant to believe that the one we love is someone else, and not the one we were planning to marry….but she's so stubborn to change her thinking arghhh. (I'm just whining cos I feel sad for Da Ren lol). She kept thinking about how, "I love Ding Li Wei, so I can't possibly love Li Da Ren," but she has never thought of the possibility that, "I don't love Ding Li Wei, so the one I love is Li Da Ren." 

If I'm not wrong, this should be the second last episode, right? I like the ending of this episode too. Aahh so excited, I can't wait to watch the last episode next week!(: I don't know if I will be super sad…but you guys should really check out the behind the scenes. I think I will miss those loads!



  1. Re: 3rd voice message

    Ooh I checked back, nope I didn’t miss out the third voice messages, I mixed up the content of the third and the fourth one.

    But thanks for telling me anyway, and I’ve edited it!(:


  2. I’ve finally caught up on this show! I’m so happy! I still like Li Wei way more. I have a feeling that I’m not going to like the end, but it does mean that Skip-Beat! will air the week after so I’m excited.


    • Hello!:D Did you go somewhere? I went to your site recently, and there was only In Time With You Ep 10 recap (and ep 11&12 were really short recaps lolol).

      Hahaha oh well, I still prefer Da Ren more XD But I think my favourite couple is Ping An and Lin Kai (aka the Singapore girl and best friend that you referred to in recaps) haha.

      Who’s acting in Skip Beat?


  3. Re: the annoymous call

    Oh right! It could be the secretary too. Haha the idea popped into my mind because I thought the voice sounded really like hersXD yeah I agree on that. I would rather You Qing realise that she doesn’t love Li Wei, than to ‘resort’ to Da Ren because Li Wei cheated again (don’t think that’s likely though? Li Wei seems thoroughly enamoured. )


  4. Hahaha no I didn’t notice that, but good observation!(: Actually…I realise that I rarely notice the clothing. Script lines and plot are more of the small little things that I remember lol.

    You’re welcome, so do I!(:


  5. Re: the annoymous call

    Have you watched the last episode yet? (((: Wouldn’t want to comment on this and give spoilers!:O

    Can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it lol


  6. Anonymous says

    long long long time no see. XD

    TVD is one of my fav series. im glad you’re taking it on.. at least giving it a chance. we’ll see if you like it or not.. ^^
    and what team you’ll end up on if you continue. XD
    (i know you dont know much about suju but their member siwon is also a fan. if you can believe that. lol)


    (also like moon embraces the sun, ouran high school, etc.)

    have fun. ^^


  7. Anonymous says

    Haha so how far on East of Eden have you gone? (Sorry for the late reply by the way).

    Ending Planner has a really great theme! I love it and it makes me cry /tear every episode.


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