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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 16 Recap

I totally didn't realise that this was released a day earlier! :O Just at the right time; I was itching for something to watch…and now something to write!(:

Continuing from Hanna's episode in the lake, the four girls stayed in the lakehouse, while Aria gave Hanna aspirin. Spencer said that people would be dragging the lake first thing next morning, and Hanna replied that she could feel Lucas being out there somewhere and that he's still alive. Aria remarked she couldn't imagine Lucas being that violent, being A's helper, and Hanna revealed that it was Lucas who destroyed Alison's memorial. She ate her aspirin and took out her water bottle from her bag to drink. Emily tried to stop her — she saw that it was lakewater — but Hanna had already gulped down the 'water'. A text from A — No fun chugging lake water is it, choke on this, bitch. 

Some lightning, and we are into the theme song.

Next morning came and Lucas's still not home (apparently he had called home but he's not home). Ashley felt bad because someone's son hadn't returned from a party that her daughter had hosted. The four gathered in Spencer's kitchen where she showed them what she found in the lake house's attic — some cellphones, and a receipt. From the receipt, they could tell that A/A's helper was there when — Horrified Hanna: "A was in the lake house when Caleb and I were —" Sarcastic Spencer: "Fraternizing on my Nana's sofa?" Hanna asked who told, and Spencer cut in to say that there were four bedrooms and they just had to choose the sofa. Emily asked if they'd seen anybody and Hanna said Caleb and her were busy. Hah. 

Spencer and Aria decided to check out the place that was stated on the receipt. Back in school, Aria mentioned to Spencer about how she brought in Holden as her alibi after her mother caught her on the phone. Spencer learnt that Holden's back in school, and aha, just talking about that guy, he appeared and asked Aria out. Aria rejected him, thinking that she was still grounded, but Holden replied that her parents said it was fine. He had called them to ask for permission.

Spencer was like, "What? Who does that anymore?" 

Haha. I'm beginning to like this guy. 

Holden asked if it's weird that they're going out on a kinda like date, and Aria agreed to going out with him. Spencer was being amused all this while. 

Lol Spencer~ My number 2 favourite. 

After Holden left, Spencer assured Aria that he liked her, "You're cute, and he LIKES you~" 

Mona was confiding in Hanna about Noel who might have left her, but Hanna wasn't listening, and in fact, paid more attention to the fact that her homecoming photo was taken down from the hall. She defended herself by saying that she had things on her mind, but Mona was hurt. She walked away and Hanna went to the toilet to cry. 

Emily got a call from someone who said that she's calling the crisis hotline because she had something dirty to say. It's Maya actually, and halfway through the conversation, Maya got an incoming call to which her expression changed. 

Hanna heard someone coming into the toilet, and after a while, she shouted out, "Hello?" but no one answered. Water started seeping through the gap of the door and Hanna opened her cubicle door. To her horror, the sink was flooded, a miniature boat floated in the waters, and she got a text — Life is but a dream, Hanna. And I'm your nightmare. 

You gotta admit it, A's a pretty witty guy/girl. 

Spencer couldn't get reception on her phone and wanted to change places with Aria who could, and was booking tickets to go with Holden this show which she knew Ezra most probably would be attending. Spencer complained about her reception since she couldn't get the train schedule (they needed to travel into the city). Aria took the phone from her, and it loaded. Spencer was like, "What??" 

Not sure if that's significant actually…? The thing about reception and all. 

Caleb's worried about Lucas and really wanted to find him, like back at the lake house. Hanna obviously didn't want to, saying that Lucas would talk when he wanted to. Caleb looked at Hanna, and said,

"You don't want to find him. Why??"

Whoo, I love it that Caleb could read Hanna. 

Hanna denied that, and Caleb pressed on, "Tell me what you know! We have always told each other the truth!" In a moment of heat, Hanna replied that Caleb could just go find Lucas if he wanted to, since no one would be stopping him. 

Silence —

Then Caleb took his bag and went. 

Spencer and Aria reached the place but found out that it was just a normal magazine stand. Spencer remembered that Melissa's apartment was just ten blocks away but Aria couldn't stay anymore since she had promised to meet Holden at seven thirty that night. Spencer told her to tell her how it would go, and they parted ways. After Aria left, Spencer saw a girl with a dog meant for blind people, and later, she saw another guy with the stick and followed him.

Maya visited Emily at the Crisis Hotline Centre, and she was going to follow Emily back home where she would change and they would go out. But Maya got a text, her face changed, and she told Emily that she would meet her later. Spencer followed the guy all the way to the school for the blind. She asked the receptionist if she could tell her where Jenna was, by faking that she was a girl who moved away and couldn't find Jenna, but the tight-lipped receptionist refused to tell her anything. Spencer turned to leave, when a voice called out, 

"Excuse me, you're looking for Jenna? I know her." 

Whoo, cute guy:P

Emily came home to Hanna washing out her bottle for the fourth time and confided about how she knew Maya was upset by all the texts and calls she'd been getting. Hanna told Emily that everyone's entitled to his or her secret, but apologised for her grouchiness. She complained, "It sucks to be the girlfriend that knows too much," and Emily replied, "It sucks to be the girlfriend that doesn't know enough." 

Spencer got coffee for cute guy and herself, and cute guy showed her how to differentiate between the different packets of condiments by the sense of touch. He asked if she knew Jenna in Rosewood, and Spencer said she lost contact with Jenna, when she moved TO Rosewood (basically denying she's from Rosewood). Cute guy told Spencer about how determined Jenna was, and how she'd helped him through his own difficulties. He mentioned that she wanted to get back and do something back at home, but he hadn't talked to her for a while. His watch reminded him that he had a class to go, and they stood up. He shook Spencer's hands, and asked if she's feeling okay, since her pulse's kinda racing. Wowww. 

Spencer masked it by saying that she didn't want to miss her train, and cute guy commented he's still not as good in this as Jenna, "She's really good at reading people." 

Prim Receptionist wanted Spencer to sign in since all visitors needed to sign in. She was called away, and Spencer quickly retrieved one of the archives before leaving. Hanna would be alone at home when Emily and Aria left for their own dates, but she told them not to cancel their dates, so Aria left first. 

Holden greeted her with a bag of gummy bears and reminded her of pre-school times. I kinda really prefer this guy over Ezra. Yeah don't kill me. She went to get her tickets, and asked if there were two tickets for Fitz. There were! And that meant Ezra was coming. She turned around, and saw Ezra getting out of a cab. 

That moment where everyone else seemed to have died, there was no one else but you and him:


Aria smiled with such joy and walked towards him, when her path was cut in by Holden. Ezra walked by her and got his tickets, and Aria turned around to look at him. Spencer got off her train and walked towards her car, but heard a lot of weird walking noises and stuff. She walked towards the station, and got a shock when Mona appeared behind her. 

Yeah, I was just thinking that this episode's not scary enough, and we get a teeny shock. 

And we get the strangest combination of 'friends' — Mona and Spencer. 

Spencer asked if Mona wanted to leave a message for Hanna, and Mona broke down about how Noel broke up with her, and she didn't know why. She went shopping, and she ended up with five sweater sets, which she didn't even wear!

I loveee this part. The actress is good. 

Spencer told her that if she's the Mona that she wanted to be, then she shouldn't let Noel break her like that. She offered tissues, and Mona was like, "You're smart, smart…I've always thought you were just book smart." She walked away, but turned around and thanked her. 

After the play, Aria kept trying to look for Ezra, but learnt from someone else that he left ten minutes into the show. Devastation!

Ashley went to bathe, while Hanna kept trying to call Caleb. It's late, and there's a storm, and she just wanted him to text her to tell her that he's fine, even if he's mad at her. She heard some loud banging noises, and went to the back door. The latch was spoilt and the doors were open. She closed them again and locked it, leaving the kitchen. 

Yeah what's Pretty Little Liars without some creepiness right? Camera answers with a zoom in to the kitchen floor:

While they were in the queue, Maya finally confessed that she hooked up with someone during the months that she was gone in boot camp. She didn't want to tell Emily because she's scared it would affect them, but Emily's all chill since, "You said you guys are over right?" and she got an unpleasant shock when Maya said they were but, "He wouldn't take no for an answer."

It's a He, guys!

Holden asked if he's the wrong person tonight, and revealed that he saw how she looked at Ezra before the show, and her face after she found out he'd left.

He told her that he wouldn't tell her parents, and asked how long they had been going out. Aria apologised for making this mistake (of agreeing to his date but just wanting to see Ezra), and Holden replied, "Maybe it's an opportunity. You busy this Friday?" 

Hanna was still busy trying to get Caleb on the phone, and she left her room when her mother shouted to ask where she'd put the bath salts. She shouted back a reply, when this happened –>

She returned to her room and Lucas shut the door behind her. He told her that he never wanted to hurt her (and then to me it's quite obvious it was just another ploy on the scriptwriter's part…argh!!) but Hanna asked what he did to Caleb. 

At this moment, Caleb entered through the back door (with his beanie!:D) and saw the cup with steaming beverage. He walked through the living room, calling out for Hanna.

Hanna was really smart. She dialled the number on the home phone, and called Caleb. Caleb saw on his ID, that it was Hanna's Home Number calling, and picked it up.

He heard Lucas shouting for Hanna to pass the phone to him, he realised, and he quickly ran up the stairs.

Omg save me, I LOVE this scene! Hanna and Caleb working in tandem.  

Lucas barred Hanna from leaving the room and it looked like something violent was going to happen, when Caleb flung open the door and said, "Hanna!" Hanna quickly ran to Caleb's side, and Caleb looked at Lucas, asking what's going on.

Lucas told them that Emily knew it was him on that hotline, and he only wanted to get Hanna alone so that he could tell her something which would soften the blow when she told Caleb.

So now they were both like, what?

Lucas finally owned up, that thanks to a basketball tournament where he was so sure he was right in betting on which team would win, he lost all of Caleb's money (which was in his account for safe keeping) and most of his own. Caleb was stunned because it took him a lot of time to pool those money together, which was probably thousands of dollars, and Lucas returned him a stack of money, saying that he drove around that night selling his collectibles and stuff to get the money back. 

Caleb said that they would work it out, and when Lucas asked Hanna to say something, she whispered, "You were not what I thought you were…"

So now Lucas's in the clear. Spencer took out the book, which was from the date before Alison disappeared. Garrett had signed in and brought Jenna out but in the book, there was no signing back in for Jenna for that day/night. While getting plates for dinner, Aria said that they wouldn't know where Jenna was and Spencer commented wryly, "How much do you want to be that she's in Rosewood."

They opened their boxes of dinner, and Aria/all of them got a shock. Because it's this.


Another text from A, This is what live bait looks like. Now we're even bitches!

Scene cut to mysterious person unscrewing a screw that held up something… a part of the roof?

-the end-

I didn't really loveee this episode, not like the past two ones, but I like it quite enough. There were a couple of 'up' and 'down' points, of which they consist points most didn't notice or they aren't legit points haha. Pardon my anal-ness. 

So the down points first. 

Toby hasn't appeared at all!! Where has my beloved Toby&Spencer go? 
Caleb entered the kitchen with his beanie, but didn't have it in the living room. Most probably took it off yeah, but it wasn't in his hands either. (Anal 1.)
I didn't really get the part about the locked back door. First, Hanna was shown locking the back door, we've definitely seen that. But later the door was open, okay because of the spoilt latch right? Then she locked it again, but Caleb managed to enter. I wouldn't think much, except the camera did zoom in on the lock after she locked it the second time, and I just wondered if it meant more than that, because if you think about it logically, after Hanna knew that the latch was spoilt, the fact that she still locked it meant that the lock was supposed to work… right? But it didn't, in Caleb's case. (Anal 2.) 
Not enough creepy bits (Stupid me, that's all).

Good points. 

CALEB!! I can't get enough of him

Haha. 😛 And of course, the usual reasons like smooth pace and all. It's the usual PLL standard when it comes to building up to revelations etc, and that standard is high. 

Now you guys know that a character will be killed off right? I don't think it's Toby because I read somewhere that he would be acting in Season 3. Which means, I'M FEARING IT WILL BE CALEB. Just kill me now, if it's him. Technically, it will be nice to kill him. He has the tech skills to find out who A is, and he's likeable enough/popular enough, yet not central enough to create a nice sad yet not stupidly great impact if killed. Yeah, but I hope the scriptwriters won't be stupid to do that. 

And Holden&Aria! Sorry, not a fan of Ezria you know. 



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