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Tong Flowers Love

I tried blazing through this, which I did, from episodes 1 to 14-ish. But it has gotten too bad for me:/ True, the only reason why Xiao Yu will meet Qing Tian was because of Qing Guang, but the fact is, you either write a good plot or you forgo any plot that requires an actor acting two roles: a pair of twins, that appear at the same time during the plot. I've seen so many screwed up ones and to date, the only good 'twin' show I've watched is Mars, (!!!) and that's because Ling and Sheng have drastically different personalities and Vic Zhou acted them out reallllyyy well. 

So when it happens that you have a pair of twins: Qing Tian and Qing Guang, acted by the same guy, and the twins have almost similar characteristics that are not drastically different at all, the show becomes a bit….fluffy. You know, as in…it becomes an almost unintentional comedy especially when this plot also involves the girl, Xiao Yu, who repeatedly mixes up Qing Tian and Qing Guang. Hello woman, you are supposed to be in love with one of them (true, she did differentiate them in the end, but…) and since you are in a drama, you should do the drama thing, and be like Qi Luo (reference to Mars) who can tell Ling from Sheng right from the very start. 

That being said, I didn't hate the show. That's because I really wanted to see the sweet bits between Xiao Yu and Qing Tian and that means I even tolerated watching funny (as in strange) bits between Qing Guang and Chang Ling…but too bad, I'm out of this. Stopped at Episode 18 (20 episodes in total) and I don't know when I will start again. I didn't stop because I was like yucks! but because there were simply better dramas out there that deserve my attention. 

Sad. And I really like the actor Xiu Jie Kai too! I hung on partly for him(: And I'm so excited! He's going to co-star with Aaron in this new drama. Excited~



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    I am watching this drama right now. Just happened to find your blog. I am about to start episode 9 and this was when Qing Guang came back. I start to understand what you meant here. I hope I can just blaze through the nonsense and get to the ending. But 11 more episodes, I am not sure. I will try…


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