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Haha it hasn't been very long since my last update post but I'm itching to write so here it is anyway:D 

It's rather confirmed that I will be carrying on with the recaps of Pretty Little Liars. They don't give me a lot of viewers, but who cares, I love that show lol. I feel like taking on a couple of drama series to recap, but they all happen to be released at the same period of time (Tuesday-Thursday) and so I shall not name them first, in case I didn't manage to pick up all of them in the end…but if I do, then it will be the most number of dramas that I've picked up at the same time, during the course of thoughtsramble. Which is also another reason why it might not happen, since 3 dramas were the max that I've gone before (Autumn's Concerto, Keizoku's Spec 2 and Secret Garden, which were mini-recaps, not full ones). 

But I'm really excited to start writing on them! Jan-Feb's probably the only free period I have during the whole year of 2012 (I know right, sad….) so I shall make full use of it. 


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