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Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~ Episode 4 Recap

Late recap!:P 

Kento apologised for not being able to celebrate her birthday with her. Momoko and Hayato all started crowding around the phone and after Haruka told them to be quiet, she went back to the phone to find that the line was dead. Masato took over the phone and redialled the number, but it didn't go through. 

You could tell that Masato was really affected by his brother. 

Kento sat in his little shop and deleted his siblings' contacts. Gasp~ I will lovee to find out what's going on here. 

Haruka decided to distribute flyers and organise events so that the residents would know more about their funeral home and allow them to take charge of the funeral service. She went to distribute flyers and saw someone else placing up a really huge poster of his own funeral home. (This guy looks suspiciously like the one who wanted to meet her0.0 is it just me over-thinking?) Masato went to a shop to place a stack of flyers before having his meal. After he sat down, he overheard this conversation between this old man and a middle-aged guy. The former told the latter to depend on his insurance, and that his will had stated it very clearly. He got up to leave, and the middle-aged guy said that the stack of flyers Masato placed would only bring bad luck. 

In the deep night, Yuki called to ask for the funeral home's help in bringing a body back to the station. To Masato's shock, it was the old man that he saw earlier in the day. He realised in the station that the middle-aged man was the old man's elder son. Since the second son recommended the service of another funeral home (the guy who pasted the poster that Haruka saw) , the elder son (renamed, Elder Son) told both funeral homes to show him their price charts. The second son looked displeased. 

In the end, Masato's pricing won (because it's cheaper) and Elder Son entrusted the head of the funeral service to the second son. Masato asked if there was any will and Elder Son immediately replied that there wasn't, causing Masato to be taken aback because he heard the old man telling the son something about the will. The Elder Son got back to his office, and there we see a will hidden in his drawer. 

In order to understand more about the old man, Masato requested for the second son to recount any good memories that he had. The son reminisced about the time capsules that his father had buried for both him and his brother. Eisuke commented that the pricing would cause them to be really tight on budget and they needed more help. Hayato came home with injuries.  

Ouch. When Masato commented that Hayato and Momoko needed to help out, Hayato immediately accepted it, and Masato murmured, "The smell of conspiracy."


Masato went to the old man's house and saw Elder Son looking at the two trees that his father had grown years and years ago. He recalled how he didn't like it that even though he's six years older than his younger brother, his tree would be the same height as his brother's. The police came to interrogate him (because they suspected foul play since the old man had a great sum of insurance) and realised that he had no alibi for the night where his father had a heart attack and fell into the river. 

Yuki investigated and found out that the company was in a lot of money problems. This was enough to be the suspected motive of the Elder Son. Masato told Elder Son about his elder brother and how when he thought about it, he didn't understand his brother very well. He asked about the will, and Yuki who came for the Elder Son, heard. Left with no choice, the Elder Son went back to his office and took out the will. The second son got really agitated that his brother had hidden the will,thinking that it was because the will included things that was in Elder Son's disfavour. To everyone's shock, the will turned out to be a piece of empty letter. Yet to this empty piece of paper, Elder Son had a reaction. 

Yuki 'scolded' Masato later on for not telling her that he knew there was a will in existence. 

Masato apologised and told her it was because the Elder Son reminded him of his own elder brother. Yuki commented that it's lucky he had siblings because she's an alone child. While Masato was looking at Kotaro, Iwata-san walked in quietly behind him, and Masato got a shock when he turned around to see Iwata-san sitting quietly on the chair. 


Iwata-san gave him his usual advice, "Don't allow yourself to regret."

Haruka received a concerned email from the guy she was supposed to meet, and nervously slammed the lid when Masato came in asking how long she had worked for the funeral home. She quickly took up a file to hide her tears and was alarmed when Masato said that she should take some leave to meet people…like anyone she liked. Thinking that Masato peeked at her computer, she got really defensive, but realised that 1. it wasn't Masato but one of the helpers who knew that she liked someone and 2. no one peeked at her computer. (One of the helpers saw Haruka on her birthday being all dressed up and told Masato about it)

When Hayato learnt that Haruka actually duped him regarding their father's inheritance, he got angry and said that he would get a job to allow him to earn money. Masato didn't like how he's just doing things for money and that he stole from the shop, and Hayato didn't like Masato's attitude, so the both of them got into a fight. Haruka got irritated and splashed water on the both of them.

Wow, this family. Putting Momoko and Haruka together is like asking for a fight. Seems like Hayato + Masato would generate the same explosive effect. 

That night, Masato sat in front of his father's portrait and wondered out loud how the family was like when Kento was in charge. The scene switched to Kento being jovial and chatting with the usual old men in his shop, and they asked about his family. He commented that his siblings were all younger than him and really cute. 

Masato decided to visit Elder Son again and asked him about the contents of the will. Even though it's just a piece of empty paper, Masato was sure that the Elder Son understood his father's meaning behind it. 

Masato told Elder Son how his father's last words, and will both dictated that his children shut his funeral home down…but now he understood that his father wanted nothing more than his children taking over the home. After his father's death, he learnt a lot….and Elder Son decided to reveal the truth. 

After the second son, Yuki and Nagamine all gathered around his father's body, Elder Son told them that when he was six, his father had written many letters to him, and in return he had used the empty letter paper his father had given him to tell his father everything…the things he hated, the things he liked to do. However, as he grew up, he lost this valuable connection with his father…and by leaving the empty piece of paper as his will, the father wanted to tell him that he still treasured their relationship. 

Elder Son admitted that he had lied about his whereabouts on the day his father died. He was actually out bidding illegally for a project, and he did it because he wanted to secure the company and their house, the house where he and his brother grew up together and forged many memories. 

The Aunt and another helper commented that very few people might come for the funeral after the scandal of the Elder Son's illegal bidding. However, Elder Son turned up at the funeral and the second son told his brother that he should be the one in charge of the company instead. Their father had left a will that only his brother could understand, and by that, he knew his father's intention. A huge group of office workers appeared and apologised for being late. Best part was, they all pledged their support to Elder Son and promised to wait for him to be out (of jail). 


Masato met Iwata-san again, and told him that the next time he met his elder brother, he would tell him something that might get the both of them in a quarrel. (I guess something to do with the taking charge of the funeral home?)

In yet another Masato-style conclusion, he narrated a letter to his father, saying that his father could see their different sides from where he was, and asking what his father thought of their confusing elder brother. Right now, he really wished that he could meet Kento, and experienced that brother bond, "Just joking ne~" 

Hayato got arrested for stabbing someone, Momoko realised that there's a picture of her teacher with a girl and a wife, and Haruka replied an email to the guy. 

-the end-

I really don't like Momoko:/ Not really a big fan of such rebellion. On the other hand, I really wonder what it is that makes Hayato behave the way he did. Falling in love with a woman? I don't know, let's wait for the next episode!

I like the concept of this episode, and how they draw parallels between Masato's experience and the Elder Son's experience. If you think about it, there's a thread connecting all the episodes, and that is the development of each individual character and his/her relationship with others. We see more and more about Kento-Masato's relationship, and how it could develop. We see the different sides of the three other siblings and wait for each of them to mature. 

Hopefully Hayato will mature in the next few episodes. 


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