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Wow. They look amazinggg.

Elena's so pretty!!



  1. Anonymous says

    lol. what’s with the influx of tvd screencaps? kkkk.
    I’m not complaining though. It makes me super happy. hahaha.

    only episode 3, and then 4? haha. snail snail… XD
    paul wesley (stefan) = rob pat??? oh no.. you didn’t go there… (just kidding. ^^”). I guess they do have the same hair a bit. and maybe mouth? but stefan is much cooler and less creepy than eddie/personal opinion.

    btw, i hope you won’t say nina dobrev = kristen stewart. THAT i can’t take. XD (just kidding again.. )

    and i totally forgot that football scene, seems so long ago. and omg i LOVED his look during it. thanks for posting that.

    and yes, they are both amazing on here.. but that wasn’t elena. that was katerina being pretty. XP

    answer to ur last comment:
    Yay you remember me!! one of your first readers? I always thought I came late on this blog.. I remember having to catch up on some posts. I basically marathoned the thing. kkk.

    True.. fastforward does spoil the show.. but i dont have much choice in that… it’s either that or not watching. ^^”” and yes, i’m still completely devoted to suju. πŸ™‚

    lol. im glad i didnt resist the temptation to click either… unbelievable thing is that it still worked for the subsequent tvd posts (proof: Im commenting here again ^^”””). It even worked with the sherlock holmes post. I’m SOOO glad bbc decided to do the modern sherlock holmes. and i’m also thankful is stayed british and not americanised.

    You know… instead of worrying about leaving without a nice readership number, you can think of it this way… Leaving thoughtsramble, what have you gained? more indepth thought and appreciation about what you watched? interactions with a smaller number, but still awesome readers? (not talking about myself. XP), a place where you could vent and spill out your thoughts? etc. etc.
    In the end, as long as the experience is rewarding, you shouln’d worry too much. πŸ™‚

    Lol. 4 dramas to recap IS madness…. but recapping takes a lot more than just watching… btw, super junior kyuhyun, and ryeowook also marathon dramas. haha.

    Omg. HOW can you not have watched any shows with kim soo hyun and jung il woo in them?? they have lots of fans from past projects you know? A lot of people started to watch moon/sun because of the cast. lol. they are brilliant, with so much potential and on-screen magnetism. Anw, I MISS the child actors a lot… sigh.

    Oooh. Pretty Little Liars!!! i like it that the show has more than just petty high school stuff and has mystery and other things. ^^
    And i’m glad they derived from the book. like tvd,i thought it was a good thing they did. ^^



    • Hehe, I just couldn’t resisting screen-capping:DDD

      Fine I’m a snail! (:PPP hahahah, heh I’m on Episode er 6 right now. Be proud of me. Hah.)

      Hahaha yeah, nina dobrev = kristen stewart….. whoo joking!:D I don’t know, I just feel like Stefan and Edward/actors tend to give off the same ‘smother eye’ look. As for which vampire was better… I shall pick Stefan right now:D

      I LOVED it too! I rewatched it a couple of times, and a couple more to screencap (he moved so.fast. oh well, he’s a vampire:D) Hahah yeah I knew it was Katerina, but I hadn’t bothered to make the distinction, since it’s the same actress. (But wow okay, I should start making the difference now that I see how different Katerina is from Elena.)

      Haha hmm okay maybe you weren’t the first few readers, but you were definitely the first reader to comment regularly!(: Oh true. I might come to that one day (fast-forwarding) and of course, we can’t survive without dramas, can weXD.

      I’m so glad too! (Sherlock Holmes) I mean, the Hollywood version was really great, but I like the BBC version better.

      Aww that’s sweet:D Yeah I don’t know, I think I feel more like wanting a nice ending, rather than not being happy with thoughtsramble!(: (Because I am very contented with what I have right here heh.)

      Whoo Kyuhyun and Ryeowook sound like fun peopleXD HAHAHA yeah I didn’tXD From what I heard, Kim Soo Hyun was really popular from Dream High, and Jung Il Woo from Flower Boy Ramen Shop, both of which I didn’t watchXD But I can’t wait to watch more of them definitely, and yesss I MISS the child actors. I mean, we still get to see young Yeon Woo now and then, but gosh, give me a glimpse of young Hwon please? (and young Yeom, young Chae Woon thanks)

      Precisely!(: I love it that Pretty Little Liars juggles the romance, horror and mystery well. Oh yeah! Did Elena end up with Stefan in the book?:O Or did the show develop differently, just like Pretty Little Liars?

      OOPS. Long comment._.


  2. Anonymous says

    Kkk. smother eye. Haha. I think I know what you mean. They have that way of looking intensely at someone. ^^ and yay for choosing stefan! do you like eddie though?

    Kkk. Katerina is a world apart from Elena.. especially now. I think it’s great that you can see whenever Nina switch roles even though they have the same face. ^^

    Haha. I remember spamming you with lots of comments ^^ I’m like that. a babbler. XD

    Yes, the american version has robert downey (whom i like for his snark), and jude law (whom I like for…well… he’s so PRETTY. haha.) but the BBC is less hollywood if you know what i mean.. btw, since you read the books, did you read House of silk?

    I am totally biased but yeah… suju members are fun pple. haha.
    Kim soo hyun is popular from Giant, and Dream High and I also loved him in will it snow for christmas. As for Jung Il Woo, he was popular in korea for high kick, and had standout performances in return of iljimae, 49 days, and is known internationally for ramyun shop and my fair lady (bleh. lol.). You should give a try to their dramas when you’re less busy with 4 recapping. kkk.
    Hwon HWON HWON!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss him. but im starting to get into the adults story more and more. im really curious as to what will happen after ep 8 ending.

    and haha. you dont think i would be spoiling you about vampire diaries plot would you? kkk. but overall, i would say that characters were changed a lot in vampire diaries. perhaps even more than pretty little diaries.

    Big bang theory is super fun. It’s better if you understand the references to physics but even without, it should be pretty fun. ^^
    Currently my fav comedy show along with himym.

    and hope you get to find your videos… you can always ask if you can’t find a particular episode. πŸ˜‰



  3. Sorry for the late reply!(:

    Ah, which one is Eddie! Yep, I think Nina did quite a great job there and I’m still falling in love whenever they switched from high school back to the older times. They look so good.

    It’s okay, I love comments


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