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Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Episode 20 Recap

Oh my. This is what happens when you give me 1. An episode with reallyyy good resolution 2. a short cut to my usual routine of screen capping, and 3. an episode full of Hanna — Caleb goodness. 

This is also why I'm taking so long to churn out this recap! 

Hanna asked Caleb how he could get online in the school, and he said that he had a hotspot. 

From the conversation between Aria and Spencer, we realised that a week had passed and Spencer had been spending this week sleeping over at Aria's house. She didn't confide in Aria about what happened though, and they talked about the arrangement to meet Vivian's 'friend' that night. 

She looks so pretty here, don't you think!

Their conversation was interrupted by Emily's triumphant arrival with the Sharks. She had yet won another swim race. Maya welcomed her with a handmade sign but was put off when Emily barely spoke to her for one sentence and the three girls cut in (unknowingly). Garrett turned up and Hanna tagged along to see what happened. Turns out that someone had been hacking into the school system, and the IP was traced back to Caleb's laptop. Caleb handed over the laptop but told Garrett in a cool manner, that the warrant didn't say his cooperation was needed, thus he had no need of providing his password. Hanna watched on worriedly. 

Later, the four girls got a text from A, which says it's Caleb's turn now. 

I know, it's weird, but I kind of miss the days where A pesters the girls with texts, so much so that it gets so, so creepy. Now we barely hear from him/her, except for a text an episode or something!

Hanna tried to convince Caleb to do 'his thing' and delete all the files in his computer, because she's very sure that he was set up which meant that there WOULD be evidence of his hacking in his computer. Caleb tried to calm her down.

And he said with self assurance that "They (the police) couldn't get through my firewall. (:"

Hahahah, oh Caleb. 

However, Hanna was still worried that someone had broken into his computer and placed the hacked files in his hard drive, somewhere where he wouldn't be able to find. 

Holden told Aria that it's very important they had their date this weekend and Aria insisted that she couldn't go if she continued to be in the dark about his actions. 

The pills and the bruise, those were just too suspicious. So Holden had to explain it finally — he was doing martial arts, and those pills were pain killers. 

He had a tournament that week-end and he needed Aria, or he couldn't go. Aria relented in the end. Caleb decided to access to his hotspot where he could gain access to his computer's files and he told Hanna about his password — in order of the places where he had lived, alternate caps and lowercase, 1105 and ! at the end. When Hanna asked about 1105, he shrugged and said it was just another date. 

After he punched in his password, he was taken aback to realise that he couldn't log in, because the other party was smart enough to keep his laptop offline. 

Byran still remained dubious about Aria's actions. Spencer spotted Maya speaking to Jason, and after Maya left, she went up to him, asking him for explanations behind why he disappeared and came back again. Jason revealed that he had found a box which belonged to Ali up at his grandmother's house, and inside, there were letters from Spencer's dad to Jason's mum. Not only that, there were also fifteen thousand dollars in cash. Jason insinuated, and Spencer got it — Ali must have blackmailed her father for money. 

So it's time for the meeting with Vivian's friend. Aria sat alone while the other three girls sat behind her (haha it tickles me that this is so literal of Spencer's assurance that they got Aria's back all the time). Vivian's friend finally showed up. 

Halfway through the conversation, the friend suddenly deduced that Aria must be Ali. Aria learnt that Ali (dressed up as Vivian) engaged this man's help to find someone who had been threatening her friend. This man got the information she wanted, but she disappeared and he was fired for accessing restricted information. Aria pressed on about the information that he found, but he was shrewd and demanded two thousand dollars. 

He gave her a number, and told her not to call the other number ever again. As he got up to leave, Aria asked who she should call for, and he said to ask for Jona. The four girls were exasperated for they had no money on them, but Spencer looked thoughtful. Caleb called the police demanding for his laptop, but was told that he could get it back that day, if only he cooperated. 

Aria and Ezra arranged for another date, and they laughed over how much Ezra must love Aria to go to a French Vegan restaurant. Garrett opened Caleb's laptop but was told by the cop to keep it shut down in case the laptop's status turned online. Garrett got nervous when the cop started talking about the missing page 5 of Ali's autopsy report, and the cop showed him something. Bryan got a piece of paper (written by A) tacked to his car, that if he wanted to find his daughter, he should go to the French restaurant that night. Emily's party for winning the race was held at Hanna's house, but the police called Hanna down to the station. 

Maya told Emily that her parents found an old joint and wanted to send her back to True North. The thing was, the old joint wasn't hers but was from one of Ali's boxes. Emily told her that she's not going to let Maya go again and that they should talk to her parents. At the station, we finally see what the cop showed Garrett — a photo taken from a security camera of Hanna, Spencer and Emily decked up in nurse uniforms standing outside the morgue. After they left the room, Ashley demanded to know what happened and Hanna said that they did it as a joke. Ashley told her that she knew it whenever she's lying, and Hanna said, "We did not take that page." 

Haha. It's funny how Hanna said a sentence of truth after Ashley said that she knew whenever Hanna was speaking the truth or a lie. 

As Aria prepared for her trip with Holden, Bryan came in and asked a lot of questions. You could tell that he was thinking about that note. Hanna came home and told Spencer and Emily about how every single copy of Page 5 was missing. They knew that it had to be an inside job then, and Spencer came to a decision. She got her coat and when the girls asked where she's going, she replied, "Home."

Holden and Aria parted ways but Aria, who just learned from her mother that Holden had a heart condition, was really worried. Yay Aria, just follow Holden and you will not be falling into A's trap. 

Spencer got home and it was dark. 

She noticed her dad's briefcase when she went up the stairs, and she opened it. She found a few empty cheques tucked into his notebook, and quickly slammed the case shut when footsteps echoed into the house. Her father appeared and was glad that she came home. She confronted her father about the whole thing. 

Her father told her what really happened. Jason's mum was pregnant with his child but she lied about it to Jason's dad and they moved away, and Spencer's dad married her mum. Everything was fine until Jason's mum decided to move back again, (next door!) and he had no idea why. Spencer was even more disgusted with the fact that he gave Ali money to shut her up…but here's when Spencer's dad got confused. He had never given anyone any money because of this matter. 

Everyone, including Emily, was busy looking at the footage of her swimming that Hanna had to point out subtly to Emily that Maya's feeling sad. 

Emily went to comfort Maya, who was crying, but after a while, some girls called Emily back into the kitchen and Maya forced a smile on her face. 

Spencer called Jason out to tell him that her father didn't give Ali money, but Jason refused to believe her. He got angry and stormed off after Spencer pointed out that he wanted to believe the person Ali was blackmailing was her father. Caleb called Hanna and we see him pacing in the station. 

Caleb saw Garrett and the cop walking towards him, and he quickly spun around and talked into the phone, "Hanna, listen to me, I'm in a really hotspot right now." Hanna answered sympathetically, "I know —" "Hanna, I need your help."

And he hung up on her, before leaving the room with a cool, slight swagger. 

Aria decided to pop by and see what exactly Holden was doing. 

And the martial arts looked really painful. Holden 'fessed up about his condition that his abdomen could rupture any time, regardless of what he's doing, and he's not going to spend his life sitting in front of a TV. Aria said that it's really messed up to taking his life into danger like that, but Holden pointed out, "What people think is best for you, may not actually be the best for you." He put in his mouth guard and headed to the tournament. Aria turned to leave but decided to stay in the end. 

The cop made Caleb sit down and warned him not to have any funny business. Before Caleb typed in his password, he taunted Garrett about making sure that he wanted the cop to see what's in his laptop. The scene switched to Hanna getting SOS from Spencer, and she asked if Spencer knew how to hack into computers. Spencer was like, "No, that's what Caleb's for." 

Hehe, I've always loved her comments. After getting filled in about what happened, Spencer asked if Hanna knew the password, and she answered, "I did." Uh-oh, past tense here. Emily ran into Maya smoking a new joint and realised that she was lying about that joint her parents found. She was the one who smoked it, but she's not going back to True North ever again and she's going to run away.

She told Emily that she could bring her with her, but left with hurt on her face, after Emily told her that she couldn't. Ezra was annoyed when he got a text from Aria pulling out on their date but he was even more shocked to see Byran sitting inside the restaurant that Aria and him were supposed to be going. 

See, Holden saved you guys this time round. 

Spencer sat down and got Hanna to say what she remembered of the password. She got all the letters right, and knew that there was an exclamation point at the end, but she couldn't remember the four numbers. 

Spencer said with dismay, "Four numbers? There's still four numbers?"

Caleb keyed in his password, and logged into his computer. His laptop was now online. The cop got him to stand at a side which he did. Garrett came over to the cop's side, and over at Hanna's side they had keyed in the wrong password twice and only had one last try. Spencer kept trying to get Hanna to remember what was the last digit 11-5 and told her to think, thus getting an indignant response from Hanna, "I'm thinking. This is me thinking."

Hahaha, she's kind of a true blue bimbo. 

Spencer rattled a number of possibilities and Hanna's eyes widened when she said, "..anniversaries –" She sat down and keyed in 1105, and ta-da the system was unlocked, getting gasps from the both of them.

This scene was meshed in with Holden's very exciting match with his opponent and he got kicked. 

Hanna found the file that A had dropped in Caleb's computer, because it was titled 'Hefty'. They opened it and Spencer said that those files meant that someone really wanted to get Caleb out of the way. Then we have this really exciting, suspense interweaving of scenes — Holden fighting with the opponent, kicking and getting kicked, the cop slowly checking each file and getting closer to Hefty, and Spencer shouting at Hanna to ctrl-A and Hanna replying that she's going as fast as she could.

You know what, it took me a while, but I realise that Hanna thought Spencer was telling her to control A. HAHAHA. Spencer finally got through Hanna's simple mind that ctrl-A was something to press on the keyboard, at the same time the cop moved his mouse over to the Hefty file, Hanna ctrl-A-delete the files, and the cop opened the Hefty folder…to find the files rapidly disappearing. Garrett exclaimed over this, causing Caleb to break out in a proud smile.

He denied having any part in this, claiming that he was just hacked and it was merely a virus.

Whoo!! It was one of the most exciting moments since such a long timeee.

Holden won his match and Aria's dad called, wanting to talk to him. He realised that Aria was truly with Holden and seemed disappointed? at himself. Caleb got out of the station and smiled when he saw Hanna waiting for him.

Hanna came forward and the two of them hugged tightly.

She then punched him and asked why he couldn't just tell her that well, 1105 was the night that they…. and Caleb answered, "Hanna, there was an exclamation point."

Hahaha. Garrett came out and Hanna suggested that the both of them should be more in his face, thus they proceeded to kiss. 

Whee. Emily called Maya and told her that they should work something out. Someone was prowling outside. 

-the end-

WHOO. Sorry, allow me a few moments of stepping back and admiring this recap. 😛 I don't always have access to good resolution,and when I do, I am really grateful for that for it makes my recaps so much prettier! 

I'm so glad that my wish for Caleb to be more involved in the whole A thing came true, and wow, that 'teamwork' between him and Hanna were just amazinggg. In fact, I feel that the past episodes of Pretty Little Liars have dropped its pace and finally, towards the end of this episode, it has taken back its usual style of packing suspense into every minute. We see more development in Aria — Holden pairing and it seems like Ezra is taking a backseat…which I don't really mind. It bothers me that their relationship teeters not so much because of Bryan's disapproval but because of their own characters, mainly Ezra's. 

What I do mind…is Toby taking a backseat! Come on! Where is my lovely Toby — Spencer pairing that we all have been dying to watch? 

….Hehe, Caleb and Hanna are just so delightful in this episode, don't you think?<3



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