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Suspicious Partner Episode 37 – 38 Recap

The culmination of the past 36/18 episodes come down to this, but I’m not sure just how satisfied I am.


First off, we have Hyun Soo’s “grand escape”, or so I believe he intentionally provokes the DA with his confession. Ji Wook is suspicious that Hyun Soo has confessed, much like Bong Hee who feels something is up with the DA’s apology. Knowing that the DA has disappeared with Hyun Soo, Bong Hee hilariously knocks her head repeatedly on the car window in an attempt to think.

Although Ji Wook looks her incredulously, Bong Hee does arrive at the right guess that the DA might have brought Hyun Soo to her old house – i.e where Hee Jun died. Indeed, the DA trashes Hyun Soo there, but Hyun Soo laughs at the irony because the DA was the one who acquitted all the jerks in the past over the gang rape. Although killing Hee Jun was accidental, Hyun Soo realised it ended up being fair revenge to the district attorney.


“You got all the jerks acquitted and buried the case, do you remember?” DA attempts to stab Hyun Soo and the two end up in a tussle.

The couple arrives on scene just in time for Ji Wook to chase after Hyun Soo. Although Ji Wook holds up his ground pretty well, it takes only one kick-ass flying kick from Bong Hee to take down Hyun Soo.

The reason why I wasn’t so impressed with this grand escape was because Hyun Soo seems to think that this was his way out. But we saw how he clearly wasn’t going for an escape plan – really, how far can you run with those cuffed hands? The true impact of this scene is to let the viewers know that the district attorney was the one who started it all. By pandering to the parents and burying the case, he ignored So Young’s pain and indirectly moulded the murderer Hyun Soo. That’s the true learning here – so it was a bit flat that they hinted in the previous episode that Hyun Soo still had a way to escape.


After Yoo Jung and the police descend upon the scene to nab the bad guys, we have reconciliation between the leads. Bong Hee feels apologetic for blaming Ji Wook, even though she knows it’s not his fault. Although her dad died saving his parents, Bong Hee decides to call it even because Ji Wook has gone through a lot for her. They will simply return to the times when they first met.


Ji Wook returns to the prosecution and coldly greets his welcoming party hahaha, “There’s no one here I really want to meet.” Yoo Jung grumbles about transferring the case to Ji Wook and I guess there’s some poetic justice here – the lawyer who got the criminal off is now the one in charging of putting him in jail. Despite having made the full confession earlier on, Hyun Soo now pretends that he’s suffering from feeble mind and retracts his confession.


I didn’t know until this scene that I actually miss the Eun Hyuk – Bong Hee’s interaction. I love how Bong Hee is able to tell that Eun Hyuk isn’t well even though he gives his usual (fake) laughter. As for herself, Eun Hyuk advises her not to think too much and just follow her heart. She asks him back the same question and he smiles that he continuously fall in love with this person (Yoo Jung) while following his heart.


As we know, a meeting in this strange legal firm never goes well, with Mr Byun attempting this time round to convince Mr Bang to stay as an investigator for the firm (instead of returning to the prosecution along with Ji Wook). Ji Wook does his usual shout to get the crew to focus on the issue – how do they get Hyun Soo? Even if he didn’t change his admission, they would still need to find additional evidence to prove his guilt. Charging him with attempted murder of Mr Bang and Ji Wook is not enough and he can easily get off by pleading unsoundness of mind etc.

Yoo Jung and Eun Hyuk have a temporary heart attack moment as their hands touch. Oh my is the sexual tension building up or what? However, ideally, I would still wish for Eun Hyuk to get Ji Wook’s forgiveness before he embarks on anything new with Yoo Jung. It’s only right to do so! With Eun Hyuk’s words in her mind, Bong Hee realises that she does constantly fall in love with Ji Wook.


Mr Bang manages to track down the investigator in charge of So Young’s case years ago and together with Bong Hee, they find out that the case was dropped back then due to non-prosecution. As we have already learnt, the prosecutor in charge is none other than DA Jang. Bong Hee faces off with the DA (who has suddenly in my opinion become a bit too meek) and requests that he gives a proper formal apology instead.


After finishing this work, Bong Hee finds Ji Wook for some late night dinner and their chemistry can be seen even from how they smoothly clean up after eating or how Ji Wook almost cleans her mouth. Bong Hee updates Ji Wook on her research and how she learns that So Young’s case was indeed a rape case which was buried due to connections. In a twist, Ji Wook decides to charge Hyun Soo with rape as well, along with Min Young Hoon, the guy who knocked Hyun Soo down and who has been caught.

At first, you would think that this was just a Ji Wook strategy to provoke Hyun Soo, but slowly the truth dawns on us that Hyun Soo was indeed the seventh assailant. The incident report by the investigator which corresponds to the victim’s mother’s statement both pointed Hyun Soo as being on the scene.


Ji Wook intentionally mixes up names in the re-reading of the report, which irks Hyun Soo who keeps correcting Ji Wook, thus showing that he has first-hand knowledge.


Hyun Soo also keeps harping that there are seven people on the scene, but when pushed for the names, he can only list six.


“The seventh person, is you.”


Hyun Soo tries to differentiate himself from the rest of the jerks and therefore offers up evidence of his murders himself. Cool but hmm. He directs them to a underpass where Yoo Jung finds the dead body of Ko Chan Ho. Awww so he really died!! I was hoping to get to see more of him.

In the end, Hyun Soo was also part of the gang rape as a spectator. He liked So Young but he didn’t have the courage to stop his friends. Even if he punished those who deserve punishment, he hurt innocents in the process.

The crew smiles thinking that Bong Hee will get acquitted as well, once Hyun Soo is charged with Hee Jun’s murder.

Eun Hyuk learns that things are still a little awkward between the couple but edges Bong Hee to follow her heart. She walks up to him but backs out at the last moment. Ji Wook, who is jealous of the two whispering, is taken aback when Eun Hyuk sighs that he’s really slow with hints.

In our last scene, Bong Hee visits the court room and recalls what the couple has gone through ever since they met. Just as Ji Wook approaches her from the back, she turns around. You rescued me and I fell for you. Now that I think about it, after that day, my life was a series of falling in love with you again. Even at this moment, I fall for you again.

And our episode ends off with the couple exchanging a kiss. I really think Ji Chang Wook is a damn good on-screen kisser. For the fun of it, I just went to re-watch Healer’s kiss scenes and the fire there was wow too. Anyway here’s a few more kiss scenes from various angles *whee* and since we are at the second last episode, I might as well say that I’m honestly confused with all the shining orbs in the kiss scenes.


I would save my thoughts about Hyun Soo, the murders and the couple for the last recap. Just to pre-empt you, they are probably not the conventional ones you’ve been reading about so far! Here’s leaving you with a screenshot of Hyun Soo perishing in his cell and although he’s a pretty twisted murderer, his look in this moment does break my heart a little.





  1. I felt like, even though it was never spoken, when Ji Wook told Eun Hyuk at the hospital that he was okay with Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung, it was his way of conveying that forgiveness. (Since he’ll never say it outright.)

    Hyun Soo being an unwilling, cowardly spectator was such a twist. It’s no wonder he ended up so warped – the guilt of his inaction ate him from the inside. It reminded me a little of Joon-Gook in I Can hear Your Voice – a villain who justifies his actions because he cannot face his own guilt.


    • Hmm I did think of that, but I really wish the forgiveness was a lot more obvious. I didn’t feel like Eun Hyuk was liberated after that hospital scene; it felt like he just decided to finally act on his strong feelings. I didn’t watch I can hear Your Voice, but yes I like that twist!!


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