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In Time With You Episode 13 recap

It goes without saying that I love this episode the most. Loveeeee.

Da Ren went to You Qing's house and she's of course not there. He sat down and started writing a note with a pen that she gave him:

— I'm using your pen to write down my best wishes for you. Even though it's difficult, because the note is short, but what I didn't write, I'm sure you understand…I'm going back to Singapore, and I can't attend your wedding…but the big red packet will definitely be here. True…I've lost…I've lost to the You who are deeply in love…and it's worth it.

As he turned and walked away, a younger version of You Qing went to open the door. It was the You Qing from his memories, and he turned around to tell her, "Can you allow me to wipe your tears? Can I listen to what troubles you…. Can I be your friend….but not just a friend….Can you let me like you. "

I knew it, this snippet in the preview of Episode 13 wouldn't be 'so good to us' that it'd be Da Ren telling You Qing personally, but I like this because it shows the What-If. What if this was what Da Ren had said right from the start? Everything would have changed. Everything in the decade of friendship would have changed. 

And when You Qing came home, she walked into the rain crying, as the camera zoomed in onto her clutching onto the note that Da Ren had written and placed in the mailbox. 

She went into her parents' room and woke up her mother. Her mother asked her worriedly what's wrong.

As she told her mother that she couldn't bring her 'doubt' to marry Li Wei, her mother comforted her. You Qing started crying as her mother soothed her, but the tears could be heard in her voice (I've always liked this actress. She's usually acting as the female lead's mother, and she's a wonderful actress as a mother). You Qing apologised for being so immature and selfish and her mother joked, "You are really selfish, you made me all wet." She told You Qing not to worry and that they would take one step at a time.

Just when I was musing over how the father had been sleeping like a log all this while, turns out he wasn't asleep at all. He sat up and told them that the most important thing was, "Does the direct party know?" The parents offered to go with her to apologise to Ding Li Wei, and that they would kneel for forgiveness. She cried and told her parents that she didn't know they loved her so much. "I will go alone. I'm the one who made a mistake…I should dare to take up my own responsibility." Her father told her that one can only start anew after facing the mistake that one has made. 

Bai Shu hurriedly went to find Da Ren's mother because he dreamt that she had died.

Omg this couple is very sweet too heh heh. In the end, Da Ren's mother offered to let him sleep in Da Ren's room.

As Da Ren's mother shushed Bai Shu and hurriedly sent him into the house while trying to dry his back, Da Ren stood outside the gate -all wet- and he thought, "This is good. All the people I love found their true love." He smiled, before his smile faded off into a sad look and he sat on the steps outside his house. 

You Qing was all wet when she got into Li Wei's house and she walked into his room, waking him up by turning on the lights. He protested, "Don't turn on the lights," and she apologised for waking him up. The moment he heard her voice, he woke up completely and asked why she was there in a worried tone. "I thought you had a friends' gathering." 

Ooh suspicious. 

He asked why she didn't return home, and she replied, "I did, and I came out again…because I wanted to…." Then a sound got the both of them looking to the side…where You Qing saw Li Wei's secretary clad in nothing but a towel. As Li Wei told her that nothing happened between the both of them, and that the secretary meant nothing to him, You Qing walked towards the secretary and recalled the call that she got earlier on, about how she shouldn't marry Ding Li Wei. She seemed to zone out in shock as LI Wei kept saying, "I love you," and she realised, "Turns out that both of us don't owe each another anything." Then she fainted. 

Ooh one of my readers on In Time With You recaps was spot-on about this. -clap clap- 

The scene faded out… and now there's a new scene of You Qing wearing a pair of new heels. She told Da Ren in a narration that she realised how she's happy now that she found the 'pair of shoes that she really loved' and that even though she couldn't buy the 'entire shelves of shoes', she's sure that the 'possession of everything would one day find a new owner'. Hence, she quit from her job, and went on a voyage to many different places. She sent Da Ren postcards from each place that she went.

Ping An lugged a luggage and sat next to Da Ren. She knew that Da Ren's reading the new postcard that You Qing had sent and remarked that it's romantic because "A place that you can't go personally…a person that you love went and even told you everything that she saw." 

As Lin Kai walked near them with a few more luggages, Ping An sighed that sometimes your 'buddy' really didn't know what you want…but at least she'd tried. She thanked Da Ren, and Da Ren replied, "Why are you thanking me? If not for my bad idea, you don't need to run." "I'm not running…I just want to see winter." As Lin Kai came near and took her passport, he told her that he'd upgraded her flight so that she wouldn't need to squeeze with other people. 

When Lin Kai went to help her check in, Da Ren asked if she'd really put down everything. Ping An replied, "He told me that I'm the second girl that would make him have a heartache…the first is his mum." Since she's the second barrier to him getting a new girlfriend, Ping An said that she would just reject every single girlfriend… "I'm joking." "I know…you will even be the first one to wish him all the best." "Maybe I will find my own happiness first?" "Then he will be the first to wish you the best." 

It's time to leave, and they exchanged a hug…as Lin Kai watched in the background.

She walked back to Lin Kai, and told him that he didn't need to send her off. Lin Kai suddenly gave her a deep hug, to which Da Ren smiled and looked away. 

He told her, "Take care of yourself…my best buddy…" She left for England to study for a year, and after that Lin Kai cried by himself.  

T.T Please let them be together in the end. 

Bai Shu and Da Ren's mother got married!:D

As everyone cheered them on, Tao Tao watched from inside the house. Da Ren's mother said that she'd only agreed to marry him after he'd promised never to let her experience the heartbreak of separating. Tao Tao cried and Da Ren consoled her, "I'm sure Dad will be very happy." "It's not this lah. I hope that Old Princess will be happy forever."

Aww! I've always liked Tao Tao too. 

You Qing's brother and sister-in-law wanted to divorce, so You Qing's dad took out the divorce papers that they'd apparently filled in when they were in their first year of marriage. However, faced with the concrete proof of divorce, You Qing's brother and sister-in-law visibly softened and all was well againXD You Qing's mother even told her husband to keep the papers because it's 'Recyclable'. Lol. 

You Qing, in another narration, said that she felt small in the big world, and finally, "I miss home lah~" So she's back to Taiwan, being interviewed for another job. She told them that she had appreciated home and that she wanted to build the most comfortable home for everyone. As her interviewers nodded in agreement, she had a phone call, and seeing that it's from home, she had to receive the call outside of the room. Her interviewers shook their heads and wrote furiously, as she said, "What?!" in shock. Her father had fallen down. 

Turns out that her father had fallen down and had injured his leg, just like You Qing's mother. As You Qing's sister and brother rushed in, they told them in a jumble of close to nonsense that they would take care of the father and that they would push him out for a walk at night to get some sunlight, to which You Qing and her mother laughed, because who heard of sunlight at night? You Qing narrated that now she liked to love and knew how to love better. 

You Qing woke up to see her father stroking her mother's hair gently. Aww. After her mother woke up, her father not so subtly chased You Qing home so that she wouldn't be a gooseberry. You Qing quickly rose to quite high ranks in her job at Ikea as she was the one who called for a meeting. Deep into the night as she worked overtime with her other colleagues, she read the birthday wishes on her Facebook wall and realised that Da Ren didn't post any. "What kind of good friend is this." She was called to view a showroom and she was stunned to realise that it was the same set that appeared in her dreams the other time. 

Her colleague walked away and frantically got everyone to disappear. As You Qing stayed in the showroom, the lights suddenly went out and there was a chorus of voices of people singing Happy Birthday. As she called out, "Who's there?" Da Ren walked in, "I'm tired…what's for dinner." LOL~~

As they sat on the sofa and discussed about the menu for dinner, You Qing laughed and said that she felt comfortable, "Sitting in such a living room and thinking about the menu." 

Da Ren sat closer to her, "So do you want to sit on like this forever?" She told him that she would have to call her best friend and he laughed when his own phone rang. 

"Eh, what do you think of Li Da Ren?" "Mm, your tastes have improved." "Are you sure it's an improvement?" Da Ren told her that he's sure their love would last for a long time, because they had endless things to talk about in the past fifteen years, "So in the next fifteen years…in the next, next, next…"

"Stop. I just want you to promise me that no matter what happened between Da Ren and I, you will always be here." Da Ren put down his phone and turned to You Qing,

"I will always be by your side." 

They looked into each other's eyes and closed in for a kiss….until it became awkward and Da Ren remarked, "How…I've never kissed my friend before." "Neither have I." LOL as I laughed at how cute they are, asking each other shyly about which side they like to kiss from the best. 

And then Da Ren proposed trying the other side. 


You Qing ran into Li Wei at the airport, and he introduced his new secretary. As she told him that she'd have to check in soon and walked away, he ran up to her, "I owe you an apology." You Qing told her that she should be the one thanking him, because thanks to him, she's so blissful now, "and I can't wait to get to Singapore." She looked at his new secretary before saying, "Take care." Li Wei looked at her, "Take care." 

And that's the end of the both of them. Yay~~

Da Ren had to deal with a customer whose luggage was overweight, and You Qing called him and told him that she's at the 7 o' clock direction. She then text-ed him and asked why he didn't even look at her, so he did look at her and mouthed, "Be good," before running off to get a few bags for the passenger and gesturing that he's sorry. You Qing took his instruction and headed for his home. There were notes plastered all over his house and it had me thinking that it's soo sweet. 

— There were notes like telling her to get nap if she's tired, there were pads if her 'friend' was here, the password to the computer was still her birthday, he would be home late because he had many meetings and "Wait obediently for me to return", the magazines and newspaper was for her — 

Aww! When Da Ren came home, You Qing was snoozing on the sofa with a facial mask on, so he sat on the sofa gently and gave her quick kiss, before clearing everything around her.

In the end, he fell asleep too and You Qing woke up grumbling, "It's so hot, and he still gave me a blanket." She woke him up and he realised that they only had seven hours left together. They quickly went to a store and Da Ren pleaded for the lady to cook another bowl of food for him, even though they were going to close. He even pulled out the fact that he's Ping An's friend, "Do you remember? The one who got drunk–" You Qing gave him a look, and he replied sheepishly, "An accident."

As they ate, they chat about their life, and Da Ren told her that he could go visit her once a week in Taiwan. Back in Taiwan, You Qing ran all the way from the bus stop to catch the video call that Da Ren gave, and she was ecstatic to hear that he would be popping by soon. She told him that she would go receive him at the airport, but he told her to stay at home. "Don't try and stop me~" "Eh why are you so disobedient as a girlfriend?" "Do you regret it?" "A bit……..not even a bit." Da Ren laughed and even pursed his lips for a kiss.

LOLLL. I must say, I love this playful Da Ren wayyy more than the angst-y one. 

When Da Ren finally came, You Qing had to listen to the woes of her friend who probably just had another break up. When she finally rushed home, she apologised and told Da Ren that she should have been more cruel and leave her friend there, but Da Ren was super sweet, "Then that wouldn't be you." They chat for the remaining hours that they had, and the next time, it was You Qing going to Singapore to meet him. However Da Ren was stuck in his job and got his colleague to fetch You Qing. His colleague had the wonder idea of writing on the board, "Li Da Ren's girlfriend" Hahaha at You Qing's shy embarrassment. 

They only had a couple of hours together because You Qing needed to go home for a meeting. After he left, Da Ren narrated, "Everytime after you leave…all my thoughts are flooding me." 

You Qing video call-ed him but he didn't pick up, and she got a call instead. She told him that she had decided to apply to transfer to Singapore and he simply answered, "Oh." She asked why he wasn't excited at all, and he replied, "Because I just applied to transfer back to Taiwan." Lol~ You Qing told him that everywhere's good as long as they were together, and suddenly Da Ren appeared at her steps, "Aren't we together now?" They threw a coin and Fate dictated that they stayed in Taiwan.

He told her that he still had a difficulty. "Transferring back needs a reason…I can't possibly write that I miss the delicacies here…so I wrote…Marriage." You Qing started crying, "Li Da Ren!! This is the lousiest proposal I've heard!" Da Ren laughed and told her that he had a lousier ring, which he took out and slipped onto her finger. 

So sweeeeet. Heh heh. As he wiped off her tears, and they exchanged a deep kiss, which ended up on the bed.

They finally got married!:DDD 

And their friends went over with them to their suite to tease them and to play there. Da Ren asked if she should exercise her authority as a monitor to chase them away, but she was shy and told him not to because it would appear that she was eager to "….." Hahaha. Even deep into the night, as the both of them lay on the sofa, the whole high school class together with Nic and Maggie took up the bedroom and that's when Xin Di revealed that she also had a crush on Da Ren before. She had wanted to place a letter in his drawer and that's why she found the cassette tape that he'd recorded. 

In the morning, Da Ren got a call to tell him that they needed to check out soon, and he woke You Qing up. He told You Qing that she hadn't wiped off her make up and offered to do it for her. He even narrated the steps correctly.

Aww, he really remembered what You Qing told him the other time. You Qing went into the room and was shocked to find the entire class STILL in the room, but all asleep. Da Ren asked if anyone would notice if they took a shower together, and You Qing laughed. 

Even back at Da Ren's home, the entire class swarmed to the dumplings that his mother cooked, and Da Ren lovingly got some for You Qing in case she didn't get it. He even pecked her on the cheek, and their friends told them to get back to their room.

Heh heh. 

The both of them took a plane back to Singapore with lots of gifts, and when they were about to land, suddenly someone started singing Da Ren's song, and You Qing looked about embarrassedly. 

Da Ren appeared, hitting a few notes off key, causing everyone in the cabin to laugh (including me) and as he closed in on You Qing, he said, "I can't live in a city without you."

Yes that exact same line that Li Wei had said before. You Qing burst out laughing and told him not to say that line again. 

Then they kissed<3

In the hotel room, You Qing caught Da Ren spraying perfume in the air, and he claimed that it was to chase the mosquitoes away. He quickly escaped into the room where You Qing joined him, and professed that she liked sleeping on the right side of the bed. Da Ren let her have that side, and he remarked again, "How…I've never bedded my friend before."

Lolll, I love it when they still make references like this, because even when You Qing and Da Ren are lovers, husband and wife, they are most importantly, still friends. 

They decided to turn off the lights and when Da Ren made a move on You Qing, You Qing told him that she only wanted kids two years later. He nodded happily but realised a beat later, that she meant he should put on the condom. He tried to find one and even resorted to the living room, where he tripped over a wire. You Qing worriedly helped him put on the lotion and in a huff, she went to the window. Da Ren gave her a back hug and told her not to be angry anymore…then they started kissing again. 

In another narration, You Qing said, "This is our first night…even though there are flaws…but I'm satisfied…"

When they were back on the ferris wheel, Da Ren asked You Qing what she would do if the world ended, and she joked, "I would go skinny dipping." Da Ren answered, "I would make sure that I'm spending that moment with you." Aww. 

The scene faded out and got replaced with a scene of them waking up and realising that it's late. You Qing narrated that they also had their quarrels and what not, and there were scenes of You Qing and Da Ren quarrelling, and even sleeping back facing each other at night. But she continued narrating, "Luckily I still have him."

And Da Ren who was on the bus to work, got a call from You Qing who told him that she'd quarrelled with him, "I'm doing this for his own good, why doesn't he understand?" Da Ren replied, "He understands…he understands better than anyone in the world." And thus when You Qing got off the cab with her luggage in tow, Da Ren came up behind her and coaxed her to go home…Which she did. 

And they exchanged yet another deep kiss in the cab, until she broke off, "Someone's watching." Da Ren asked if it was the dog and You Qing signalled that it was the driver who enthusiastically said, "I have shades I can't see anything." 

Hahahaha, and thus they continued. 

Third Rule: To have a job you love, a family you treasure, to have Him. 

-the end-

As dramas go, I usually dislike last episodes where there's not much plot but simply just showing the couple getting together and spending moments together. It's unnecessarily draggy to me. But wow, this should be the first of its kind that I like, because there's enough sweet moments to last for the whole drama, and now it's all put into one episode. I like it. XD It's like they are making up for the lack of kisses for the past 12 episodes right into Episode 13, and who can complain?

Besides I love it that both Da Ren and You Qing are so happy, and blissful, and comfortable with each other, you could just tell from their expressions, actions, dialogues<3 And shouldn't life be like this — full of its quarrels and downs, but when you find the right Him, or the right Her, everything should fall into place. 

Though I do have a slight complaint — what happened to Ping An and Lin Kai? Is this a flaw of the script or was it intentional in trying to convey to us that not everyone has a happy ending? Because I thought that when Ping An left, Lin Kai should realise who he really likes. Unless he doesn't like her :/ and we are supposed to get that nuance from what Ping An said. :/// 

I really like Chen Bo Lin's acting. It's very natural, and it makes it look like the character of Li Da Ren fits him like a glove. Likewise,  Ariel Lin's acting is not bad…but I can't help thinking that it's not exceptional, not like what I've always heard from the praises sung of her. As for the actor and actress of Maggie and Li Wei, oh well, they are newbie actors so I guess they will learn much from this experience of filming in In Time With You. 

It has been a great journey to recap this series!(: Of course, I did have my complaints about the drama — slow moving plot for a few episodes, showing nothing but Da Ren's angst…..but one gotta admit that it's one of the most realistic idol dramas out there, and both the acting&script are very natural. 

Drama blues anyone?



  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your recaps!! i have been a silent follower of your in time with you and nazotoki recaps and love them!!


  2. It’s interesting how biased I have become of this whole show. I couldn’t enjoy the ending at all even though the way they interacted was so cute. I just wish that I didn’t hate You Qing. I’d be happy watching any other couple be so cute together.


    • I read your recap!

      And truth is, I think I can totally see why you hate You Qing. I’m not a big fan of the plot part where Li Wei cheated on You Qing…because that was just the scriptwriters trying to make it look like You Qing did something ‘less’ wrong, instead of letting her face up to her ‘mistake’, which was not being truthful to herself. Er if that makes sense(:

      But I still enjoyed the interaction though heh hehXD


  3. Anonymous says

    As for Ling Kai and Ping An, you may say it is an open ending. although Ling kai said he only consider Ping An as buddy or sister, he cried when Ping An really left.
    I think it is a kind of explanation, showing to all the viewers what DR afraid of in the earlier episode, if he confess, and got rejected, he might lose his friendship, just like what happen to Ling Kai and Ping An.


    • Yeah I thought of that too…but that just didn’t feel really right. Because it doesn’t really seem as though the friendship went splat (though Ping An running off for a year does signal a temporary/permanent stop) and it also doesn’t look like Lin Kai didn’t like her. I wish it was a little clearer on that.


  4. Thanks for the recap been lurking here for a while now. Chen Bolin is the hidden gem of this series. I started watching for Ariel and Sunny and ended up being a Bolin fan. He plays brooding loner down pat. Is it me or does he look like Yoo Ah In most of the time?


    • You’re welcome! Indeed, I really think that he brought out the DaRen part really well. Watched him in other shows before, but this was the one that made me like him. Besides, he’s funny in real life too!^^

      Ooh…interesting…but I don’t really think he looks like Yoo Ah In. Though the smile does look similar


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