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Does anyone have a suggestion from where I can find streaming of US shows, without having to torrent or download anything? I'm not a big fan of downloading shows, and have become quite stupid at it. 



    • Yeah I really love/loved using sidereel, until SOPA wiped out many of the streaming sites, which was why I asked about other streaming sites, what with Megaupload shut down etc


      • Sidereel still works for me…just no megaupload links…by the way whats your email? Mine is redurazo@me.com….you should email me because I’m deleting my journal later tonight. Its too much of a distraction from work and school and stuff 😦


  1. Anonymous says

    Hello! Just like you, I’m no fan of downloading tv shows! Whew! I watch Hollywood movies and shows here :


    This is my haven where I can do marathon of Gossip Girl and The Walking Dead 🙂 By the way, have you watched TWO BROKE GIRLS? I love this show!!! Hihi 😀


    • Hi there!(:

      Hehe I finally found someone like me; no one else around me has qualms downloading…but I just don’t really like it.

      Thanks for sharing the link! I’ve checked it out, but unfortunately I faced the same problem as I did with sidereel.com —> either I need to create an account which I’m unwilling to, or the hosting sites took down the videos.

      Haha no I don’t! I’m not very into American Shows/sitcoms but heard that HIMYM and Big Bang Theory are really good.


      • Anonymous says

        oh my goodness… where did you hear from that himym and bb theory were good??? because we’re so similar. those are the two shows I watch religiously too!!!
        btw, did you ever try watchseries.eu?


      • Hehe, just from my friends who watch American shows!(: I realllyyy wanted to try Big Bang Theory but as usual, lack of time is the reason here:P So I satisfy myself with an odd episode here and there once in a while:D

        I did! But many of the links just don’t work for me:/ I can still find some random link to watch my shows right now, so I hope everything goes fine!(:


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