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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 18 Recap

Sorry guys! This week will be more like a summary, rather than a full-length recap.

Caleb and the three girls, other than Hanna, were at Spencer's house as he showed them the video that he had decoded. The girls commented that it was too dark for them to see anything, and Spencer even pushed closer for a second look. Caleb looked at them and asked if they could give him some space. Spencer retorted, "We aren't even standing that close."

And Caleb answered, "Yeah, then why is it that I know you had a cheeseburger for lunch?" Hahaha, smart move, Caleb. Hanna called each of them in turn, and they all had to reject the calls. Spencer couldn't take it, and answered Hanna's call but Aria forogt to keep quiet and shouted Emily's name when Emily accidentally swiped a glass to the floor. Oops. Hanna pretended like she didn't hear it, but she was hurt. Caleb managed to get a clearer shot of something that was on the floor — a fake ID of Ali in black hair. 

Later, Aria lied to Spencer that she was meeting Holden, when in actual fact, she was meeting Ezra. Spencer broke down and said that she didn't know how Aria could appear so strong like that.

Kate was finally introduced to the Rosewood scene, and Hanna tried her best to welcome her to school. While showing her around, Hanna got a text from A to tell her techno boyfriend to get off the investigation or get her mother's secret spilled (stealing money).Later, Hanna confronted Spencer about them leaving her out, and she was angry that they were angry at her for destroying the flash file, "I would have done it for any of you." While they were having lunch, Spencer kept harping on the fact that she had seen Kate before.

Hanna got annoyed, thinking that Spencer was doing that on purpose, and she didn't want any trouble with her dad. 

Ezra was told that he got recommended for a position that was out of Rosewood, and was not pleased when he learnt that it was Bryon who told the head Professor that Ezra was perfect for the role. Seriously Bryon, I don't like you. As if to stress the fact that Ezra and Aria's relationship might be hard to maintain, Aria and Holden went on their arranged 'date', but realised that each of their dates had cancelled last minute.

Not wanting to bail on each other, they didn't say anything, and only realised it then. Haha! That was cute. They decided to hang out with each other in the end.

During one gym class, Hanna left her bag in her unlocked locker and left for class first with Emily and Aria. Spencer stayed behind to tell Kate that she finally remembered who she was — the girl who shared the same bunk as Melissa last time. Kate asked if she wanted money, and Spencer promised that she wouldn't spill the secret but only if Kate left Hanna alone. 

Hanna popped by Spencer's house for a movie and Spencer showed Hanna photos of Kate, to assure her that Kate wouldn't harass her here in Rosewood. Turns out that Kate used to have a really bad skin condition, and still treated everyone like lepers. While scrolling through the photo gallery, Hanna found the photo of Ally's fake ID and realised that Spencer had been continuing the 'investigation behind her back'. 

She was really angry and hurt, "I always thought that Kate will backstab me, but I didn't realise that you have a knife too." And she stormed out of the house. Ouch to Spencer!

Hanna called Caleb over and he told her that he only hid the truth from her because he wanted to find out the truth and protect her.

Hanna told him about how she was so broke last time that her mother had to borrow loans from the bank…except she didn't loan from the bank, but stole the money. Caleb was really touched that she confided in him, and said that he wouldn't tell anyone.

Hanna cried and told him that someone knew and was holding this on her. Caleb asked if it was Jenna, and she replied that she had no idea, but "Whoever it is, you are working on their phone."

Caleb was angry and decided to go to Jenna's house, but there was no one there. 

He turned around to leave but Garrett had to be this extra guy and appear for a confrontation. He asked Caleb why he wanted to look for Jenna and when Caleb said that, "To stop threatening Hanna," Garrett said that it would take much more than that to stop Jenna. Seriously, Garrett, you aren't exactly well-liked here, just don't come and pop by for a confrontation that makes no point. When Caleb tried to cross the road in front of him, Garrett purposely moved his car forward, just enough to give Caleb a scare. 

Emily went to visit Maya and told her that indeed, she felt uncomfortable with her dating a guy, but not because he's a guy, but rather she felt that it's double competition. Maya admitted that she behaved so badly because she was still annoyed at her mother, and told Emily that she had no competition. Maya led Emily into her room, to show her the surprise that she had taken all night to do — lights adorning ceilings and corners of the room, reflecting beautiful rays of light in patterns. Emily was really happy and they said, "I love you," to each other.

And er, they ended up on the bed. 

Spencer went to Hanna's house and apologised. Hanna gave her a hug.

Hanna went to school and was greeted with a strange comment from Noel that she made his day. The other three girls were shocked that she took the 'low road' instead of the high road, and she had no idea what they were talking about, until they showed her a photo of Kate naked, sent to everyone in her address book. Oh my. 

A/helper took a gun from a desk with Spencer's photo on it. 

-the end-

I'm so so sorry that I could only write highlights! Time seems to be eaten really quickly. 

Instead of having the usual creepy, your-heart-in-your-mouth kind of Pretty Little Liars, it seems like A's stepping up on his/her game and soon we will be leading up to the finale. Wow, can't wait!


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