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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 17 Recap

Recap here!(:

The four girls gathered and Spencer put her hand out to take something from Hanna. It's the thumbdrive with information that Caleb had gotten off A's phone, and Hanna was unwilling to pass it over, resulting in a "Hanna." from Spencer.

Seriously, you guys gotta understand why Hanna's so unwilling, and not be all he should sacrifice his life just to save ours

Hanna told them that she's still lying to Caleb and that he's probably on the top of A's hit list. Spencer said they should just look at what was on the file first and opened the file, where they watched the video of Ian and Alison, something they had already watched before, so Aria was like, "Wait, so this was all Caleb got?" and Hanna couldn't believe Aria said that.

Well, I'm not too pleased with Aria either. My judgement of Emily remains neutral since she had smartly not said a word, and I thought her reaction in the greenhouse earlier on was more justifiable than the other two, since she really almost got killed. But, Aria and Spencer, you guys just went down lower on my scorecard. (I'm sorry, I'm one that realllyyy dislike it when A expects something out of B, when he himself/she herself couldn't even do it — Not practising what he/she preaches). Wait till you offer Toby and Ezra's help.

They found out that it was a video of Ian, Jenna and Garrett in Alison's room, with the camera hidden by Ian himself. Emily asked if Caleb had seen all of them (naked) and Hanna was like that's why she's so freaked out. Hah. Garrett found the box that Jason had the other time, and Hanna said that she's going to stop Caleb from finding out more.

Later, Spencer showed Emily a photo of Toby and her kissing, with the text 'I warned you'. She told Emily how she went to kiss Toby and now he thought that they were back together. Toby drove by to pick up his tools (TOBY YOU HAVE APPEARED!:D) , and called Spencer, who asked Emily to pick up and tell him that she's in the shower. Emily was like, "Don't make me lie to him," and decided upon a safe course of telling Toby that "She's not around to pick up the call." Hah Emily, I like that. Toby asked Emily if she could tell him what's going on, and said that Spencer was going to tell him something the other day. Emily replied that things had since changed, and Spencer whispered for her to just get off the phone. She tried to end by saying that Spencer's dad was here, and that he should come back next time.

Toby was sharp though, and replied curtly, "When he's not here? Or when Spencer's not here."

He drove off after that. Back in school, the four discussed about this, and Aria commented that it seemed romantic how Spencer was protecting Toby. She wondered if it was the last time she would see Ezra and said she had been giving him time. Holden appeared at a neighbouring table, and Hanna learnt that he went out with Aria on a date, but not really a date. She promptly gave her analysis, "Gay." Aria protested, saying that she knew him since five, but Spencer asked him if he had kissed her yet. "No." The other three girls gave another prompt response, "Gay." 


Aria went over to talk to Holden and he said that he owed her one because she made it easier for him to integrate back into the school.

Aria left after Holden promised her another outing, and turned back to ask something, but saw Holden regard another girl with interest. 

Caleb was hard at work at cracking the fuzzy video.

Whoo Caleb! I'm so happy that Toby and him have more parts to play here. I wish they are best buds:D 

The codes were cracked; the video became clear and he saw the thumbnail of a guy, who was sitting right in front of him.

It was Garrett. Caleb quietly picked up his things and left, but Garrett called him and pointed out that he left his car keys. He made a joke about how one could forget where the car was parked two hours later, but Caleb could hardly bring himself to smile.

Hanna found notes tucked in the back of the doll's neck and the four read the threatening messages. They realised that one of the notes was from Halloween, where it was knifed into the pumpkin and Alison said that it was from Jason's beer buddies. Now, they realised that it was from A and that they had targeted Alison before they did with the four of them. Cue panic-stricken looks. 

Back in school, Hanna went to Mona and told her that she had heard about Noel and her, earning a short reply, "Even people in China have heard about Noel and me." Yeah true, Hanna, you aren't exactly the most supportive friend for the past few days. Hanna watched Mona throw/return a necklace back to Noel and tried to make a grand exit from the relationship by saying that he could give it to the next girlfriend, but her front was broken down when Noel threw the necklace away. She cried in the toilets, and Hanna comforted her by saying that Noel's a super villain and that Mona deserved better. 

They made a date at one of the cafes that night, and Hanna stayed for a moment longer after Mona left to check her hair. If only she had stayed even longer, she probably would have seen Jenna leaving the toilet cubicle. Gah.

Aria called Ezra and said that she wished they could talk face to face as to whether they were still together. She would be waiting for him at The Club at eight and if Ezra turned up, it meant that they still had something, but if not — The voicemail cut her off. Ezra saw that he had one voicemail but didn't listen to it. 

Toby went back to Spencer's house to take down the scaffolding, and I was like crappp, I recognise this place — It's the place where A/helper loosened a screw. Toby unknowingly climbed up the scaffolding.

His weight caused the screw to fall out and everything just fell. Spencer received a call and muttered, "No." She went to the hospital but luckily, Toby was fine. Guess who was the doctor that came in? Hehe, Doctor Wren that is. He greeted Spencer and Spencer reluctantly introduced him to Toby as Melissa's ex. He replied that he was actually engaged to her, until something came in the way -shoots meaningful look at Spencer-.

Hahahah, I find amusement in the scene of the love triangle. Spencer was like 0.0 and turned around to give Toby a Right-I-Don't-Know-What-He's-Talking-About smile.

Wren left after getting another call, and Toby asked if Spencer had something she wanted to tell him. Spencer opened her mouth but she got a text from A saying that Toby was lucky. Aria called and learnt that it was A who orchestrated the incident. She felt that it wouldn't be Jenna since she wouldn't harm her own step brother and they speculated about Jenna getting another helper since she broke up with Garrett. 

Toby woke up to find Jenna in his room.

She told him that he should never be with Spencer and that he wouldn't be happy with her. She tried to stroke Toby's leg, but Toby kicked her hands away. Sorry, couldn't help but snort at that. Toby told her that she shouldn't be here, but Jenna laughed dryly and replied that she's the only one who should be there, reminding him that she's family whether he liked it or not. 

Caleb came round through the back door and asked Hanna just what on earth was in those clips. He asked why the four were trying to find out things about Alison's murder to which someone had already confessed to. When Hanna refused to give him answers, he protested that, "I can protect you!"

Sweeeet. Heart melting right now. 

Hanna told him that she's the one who couldn't handle it, because she's afraid for him.

And when she learnt that Garrett was only two tables away when he decoded the clips, she immediately took the thumbdrive and threw it into the blender. Hah, what a Hanna way to destroy the thumbdrive. 

Emily went to visit Toby and ran into Jenna. She asked Jenna how she dared to come, and Jenna asked her the same question, before poking fun at the fact that Emily once wanted to be more than friends with Toby. 

As Spencer stepped out of the lift, Jenna told Emily that none of her friends should be near Toby because everyone who was near her would be hurt. Emily retorted, "Are you threatening me, here, today?" Jenna shook her head, "I'm just stating a fact," and even greeted Spencer when she entered the lift. 

Ella asked about Toby and learnt that he broke his arm. She asked why Aria had to go to Philadelphia with Holden just to catch up, and Aria quickly made up some excuse. Ella accepted it, and told her that they would leave at seven, since Bryan wanted some close supervision and so did she. 

Emily saw Spencer standing outside Toby's ward and left the room. 

Spencer asked a favour from Emily and told her not to accept it so quickly, and that she might even hate her for it. Later, when Toby awoke, Emily entered the room and told him that Spencer had been seeing someone before going out with him. "But it was wrong and she knew it." She continued, "But now he's back…and it's wrong again."

I can just hear Toby's heart breaking. 

He asked why Emily was the one telling him that, and she said that Spencer wanted to tell him for a long time. Toby repeated, "A long time…" Aww!! Before Emily left, he asked who the guy was.

Aria and Holden were dropped off and Holden deduced that Aria's friends thought he was gay. Hah. He told Aria to chill and that he wasn't gay, but didn't give any other explanation before disappearing and telling Aria to meet up at eleven. Aria went to the meeting point and waited for Ezra, who at this point in time, five minutes before eight, was listening to a student asking why he got B for his essay about how a guy left his fiance five minutes after meeting a woman. The student protested that was the point of his essay, that true love stopped the guy from making the mistake of his life, and Ezra started on how sometimes it's not 'romantic', but 'realistic'. He looked at his phone, which now had three missed calls and the unheard voice mail. The student asked if they were still talking about his essay. 

Hehe, I like this student.

Much better than an indecisive Ezra. He promised to give the essay another look and the student stood to leave the office, but turned to tell Ezra, "Be bold and the mighty forces will come in your aid." Aww! He told Ezra that it was a quote he heard somewhere, and that was the point of his essay. 

Aria waited for Ezra.

Spencer looked out of the window and it was pouring outside. She was crying as Emily walked into the room and nodded to her.

Nothing like the rain and tears, with sad music that make the scene so poignant. 

Ezra finally listened to his voice mail.

Hanna sat in the kitchen when her mother returned and saw the spoilt blender. She asked if Hanna and the blender had a fight, and Hanna replied that they didn't but, "Caleb and I did." Her mother sat down for a talk, and Hanna asked if her mother ever kept a secret from her dad…which she did. Her dad's best friend made a pass at Ashley before, and she knew that if she told Hanna's dad, he would be hurt…"If I didn't, he won't." Hanna looked thoughtful but left before telling her mother anything. 

Wren came into Toby's room and Toby asked about Spencer and him. Wren replied that he did kiss Spencer but he did so under the impression that the two of them had broken up.

Toby asked if Spencer had said so herself, and Wren nodded. 

Aww!! What a misunderstanding!! Wren was simply referring to the previous incident wayyy before, when Spencer broke up with Toby. And here, Wren's so earnest and innocent…gah I just like him too much. Toby told him to get out, saying that he might have hurt his left arm, but he didn't with his right arm. 

Hanna met up with Mona and they saw Jenna and Noel chatting like best buddies.Mona dismissed it as Noel's double rebound, while Hanna was stunned. Hanna quickly left, but Mona stared at the duo with loathing before leaving. 

Toby packed his stuff quietly while the rain continued to pour outside. Aria stood up as she recognised a car, and there, Ezra stepped out, calling her name. They walked towards each other, before kissing.

Back in the car, Ezra and Aria talked. He didn't know if she was sure about the both of them, and she answered that she's sure that there's only one place she would want to be — with him. Ezra said that they couldn't just meet on the side walk and in the rain, and Aria said that she got an idea. Then they continued to kiss. 

Caleb went to find Spencer and Emily, to tell them that Hanna had destroyed the thumbdrive…but he had kept a backup of it. He still wanted to work on those files, because he wanted to protect Hanna.

Yeahh! But he needed answers from them, before continuing, and they would have to keep it from Hanna. 

Ella came to pick up Aria and Holden early, and Aria didn't know how to explain where Holden was. Luckily, Holden turned up with coffee and pretended that he went to buy a cup for Aria. Ella was duped, and Holden gave Aria a secretive smile. Hah, that was kinda like a secret society thing. 

Aria asked Spencer how much she told Caleb, and she said that she told him about Jenna and how Ian's confession might tell little story. Aria was uncomfortable about lying to Hanna, but Spencer replied that maybe they would be able to get the clips to the police. Emily hoped that nothing good would be on the video and then they could stop using Caleb, but Spencer's like, What so Emily's hoping that there's nothing on the thumbdrive? They loaded the clip and it continued from Garrett holding the box. He heard Alison coming up and Ian said that they were all going down with the camera. Garrett said that he's sick for taping this down (and Spencer replied that now they knew where the camera was) and there was a scuffle.

Emily said that now she's not sure whether she wanted Caleb to continue anymore, but Spencer felt that if he found something useful, maybe they could give it to the police and it would be over. They heard a door closing, and saw Toby's truck outside. When they got to his truck, there was no one there, and just the keys with a note for Spencer. Spencer read the note, and murmured, "He's gone."

Gah! There goes our heartbroken Toby. 

A/helper had photos of the four girls and their boyfriends/girlfriend.

He/She cut up Ezra&Aria, Spencer&Toby and burnt the photos. 

Right, a reallyyy irrelevant comment here. Is it just me who find Hanna&Caleb's photo the nicest one?:D

-the end-

Whoo! I was kinda expecting much more creepy stuff since this is Pretty Little Liars we are talking about, but this is pretty much a filler episode, with some crucial developments in the romance plot line. 

So, I'm so glad that Toby's back…and I love the way how they work Wren's previous kiss with Spencer into the breakup. It's like Wren really had no idea what was going on and he's so innocent, but his answers broke Toby's heart. I know that Spencer wanted to protect Toby from A, and I wish that she would understand Hanna because she herself went through the same worry. Definitely anticipating further development on the Toby&Spencer line! And I totally wouldn't mind seeing more Wren, you know:D 

I don't know. I probably should save myself by not harping on the Ezria thing any more, but since I'm going to write my thoughts on this episode, I might as well not exercise any censure. I'm just not invested in their romance at all. It's a romance that is…purely romance? And makes Aria more isolated from the whole A thing. Look, Toby had been targeted by A, and Caleb's working to crack A's identity. Both characters are very much more into the main A thread. Yeah it's not really Ezra's fault but Ezra's main function was just to act as an unknowing pawn in A's chess game. I wouldn't mind seeing Ezra promoted, but yeah, that's not happening in the next few episode…besides, I could hardly foresee Ezra stepping up to the protector role. He's just not 'strong' enough! Look, he retreated so much, then finally appeared to fight for Aria, then faced with an angry Bryan and disappeared all over again. 

Caleb on the other hand, had been delightful. There could have been more tension definitely, but it's lovely that he's stepping further. 

…I just hope that he's not going to die. No right?



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