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Review: Circle: Two Connected Worlds (No Spoilers!)

The short answer – yes!

If you are still sitting on the fence regarding Circle and whether to watch it, here’s a review that will hopefully convince you to make a decision! It’s going to be short and without spoilers, but I will be writing a Part 2 to this post that will contain a full-length review.

Circle is a recently-concluded 2017 drama produced by TvN, starring Yeo Jin Goo, Ahn Woo Yeon, Gong Seung Yun and Jung In Sun. Truthfully, I was really in on the ride because I am a huge fan of Yeo Jin Goo ever since The Moon Embracing The Sun, but everyone else in this cast ends up really growing on me! In a nutshell, the drama/each episode is split into two halves – the first is set in 2017 while the second is in 2037. An alien visits Earth and the show basically revolves around how humans react to the technology and changes brought along with and by this alien.

That’s probably all I can say without giving too much away. As you can tell (and you have been forewarned), this drama falls within the science fiction & mystery genre. If science fiction isn’t your thing, then you might want to stay away. This is definitely way more legit sci-fi than Your Love Who Comes From Another Star – much as I love Kim Soo Hyun and the show, honestly 60% of the reason why he’s even alien is probably so that he can do all those crazy saving-the-heroine acts and make us fall in love with him. How else are you going to get a guy who will swoop in and save your malfunctioning car? Or save you from a car?

If you are open to sci-fi, then I would say go for it! The drama is only 12 episodes long so it won’t take too much of your time (I finished it within 2 days) and it being only 12 eps means that it really packs a punch. There’s no fillers, no draggy moments because there just isn’t time for that. The drama was really quite well-paced and tight. It does take some effort to keep up with the storyline, but it never befuddles me more than it should – sometimes the questions are intentionally created to keep you confused and I felt like a lot of people unnecessarily dropped the show due to that. Just wait a little longer, and the answers are given!

Not only is the acting good and the story truly engaging, I think the show also creates a few thought-provoking points. I can’t cover them in this review but I think these questions, while not useful per se, may become relevant in the future, especially with the ever-evolving technology.  It could have been too philosophical, but it wasn’t.

Just remember – this isn’t your typical K-drama, so you can’t exactly watch it while doing 1000 other things. Neither can you expect that there’s going to be sweet, cheesy K-romance. Don’t give up even after dying for 2.5 episodes because I really do think you will like it more and more!





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