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Phew! I finally cleared my stash of recaps to do and I'm so glad even though I have been really inactive for the past week, none of you guys ditched me, thanks so much for that! 

I will always proof read my entries before posting them up/after, but the past few days have taken their toil on me and I'm sooo tired (Physically. Mentally, I'm so ready to do more recaps!:P) so I can't bring myself to read the chunk of words that I myself had written. Hence, I apologise for any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes/ whatever, and if you must, you can always leave me a comment to point out a really blaring mistake and I will correct it immediately!(: 

Not much to update on actually. You guys know which are the four dramas that I'm on right now, and I'm watching Vampire Diaries on-off. When I do watch the episodes, you will know because I will spam with screenshots:P 

All right, here I go! And hopefully this week will be better. 


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