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Such a pain

I have a knot of tension burying itself in the hollows of my back for the whole day now. Irritating and uncomfortable. It doesn't get better while I read up on SOPA and such (got interested in it way too late. I must have been too mad recapping that I thought SOPA was the name of an online game) and saw MegaUpload gone. IT'S GONE. Till now, I'm still not entirely sure about the specifics of SOPA. (thank the noob me)

And if this hits South Korea and Japan (and Taiwan), wow…imagine the impact. 

Ouch, the knot hurts a lot.

Anyway, I thought I would give myself some rest till the next time I'm supposed to recap (i.e Tuesday for Pretty Little Liars…which currently I'm not even sure if I will be able to get the episode online in order for screenshot purposes) but since I'm here, I shall thank you guys for the support of the latest recaps! Page views have been increasing…

…but comments will be nice:DD Honestly, I would rather have lesser pageloads and more comments, than the other way round…which is the case right now. I'm feeling lonely here~~ 

Okay, the tension is unrelenting. I guess this is a sign that I should stop loitering here, and get off the computer. 




  1. Don’t feel lonely, I’m here for you! Just haven’t been online much…But I promise atleast once a week I’ll send you something…lol


  2. Anonymous says

    Hope you feel better

    Hello Thoughtsramble – I hope your back feels better and you can get good screenshots of Pretty Little Liars 🙂 Wanted to comment so you don’t feel lonely 🙂

    Thank you for all your hard work!


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