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Suspicious Partner Episode 39 – 40 Recap

I didn’t know that watching Bong Hee & Ji Wook going about their mundane life can be so hilarious and endearing. It’s been a good ride!


Despite the passionate kiss we watched in the previous episode, Bong Hee wakes up dishevelled in Ji Hye’s house. You know, although Ji Hye was such a terrible woman at the start of the show, I’ve grown to like her humour a lot! Kim Ye Won acts quite naturally and her little changes in expressions are fascinating to watch. Anyway, while Ji Hye mutters about her sofa which has turned smelly because of Bong Hee, Bong Hee remembers how she ran away from the kiss after feeling scared that something bad will happen out of them being together again.

Another note on the kiss though – this kiss looks like Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun genuinely are enjoying it. It feels like it would have been a breeze to act it out.

Ji Wook turns up at Ji Hye’s house and Ji Hye’s like “Please get her off the sofa.” Bong Hee is distraught because she hasn’t washed her hair and face, but Ji Wook says, “I told you that you are still pretty even when you are dirty!” causing Ji Hye to laugh out loud. HAHA I admit that I chuckled after hearing Ji Hye’s laughter.


Bong Hee finally ‘fesses up on why she ran away but Ji Wook is indignant, “Then why were you all over me in the sacred court?” HAHA.


Bong Hee retorts, “I mean, it’s just a kiss, there’s no need to take responsibility for it.” I love how Ji Wook is the one who is acting all vulnerable here.


All jokes aside, Ji Wook wants to get back together because breaking up with Bong Hee is scarier than anything else. Convinced by that, Bong Hee decides to start dating him again. Her nervousness confuses Ji Hye, since the couple has been together for a long time, but Bong Hee explains that everytime they get together, someone gets hurt so they don’t get to go on many dates. “But you guys lived together” “Mmhmm, but we only slept together once.” Hahaha.

Ji Hye also takes charge of Bong Hee’s makeup with a “Sit down!” and Bong Hee eventually turns up for her date with two red cheeks hat amuses Ji Wook so much.


As for the DA, he pleaded that he only brought the knife as a defence, not to kill Hyun Soo. If the attempted murder charge gets dropped, he will probably only get probation. The last we hear of him, the DA resigns dishonourably from  his post.

But is that really enough? Of course, the crimes which the DA and Hyun Soo committed are vastly different, and in many cases, first-degree murder will always be considered the most culpable, hence heaviest sentence. But if you think about it, the DA’s corruption and manipulation indirectly sets into motion many events. Is it really fair that he only gets away with a pure resignation and maybe a fine? How about some jail time? (You guys must remember however, that he was not prosecuted for whatever he did to Bong Hee’s dad as that was too long ago). I don’t know if this show is just being light-handed on the corruption, instead choosing to focus on the murderer, or if it’s trying to reflect some sort of reality in that people of position will ultimately get treated better, or that corruption is a slimier creature to kill. In any case, I can’t say I’m entirely satisfied with how this part of the storyline is resolved.

Eun Hyuk sighs that he’s just like a daycare teacher now, trying to take care of Bong Hee and Mr Byun. The duo smiles sweetly and promises to take good care of him hahaha.


As for Hyun Soo, on the grounds of having committed several first-degree murders and that he did not show any remorse, he was sentenced to life-imprisonment. And that, is the last of Hyun Soo.

At the end of the trial, Ji Wook quickly grasps Bong Hee’s hand and murmurs a quick Congratulations. Finally, her innocence has been proven. Somehow this 5 second scene warms my heart.

Nonetheless, Bong Hee is sad that they can’t do anything about her dad because he wasn’t formally charged as an arsonist back then and the statute of limitations for defaming the dead is only three years. Bong Hee’s mum consoles her that her dad would agree with her that as long as Bong Hee proves her innocence, it’s enough.

Bong Hee puts off celebrating with her mum because she’s supposed to have a date with Ji Wook. However, Ji Wook suddenly finds himself burdened with additional cases and even hilariously gives the accused person only 30 seconds to confess since there is already sufficient evidence.

Bong Hee gets tired of waiting and decides to crash Ji Hye & Yoo Jung’s drinking date. Yoo Jung smirks that Ji Wook can be such a workaholic, causing Bong Hee to laugh at the irony of advice being given by the ex-girlfriend. Ji Hye notes that this is just like a scene from a bad drama, but gets shut up by Bong Hee, “My ex-boyfriend cheated on me with you.” Yoo Jung questions Ji Hye on her feelings for Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee whines that it’s really bad for Ji Hye to always fall for guys who are taken. Ji Hye protests that she really had no idea Eun Hyuk had feelings for (Yoo Jung) but Yoo Jung doesn’t get it and asks, “Who? Who does Eun Hyuk like?”

I admit that I’ve replayed this scene a couple of times just to see Bong Hee’s expression.

Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk arrive to see three drunkards and Ji Wook advises Eun Hyuk “not to live your life like this”, thinking that Eun Hyuk was probably two-timing Yoo Jung and Ji Hye hahaha.

In what was probably the cutest sequence of this finale, Ji Wook piggybacks Bong Hee who pretends to puke but bursts out laughing, then covers his eyes, then pretends to puke again. Is that why sometimes guys find tipsy girlfriends so cute?


Eun Hyuk sends Ji Hye and Yoo Jung home but Yoo Jung grabs Eun Hyuk’s hand when he turns to leave.


He decides to follow his heart and kisses her. Oh man, I’d really wished that he would seek Ji Wook’s forgiveness!

The next morning, Bong Hee wakes up and feigns memory loss as to what happened the night before, which is kind of a throwback to the first few episodes. Ji Wook leaves the room with a cryptic “Well, I’m not  exactly a saint” and Bong Hee chuckles to herself, “Why wouldn’t I remember? Of course I do.”

Their dating life now ensues with cute morning kisses and long night calls. Bong Hee doesn’t want to move back because there would be “no tension” if she does so hahaha. They spend their days listening to music, watching movies, and falling asleep together. (Enough with the windowpane effect already!)

Eun Hyuk finally runs into Yoo Jung and pushes her to talk about the two of them. Although Yoo Jung tries to dismiss the kiss as a mistake, Eun Hyuk finally confesses that he has been having feelings for her for the longest time. Even if Yoo Jung isn’t sure whether she likes him as a friend or as a man, that’s okay for him. “That’s enough for me.”

Funnily, Bong Hee’s client whacked her husband on the head with a bat because…of an affair in 1987, i.e 30 years ago. Ji Wook happens to be the prosecutor in charge and the two bicker because Ji Wook doesn’t understand why she put up with it for so long or why she’s using that as a justification for the assault. Bong Hee on the other hand tries to explain that her client tries to bury the grudge but couldn’t and must have been miserable.


She brings up the day when Ji Wook refused to kiss her, “Do you know how hurtful that was? I understand your feelings, but whenever I think about it, it still upsets me. Watch your head, my grudges might explode in 30 years from now.” HAHAH


The four men of the show take a stroll while talking about the important matter of – how do you deal with women. Mr Byun’s advice is to just say “I’m sorry” but you see how that immediately backfires because Ji Wook’s mum is angry that he doesn’t know what he’s apologising for.

Bong Hee is frustrated why they are quarreling over something insignificant, even though they cared for each other while going through so many things. Ji Hye analyses that when there’s no longer any external problems, conflicts will arise internally. Both parties will start noticing each other’s flaws, discover reasons why they are not compatible and break up. It’s funny how the three women end up being friends in the end.


Hilariously, after the couple meet and exchange a kiss (for formalities), Ji Wook’s “I’m sorry” is similarly met with a “What are you sorry about?” from Bong Hee. This causes Ji Wook to panic and run away because he has no idea what he’s apologising for exactly either.

True enough, the couple starts to bicker over other small things, like how Bong Hee isn’t pleased with Ji Wook’s assessment of her outfits. My dear Ji Wook, can’t you tell from her expression?

One year later, Ji Wook shrivels in frustration because of his workload and Bong Hee grumbles too that he prioritises work over her anyway. When she finally drops by to have some jjangjangmyeon, Ji Wook mutters that she treats the place like a chinese restaurant but hilariously calls for delivery anyway, “The girlfriend whom I love so much is here to see me, please give us everything on your menu.”

As for Eun Hyuk, he seems to be getting a bit more luck in the romance department because Yoo Jung is angry that he didn’t call. Ji Hye listens from a side and later drowns her sorrow, especially after Bong Hee replies nonchalantly to her question, “Sometimes I still fall for him.”

Bong Hee defends an exhibitionist against Ji Wook but her case clearly gets thrown to the winds because the guy starts to strip in court due to the crowd. The couple bicker once again but end up laughing. In reality though, won’t someone have to declare a conflict of interest or something?


Now with only 3 lawyers, Eun Hyuk wants to recruit more members, bringing to mind Bong Hee’s desire to recruit a younger, more handsome lawyer. Ji Wook casts a deathly glance towards Bong Hee who laughs sheepishly. Note how Eun Hyuk is now the head of the table, topped off with Ji Wook’s identical spectacles!

Bong Hee’s mention of “radio” triggers Mr Byun to talk about his old days again, causing the two couples to run away and making Mr Bang feel lonely.

Our main couple takes a walk down an empty road and Ji Wook murmurs, “Bong Hee, I love you.” He slips a ring onto her finger, “I will love you forever,” and gets flustered when Bong Hee asks for a song.

She then laughs and kisses him, “My answer is a yes, I will love you forever too.”

I’m so happy that I met you, my love. 


-the end-

Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of this drama taken as a whole. There are some dramas where I was just so in love with everything that there was nothing to nitpick on. For Suspicious Partner, I love the interactions between the couple and the surrounding characters. One of its strongest point indeed lies in the dialogues between Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun, and I’m glad we got to see the most of that in this finale. However, much as I thought that the murderer storyline was intriguing and the final twist was impactful, I didn’t think it packs that much a punch as it potentially can. I think there were two episodes where Hyun Soo just completely drops out of the picture because he was in the coma. Suddenly that plot line just doesn’t feel as tight anymore. Additionally, like what I’ve mentioned in the previous episode, there wasn’t any real sense of urgency or climax even when Hyun Soo disappeared with the district attorney. The only real reason why this murderer storyline works out so fine is due to Dong Ha’s intricate and emotional acting, and I already cannot wait for him to appear more in future dramas! Additionally, there were a few separate storylines that overlap with each other only because of the district attorney’s corruption, but the drama ends up being fickle-minded on whether the corruption was the more evil act or the murders. If I were to put it simply, I feel that this drama had a lot of potential in terms of the plot, but it probably has to re-think the storytelling aspect in order to truly deliver a perfect rendition. In other words, this is one drama that I enjoyed watching, but I wouldn’t have any long-lasting drama blues when it ends.

I’ve also mentioned several times that the couple’s chemistry is on fire in this show. I can tell that both actors truly enjoy acting with each other, but strangely, at the end of it all, (whether in the show or in reality) I don’t find myself actively fangirling over them. It’s a weird feeling but I think it boils down somewhat to two factors – 1. that Healer remains one of my ultimate favourite dramas and therefore, probably nothing beats watching Ji Chang Wook in that show and 2. you kinda always know that this couple would end up together and therefore there isn’t much danger posed by the external conflicts. In Healer (pardon the comparison) or City Hunter for example, you never know whether the male lead is going to get killed off, so it makes their relationship a lot more tenuous and precious. I think I’m rather extreme in that I prefer either full out rom-com such as Weightlifting Fairy where I could die squealing over the innocent cute couple, or some melodrama.

For my last gripe, I think it would have been so much more satisfying if Yoo Jung and Eun Hyuk properly address what happened that fateful night and to clarify with Ji Wook. Even if Ji Wook has already moved on, it will serve as some form of closure, allowing this couple to start on a new note (rather than – oh we have done something wrong, we cheated- baggage). It’s also out of respect for Ji Wook, don’t you think? Even if ultimately I do believe that Ji Wook never loved Yoo Jung as much as she did to him, this cannot be the excuse behind the hurt his two best friends have dealt to him. If the show was harping so much on this, the least they could do is to tie it up properly.

Don’t get me wrong though! Despite all that I’ve said, I truly enjoyed watching this show. I will miss the strange legal firm with its quirky meetings, unique lawyers and funny dialogues. I will also miss the banter that comes so easily both from the main couple and the other actors. Whether accurate or not, sometimes it’s also endearing to watch the prosecutor vs lawyer debate. Now that I’ve learnt Ji Chang Wook is going to be enlisted, I don’t know what else I’m going to do in this time. Please come back to us soon!





  1. I couldn’t get over Bong Hee being outside in her nightgown like that. They couldn’t talk in the living room or even outside in the hallway?

    I was very dissatisfied with the way things ended with the DA too. And we never learned his motives with blaming Bong Hee’s father for the fire in the first place. Especially since it was probably an accident – why did he need to blame someone at all?

    Hyun Soo needs some major therapy too. I hope he gets that in prison…

    The girls drinking scene was amazing. So perfect and hilarious. The finger-hearts and blown kisses – I died laughing. I enjoyed the kiss alot but that’s because I felt like Ji Wook extended the forgiveness when Yoo Jung was in the hospital.


    • Hehe I didn’t think that was a nightgown!! I thought it was just a drape-y sort of dress. Yeah that whole DA part totally fizzled out – they could have played into the nuances of the corruption evil but I think that may have been too complex for the show to handle.

      Me too!! I loved it, I rewatched it three times HAHA.


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