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Future Diary…among other updates

So yep, after my post about taking it easy on livejournal, I'm indeed taking a break. But that doesn't mean my anime-watching and drama-watching have come to hiatus as well! Of course not. 

I've been watching Future Diary, which is an anime about how twelve people are chosen to be in this game where they have to kill one another until only one survives and goes on to become the God of Time. The story follows Yuno, a boy who always writes in his diary (phone) and is appalled to find out that what he thought he had imagined, Deus, is actually the real God of Time. His phone soon has the ability of predicting the future, but he finds out that the other eleven people have different forms of diaries as well! 

Not the best synopsis that I can give you here, but I can tell you three words about it:

Psychotic, Creepy, Good

Oh well, it wasn't thaaaaat brilliant (sorry, forever biased towards Kindaichi:D) but it sure is damn creepy. Especially with Yuki, a girl who is also a Future Diary Owner, and who obsesses with Yuno. When I say she obsesses, she really does. 0.0 

So I would recommend it. Yep. 

On to Man Of Honour, 

Seo In U!(: My Bias. As usual. The guy who will never get the girl.

Grandma who smiles in approval.

As 'step sis' shouts in disapproval. 

I took those caps thinking that I would do recaps on Man Of Honour, but after dropping the drama twice (First time was because of the lack of time, 2nd… I will explain later), I don't see that happening in the near future, so here's all the caps I took. (:

Yep, I had a problem with the development of the plot in Man Of Honour, especially in the later episodes from 10-14. I didn't like how they developed Jae In and Yeong Gwang's relationship, because as far as I can tell, there was practically no development, and suddenly poom, Jae In also loves Yeong Gwang, and they start worrying about 'love between siblings' thing. Which is also not my thing. Putting aside the fact that I'm mildly inclined towards In U and he's not getting the girl, I also didn't like how they didn't explore much over the realisation that Yeong Gwang and In U both knew Jae In when she was young, and that they both deduced that Jae In was…Jae In. 

So ta-ta to the drama. I wonder if it was a pure coincidence that I stopped watching right at the point where Jae In and Yeong Gwang had a kiss (hope this isn't a spoiler, I didn't tell you when they had it!(: lol) because I had a flashback of Yoon Sung and Nana…

That's all for now! I hope you guys don't mind this mix-and-match of things. I've been watching too many dramas/animes/movies that I like enough to continue but not well enough to recap it. And I did promise myself that I wouldn't stress over writing about things that I don't love enough. So I figured that reviews will be the best way to go. 😀



  1. I love Seo In Woo too. Actually I like his dad and In Chul a lot. I have a bit of an obsession with villains so this drama makes me so happy. In Woo’s dad is so creepy. I’ve just started doing longer posts about Man of Honor. I’m going to have to check out Future Diary. It sounds awesome.


    • Yayyy. I like In U…but that might also be because I always love second fiddles. SIGHHH. Poor me as I watch all the guys not getting the girls they love lol.

      I like In Chul too! Hahahaha, then you will have a field day isn’t it since In U’s dad seems utterly villainous. I hope they didn’t make him a good guy in the end:P He’s darn creepy!

      Lol, I gave up on Man of Honour though. And so did you check out Future Diary? Hope I didn’t get your hopes too high!


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