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Suspicious Partner Episode 28 Recap

What a mix of genres in one episode!

I’m gonna change up the recapping style just for this episode’s recap, no reasons why (maybe…laziness? business? too much ramble?), so today, I’m going to tell you what’s the highlights of this episode.

To start off, fire.


Yoo Jung learns from her interrogation that the prosecution wrongfully charges someone two years ago for arson. They caught the wrong person, but District Attorney says oh we can’t betray the people’s trust anymore i.e don’t you dare do anything stupid. I wonder what is it with Korea and their distrust of prosecutors. The dramas really paint them in such a bad light!


The guy who was wrongfully convicted two years ago is actually Eun Hyuk’s client. He would like to file for an appeal and seeks his help.


Eun Hyuk is not confident because he lost the case two years ago but both Ji Wook and Bong Hee don’t want to help him because they both lost their fathers to fire. Oh even Bong Hee?


To be honest, it felt a little awkward in that moment. I felt so alone for Eun Hyuk. It’s like he’s reaching out for help for the first time but he gets rejected so horribly. I say horrible not because I think Ji Wook and Bong Hee are horrible, but that because their reasons are so heartfelt and emotional, and it serves to highlight this gap between Eun Hyuk and the two of them. I don’t know how to put it better. It’s like a situation when you have two friends who connect with each other way better than they connect with you.

We then see the District Attorney showing a young Ji Wook a photo of a man and insisting that that man is the one who killed his parents. Errr.


Next, we have a date! If you think this is going to be a normal date, you are wrong. Well it’s kinda the conventional date but with a twist on it. It was honestly quite funny to watch Bong Hee beating Ji Wook at everything – claw machines, gun machines, basketball machines. You go girl!!!


(But if I were to nitpick, I really think Nam Ji Hyun isn’t holding the gun like she knows what she’s doing…)

Then, we have the showdown of Bong Hee and le mother. Ji Wook is a little hurt that he lost every game but they soon patch up. Aww.


But when Bong Hee leaves to buy medicine, Ji Wook runs into his mother. Bong Hee ends up running for her life hahahaha.


Bong Hee’s mum has brought pizza for the firm and is initially very pleased with Ji Wook (and Eun Hyuk) because she sees halos around them (yeah us too:’))


It’s hilarious to see how Ji Wook feels threatened that Bong Hee’s mum likes Eun Hyuk too. Alas, Ji Wook brings his mother home too, who gets a heart attack realising who her son is dating.


Bong Hee returns home unsuspectingly and Ji Wook decides to desperately declare that they are dating. Cues Eun Hyuk and his super duper cute “act surprised!” Omg Eun Hyuk you are adorable. 


District Attorney makes the appearance again by thinking about an old case and lo and behold, it’s Bong Hee’s dad pleading with him in the past because he was wrongfully charged for assault.


Now I’m curious – how does that link up with the fire case? If Bong Hee’s dad also died in a fire, does that mean he saved Ji Wook? Potential theory: Bong Hee’s dad was wrongfully charged, Ji Wook’s dad tried to help him, DA took his revenge by telling Ji Wook the arsonist was Bong Hee’s dad??

Moving on, the necklace. Once again, we have a twist on a typical gift session. Although Ji Wook rehearses the whole day on the perfect way to gift the present, it is Bong Hee who straightforwardly asks for it. At a laundromat.


I love how despite all the planning Ji Wook/the couple tries to do, they just end up doing the sweetest things in a natural manner. This culminates in our leads’ passionate scene! Omg, is anyone else blushing around here?

First they exchange a goodnight kiss.


Then they realise they WANT EACH OTHER, so they turn around…


and ahhhhhh.


*hits the replay button* 

I just can’t…this scene is great. Amazing. Passionate. Let’s just throw in all the synonyms you know yeah.  I don’t know about you, but I love the execution and that the actual sex scene wasn’t played out. I find that for most of the dramas, I never truly liked the bed scenes anyway. Somehow, I’ve always preferred watching the pre-s and this is no exception. I liked how both of them turned at the same time, how they came together in the same beat, how Bong Hee threw her laundry basket on the floor, how they broke apart and stared at each other because boy, the desire was just as (or even more) palpable when they are not kissing.

I also have an irrelevant question – where’s all the glass effect coming from?? I get it if we are looking through..I don’t know glass panes or something, but there’s literally nothing  in Ji Wook’s house that would create such an effect.

Anyway, Ji Wook wakes up in the morning and smiles because he’s so contented and in bliss.


Omg I want someone to kiss my hair like the way he does. I think I’m sounding more psychotic as this recap progresses.


The power of lip-tint – no mess, no stain, just beautiful lips after a night of kissing (yeah right). 


While writing this recap, I was also thinking about how sex scenes/passionate kisses are portrayed in Kdramas. Here’s the disclaimer that I’m not actually voicing an opinion; it’s a neutral observation and I would like to know if you guys think the same! Don’t you feel that guys are always portrayed as the initiator and/or protector? I think I’ve seen quite a few dramas where the girl drops something during a kiss. I guess here it’s different because Bong Hee actively threw the basket anyway (which is an emotion varied from dropping a towel due to surprise or shyness) and that is cool and refreshing. I would even honestly admit that I freaking love the scene where Ji Wook just hugs Bong Hee the next morning and kisses her gently (OMG) and I hope that for all of you reading this recap right now, you would find someone who looks the same way at you as how Ji Wook looks at Bong Hee. But it does get me thinking – would it have conveyed the same vibe if the roles are reversed? Would it have been weird if Bong Hee was kissing Ji Wook? *just imagine that* Or is it only portrayed this way because the main target audience is females? Well, do drop me a comment, even if you think that all this is just mindless rambling. Which it is of course, but that’s why I’m named as such. Thoughtsramble.

And finally, how Ji Wook finds out that the man he remembered was Bong Hee’s father.


But before he can fully process anything, Bong Hee stirs in her sleep, wakes up and burrows herself into his arms.


Shit this guy’s acting is darn good, if you can feel his emotions just through screenshots. I felt like Ji Chang Wook really nailed this part. It’s up to anyone’s interpretation, but I saw him as a vulnerable boy who felt lost and clutched onto the person he loves the most. He didn’t push her away, he didn’t even act the littlest bit repulsed because this is Bong Hee and he loves her no matter what – but at the same time, that expression strongly brings out the irony and complication. He’s scared. 


I think the back story with regard to the District Attorney is a little messy to be honest, so I’m not going to hazard any more guesses here but I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds (within control)! Till next week!



  1. I agree about his acting – you can just see his rising panic even while he desperately clings to her in his arms. Very well done!

    The glass effect has been bothering me too. At first I thought it was glass doors but they always kiss in the living room and I don’t see any doors there. It’s almost like the camera went outside and is filming through the window. It’s very wierd. (I’m also tired of every kiss scene having to have a bright light right in the middle between them.)

    I’m trying to think of any dramas where the girl initiates the kisses… I’m sure there are a few but usually not. The only one that pops to mind is Witch’s Romance as there’s at least one scene where she initiates there. Oh – and in Dream High when Pilsook finally has it with Jason being too timid and grabs him. Though we didn’t get to actually see that kiss… Also, I think most of the time, if the girl initiates the kiss, it’s usually a quick peck and then the guy responds by grabbing her for more – like in Marriage Not Dating, Nine Ends Two Outs, etc.

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    • Love your comment so much hahaha – till the end, there was a strange bright light/glassy effect and I think it was just too much aesthetics > reality. Thanks for engaging in my ramble!! Exactly, most of the time the guy still ends up being the passionate, aggressive one, which is interesting because it isn’t like this for all types of dramas. American dramas for example can be quite different. Then yet again, this is portraying an entirely different culture so maybe the comparison isn’t fair.

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      • I suspect it’s for similar reasons that many of the actresses have a hard time kissing back in the kissing scenes. There’s this acceptance when guys initiate or do the kissing that isn’t there when women initiate or kiss back. The guy kisses passionately/initiates? Public reaction = ooh, he’s a good kisser, passionate actor. The girl kisses passionately/initiates? Public reaction *might be* = does she have loose morals?

        It’s a double-standard that makes me mad. And American culture can sometimes be the same way.


      • Maybe it’s an Asian concept…? I don’t know either, but I feel like American shows do portray women in more forward manners…although I haven’t really paid attention to whether these women are later on deemed as loose/sleep around. I suspect they may also have been


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