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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

Before I start rambling, I realise that this is highly irregular for thoughtsramble to even consider recapping an American series. But there you have it, I'm all ready to start rambling (in fact I'm reallyyy impatient to do so). I understand that most recaps are out there already, since this episode was released quite some time ago, and fans should be ready to watch it the moment it's uploaded, but whatever, I figured that I need a place to rant and fangirl, so yup! 

And omg I loveeee this episode. If you have watched it already, comment! If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR:D

The episode starts out with the four girls doing their community service, and some jibes from the other girls doing the service revealed to the audience that the police couldn't do anything with the evidence because it was insufficient to prove that the girls were guilty. One of the girls commented that the police was stupid and Emily pricked, but Spencer told her not to talk to the girls. Emily told her that she would talk to who she wanted to, and asked if she had given thought to her idea. 

Basically, Emily's for making a deal with A with the solid evidence that they had. Spencer, Aria and Hanna wanted to keep their way out of this whole A thing since they didn't need any more mess. Emily started insulting Spencer in a not so subtle manner, that her parents wouldn't stop at pinning the blame on the three girls just to save Spencer's innocence. This got Emily and Spencer into a fight and they got two more weeks of community service tagged. 

Hanna stalked out from her kitchen when Emily entered and Ashley commented gently that she thought the tension should have thawed after a month, but Emily replied she didn't think Hanna and the other girls wanted that. A fax came in for Emily and she smiled after reading what was on the papers. 

Mike and Aria were walking on the streets and Mike was happy about his new therapist. They ran into Ezra and Aria got Mike to throw her finished cup of coffee into the bin while she made use of the chance to talk to Ezra. The thing is, she had been kind of avoiding him in that month and Ezra wanted to know what's wrong. She told him she didn't want him to be in trouble and then Mike came back, so they went on their separate paths. 

Spencer saw Garrett and commented that "Timing is everything." Garrett asked if she meant something else, and she feigned ignorance while continuing that it's just how strange that after they were found with the shovel, Garrett and Jenna held hands and made their relationship public. Garett replied, "Just because two things happen at the same time doesn't mean that they are connected." "Oh yeah you would know about connections." "Again, is that supposed to mean something?" Spencer hinted not-so-subtly at the connections between him, Jenna, Jason and Ian, "like a club." She asked about Jason, and we realise that Jason had disappeared in that month. 

Still believing that Spencer was the one with Ezra, Aria's mum was very cold towards Spencer when she handed in her extra credits report. Spencer knocked into Emily and didn't apologise very sincerely, so Emily knocked over her stack of books too. They almost started fighting, then Aria's mum stopped them and they picked up their history books in a grumpy silence. Then, Emily got a text, "You were always my favourite. Want to make a deal?" — A. Emily walked up to the board and circled the word, 'Yes'. 

Aria confided in Hanna about how she couldn't talk to Ezra when she ran into him, and Hanna comforted her by saying that they had to slay one dragon at a time. They ran into Emily, but didn't exchange any greetings. 

Emily walked back to her locker, and read a note hidden inside the history book. It said, "10 tonight," and the book belonged to Spencer Hastings. Aha, I knew something was up. There was definitely no way you could pull these four girls apart so easily like that. 

Lucas had been helping Hanna get rid of all the photos online, showing her in the orange jumpsuit picking rubbish. She wanted Lucas to show her, but turned away and said she couldn't do it. 

Before turning back and getting Lucas to show her. Hahaha, my favourite character. 

Lucas cheered her up by saying that everyone just wanted to look at a pretty girl and Hanna retorted that she didn't look pretty. Lucas replied that she did, in a post-apocalyptic manner. Lol~ 

Spencer returned home to find Toby waiting for her.

Toby was so sweet!!! Toby made a rocking chair, just for her, but Spencer, while visibly touched, didn't want to take it and told him to worry about his sister and the cop boyfriend, instead of worrying over her. Toby was hurt and he drove away in silence. 

Emily went to the greenhouse that night, and she shone her light around. Aria appeared and so did the other girls. It was a trick! They pretended that Spencer and Emily were quarrelling with each other, just so that A would take the bait and try to make a deal with Emily. 

They couldn't believe they succeeded, and Hanna's worried that Emily was doing this alone, but Aria said that the three of them would be waiting outside. The four of them talked about a plan which was going to happen the next day and would make A believe that Emily had the evidence that Jason had. Hanna expressed doubts that A would follow Emily but Spencer replied, "Absolutely." Emily smiled, "I'm the weakest link, and the weakest link wants some pay back." 

Oooooh I lovee it. I was totally going I KNEW IT and I'm excited to see what pretence they are going to play the next day. 

Hanna came home with Lucas, and saw Caleb.


And er she ran towards him happily and started kissing him.

And they just kept going on

and on, while Lucas stared awkwardly. I went YAYYY at the sweet romance and awww with Lucas. 

At the swim meet, Toby came to ask Emily what's wrong with her and Spencer but Emily told him to ask Spencer herself and walked away. Toby grabbed her arm, "Emily, don't you shut me off too…" Aww D: She told him that she's not shutting him out.

"It's just not a good time for any of us, Toby" I love it that Toby really treasures the friendship he has with Emily, because to me, friendship is just as important as romance. I almost didn't root for Toby x Spencer because I thought he was going to forget about Emily! 

Aria went into Ezra's office to return a book and took out the piece of paper she had originally left inside. Jackie came up from behind her and Aria told her she was just returning a book. She smiled fake-ly, "Returning a book. I saw," and took the paper from her, "I can show this to your father too. You think I won't do what I promise? This is your game. You picked the rules." The door slammed and there was Ezra, looking furiously at Jackie. 

Phew. Finally, some action in Ezra. This relationship is going too slow for my liking. 

Ezra finally realised why Aria avoided him all month and Aria told him that she was afraid for him since Jackie threatened to destroy him. He told her that he should have tried harder to tell her mother the other time at the station but Aria understood that he had tried his best. She touched his face gently, and told him she had to go. Ezra said, "I'm not going to let Jackie destroy anything or anybody" Aria turned and replied that Jackie meant what she said, but Ezra looked at her, "You still trust me?" "Yeah I do…" "Then there's something you and I need to do this afternoon."

Yess finally.

Swim meet began, Caleb came out to find Lucas being intolerant to the chlorine. 

Lucas asked about his family and Caleb said that it still felt like an exchange but he liked them and they liked him so it's good. "So are you moving back?" "Hmm, it's complicated." He told Lucas that he wanted to finish the school year in Rosewood and Lucas said he's welcome to stay with him, "I'm just wondering how long you will be around." and that "You don't owe me anything." Caleb was like, "Are you kidding, if not for you, none of this would have happened."

He assured Lucas that any plans he made, he would know, and that he didn't need to worry about Hanna. 

Hmm, this feels vaguely like a triangle romance like all dramas. Except I loveee the main couple and that I like the second lead (Lucas) too, and there's no way Lucas is ever going to forget Hanna completely but he's kinda buddies with Caleb. What a situation! 

The swim meet ended and Hanna came out asking Spencer where Aria was. Aria came to them and just right on timing, Emily came out of the doors and went up to Spencer, "Okay, it's every man for himself. I want the box that Jason gave Aria." Spencer told her that she's not going to get it, "It's hidden, and it stays hidden until I want it found."

Is it just me who loves it that while this was going on, Lucas, Caleb

And Toby all saw and heard it??

Okay, there was Garrett too.

I don't know, I love it because I really want to see any of the guys being involved in the secret. I would love for them to find out themselves or for the girls to confide in them. It wasn't as if being privy to the 'quarrel' would bring them any closer to the secret, but I just like it that Caleb and Toby are now more part of it, than simply the girls' boyfriends. 

Emily smiled at Spencer, "You forget, we all learn how to keep secrets from the same person. Good luck," and she walked away. A few seconds later, she received a text, "See you tonight, BFF!" — A. 

Ezra finally stood in front of The Parents, and told them that he loved their daughter.

Aria went forward and stood next to him, while the parents got increasingly angry. Aria's dad asked Ezra to leave the house, "End of conversation," but Ezra kept trying. Aria wanted her dad to just listen and then the mum joined in, "No Aria." It looks like Fitz and Montgomery were going to get into a fight, and Mike knew it too so he stepped in and punched Ezra. Aria told Ezra that it was better he leave. 

That night, the parents talked over it and Aria's mum questioned aloud what Aria was thinking to get together with a teacher (hinting at the affair that her husband had). Aria's dad was like this wasn't about Aria but about what Ezra did, and "he should have ended it." Aria's mum gave him a pointed look and he shut up. Exactly. Dude, I shall not be understanding and putting myself in your shoes here. Just let me be a whiny viewer: Hello?? You had an affair with your own student. Worse still, you had an affair with your STUDENT while you had a wife and two kids. And now you want to kick up a fuss because Ezra loves Aria and she loves him? 

Aria came down and told them not to decide anything in one night, over something she herself hadn't yet figured out. She told them that she loved them, and "I love him too." They sent her back into her room for the night. Hanna called Spencer to tell her that Emily had left her house ten minutes ago. Spencer opened her door and Toby walked in. Hanna walked to her door, and her mum told her she couldn't leave because her father's here and wanted to talk to her. 

While Emily drove to the meeting point (thinking that she had the three others to back her up), Toby told Spencer, "You can't treat Emily like that." "What is going on, is between me and Emily, so just forget it–" "Forget it? I'm just going to watch two people I care about rip into each other?" Spencer told him to just stay out of it, and he got frustrated, "Stay out what? After everything that has happened, how can you just stand there and tell me that there's something that I'm not supposed to know about." He asked her about the night she found the shovel and told her he believed her when she had said that someone had tricked them into finding it. Seeing the four of them quarrel that day, he felt like Ali was still running things and that Spencer sounded exactly like her. "Jenna always said that you wanted to get Ali down, replace her. I didn't believe her, until now." 

She told him that she couldn't deal with it now and that "Don't ask me now, ask me after the night." "What changes is one night going to make??" "It could change everything and I need you to promise me that you won't follow me." She looked into his eyes with determination.

I love this quarrel. It's really intense, good acting&music and it shows how much Toby cares for Spencer. 

Ashley congratulated Hanna's dad on his marriage and he informed her that they were going to move back into Rosewood. Hanna couldn't believe it, "Kate is going to be in Rosewood?" "Yes she is." "Dad, how can you do this to me?"

Ashley said that it was because Tom loved her and wanted to be near her, but Tom didn't make any reply. 


Emily went into the greenhouse first and after a while, Spencer sent a text telling her not to go in yet. She continued flashing her light around and we see a shadow dart around the greenhouse. Aria needed to get her way out of the house and Mike brought her to his room. He showed her his secret escape route from his window and apologised for hitting Ezra's face, "When I saw Dad's face, I figured…better me than him." Whoo, I knew it, that Mike's gonna be a lovable character. 

Emily turned around to take out the box and when she turned back, the figure was there. She walked towards him/her and her eyes darted to the side. She talked to the person, saying that he/she was afraid that they had found something in the box. "Something about you. Do you want to know what we found? Do you want to see what you are afraid of?" 

Aaahh Emily's thinking that the three girls were just out there, but they were not! So thinking that they were going to pop out saving her, she continued, "Nothing. We found nothing. We lied to you and you believed us. That, was your mistake."

The figure started attacking Emily and she ran away, only to be throttled by him/her. Luckily, Aria and Spencer came in time and they cornered him/her. S/he was smart and threw a pot up towards the roof, so that it would break and shatter the glass upon Aria and Spencer. They quickly ran after him and as the music builds to a climax, the person ran out and got knocked by Hanna's car. S/he was fine though and continued running, while the four girls gave chase but they lost him/her in the end. Spencer was frustrated, "We got nothing! We got nothing!" 

Hanna asked if it was Garrett or Jenna and Emily said she didn't know. "A boy or a girl?" "I don't know!" "Okay, any sense of boobs?" "Hanna!" "What! It could be important!"


Spencer saw something on the ground and her face froze.

As her flashlight picked up a cell phone on the ground, she walked around it and said it wasn't hers. The other girls replied the same thing, and Aria asked, "Do you think, when the person bounced off Hanna's car…" Spencer continued with an excited smile, 'That's A's cell phone."

And we see A finally realising that s/he dropped the phone. S/he was furious. 

-the end-

I love this episode!! I didn't mean to write in so many details but I just couldn't help myself. And is it me just thinking too much or what, because I'm starting to wish that they finding the cell phone means that Caleb's going to be involved in this. There's going to be a password to crack and everything, and Caleb's thereeee to help them! Of course I wouldn't want Caleb to be dead, oh no, but this is so exciting! 

This episode moves the plot by leaps and I really love the bit how the four girls are keeping a secret to the entire public, even to their parents. They pretend so well that Spencer and Emily are at odds, but they are actually working together, stronger than ever. And there's nothing I like more than to see strong friendship, if you haven't figured that out yet:P 

I'm not sure if I will continue doing this, but I enjoy writing about it. So we shall see! 

And it's sooo awesome to see Caleb and Hanna again. Toby's just plain sweet! I love how he stood up for Emily but aww, I hope he's not too disappointed in Spencer. 

Next week!



  1. Anonymous says

    HAIIII 😀 omg I love love loveddd this episode!! It was really good and scary and quite a few relationships got a move on (: TOBYYYYY “I’m not gonna walk away” awww poor thing why he so sweet did you see the hurt look in his eyes! ): lol I realised he has an underbite too HAHAHA HE’S MY FRIEND. and caleb looked gorgeous as usual (: CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK wonder what they’ll find in A’s phone!!! your pictures are all very big and nice (:


    • I loveee it too!! I like how all the relationships have some form of development (except Hanna&Caleb but that’s fine) and yes Toby’s reallyyyy sweet here! But I don’t hate the scene where he talks to Spencer later on, in fact, I quite like it! Well-directed, I feel, and aww so sweet to Emily (strong supporter of their friendship here~) Yeah I realise that he has an underbite long time ago!

      Haha thanks!:D Took me some time to write this recap but it was so fun, and I reallyyy hope Caleb will be involved in finding out what’s in A’s phone. Hello, he’s the hacker!


    • THIS SHOW. I hate it but love it at the same time orz. I basically agree with everything you said. XD



      • What do you hate!!:PPP Hahahah

        RIGHT, RIGHT~~~ I LOVED IT TOO, so awesome that the director/producer/which brilliant scriptwriter thought of putting them there


      • I hate that it’s so hard to figure out who A is! XD I haven’t read the books but I do know who A is from it, and I really don’t think that it will be the same A at all! orz

        IT WAS SO AWESOME. Idk I just loved it hahah. And I felt so stupid when they revealed it was a trick. I should have known! orz


      • HahahaXD I get what you mean! It’s like omggg who the hell is he/she. Oooh I know which A you are talking about (accidentally read the spoiler on Wiki T.T) but I googled it and apparently from one interview, Lucy Hale said that it wouldn’t be the same A. So no worries!

        Hahaha I felt triumphantXD Regardless, the fact that they acted like Spencer hated Emily and vice versa was ingenious.


  2. Re: Hanna and Em !

    Haha this episode was quite a while back so I’m not entirely sure, but if I’m not wrong, they aren’t mad at each other — they were just acting like Emily had a fall out with the three other girls so that A would take the bait and offer a deal to Emily (hence having to meet up with Emily and the four girls can find out the identity of A)

    Hope that help!


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