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Vampire Diaries

What I'm trying to watch now(:

Not sure how I like it yet. Definitely like Pretty Little Liars much more, but not entirely sure if comparison is valid since 1. I'm only on Episode 2 of this, and 2. I'm much more involved in Pretty Little Liars which has like 2 seasons. 

However, creepy vampires appearing out of the blue is definitely reminiscent of the shock in Pretty Little Liars. Brr~



  1. HI!:DD I was just thinking that you haven’t commented for a really long time, and wondered if you have moved on to other stuff like work XD

    Heh heh sounds so exciting; I’m on neither team right now!:D (as of Episode 3) but I think I’m inclining towards Team Stephan heh heh we shall see. (hahahah he is?! That’s funny, so what team is he? Or does he watch it for Elena:P)

    (I’m glad you like moon embraces the sun! Currently one of my favouites:D)


  2. Anonymous says

    Haha. So you do remember me? kkk.
    And never.. i’ll never be able to move on from dramas/entertainment (well, at least it’s a “never” in the near decade ^^).
    But yes, i’ve been rather very very busy. Plus since I’m a suju fan, if i dont have time for anything, all the time goes to SJ. ^^””””
    I’m obligated to watch dramas by fastforwarding. kkk.
    Anw, yes, haven’t commented on a long time.. but i was so taken aback to see your tweet on TVD that i was irresistibly tempted to click. damn temptation. -___- I always have a fondness for your blog. ^^ It’s very cozy, and friendly and genuine.. and generally positive. 😀 Are you still concerned about readership? or you’ve moved past that…

    Lol. only episode 3? man… you have 3 seasons to catch up on if you ever decide to continue. haha. and dont worry about teams too much. it’s a heated debate and people just keep switching back n forth. lol. As for siwon… i have no idea what team he is on. I just know that he tweeted about TVP being his favourite show. lol.
    and yes, he’s probably watching it because of elena. or caroline.

    i’ve always been a fan of kim soo hyun, and jung ill woo so that’s why i started moon embraces the sun. and im so glad i gave it a chance! currently one of my fav as well. any other series u currently like?


    • Of course I still remember you((: One of my first readers!:D

      Hehe, yes I remember how crazy you are over SJ; glad to hear that you still devote your time to them! Oh no, fastforward spoils most of the shows:P

      Hurhur, I’m glad that you didn’t resist the temptation to click then:D Thanks!


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